Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 3

Liz's P. O. V.

He is here. My heart seems to break all over again. Seeing him this close makes my heart ache.

I hate him. I hate that I care about him, I hate that I want to hug him, I want to kiss him and I want to beg him to take me back. But I won't & he knows it and I know that he knows it.

I hated shouting at him earlier. He helped me and how did I treat him? Yep by shouting at him. I shouldn't have done that.

It's 5:45pm and my stomach is rumbling. Gosh I'm hungry. I've been balling my eyes out for the past one hour.

He said that he is my roommate, which means that I have to deal with him for one year. Gosh can this get worse?

It's gonna be the longest year in my life.

He will do his work. I'll do my work. I'll mind my own business and he better mind his own too, I decided.

I took a look at the bracelet that laid on my table. My sister had given it to me before she died in the car crash. She used to always keep this with herself, it had an E on it, it symbolizes Elena. They were going to some road trip and just before she left she had given me this. I had some college assignments and hence I didn't go. She went with my parents it was during our first year college break.

They hugged me and bid me good bye. And the next time I saw them it was in the hospital I saw all of them lying there in the bed lifelessly and no matter what happens or how much time passes I'll always wish that it wasn't them but me instead. Richie is the only one who knows about it.

"Take care of this" were her last words to me.

No one really asks me any question because of the E cause they think it symbolizes Elizabeth.

I was really hungry now and I had to eat. I opened the door. Thinking that I'll just take my food and come back to my room. All my preparations went in vain the moment I opened the door.

Richie sat on the couch his eyes were glued on TV; which meant he was paying zero heed to what going on. See I know him too well.

His eyes snapped towards me the moment the door clicked. Our eyes locked. His eyes were filled with sorrow and they seemed to be apologizing for all the shit he once did to me. I couldn't move.

He gave me a soft smile and it was enough to shake me out of my day dream. I broke the eye contact and quickly went to the kitchen. I saw his smile drop from the corner of my eyes.

I saw a plate with a pizza in it kept on the kitchen counter. I quickly took a look at the small table beside the couch it had an empty plate on it. I guessed this one must be mine then.

I took it to the oven, set the timer and turned around to wait for it to get heated. The moment I turned around I saw Richie coming towards me. I could make out from his face that he wanted to apologize, but believe I didn't want an apology.

I tried to skip him and go to my room but he was way too quick for me. He grabbed my elbow not too hard though. A part of me was wishing that he'd hurt me and hence resulting my hatred towards him to grow. But he wouldn't hurt me and I knew that.

I tried get my self out of his hold. But he pushed me against the wall and pressed his body against mine. Once again this wasn't that hard that it'll hurt me but hard enough so that I couldn't move an inch. I gazed at his emerald green eyes.

Memories of "us " seemed to hit me like a bullet, we had been in this position a million times when we were together. Tears burned in my eyes. I closed my eyes so that the tears won't fall but instead a single tear escapes and and runs across my cheek. I immediately turn my head so that the tear would fall on my shoulder. I waited for it to fall.

The last time that I'd cried this much was after Richie left me for Jessy. He had broken up with Jessy after a while though and I don't care he was anyway way too good for her. Years have passed after that and not a single tear had has the chance to run across my cheek since then, well not a single tear until now. I haven't even met him for one whole day and he's got me balling my eyes out for him.

However I waited ages for the single tear to fall on my shoulder but it didn't. I opened my eyes to find his hand between my chin and my shoulder. The tear had fallen on his hand. This made my tear up more. He always did this when we were together.

I tried frantically (as much as I could move which was very very less) to get out of his hold. No use. He squeezed into me slightly harder just as he used to do when we were together and then he shifted back.

I could go away if I want to. My mind and heart were both having their worst battle currently. My mind was screaming at me to grab the pizza and go back to my room but my heart was begging me to stay.

I was frozen. He was frozen and time seemed to be frozen with us. I had a feeling that neither him nor time would un-freaze us, if anyone would then it's gotta be me. I was either gonna listen to my mind and be heartless or listen to my heart and be thoughtless.

I knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to make me remember all those moments we had in our first year. That stupid dummy! He thinks I forgot them?

Suddenly I lost control over my body. I rushed and jumped on him, my legs wrapped around his waist and I hugged him with all my feelings I had and have for him and sobbed furiously. He kept one hand on my lower back so that I wouldn't fall.

He probably realised that I wouldn't get back down soon hence he carried me to the couch he sat down with me on his lap. I kept sobbing.

"I'm sorry for all the shit I made you go through and I know we can't resume from where we stopped but please give me one chance. Please? We can start all over again. Can we not?"

I looked at his eyes. They were honest and genuine.

Hence I nodded and he smiled.

"Friends? "

Did he just say that? Gosh that was the first word that he had ever said to me in the first year. He had said that he really wanted someone as beautiful as me as his friend and that's why he had asked me that, cause he wasn't gonna waste his time if I wasn't ready to be his friend. This question was probably a question that belonged to kindergarten kids. Older people literally hold you as their friends even if you don't wanna be with them. I had thought it was very cute and had agreed to him

"Friends. " I agreed and kissed his forehead. I missed doing this.

He then smiled the most gorgeous smile ever and seated me down. He got me my pizza and I was about to eat when realization hit me like a bullet!

"Give me your phone!" I said to him mine was dead.

"what? "

"your phone!! "

"there" he gave it to me and went to the washroom.

I turned it on and saw that it had a password.

Ughhhh.... I knew it ages ago. Obviously he must've changed it. It's worth a shot though. I thought and pressed the password


Come on... Ages have passed of course he changed it.

The phone clicked open.


Anyway I'll deal with this later I quickly inserted Sia's no.

He had it saved. Wait... Why would he have it saved???

I called her and she did not pick up

I inserted Luke's no. he had this saved too. Wait... Why does he have his no.?

His phone ringed and after ages he picked up

"hello? Luke? Where is Sia? Is she alright? "

"hey Liz she's fine she wants to see you though, her phones dead so if you called which I'm sure you did she couldn't pick up."

"I'll see you both at our spot in 10 minutes and tell her not to be a crying wreck I hate to see her like that and dress up nicely, dress code black cause it symbolizes power and believe me she needs it"

" OK see ya"

He kept the phone. Just as Richie came out.

"we're going out in 30 minutes. Dress code, black " I announced

"date?" he smirked jokingly

I turned back to face him. Our eyes locked. He probably thought I was gonna break down cause his smirk dropped

In no less than a second I grabbed the plastic box containing few dates which were my favourite by the way and threw it at him it hit straight on his head and toppled down.

"OUCH!! Liza!! " he screamed as if that hurt.

"30 minutes and time starts now"

I said before getting in my room and locking the door

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