Stray Master

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[Chapter Fifteen]


Scottish Translation -

Erse - Ass

Bairn - Baby

Erse like a bag o’ washin (Ass like a bag of laundry)- An insult to a woman’s attractiveness

Nyaff - Irritating person

Wee - Little


Wednesday morning, the day after Ryan appeared and interrupted mine and Lewis’s date, is filled with warmth and contentment. This is mainly because I wake up surrounded by Lewis; my head is tucked under his chin, his beard tangled with my hair, my head is in the crook of his throat with his big, long arms are wrapped around me as an extra blanket. I’m snuggled into his massive chest, hands lightly gripping the collar of his shirt and my legs are curled around one of his thick thighs. It would be embarrassing but I’m too pleased and happy that this is what I get to wake up to and that he stayed to allow me to do this. I had asked him to stay over last night after he got out of the shower and changed into one of his hoodies he gave me, he, fortunately, had a pair of sweatpants in his truck.

He had helped me make the couch up for Ryan before we all went to bed at eleven. Ryan was confused at first when Lewis suddenly stood up in the middle of a movie telling me it was bedtime and that I could finish the movie after work today, then Ryan got caught up. He was all too amused to watch me be a brat and refuse to move off the couch until the end of the shark movie, stating that it wasn’t fair because Ryan got to stay up and he was a guest; we should make sure he was comfortable before we go to bed. Lewis was amused also, the smirk on his face told me as much but he wasn’t moved, stood his ground. By the third time I whined, he had my hair in his fist, forcing me to look at him from my seat on the couch. He was standing up, towering over me as he stared down at me, asking such a simple yet claiming question.

“Is Ryan mine?”

Because no, Ryan isn’t his, I am. I knew that but to have him use that to remind me who is in charge and who decides what we do, what I do. That was the most amazing thing that had happened last night. Although I liked it, I still put up being a brat, purely to see what Lewis would do, to test if he’d do anything with an audience, Ryan sitting a few feet away from us. I whined again and stated loudly that no, Ryan wasn’t his and that I was, that Lewis should allow me to stay up because I am his.

Lewis knew what I was doing, as he nearly always does. He humored me by allowing the act to continue but made sure I knew my place. It shocked me beyond belief when he pulled me up by my hair onto my knees on the couch, his free hand reaching around me to give my ass a firm smack. “My Brats don’t get rewards. Ya’ll get yourself a red erse. Said it was bedtime, I expect ya to be my good boy and listen.”

I acted begrudgingly when I finally agreed- like I had a choice, grumbling. It was delightful in reality, knowing he isn’t afraid to push out punishments with an audience and that he’d put me back in my place when I’m feeling bratty, he’d allow me to test him and see where my limits are with him before I push too hard and earn a punishment. He is aware that it’s only natural for a sub to test their new dominant, see where tolerance for an action switches to ‘You just crossed the line, here’s a punishment.’ It’s healthy to know each other, not only as Lewis and Tommy but as Master and Pet. Although we’re both full-time Dominant and Submissive- meaning technically Lewis and Master are the same person, rather than separate.

We don’t do scenes at a certain time, the power exchange is all day every day until one of us decides overwise. It’s not always sexual, it’s for comfort and assurances, to quell anxiety and other issues one of us may have. When it is sexual, I’m positive we’ll speak about what will happen during and after the planned actions, whether it’s a reward or punishment, or just an intense roleplay session- not nurses and police officer roleplay.

I’m sure some people would consider it all one big scene session, one that lasts every day with some days being more intense than others. I guess it’s a good way to think about it, before a scene you’d speak openly with your partner to know what will happen and how long it will go on. In twenty-four-seven power exchange, it’s important to speak about what each other expects to happen and that it ends automatically when one says so, either with a safe word or another way that makes it clear that the agreement is over. It’s still a relationship and just because the power exchange is in effect doesn’t mean issues won’t occur, there will be issues and it’s important to figure them out when they happen. The key essential to this kind of relationship is communion.

Lewis is amazing at reading me already and has been great at communicating with me, warning me about his schedule, and when he’s free. He’s an amazing Dominant and I do not doubt that we’ll be able to have a healthy relationship filled with laughs and happiness. At least, if we get through the obstacle that Miss Parry is.

