Stray Master

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[Chapter Eighteen]


Scottish Translation -

Ghràdh - Love

bana-phrionnsa gothic - Gothic Princess (I think, google translated)


If I thought this morning would be relaxing and spent getting more sleep, hanging out with my friends before Ryan went home, and cuddling with Lewis, then I was wrong. Horribly wrong. It started amazing, snuggled in Lewis’s warmth, and the weight of the conversation we had lifted from my shoulders leaving a calmness I don’t remember having in ages. Lewis didn’t judge me, even showed support for what I think I’d enjoy and it was something that I never thought could happen. It was great to get it from my head, tell Lewis, and get his reaction. I was anxious before I woke him up, preparing myself for a bad reaction and for him to reject me. When that didn’t happen it was as if a wave of peacefulness flooded my mind, calming my thoughts and doubts and worries.

Lewis was wonderful during the whole thing, not interrupting me or making any expressions that could be identified as mean or nasty. He was respectful and quiet, let me speak my thoughts before he commented, and kept his expression open and supportive. When he did speak it wasn’t to put me down but instead to assure me he didn’t mind and explain he knew what I was speaking of, that he didn’t see a problem with it as long both parties give consent beforehand. That was relieving, I was most worried about the sleep sex kink I have since most people seem to dislike it and compare it to a horrible action. I’m happy Lewis seems fine with it if both people give consent for it.

What happened after the discussion wasn’t very bad either, the kisses and touches and having Lewis’s body above mine. It was innocent and incredible. Lewis’s weight pinning me down on the bed is on my list of Most Favorite Things in the World, it settled my mind and gave a sense of protection and love that I didn’t know I needed until it happened. His lips and coarse beard hair felt marvelous against my skin, I’m positive that he left faint pink marks from his facial hair scratching and rubbing on me but I don’t mind at all. It was better than I imagined it would, having a beard on me. The scratchy sensation of it, the faintest tickle but overall sheer pleasure the hair gives.

His lips are soft and plush, no matter how they appear under the mustache. They’re not overly cracked or dry, but he is not a man that uses chapstick every day. He may use it occasionally, yet it’s not one of his priorities. The appearance of his lips isn’t a statement of how they feel though and I absolutely love them now, against my skin they are delicate and soft barely touches, and lazy kisses. Kissing him, or having him kiss me anywhere, is a new hobby of mine.

It’s a shame that Ryan barged in when he did, I was about to be the happy victim of a lazy make-out session with a handsome Scotsman. I would love to be able to continue that- or even start it. But, alas, it is not meant to be. Because my dear friend Ryan has informed me the one person I was supposed to be avoiding is waiting in my apartment. Like one does when uninvited to another home.

I don’t want to speak with her. I have no idea what I’d say that wouldn’t end up in a screaming match between us, I can’t think of anything that would seem appropriate for the situation. No words I can find to explain how I feel about it, how unfair it is to both Lewis and me that she is invading our life and relationship. It shouldn’t be her business and we shouldn’t be in this situation where I think avoiding her is the best idea. I regret giving into her pushy demands to text Lewis that day, maybe none of this would have happened until Lewis and I were in a more serious relationship than we are now, a longer one than merely two months. Maybe then we’d have a chance to overcome this quicker.

This whole concept is still hard to believe for me, what she is doing. That it stressed me enough to have a mild episode in the middle of work, it seems to be escalating more and more and I’m unsure if she wanted it to go this far or if she is prepared to deal with the outcome- whatever it is. I know for a fact that I’m not leaving Lewis and that I’ll probably yell at her just out of spite because she hates when she’s shouted at. Especially now, she interrupted my time with Lewis and is forcing me to get up and deal with her; meaning I’d have to move from under Lewis and that is against the law. A new law stating when under an incredibly hot man, one can’t be moved.

