Stray Master

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[Chapter Twenty Two]


Scottish Translation -

Bonnie - Beautiful/ Pretty

Màthair - Mother

mo bhuachaill - My boy/ my boyfriend

Coorie - Cuddle

mo luran - my pretty boy

Bairn - Baby

Ghràdh - Love

Erse - Ass

Mo Peata - My Pet


Lewis’s apartment isn’t exactly as I had expected, what I did expect I don’t know. The apartment building isn’t very impressive, it’s a red brick old place about four blocks away from the cafe between a bar and hole-a-wall Mexican restaurant; it reminds me of a place Deadpool would live in. I figured that with the pay Lewis would get from his job, he’d have a place better than mine, at the least, but it seems he’s not much of a spender or just doesn’t care where he calls home. He doesn’t look the least embarrassed or ashamed when he led me in, just smirked at my weirded-out expression when a drunk couple fell from the bar door.

The lobby was mainly just a small room with a man asleep at the desk, two stairways on either side of him, and no elevator. The wallpaper is peeling off and any paint is chipped, the stairs are creaky and Lewis’s weight on them scares me. He had led me up to the fourth floor, past broken doors, and ones were so worn and old that one small touch would probably break it. The door the Scotsman came to a stop at was the only one I’ve seen that looked new and freshly painted. The door didn’t break or squeak when opened, the floor didn’t creak when Lewis urged me inside either.

Lewis’s apartment, to put it nicely, is trash. Not that it isn’t nice, it’s clean and no food containers on the floor or anywhere and no rats are running around- the exact opposite of Deadpools place in the video game. The paint and wallpaper aren’t as bad as the rest of the building and I can tell he had started to fix it up, the kitchen still has some covers on the table and chairs. But, it’s smaller than my apartment. The sitting area fits one lone couch and the ‘coffee table’ is just a miniature shelf with two spaces for things, he has a large TV on the floor with a pile of movies and a DVD player. The kitchen isn’t separated from the living room, yet appears just as undersized as the other room, it only fits a refrigerator that’s more of a mini version of one and stands at my height- if not shorter than me. The round table next to it has some forks and spoons and knives, but other than that it’s bare with an old rickety chair in front of it.

There are two doors open that lead to a bathroom and a bedroom. The bathroom looks clean and the tiles appear new and shiny, the shower is small with no curtain on it- probably because Lewis definitely doesn’t fit in it and feels trapped with it on. The bedroom is the best room in the apartment, the dark gray wallpaper is new and any black paint is fresh. The bed is large, taking up most space, and looks comfortable, the window has a curtain on it and blocks the view of the bar, there’s a small closet that has a piece of clothing stuck in the closed door.

All in all, I’m shocked Lewis is even here. I can’t imagine him being able to walk around in here, least of all live here. His head is nearly touching the ceiling, one tiny jump and he’d smack his head off the roof. He doesn’t seem to care though, ducking through the bedroom door to toss the small bag of clothes I bought on the bed then returning to me to lean down and kiss me breathless. It distracts me from the thoughts in my head and I arch into him, giggling when he lifts me by my ass so we don’t have to deal with height differences.

We ended up on the couch, Lewis petting me with huge hands and lightly scratching at my skin under my top with blunt nails. I’m on his lap, just along for an amazing ride that has me keening and moaning. He keeps the pace slow, drawing out any pleasure and kisses, licks, or bites. Lewis laces praise into my skin, telling me how good I am, how he’s proud of me, and how he’s happy he met me. Through it all, I can only quietly whine and allow my hands to roam wherever I can reach. We haven’t had sex and the number of times we’ve been in a similar position feels more like a long, drawn-out tease to keep me on edge and wanting rather than separate times.

I want Lewis, long to feel his weight crashing down on me while he’s over my body. I want to see what he’ll be like, will he be rough and forceful in a way I’ll like? Gentle for our first time? A bit of both? My curiosity is growing and I can’t think, needing to know and to have him over me, showing me a place I desperately want to be mine; under him. It doesn’t even have to be BDSM-related, normal sex unless he wants to put me in different positions and be rough. I’d be fine with either, as long as he fucks me.