I fight a groan at that thought, not wanting to wake Lewis up since an alarm hasn’t gone off yet. How am I going to deal with Miss Parry? I can’t act like nothing’s wrong when there is. She lied to me and Ryan, and more importantly, she accused Lewis of abusing me. As I keep saying, Lewis would never. The very thought of him hurting me sickens him and knowing she had convinced someone that he, indeed, beat me up made him so angry he had to leave the apartment. Granted, he left to go fight Seán but it’s better than lashing out at me or Ryan. It’s better that he knows when he needs to leave if he gets to the point he needs to punch something. Better Seán, one he trusts and will help him calm down, rather than some stranger who would aim to actually hurt Lewis. Some people don’t even consider leaving, they just punch the first thing they see. I know from experience.

I know abusers, spent enough time to know the signs of one. Lewis hasn’t given me red flags and I know for a fact that he never will. He might get angry, he may rage, but he doesn’t do it around me and he has enough sense to leave. Abusers wouldn’t do that. They wouldn’t hold me gently while their rage boils under their skin, set me aside, and explain they need to calm down. They would take the rage out on me, then blame me for it and guilt trip me into staying with them. Will Lewis do that, ever? No. I don’t believe he will.

Lewis is a teddy bear, a gentle giant. This isn’t fair on him, he doesn’t deserve to be thought of, or accused of, being an Abuser.

“Stop thinkin, Bairn.” Lewis grunts suddenly, arms squeezing me.

Startling, I look up at him, having to reach my hand up and brush his beard down. His eyes are still closed and he’s fully relaxed, appearing asleep. I do catch the tilt of his lip, a small smirk for having shocked me. “Well, excuse me for having and using a brain, Mr. Grumpy.”

He huffs what could’ve been a laugh, but we’re both half asleep and he doesn’t appear focused. He squeezes me again before attempting to pull me even closer to him, asking into my hair with his lips brushing my forehead, “What is ya usin it so hard for?”

Sighing, I cuddle into his neck like I’m trying to burrow into him. “Miss Parry.”

His chest rumbles and his hold on me tightens a fraction before loosening again. “Call in sick if ya want. Stay here, catch up with that boy, and paint. Ye need a day to relax. Deal with the Erse like a bag o’ washin, lata’.”

I giggle at the odd phrasing that sounded like an insult, before what he murmured settles in and processes. Then I glance up back at him, he’s still the same. His eyes have yet to open and his expression is content. “You’d let me call in sick to avoid her? Really?”

He grunts, but I see his smirk return at the disbelief in my tone. “Aye. Rather have ya here than around her.”

Of course, he would. He’s most likely concerned she’d get into my head and convince me that he isn’t right for me. I know better than to listen to whatever she says about him, she is biased on not liking him and I’m positive I’m on the path of loving him. It’s only been a month and a few weeks, but I feel as if we have a great connection and I can see a future with him. Waking up in his arms feels right in a way I never experienced before, being around him brings a sense of content and peacefulness, I wouldn’t surprised at myself if I already do love him, I get attached very quickly and I need to remind myself at times that I have to calm down unless I want to get hurt in the end. Usually getting attached this soon ends wrong, something happens and the person leaves then you’re stuck in bed depressed.

I’m happy I can attempt to get the day off, it’s Wednesday though which means if I get today off I’d have two off and need to work Friday. It’s unlikely Miss Parry will give me that so close to needing to pay my rent, that is at the end of each month and I only have two weeks left. It’s worth a try though, I just can’t deal with seeing her and her smug face. It might be better to face her head-on, confront her about what she did, have her apologize to Lewis and Ryan for lying to him and allowing him to come here. CeCe will be calling or storming in after her shift, demanding an explanation. I’m betting all my paints that Lewis or Ryan will have to hold her back or else Miss Parry will be mauled.