Lewis, for the most part, seems unimpressed when the news. He simply grunts in acknowledgment and leans back down to nip at my collar bones following that with lazy kisses along the middle of my throat, I tilt my head back on instinct to allow him more room. My attention went from Ryan to Lewis quickly enough that I miss my friend rolling his eyes and his hand clenching into a tight fist. My nails scratch lightly on Lewis’s shoulder, his shirt drug up to showcase his muscled back and waist, and pale skin decorated with lone tattoos. A soft moan slips when he bites a bit rougher on my throat and soothes it out with a quick lick and kiss.

I can hear shuffling at the door and recognize Miss Parry’s voice echoing down the hall with CeCe’s mixed in. If CeCe is here then things have the possibility of getting messy very quickly unless she’s held down to avoid any punches being thrown. As much as it pains me to move from my comfortable spot under Lewis, I know I need to that way I can get rid of Miss Parry as fast as possible. Weakly, I attempt to push Lewis away with my hands on his hairy chest, wanting to spend time learning the dips and muscle there, yet forcing myself to keep pushing and squirming when he doesn’t move.

The Scotsman merely huffs what could have been a laugh as he rises from my throat to press a long, slow, intimate kiss to my lips. It successfully distracts me for a minute, his lips and warmth of his tongue and the bristly hairs of his beard and mustache. It’s the best morning kiss I’ve ever received, there’s no rush to it, just a slow movement of our lips and the heat from his tongue brushing against mine with a hint of teeth when he nips my bottom lip. Unfortunately, Ryan clears his throat and snaps me from the trance I was in when I release a moan.

“-Lewy, come on…” I have to speak against his lips since he doesn’t give up and I giggle at the gentle bite he gives to my lip to show his dislike for moving. He soothes it with another kiss, ignoring the muffled laugh of, “Lewy!”

A firmer push to him and he relents, placing one more kiss on my lips before lifting himself off me. I take a moment to appreciate the view of him kneeling above me, his muscled stomach rippling as he uncovers the blankets from us, his shirt sliding down to cover most of his torso except the lower stomach and allowing me to see the trail his hair makes down below his pants. Lewis obviously feels my eyes because his hand dips under his shirt in the guise of scratching an itch, making sure to slide his shirt up to display his toned torso. I whine at him with a pout, rising to push him back and watch him fall back on the bed with a laugh, “You mean! Don’t tease if you’re not gonna do anything! No kisses! Nope, none!”

He raises his eyebrow at me with a wide smirk before he lunges at me, squealing. I scramble off the bed and run out the bedroom door past Ryan, laughing as I hear Lewis giving chase. He allowed me to run past Miss Parry and CeCe, the women had been having a loud discussion in the kitchen when I entered with a giggle and grin, they paused their voices to watch. Miss Parry going wide-eyed when she sees Lewis chasing me, CeCe only cackles loudly while Ryan walks in shaking his head. Lewis gives me until I’m in the living room then I’m snatched up in hulking and strong, warm arms. Lewis lifts me off my feet and holds me securely to his chest as he nuzzles his beard against the back of my neck, I laugh in pure joy as I squirm in his hold.

He blows two raspberries into the crook of my neck, it tickles and it’s wet and makes me laugh more while cringing away from it. “Lewy! That tickles!”

He pauses for a second, his breath on the lobe of my ear and he squeezes me gently, “Ya gonna kiss me?”

Gasping dramatically, I shake my head, “No! You deserve a punishment for what you did! No Kisses!”

I feel his lips curve into a smirk, “Won’t stop, then.”

Another bark of a laugh is forced from my throat when he places more raspberries on whatever open skin he can find. All wet and scratchy thanks to his beard, I’m flailing to no avail to get away, his arms like snakes coiled around me. CeCe is still laughing but it’s calmer now, as she explains something to Miss Parry- from what I catch they’re talking about Lewis is playful. Apparently, my boss didn’t expect such a massive man to know how to play around and tease. I can see Ryan from the corner of my eye sitting on the couch, watching with intense eyes and his hands clenched in the blankets he’s been using for bed. I would question him but Lewis attacks me with more raspberries and his fingers start to wiggle around my underarms.

