Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 4

Richie's P. O. V.


I never changed it. It's been the same starting from the time she became my best friend which was months be fore we started dating. Considering the fact that she did make the call, she obviously figured out the password.

I was basically counting the tiles on the washroom wall cause I didn't wanna be showered with questions the moment she sees it but on the other hand I also wanted to let her know that she meant, means and will always mean something to me.

She called Sia and Luke which means that we are probably going out with them. Liza was always fond of colors and she knew what each one meant.

I wore my black jeans and black shirt with my black converse. The countdown was for 30 minutes. It's already been 29 minutes and 55 seconds. I just have to wait for 5 more seconds and if she still does not come out I'll tease her for sure.

5 seconds

4 seconds

3 seconds

2 seconds

The door of her room clicked open.

"You just ha-" I stopped midway.

She looked freaking awesome. She wore a casual black dress and black heels. Her hair was straightened, her makeup was light as usual she wore black eyeliner, with a bit mascara and red lips. You might think that how on earth do I know that much about makeup? But this is what she always wore and she always looked freaking awesome.

"what? The cat got your talented tongue? " she flirted.

"you know what? "

"what? "

"if you were a fruit. Then you'd be a fineapple"

"Oh! Please I've already heard that a million times"

"Anyway let's go. God's messengers are waiting "

"What? "

"come on, they are here to pick up their angel"

"now, that was cheesy " she giggled and continued "anyway let's go. "

"go where? "

"you know you've gotta talk less and follow me"

With that she went out.

We walked for ten minutes and after that she turned to a curb with a "danger ahead" sign infront of it. I halted. She probably expected me to stop and hence she turned and smiled knowingly.

"are we supposed to g-"

"oh come on your a bad boy like you, has obviously visited worse places"

"ouch, that hurt"

"come on"

And with that she came towards me and took my hand and tugged me forward I went forward but didn't leave her hand. She slightly tensed when she realized that I wasn't gonna leave her hand but didn't make any moves to leave my hand either.

We walked about five more minutes and now we had come to an abrupt end filled with huge trees. I looked at her questioningly and she she smiled her gorgeous smile.

She went through the third and fourth tree and I followed her. The scene before me made my heart skip a beat. My jaw seemed to be too hard to hold.

Liza stood beside me laughing furiously at my expression.

"OH MY GOSH!! " I succeeded to say

"come on " she said tugging me forward.

Before me stood the most beautiful treehouse ever. There was a lake infront too. It was small but it was deep too. Two people were alteady in the treehouse. I guess it was Sia and Luke. They were sitting close to each other and we're probably talking. There was a ladder for the people to go up.

We went up. As soon as we got up Liza left my hand and hugged Sia tightly. It's been about a second and I already miss the contact. Gosh!!! I'm so damn lovesick.

None of them seemed to mind my presence. I come to know that what the morning drama was about. Probably Sia came to know that Peter was cheating, thanks to Liza. I'm surprised that she didn't already know. The whole world seem to know the fact that he was cheating cause that douche was always busy making out with Jennifer every-freaking-where.

"okay so we'll leave now" Liza stated.

"No, I don't wanna go" Sia complained.

"you can stay" Liza replied

"your not going alone it's dark outside " Luke said

"Richie's coming with me" she said

"okay, bye guys"

We bid them and made our way back.

"he likes her " she said as we were making our way back

I realized she was talking about Luke and Sia

"I understand when someone likes someone " I smirked at her at the double meaning. She was the first one of us to fall for the other I fell soon too though.

"yep, and then you take advantage of it" she said not looking at my eyes.

I sighed.

After we came home and changed, we decided to watch a movie.

Liza fell asleep midway and hence I carried her to her room, laid her on her bed and stroked her hair twice before going back to my room and fell asleep.

At about 2am I woke up to someone screaming. I realized that it was coming from Liza's room I quickly rushed to her room she was struggling in her sleep, she clutched her sheets tightly.

She was having a nightmare. It was probably related to what happened in the morning. I went to her and held her hand tightly. She seemed to cool down a bit but she held my hand tightly. I sat on the floor, laid my head on her bed and didn't leave her hand. And drifted into sleep along her with me.

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