It’d be sensible just to go to work, earn my paycheck, and not speak to Miss Parry. I’ll need to deal with CeCe but she could come over here and we’d explain what happened, she isn’t pleasant when angry and has the tendency to yell, yet with Lewis here I’m sure it won’t be an issue for me. CeCe shouting and screaming in anger doesn’t trigger me anymore, I’ve grown accustomed to it and can read when she will blow up, prepare myself. I know her rage isn’t directed at me, the situation is, sometimes it still increases my anxiety.

Not speaking to my boss is fairly easy once she realizes that she is getting the silent treatment, and isn’t it sad that I know that now? If I keep my distance from her and focus on people, orders, and coffee then I should be able to get through the day. Lewis will pick me up and we’ll come home, watch movies until CeCe catches up and storms in like a hurricane. Maybe we could take Ryan and her to dinner and a movie, go out on a date with two tagalongs, three if Seán is free. That is a good plan, I like that. I also like the thought of staying in bed with Lewis, snuggling against his massive chest, and running my fingers through his beard.

There’s just one thing I’m confused about. “Don’t you have work? It’s morning right?”

Lewis chuckles, more of another huff, yet another smirk against my skin. “Nah. Old Schedule. Got ta lata shift.”

He’s essentially asleep still, accent much thicker and words murmured or slurred together. It’s adorable and I wish I could stay here all day, this is the most comfortable morning I’ve woke up to. Lewis is warm, gives a sense of protection and he’s very cozy. Even more so now that I’m aware that his normal schedule is back, it means that he has more time to spend with me since he only works half a day depending on the days. Sometimes Lewis needs to fill in for someone and works the whole day, that hasn’t happened just yet but he gave me a warning that it could. The group that he works with cycles between mornings and afternoons or evenings, another group works morning when he does evening then they switch. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way but Lewis said he doesn’t care for schedules as long as the job is done and he’s paid.

I can imagine sitting on the couch and talking with Ryan while Lewis walks around doing whatever as if he owns the apartment, interrupting the conversation to demand I do something or another. Just completely taking control of everything and taking care of me. It’s such a good thought that I hate what I’m about to suggest.

“I don’t think she’d let me skip out on work. Maybe I could just avoid her?” My voice is muffled by Lewis’s skin on his collarbone.

Lewis finally opens his eyes, blinking a few times to focus them as he shifts to be able to look at me properly. He raises an eyebrow, green eyes piercing into me. “Do ya want to go? If ya don’t, I’ll deal with her.”

I shake my head, I don’t want to go, but I’m nervous that she’ll go as far as to withhold my check if I don’t. She’s a smart lady, she knows when I’m sick and will realize quickly that me not showing up is to avoid her. She could force me to talk to her by not paying me until I do. It would be a dirty trick and cruel, however considering what she had already done, it’s not much of a stretch, I think. Lewis demanding I have a day off due to some sudden flu would probably not help in any way, Miss Parry would only jump to the worst situations she can think up.

Now that I think about it, I can’t take the day off. Whatever I do, go to work or stay home, she’ll find a way to ruin something. Whether it’s to call Ryan to ask where I am or call the police in a panic, withhold my check. It’ll be something. I officially feel dread creeping up my spine, feeling trapped.

Lewis clinks his tongue, allowing a moment to focus back on him when I realize I was blanking out. “Breathe. Tell what yer thinkin.”

So, I told him. With every word that I use to explain what I had realized, he goes rigid. I don’t think he understood just how far Miss Parry could go, and probably figured she’d give up. I can see that he registers she could ruin his life if she tried. She could call the cops on him and he’d be forced into a cell until a judge looks at our case, determining if he hurt me. Lewis would either be fired from his job because who wants a suspended abuser working for them? Or he could be convicted and sent to prison, be forced to spend valuable years behind bars for just trying to date me. The thought makes him angry, I notice the tightness in his arms even if they stay soft in their hold on me, his chest has vibrated with the grunt he released and his eyes are dark.

Letting him breathe for a few minutes until I shimmy myself up to be able to look him in the eyes without tilting my head, my arms going around his neck- having to slide one between his neck and the pillow. Pressing soft kisses on his cheeks, nose, jaw, anywhere I can reach. “Lewy, calm down, please.”