There’s only so much I can take before all the tickling and giggling and laughing makes me breathless and my struggles slow. I whine loudly when Lewis pauses, knowing what he’s waiting for, and put on the biggest pout I can manage and cross my arms. “Fine! You get one kiss, one, Lewy.”

A surprised yelp escapes when I’m suddenly twisted in his arms, body turned to be chest to chest with him, my arms automatically wrapped around his neck and legs clinging to his waist to keep myself from falling even if he’d never drop me. Lewis is smirking, looking positively pleased with himself as he steals his one kiss. He goes all in, not caring for the people surrounding us as he changes from the slow lazy kisses in the bedroom to all tongue and tempting lips and biting teeth. It’s most likely because he knows Miss Parry is in the room and wants to make her uncomfortable and kissing me as if he’ll fuck me afterward is the quickest way without touching me below the waist.

Not that I mind, I don’t. The kiss is what I expected Lewis to kiss like, rough and teeth and swollen lips and warm tongue licking past my lips. At this point, I love anyway he kisses me because it’s always just so good. His hands are on the underside of my thighs, gripping me tightly as mine goes through his messy hair, feeling the shaved back and sides and finding the braid to trace it.

Too bad Miss Parry speaks up and ruins the moment, “Boys. Settle down. We need to talk.”

Lewis growls at her voice while I pull away from his lips, casting a fleeting glance around the room. Ryan is at the end of the couch, CeCe is standing next to him at the arm of the long piece of furniture, and my boss is sitting at the bar between the living room and kitchen. She’s in one of the stools that she had turned to face the couch and is staring at us seemingly patiently with her legs crossed. Lewis tightens his hold on me when he realizes she’s watching, drawing me impossibly closer as if she’ll suddenly have us separated.

CeCe snorts, smirking at me happily and smugly. Her hair is straight and is extended down to her hips today, parted in the middle where the colors separate. She has on one of her cardigans over a strap pentagram harness bra (bralette?) no matter the colder weather, her pants are tight to her thighs and ripped in places to show spiderweb leggings under them and her boots are a different pair of black platforms, the platform of them larger than her other one which makes her taller. The outfit makes me feel cold and I snuggle into Lewis for his warmth.

“Nah, let them continue. I wanna watch some good porn, live-action.” CeCe laughs at my stuttering to shut her up and Lewis’s smirk that clearly states he doesn’t mind her jokes. I’m doomed with these two.

Miss Parry sends a glare her way, glancing at Ryan. My ex-boyfriend has pink cheeks as he stares at the way Lewis’s thumbs rub soothing circles into the space the crease of my ass connects to my thighs, dangerously close to touching said ass and close to a certain area. The Scotsman also notices where Ryan’s eyes are and his own darken just enough to be noticeable from how close I am to his face. Lewis takes a few steps and turns, allowing himself to fall on the couch, still holding me to him with my thighs spread on his hips in an inappropriate position, considering who is in the room. A small noise of shock breaks from me as he falls down, not expecting the action and clinging to Lewis’s shoulders until he settles us.

I shuffle around on him, gaining a soft grunt but he never stops me from crawling over him. I settle myself sideways on his lap, leaning heavily on his chest with his arms acting as a seat belt on my waist. This way my back won’t be facing my friends and I have Miss Parry in my view to be able to have a proper discussion- argument. Lewis does what he had when Ryan showed up the other day, ignoring everyone and tucking his head into my neck. I can tell he’s paying attention though, his eyes never move from my boss and he stiffens when she finally sighs and opens her mouth. I tense as well, not knowing what to expect from her and suddenly I’m flooded with anxiety as I realize the dreamlike morning I had with Lewis is coming to an end.

Miss Parry is staring at us, our position, and how Lewis is reacting to her as if he was a caged animal with an untrusted person. She has never had someone that tenses at her voice and eyes her with suspension before and I can tell she doesn’t like it, but what did she think Lewis would do? She has some one-sided war going on with him and he doesn’t trust her one bit. He isn’t going to grin and laugh and act as he does with CeCe, like a friend. He treats Ryan decently, is polite, and isn’t at all mean, but he doesn’t trust him. Then again, Ryan had also done nothing except come here in an attempt to protect me, he probably got some respect from Lewis on that end to help. Miss Parry? She has nothing going for her to gain Lewis’s trust.