Maybe he brought me here to fuck me without Ryan being able to walk in or CeCe barging in, his apartment is private in a way mine is not- people don’t just walk in at any time. A passing thought goes to Seán, vaguely wondering if he’d walk in as CeCe does, but I haven’t seen the Irishman in a few weeks and come to the conclusion that he probably has a second job he works at in the evenings. If Lewis did bring me here to fuck me, he better be taking me to that gigantic bed in there. It looked all too comfortable to not use it for a good cause.

Lewis nips particularly hard at my jaw and earns my body arching into his chest, hands tightening in his beard for a long second and a short groan. “Lewy..”

I feel him smirk against my throat before he pulls back and presses his lips to mine again, tongue sliding happily with mine, warm, large on my hips and dragging me closer. He pulls away too soon and I whine, following him to try and get more, but he holds me still with a chuckle. “Nah, Bonnie. We need ya talk, take a breath.”

That gets my attention and makes me nervous, usually when someone says that, they end a relationship. I used that line, so did Ryan. “You’re not gonna leave me, are you?”

Lewis smiles reassuringly, kisses my head, and explains, “Nah, I’d be breakin Màthair’s law doin that. But, I wanna talk bout us.”

I’d wonder what it is, yet I feel as if I know. He doesn’t want to leave me and wants to discuss our relationship, it could only be a low number of things. We’ve been dating for about three months now, it’s December now and in a week or so, it’d have been three months since our first date. I have a good feeling, but to confirm, I ask, “What is it?”

He rubs his hands along my sides, leaning in to nuzzle against my jaw, and presses a sweet little kiss by my ear. “Ya aren’t mine, yet.”

My brows furrow, shifting on him to remind him of our position. “Sure feels like I am, though.”

The Scotsman chuckles, pulling back to show me a smirk and dark green eyes. “Nah, ya aren’t. Ya could go on out with another man, I couldn’t stop ya either. Ya aren’t mine.”

His hands tighten on me as he pulls me impossibly closer, the word ‘Mine’ coming out as a growl and it finally clicks as to what he means. I stifle my grin, giving a small part of it as a smile, “Is this you saying you wanna be official? For me to be all yours?”

Lewis nods, smirk reminding me of a shark and teeth sharp as he nips my bottom lip. “Aye, if ya want ta be.”

Grinning, my arms tighten around his neck and I attack his lips with an enthusiastic kiss, feeling his stifled laugh. Pulling back, keeping close enough to share breath, feeling his on my skin. “Aye.

He laughs at my tease of his accent, giving my ass a light smack, “Wee brat.”

Lewis kisses me though, slow and passionate, and I feel warm tingles go through my body at it. I’m happy, insanely ecstatic that he had asked to be official, even if he didn’t ask, he still gave me the choice. I can say he’s my boyfriend and it makes it even warmer in his hold. I’ve waited for the perfect man for me and I figured I’d never find him, because whoever finds the very perfect partner for them? I always dreamed I’d find a man that was for me, like all the soulmate books I’ve read, and though I know that isn’t real and it’s too soon to name Lewis my soulmate; it sure feels like it.

Lewis is the man I’ve been waiting for, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I feel like a teenager again thinking it, as I had thought the same about Ryan, but I’m older and know my needs and wants much better. Lewis is what I need and he can fulfill any wants, he has already proved he’s a good dominant to me and that he truly cares for me. I’ve never felt more wanted and loved than with him, his touches don’t feel trapping and they linger pleasantly, his kisses just the same.

He’s my kinks combined, beard and voice, and apparently accent. His strength is pleasing and his height is satisfying, and his personality is amazing. His loyalty is something to be envious of, and he always tries his best to show me his affections for me. He has his faults, everyone does, but that makes him any less perfect for me. It makes him real and I couldn’t be happier that this isn’t one big dream.

Lewis’s chest rumbles when I pull his hair slightly when he allows his hand to fall down on my ass, palms squeezing and kneading in a way that has me whining again with a slight moan. My voice is needier than I remember, “I can call you my boyfriend?”

He looks at me through his lashes as he mouths wetly at my collar bones, one hand sneaking up my top along my spine. He growls, “Aye, Mo Bhuachaill. Brag ta that boss of yours, ya hear me.”

Giggling I nod, “Okay, boyfriend.”

Lewis grins, placing a bite on my collar bone and sucking hard. A short cry escapes at the feeling of it, the teeth imprints on my skin that are being soothed by a wet tongue. My body rolls into his subconsciously, hips and groin grinding onto his, we both moan at the graze of our covered cocks. I’m panting, nearly out of breath, as I ask, “Did you- you bring me here for, uh, that only?”