He releases a deep sigh through his nose, his body gradually relaxing back into the bed and pillows. The arms around me tighten and pull me closer as if we aren’t close enough clutched against each other. He’s still wound up, still bubbling with rage, noticeable in only his eyes and deep breaths. It happens in pure instinct, or impulse, wanting to calm him down and remind him that I’m here with him. When I press my lips against his, saying hell to morning breath, his beard and mustache tickles my hairless skin, his lips rough yet soft and dry. Lewis reacts to it instantly, grasping me tighter and responding to the kiss.

I had meant for it to be soft and innocent, but it quickly becomes much more than that when Lewis licks into my mouth and drags a moan from my throat. He kisses like how he’s been dominating me, taking control of the kiss; the pace goes however fast he decides, the softness of it switching when he wants it to. His tongue is wet against mine, teeth lightly nipping my lips as he deepens it with a quiet grunt. Strong, large hands are gripping me tightly, pulling me with him when he falls back on the bed with me sprawled out on top of his chest.

It’s intense and with every shift of our lips as I’m led through it, feels like I’m being pulled from the bed to wherever heaven is. It’s all so, so good. The scratch of his facial hair, how his tongue licks and rubs against mine, how his teeth sting when he bites my own then the soothing of it with his tongue. His hands slide under my shirt, warm palms skimming along my skin and making me shiver and moan and press even closer. Mine is doing the same, eager to touch him and feel his rough skin. My hands roam his body, going from under his shirt and finding small or big scars, running my fingers through his chest hair, to reaching up to pet and scratch at his jaw, playing with his beard.

We’re both breathing harshly, taking in the same air and sharing breath. Panting, groaning and soft moans fill my room. Everything is Lewis, nothing else matters other than what is happening right now. I can only focus on his lips, his hands, his massive body under me that holds so much power to it. I’m grinding into his thigh, eager to finally do something with him, my cock very interested in what is happening. Hell to our agreement to nothing sexual.

Unfortunately, Lewis pulls away. He chuckles when I chase after him but he grabs my waist to keep me from moving and I whine at the action. He allows us a moment to calm down, get our breath back before he slides his hands from my shirt. One reaches up to tug my hair, forcing my head to stay put and give my attention to him. He’s smiling, one of the soft private ones that I adore. Then he speaks, “Tommy Boy, we gotta stop.”

I immediately pout, whining and pressing my hips against his thigh so he feels the issue I have. He groans but does nothing. “Lewy! Please?! This one time?”

He shakes his head, appearing regretful for putting an end to it and giving me what I want. “No sex. If yer goin to work, we don’t got time for anythin else.”

“Then...I’m not going.”

Lewis raises his eyebrow, smirking. “Aye, you are. Get on up and shower.”

My mouth drops open at his demand, noticing his eyes flick to my swollen red lips. “That is so unfair! You were gonna let me stay home earlier!”

“Was, till ya said what ya did ’bout the Nyaff. Ya are goin, I’ll pick you up later.”

I regret opening my mouth to tell him all that now even if I know it was the right thing to do, he deserved to know. At the moment, he deserves a punishment for honoring our agreement like a gentleman. I huff, pushing myself up off him, he allows me to by removing his fist from my hair. I lean down only to place a lingering kiss on his lips then shoot up off the bed, smirking. “For this, you get no more kisses.”

He makes a very tempting picture, laid out on my bed with both his arms behind his head, the sheet only covering one leg and half his hip from being pulled with me when I climbed off. His hoodie is ridden up on his stomach from where I messed it up with my exploring, pale skin and tattoos tease me, his sweat pants are low on his hips and the dark blond hair leading down in them makes my mouth water. On his face, his eyebrow is raised and a large smirk on his lips.

He chuckles, his eyes flick down, “Really? Think ya can do that, ya seem ta like it.”

Glancing down at myself, I see the imprint of my cock through my tight pajama bottoms. I go red, feeling the flush run to my ears and down my neck to my chest. But I attempt to stay focused on his very serious punishment. “Yes. You will get no more kisses until I decide you deserve it again.”

He hums, nodding as if me deciding on something is a good idea. “Aye, got it. Now go shower, ya’ll be late.”

I smile and blow a kiss to him, hearing him growl teasingly as I turn to listen to the command. He doesn’t believe I can hold myself back from kissing him, but I’ll show him. I can be stubborn and this is no different.