She takes another short breath and gives a small, what seems to be, timid smile. “Thomas, I believe I have some apologies to give out.”

My eyebrows shoot up, incredulously. A noise that sounds like a scoff leaves my mouth, I hadn’t meant to make it but seems fitting. “Some? You got a lot, like more than there should be, apologizes to give. That better include Lewis and Ryan.”

Lewis rubs his hand on my thigh in an attempt to calm me down, even when my tone wasn’t as angry or harsh as it could’ve been. He assumes I’ll get worked up fast and he may be correct to think that because I am angry and hurt on his behalf and for me, emotions are things I have issues dealing with and they sometimes control my actions. Usually, I like to hold them in until whatever caused them disappears and I can shed some tears. Then there are the incredibly strong emotions that just overtake in a snap and I can’t get myself under control. Lewis had already dealt with me having a mild episode and sobbing all over his shirt, I have faith he could handle me if something happens today.

CeCe nods in our direction, gesturing to us with a limp hand. Sending a glare to Miss Parry, “Yeah, what’s with the fucking accusation? Lewis is great! Not to mention he makes TomBoy fuckin happy and it isn’t your fuckin business.”

Ryan is silent as he watches Miss Parry sigh and resettles her bag on the counter. My boss glances at CeCe with something close to dismissal and I stare at her in disbelief as she waves her hand. “I’ll work my way to it, CeCe. Let me talk.”

CeCe’s lips part in shock, both at the tone and the statement that she has more important things to discuss than accusing Lewis of domestic abuse. Lewis grips my thigh in a rough hand before he relaxes and presses a kiss to my shoulder, and I feel that anger come up because there is no way I’m letting her ship over this. I raise my hand, as one would do in class with a teacher, to gain Miss Parry’s attention and I get a smile for it. That promptly vanishes when I glare at her and nearly shout, I’m able to lower my voice to an appropriate volume but it sounds vexed to my own ears.

“You’ll get to it?!” My eyes are wide and my eyebrows have disappeared under my messy hair as I stare at her. “No! You will tell me why Ryan came here thinking Lewis was hurting me. Why you even considered making up that bullshit. There is nothing else more important than this fuckin topic!”

Ryan winces and CeCe silently claps to cheer me on, this may be the first time I’ve shouted in front of them, to Miss Parry and I don’t blame them for being a bit shocked. Lewis doesn’t react, merely rubbing my thigh and calmly kissing any skin he can reach. Whispering, “Calm, Ghràdh.” along my shoulder.

Miss Parry appears shocked, eyes wide open with her lips slightly parted. It makes me wonder what she thought she would accomplish in coming here, acting as if she has any right to dictate which topic we discuss first or how we’d- I’d- react to any of this. Did she think I’d let her explain her dislike for Lewis or her grabbing and yelling at me for no reason, her attitude towards Lewis, or even the shopping trip she took with us before it got worse. That I’d welcome her with a sweet smile and a tight hug, offering her drinks and having small talk. That I would accept everything she said.

Yeah, no. That won’t happen. I want answers, CeCe wants answers and I know Lewis wants them even if he puts on that he doesn’t care right now. His reaction to the news that Ryan thought he was abusing me because Miss Parry convinced him of that, is enough for me to know that he is deeply bothered by this and he wants to know why he was accused of such an awful thing. I’m sure Seàn would be here if he could, that Lewis would have called his brother if he knew he was free to come. Seàn didn’t appear pleased with Miss Parry and I’m positive that Lewis vented to the Irishmen about her calling my ex-boyfriend to tell him that Lewis was hurting me.

My boss finally bods her head, as if this is something she is agreeing on and not being demanded to do. She pats her thigh to get rid of dust or lint, glancing over at Ryan. She gives a wince, like it’s hard to start. “Firstly, I am deeply sorry that I have said such a thing against, uh- Mr.-”

I feel Lewis huff silently, the warm breath brushing against me. “Murray.”

