Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 5

Liz's P. O. V.

My alarm went off at 10:00am. Even though I was damn tired and wanted to spend the day sleeping, I couldn't. I had my day off today and we had an event in the evening. It was some welcome event for the first year. I was supposed to dance.

I tried to get up but something was tugging my hand. I looked and let out a gasp.

Mr. Richard Sphills was in my room!!!


What on earth was he doing here?

He held my hand tightly. There was no use of trying to get out of his hold cause it was hella tight.

I shook him slightly.

He slowly stirred in his sleep, and then he eventually woke up. His eyes went to our interlaced hands and then they snapped back to my eyes. He seemed to have realized that he was in my room and he was holding my hand.

“So? Do I get to know what you are doing here? ”

“You're fine? ” he asked worriedly leaving my hand.

“Yeah I am”

“ Well you were screaming your lungs out yesterday in sleep so I came to check on you and then you seemed to be missing me a lot and that's why you had a death grip on my hand and you wouldn't let me go so I stayed”

I stared back at him, my mouth hanging open.

OMFG he slept in a sitting position whole night just so I could sleep peacefully? God this guy was so damn sweet!

“So I'll go to my room and sleep a little longer cause we both don't have to be attending classes today ” he said while making his way towards the door.

I was still stunned I was soo pleased with this boy that if we both didn't have a horrible relationship in the past I'd beg him to stay with me now. But I knew better. I didn't trust him. He had once broken my heart and then stomped over the pieces himself. And I wasn't gonna make the same mistake twice.

He was almost out of the door when I spoke.


He turned.

“Thankyou, but next time even if I die screaming my lungs out, don't come, sleep, leave me alone ”

His face fell. A look came over his face.


“Me, leaving you alone, that's something that'll never happen. ” he said.

“But it already did once. ” tears started pooling in my eyes.

“Don't be that sure Liza” with that he went out.

What The Hell!!??!!

Is he literally denying the fact that he left me for Jennifer? He's gotta be kidding me!!!


I have almost the whole morning and I was gonna practice for the event.

I quickly took a shower and then dressed in my costume cause after practicing I was probably eating and I'd go straight to the place, I had no intentions to be coming back. I did my usual makeup, I'd probably do another touch-up before the dance. I put my hair up in a messy bun but I'd put it down before the dance. My dance was a solo. I was dancing to It Ain't Me by Selena Gomez. I really loved that song.

I stepped out of my room. Richie was lazily lying on the couch flicking through the TV channels. His eyes snapped towards me. And I went towards the kitchen counter and grabbed a toast and a few Dates.

When I turned around, he was still staring at me. I cleared my throat noisily.

“Mr. Creep, do I have the permission to go if you've finished checking me out ” I smirked.

“You're going to wear that? ” he asked ignoring my joke.

“Yes, does it look bad? ”

“Come on, people will be too busy checking you out in this outfit and they will surely not watch your dance.”

“But this isn't even that showy” I whined.

“Liza, no matter what you wear you look like the hottest damn thing in the world ” he said truthfully.

I blushed. This guy.........

“Anyway, Bye ”

“I'll come along” he offered.

“Nope. Don't you have to practice for your singing ” he was singing for the event tonight.

“Yeah, but-”

“no buts, you're going to practice your singing while I practice my dance” and with that I went out of the door.

I wandered out. The grounds of "America's College Of Arts" were almost empty. I went to the parking lot and went to my car.

I drove to the park where I normally practice or come for some me-time. There was no one cause it was one of the working days.

I played the song on my phone and practice for a long time. I practiced every twirl, every jump and every step craving for perfection.

Soon it was time for the event.

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