Ryan is sitting at the island when I walk from the hallway after changing into Lewis’s hoodie he had left on the bed with his still-warm sweat pants that drag the ground and are loose on me they keep falling off me without me holding them up. Lewis is at the stove cooking what smells like bacon, they’re not speaking and Ryan is just observing the Scotsman. Lewis changed into the clothes he wore last night before his fight with Seán, I had taken them down for a wash while he was showering for him. They don’t appear to hear me when I walk in, so I whine loudly.

Lewis is quick to turn in my direction, relaxing once he sees I’m fine, just drowning in his clothes. Ryan raises his eyebrow at me, obviously wondering why I’m wearing clothes that are much much bigger than myself. I scowl at him, “Don’t look at me, Mr. Possessive over there dresses me.”

Lewis smirks again, smug and amused. He’s plating the bacon on a paper towel next to three in-progress sandwiches. “What, don’t like it? I can get somethin else.”

Oh, oh, he plays dirty. He knows for a fact I adore wearing his clothes, I feel safe and cared for when I do. If I had the option, which I just might, I’d wear his clothes every day for the rest of my life. It’s only that their big, massive, and more sleeping clothes for me, his hoodies are dresses to me and his sweatpants don’t stay on me. I can’t walk around tripping and pantless all day. If I was staying home we wouldn’t have this problem, sadly one of us has his head in his ass.

“No! But..ya know...I can’t walk.” I gesture down at the legs on the sweats, showcasing how most of them are on the floor bundled at my feet.

Ryan laughs, “You look like a kid that wants to play dress up.”

I glare at him but quickly give Lewis my best puppy eyes for him to help me, the large man just coos at me while he walks around the island. He grips the bottom of the hoodie and pulls it up, ordering for me to hold it up. Then he grabs the strings at the waist and pulls, the loose sweats tighten around my hips and he ties them tightly to make sure they won’t fall. Ryan is watching carefully as if he wants to learn some more tips about dominating and caring for submissives without having to ask Lewis. The bottom of the pants are rolled up multiple times and hair ties from the hoodie pocket are stretched around my shoe and over my ankle to keep them in place.

It appears like the pants have the elastic bands at the ankles instead of ties and I’m impressed Lewis did it, I was assuming he’d force me to keep folding them throughout my shift as punishment for restricting kisses. Obviously, he’s comfortable with me attempting, I am, to punish him. Not concerned over any dominance or power exchange, secure in knowing he could quickly remind me who punishes and who gets punished. It’s relieving to know he won’t be so strict to not allow me to play around and poke fun at the exchange, punish him over things when I don’t get what I want. Even in a relationship like the one we want, there needs to be room for fooling around innocently and teasing. I’m pleased that he understands that.

When Lewis straightens back up from his kneeled position, I shake my ankles and make a show of examining the work he did. Ryan laughs again and when I glance over at him, noticing he has changed into a dark button-up shirt and light blue jeans, he’s shaking his head and smirking. Lewis rolls his eyes with a smile and goes back to his sandwiches. “Well, would you look at that. You just connect hair ties in your pockets for a situation like this?”

Lewis starts to build the bacon sandwiches, bread with melted cheese then bacon, a poached egg, and some more bacon before the other piece of toasted bread. As he does, he states. “Wee Brat.”

I giggled at that, more that he said ‘wee’ than anything, taking a bit of pride at being a brat because he didn’t sound annoyed and was only teasing with a smile. I gag at the egg though as he slid a plate with the sandwich to Ryan and starts making one with some kind of salad leaves and sauce on them, no egg. He places it next to Ryan and points to the chair with a, “Sit, eat.”

He made one different for me because he remembered I don’t like eggs, it brings a warm feeling to my chest as I sit on the chair and try the sandwich. The bacon is crunchy, the cheese melty and warm, the bread is buttered and the lettuce and sauce on it taste like garlic, but it’s amazing and I demand he makes this every morning for me. Lewis just agrees easily, looking all amused and pleased.

“Ya eat up, I’ll ya guys off at the cafe after.”

Oh god, why did he say that?

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