I’ve heard his last name before, from when he was at a job site and someone called him they will mostly use his last name. He never told me himself and I never asked because of this, I already knew and he knew that. I’ve never heard someone be formal with Lewis, he usually tries to avoid that as much as possible. I’ve seen him tell a waiter at dinner to address him as Lewis, that put the waiter in a loop having to correct himself. So, Miss Parry wanting to call him so formally will make him uncomfortable because he already dislikes it.

“He prefers Lewis. Stick with that.”

Lewis smirks at the order I give, leaning into me to kiss my cheek and sliding his hand along my waist to hold it against my stomach. CeCe laughs and Ryan is rubbing his nose like a stressed person will do with a headache. Miss Parry raises an eyebrow, but continues. “Lewis, I apologize. It was wrong of me and it is a horrible thing to accuse a person. I can’t say why I thought it was what I thought needed to happen, the night I called Ryan I had been drinking heavily waiting for Oilver. I didn’t remember the conversation until he called to tell me he was coming here.”

Looking at Ryan, he blinks and flicks his eyes between me and Miss Parry, CeCe and Lewis, swallowing thickly. Somewhat hesitant, “Uh- she did...she slurred her words a bit...I figured she was tired.”

CeCe crosses her arms, narrowing her eyes at both of them. She addresses Miss Parry first, “You were drunk, and convinced Ryan that innocent little Lewis here would hurt TomBoy, on purpose. Without evidence of anything happening.”

When our boss nods without missing a beat, CeCe turns to Ryan. “And you believed a woman slurring her words together and accusing someone of beating Tom without proof.”

Ryan picks at his sleeve, scratching the material. After a long second, he nods, yet dunks his head down to avoid anyones eyes. CeCe raises her eyebrow, commenting dryly, “Yep. I believe that story. Sound legit.”

Lewis actually laughs, not loudly but it’s clear he found either CeCe or the story amusing. He tightens his arms on me and gives both Miss Parry and Ryan a bored, “Heard better covers. Bana-phrionnsa gothic is right.”

I watch as CeCe puts a hand under her chin and raises one shoulder as a tease flirt with Lewis in response to his new nickname for her, even when she has no idea what it means. The Scotsman winks at her but turns back to me, placing sweet little kisses to my cheek and jaw. I’m happy they get along, no matter how many sexual things CeCe brings up to tease me and how Lewis will only encourage her. Although, the topic they speak of is one of concern. Do they think that Ryan and Miss Parry are lying to me? The story does sound odd; why would Ryan listen to Miss Parry if he could tell she was drunk? Why was she drinking, they’ve been trying to have a baby, I thought that was one of the things they found - no alcohol.

Turning to Miss Parry, she is staring at me like she knows what I’m thinking and sighs heavily, head lowering in shame. “That was a lie. I do sincerely apologize, it was wrong to do what I did. I have no excuse, I wasn’t drunk. It happened before we went shopping, before I saw how good he is to you first hand. Afterward, I tried to fix it. Ryan wouldn’t listen and insisted on coming here to check on you. Thomas, Lewis, I’m sorry. I regret it, especially seeing the consequence for it at the cafe.”

I don’t know what to believe, not after Ryan agrees with both stories and won’t look me in the eye. CeCe seems equally as confused and Lewis is still mostly ignoring everything. Why lie in the first place? Why not just explain and leave? I would prefer that, I just want to lay down with Lewis and sleep longer. Forget this whole thing.

“You broke your promise. Broke trust. Was it worth it?” I ask, leaning onto Lewis heavier.

It still hurts, knowing she has no good reason, like any reason would be good enough to do what she did. I don’t want to deal with this, I want to let it be until the problem disappears. But Lewis holds onto me and will be a grounding support, I can trust him to remove them when he sees I’m having issues.

Hopefully that happens soon, because seeing Miss Parry look so broken and hurt is grating on my anger.

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