Heart Wants What It Wants

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Chapter 8

Richie's P. O. V.

“so this girl, Elsa had the power of fire? ”

That's what Simon was asking from the time we entered the hall

“Simon, why on earth would the movie be called frozen if she had the power of fire? ” Stella, his girlfriend explained calmly to him.

“nah it has to be fire” Simon said

“well, in that case, you don't have common sense”

“I do have common sense”

“then how is it that you didn't figure out its about ice”

“guys, could you please shut up. You all can continue this later my ears are ringing with all the arguments ” I barged in.

“people, guess who just got beaten up in the morning ” Derek said out of nowhere.

“Peter? ” Everyone was talking about Peter getting beaten up by some girl throughout the morning. Someone even filmed the girl beating him up but from that particular angle the girl's face couldn't be seen.

Either ways, we were currently stuck in the hall of our college for the audition. We were all thoroughly bored, but whoever was supposed to take the audition was still not here.

“guess who did it? ”

“who?” I asked

“Liz ”


Oh yes! The girl was wearing jeans and green shirt and that's exactly what Liza wore today. Shit! I should've understood earlier. I immediately took out my phone and texted her.


Richie:where are you?

She replied after a moment or two

Liza: in the hall, where are you?

Richie: I'm here too, fourth row, second seat.


“hey” she said as she dropped on the seat beside me.

“is it true that you almost killed Peter in the morning? ” I said, not beating around the bush.


“why? ”

“what the fuck do you mean why? He hurt me yesterday and today he was harassing Winter. Isn't than quite a reason ” she said partially irritated.

“whose Winter?”

“Winter James. Third year. ”

“oh. Where's Sia and Luke? ”

“I don't know, I haven't seen them from.... Monday ”

She scanned the halls until it came to a stop. It stopped on a particular guy. At first he was looking at another direction but then they looked at eachother and he started making his way towards us.

My first thought was to grab Liza's hand, shove herself behind me and bark "mine" at him. But after all I don't really think she's mine yet, yet is the key word.

Next, I was shocked, cause I didn't know him and I have surely never seen him in the college. And as much as I knew Luke was the only guy who Liza roamed with.

As he came and took a seat beside her they started talking playfully about some bet. She did not even tell me who he was nor did she told him who I was, this proved that either me or him was unimportant. I really hoped it was the latter.

Soon two familiar faces dropped on the seats beside "Mr. I-want-him-to-get-lost".

Sia and Luke.

Sia immediately started talking, which was obviously expected.

“Girl, is it true that you almost killed my ex? ” she asked

“I wish it wasn't almost ” Liza replied, to which Luke and I rolled our eyes.

“Liz did you check your instagram? ” Stella said. I almost forgot that they were here.

“not after yesterday ”

“you better do it immediately cause the video looks exactly like a live action film”

“video? Those people literally filmed me and posted it on instagram? ” Liza said, her face showing pure annoyance.

“Liz you're famous ” Simon teased her.

Liza had her face on instagram quote often, most were for beating up bullies. And the videos got minimum 1k likes.

This wasn't something new cause people literally post rubbish on social media nowadays, which is irritating. Like, what on earth would o do by knowing what you ate for breakfast?

“aww, I'd love to see Lizzy fight ” Mr. I-want-him-to-get-lost said.

Liza nudged him and the four of them started laughing.

I tried my best to zone out. Honestly, I hated it. I know jealousy is an immediate turn off but it's also a goddamned feeling that you cannot ignore. I'm not that great with explaining what I feel, but jealousy feels like the feeling you get when you long for something for a long time, and then you see that particular thing getting grabbed by someone else. It hurts. It's a rumble that you feel on the portion between your chest and stomach, your ears start ringing, your mouth feels dry. And worse is when you experience the foreplay. Whoever this guy was, Liza and him seemed close. And I hated it.

“I'm so sorry to keep all of you waiting, but now we shall begin the audition. ”


After about two hours we finished the audition. We had two sing two lines of a song and tell some lines provided by Mrs Dicruz.

“let's visit the new café ” Sia said enthusiastically. It's true that she and Peter broke up but Luke's done a good job cheering her up.

“does that mean we get food there” Luke said with an idiotic grin on his face.

“didn't you just have two ham sandwiches for lunch? ”

“food is something you can never get enough”

“wait you two had lunch together ” Liza inturupted Luke and Sia.

“you had Elijah ” Sia said pointing at Mr. I-want-him-to-get-lost.

She had lunch with him?

“but that doesn't mean that you won't call me ”

“well, let's make it up by saying that I'll pay for whatever you get in the café” Luke offered

I got up cause I really couldn't spend anymore time with this Elijah here.

But something tugged at my sleeves.

“you won't be coming with us? ” Liza said.

Why on earth do you care? Go on, answer me, how does me being there affect you. Why were you with him at lunch while I was waiting for you in the dorm with your favorite fucked up lasagna? goodness I don't even like lasagna. Why didn't you call and tell me at least that you won't come? I know that it isn't some blind rule to inform your dorm-mate but still, I thought you loved having lunch in the dorm. I thought we could watch some crappy rom-com and eat lunch while making fun of the scenes, just like we used to.

“you won't miss me. ” I said, my voice as hard as steel.

Her grip on my hand loosened and hurt radiated from her eyes. I regretted it immediately. But I quickly composed myself. I pulled my hand out of her grip and left her sitting there, looking at me.

I hated hurting her. But, she didn't object when I said that she won't miss me. Hence the statement was either true ar she was too shocked to reply to my change of reactions.

Eitherways I hated it.

I made my way across the campus towards the parking, where my motorcycle was kept.

I rode to the place where I think.

It was an abandoned bridge. No one really came here but this place was beautiful. I discovered it in the second year when my mind was fucked up. This place also had a small creek flowing under it, and a tiny wooden house.

When I first came here, this was a mess but after a bit of cleaning up it was fine. I added some lights on the bridge and now, once the lights were switched on, this place was lovely.

I sat there for quite along time. Thinking about the differences between now and three years ago. And that's when I realized,

not everything remained the same.


It was 10pm when I came back to the dorm. And Liza wasn't here. I would've been worried but considering that Luke is with her I'm not that worried.

I took a shower and went to bed cause I wasn't hungry. Thanks to the fucked up lasagna for lunch.

After about half an hour I heard the front door open. And after a few minutes, I heard the my room's door open.

I pulled my comforter tighter towards me. And pretended to be asleep.

“stop faking to be asleep. I know you're awake. ” she said

She knew me too well for only one year.

“not that you'll believe me, but I missed you, a lot”

My breath hitched. But her voice as confident. She wasn't lying.

“My phone was dead and Elijah was already pulling me towards the shop so I couldn't come for lunch. ”

Mr. I-want-him-to-get-lost-more-now.

“goodnight Richie”

She chose him over me.


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