Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 7

Liz's P. O. V.

I swear to God I'm gonna cover my window with toilet papers. My rooms literally lit up like a Christmas tree, the sunlight has come through the peeks of the curtains making weird shaped all over the walls.

Last night was.......


After the lasagna last night we watched Annabelle Creation till almost one in the morning. Yeah I agree that movie is kinda scary but I've seen it almost 5 times so it's kinda less scary.

Well we were kinda huddled up and..... close but come on there was no great awkwardness cause Richie mixed Annabel Creation with Annabelle Comes Home and was eventually at loss.

I took a peek at my alarm clock.

8 am.

Even though its damn early, I'm sure I won't be able to go back to sleep once again hence i get up from my bed and i went to take a shower.

The cold water flowed throughout my body calming every single parts. I wish it rains. Monsoon is my favorite season. I love to hear the pitter-patter of the rain.

After half an hour I came out of the washroom in order to get dressed up. I took out my jeans and the olive green shirt and wore it quickly cause my tummy was demanding food.

I came out of my room and went to the mini kitchen. All the dorms were almost the same, a mini kitchen a small common room with a couch and a T.V., two small rooms with an attached washroom. The first, second and third years have room-mates who live in the same room and believe me its annoying.

Last year I was stuck with some annoying dude with me in my room and some weird ass couple who were 24 hours "busy" and my ears got tired by listening to those moans, literally it sounded like goats were dying.

The year before that, I had another guy whose head was into books all day. Now, I do not hate books but seriously? whole day? The other room had Sia and Luke and I almost spent the whole day with them. At first I thought they were dating but then i realized Sia was with Peter but I know Sia and Luke are one of those people who are bound to be together. Sia is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, she has long blonde hair and she always wears clothes designed by her. She wants to be a designer in her aunts boutique and Luke wants to be an artist. You should just see his drawings, and you will be spell bound. Every brushstroke is done with passion. He has a whole book filled with Sia's drawings but obviously he wont say anything to her. But today or tomorrow they will get together, and i don't think so, i know it.

And the first year? Richie was my roommate and Peter and Jennifer were in the room beside us.

Honestly, I never expected him to cheat on me, we always used to make fun of Jennifer. Jennifer was natural beauty. I know I hate her but let the truth be told, she looked beautiful even without makeup and yet she always covers herself with layers of makeup.

I started making cheese omelette and bacon for Richie and me. After I finished making I went to wake him up cause it was already 9:50 and our first lecture was at 10:30 and he wasn't up yet .

"Richie?" i knocked.

No reply. He is still asleep.

I went in. As expected he was still asleep. He had made an effort to arrange the things in his room and by effort I mean he has taken everything out and had successfully dumped them in a corner. The only thing that was kept nicely and neatly in the other corner was his guitar. There was a diary and a journal beside that.

I stood beside his bed. He looked so calm when he sleeps. How am I supposed to wake him up? Poke him? Well considering the fact that he had his comforter wrapped around him even though it is like 30 degrees outside, he won't even feel me poking him. There was only one way left. But I hope he doesn't freak out. I slowly take his head in my my hands and softly touched his forehead with my lips.

God, please don't frea-

So much for praying not to freak out.

He immediately grabbed my wrist and I literally fell on top of him. My face was placed on the crook of his neck. My hands were on his chest, yes, before you ask, bare chest.

The problem isn't that it felt bad. The problem is that it felt good. Lord I'm soo in deep shit.

"Richie" my heart was beating like a drum. And my breathing was shallow. I wasn't nervous. But all this was familiar. My head on the crook of his neck, his face on my hair, my hands on his chest, his hands around my waist, legs twirled together, me on top of him. Every single thing was damn familiar.

"Richie" I said slightly louder than last time.

"hmmm" was all he said before pulling me closer to him.

"RICHIE" I screamed in his ears.

"would you fucking stop shouting, I'm sle-" he opened his eyes and emotions started flashing one after the other.





And something else that can be surely mistaken as love.

His grip on me immediately loosened. And I missed being held close immediately

"I- I'm sorry " he quickly got up.

"It's fine, now get ready or else I'm eating up your food too" I said trying to loosen the tension in the room.

"Nothing is ever fine, when you say it's fine" was all I heard before shutting his door.

He came outside at 10:10.

"Cheese omelette with bacon? " he asked with an amused smile plastered on his face.

"if you don't like it then I can have yours too" I teased.

"in your dreams Liza " and with that he took a bite. I understood that I did a pretty good job, thanks to his facial expressions.

"goodness, you gotta be my personal chef one day" he said with a stupid smirk.

"in your dreams chi-chi" I said back

His smirk fell. Chi-chi is what his brother Josh calls him. Who is currently in a college in Spain and is a year younger than Richie. Neither of the brothers have any connection with their parents cause their parents are the worst parents than ever, as much as I know they are obnoxious, egoist, jerk and hella rude. They used to always tell Richie and Josh that they were "mistakes". And what can be worse than parent who call their children "mistakes".

"I miss him." he sighed. "we don't even talk that much cause you know we are brothers and he is a feelingless jerk."

Josh was totally the opposite of Richie. He's filled with one night stands and stuff but like all bad boys, he has a story waiting to be read, but seriously if you have a well decorated cake kept infront of you, would you wait to see where its brought from, or what it's made of? No. You'll immediately devour it.

"You'll meet him soon." I promised.


I hurried through the hallways to go to my class. Our college had beautiful hallways. There were a few students here and there. I quickly made my way to the class. Richie's class was at 11:00 so he stayed back in the dorm.

As I was making my way to the class I saw Peter cornering some girl. At first I thought it was Sia but then I realise that it couldn't be Sia cause, well, I agree my best friend is kind cute and all but she could've surely kicked his ass and gone away leaving him dumbfounded.

I went a little closer and I realise who it was. Winter James. She was in the third year. She was one of the quietest I've ever met. I she had long chocolate brown hair which was always under the hood of her hoodie, she was beautiful. But it was as if she tried to be nobody, she tried her best not to attract people. In short, she was another story waiting to be read.

I realized Peter was doing nothing but bullying her. And I Hate Bullying. I immediately went towards them. Winter looked extremely relieved to see me.

"hey Peter "

"you? Seriously bitch? You have no work except of coming out of nowhere during my foreplays. "

Winter took this as a chance to get out of his hold and come behind me.

"well I didn't really get to thank you for the night before the last. " I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

He quickly backed up cause, well, let's say, it isn't the first time I've beaten up a guy. I kept going forward until he had the wall behind him.

"you're gonna save her from me? " he said

"I've got no doubt"

"In that case, why couldn't you save your own parents from the car crash?"

And that's when the first punch came. And once it came, it surely didn't stop. His face showed immense pain, but I sure as hell didn't care. After about 6 to 7 punches he roughly fell on the ground, his face bloody.

"Next time, you lay a hand on her and believe me you'll be dead, you got it? Dead. "

By now a crowd was starting to form, several people were recordering too. Ms. Carol was making her way towards me as she came forward I immediately told her.

"He was harassing Winter and this was self defense you can check the CCTV "

Everyone knew Peter, he was one of the greatest jerk in the world. She simply nodded at me and let me go cause she is one of those people who were there by me when my parents died.

"No matter what he says, you're gonna tell me if there is any problem " I told Winter.

I was about to go when she slightly tugged my hand. "Thankyou" she whispered before dispersing into crowd.

In this case, Winter James is not only a book waiting to be read but also a mystery waiting to be solved.

I quickly entered the classroom and took the backseat. I turned my head to find a particular brown haired boy grinning at me like crazy. I almost fell out of my chair.

"Elijah!" I shrieked.

Elijah is my cousin and he is someone who may look like a complete bad boy but believe me he's not. He is basically a nerd. But he always wins every single bet he makes. We made a short conversation and a little later he pointed at someone and asked me.

"who is she? "

I look where he was pointing and I saw it was Jennifer.

"that's Jennifer. You don't know her yet, she's found making out every where. Why do you care anyway"

"she's my roommate "


"what? you're not bothered that I'll end up dating her? "

"nah, you look good and all but still, I bet she wont date a nerd"

"you bet?" he smirked

"I bet. What do I get when I win? "

"if you win I'll get you the brand new book by Amber James"

"Inches close yet miles apart?" its part one was just published and is already a best seller.


"what do you want if you win? " I ask

"you'll grant me a wish" he said with a sly grin.

Shit! I better win this bet.

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