“Nah, got distracted,” Lewis responds, lips moving against my skin as he moves to the spot below my ear to suck another hard bite into my neck. “Was gonna Coorie. Movie. Bed.”

A low hum echos in my throat at what he had planned, my hands sliding down his chest and stomach to slip under his shirt. He groans deep in his chest as I tug at the hair on his chest, pressing my hips closer. “May-maybe, we can do something else? Ya know, since we’re, um, serious..”

Lewis grips my ass with one huge hand again, middle finger pushing against my hole as he forces me to grind into him with another hard bite to my neck, he earns a drawn-out moan. “What do ya suggest, mo luran?”

I tug at his chest hair, nails lightly scratching his skin as I lean against him and kiss his lips, almost desperately. “Fuck me, Lewy? Please?”

The Scotsman growls, grip tightening before he abruptly stands up. A shocked laugh is bounced from me as I’m jerked slightly from the movement. A rough, wet kiss is attached to my lips, a domineering tongue pushed in with mine and shared breath makes everything warmer. My body feels hot and tingling, nerves on fire and lungs searching for air.

Lewis marches to the bedroom, carefully avoiding the doorway as smoothly as possible. Another second and he suddenly falls forward, I squeal at the short free fall, clinging to Lewis before moaning when we land on the bed, and Lewis very well nearly crashes me under his weight. He supports himself on his forearm, other hand roaming my body and lips busy bruising my skin with the help of his tongue and teeth.

My hand clenches the back of his shirt, attempting to pull it over his head without interrupting the touching and kisses and biting. Lewis merely huffs like a particularly aggravated bear and rises, swiftly pulling his top off in the process and tossing it away. His green eyes are nearly black as he stares me down, pupils widened only to show a thin line of green around them. His chest is rising and falling quickly, breathing heavy and reminding me even more of a bear with all the hair he has.

He nudges my thigh with his hand, nodding towards the head of the bed. “Up. Clothes off.”

Quickly, I obey the demand. Sliding higher on the bed and struggling to throw my shirt off, my pants are unbuttoned but before I can toss them away, Lewis grabs them and pulls the clothing off my legs. He does the same for my underwear, successfully leaving me naked for him.

My cock is red and hard, curving up toward my lower stomach, and is slowly starting to leak. I squirm when Lewis doesn’t move, continuing to study me like there will be a test afterward or he’ll suddenly lose me. Then he unexpectedly lunges at me, hands on my thighs, squeezing and kneading and spreading me open to pull me against his concealed cock. The fabric on my bare skin makes me whine and writhe, reaching out to him and grabbing at his forearms.

“Lewy! Take it off! I wanna feel you!”

Lewis chuckles, it sounds breathless and slightly evil, large hands sliding down to my hips to hold me still. He leans down and breathes a hot trail on my thigh, stopping to suck bruises and bites into the meat of them. I try to force him to come closer by pulling at his arms but he doesn’t budge, simply clicking his tongue.

“Patience, Bairn. Takin my sweet time with ya.” He smirks at the low noise that comes from my throat and the pathetic attempt to buck my hips. Green eyes piercing me from his position directly over my cock. “Now, relax. Let me take care of ya.”

Then, he surges down and licks a hot, wet stripe up my cock and laps up the small puddle that had leaked on my abdomen. I arch up against his mouth at the sudden pleasure that spikes through me with a loud cry, nails accidentally scratching him. He hums as he sucks the side of it and shifts his hands to drag me closer, I’m now in his lap with my ass cheeks touching his bare torso. My breathing is heavier as I watch him with half-lidded eyes, struggling to press up into his mouth.

Licking up again, Lewis squeezes my hips and without warning, places his lips at the head of my cock, and sinks down fully. My head bounces back into the pillows with a shout and my hips try to buck as he takes me into the warm, wet heat of his tight throat. He strokes his thumb along my hip, beginning to suck as hard as he possibly can, and swallows. One of my hands makes its way into his hair, tangling it in a fist and gripping. I don’t pull though, or attempt to push him down more.

Lewis does this process multiple times; sucks the side of my cock or the bottom, then takes me fully into his throat to swallow and hum and suck. It’s torture. I’m whimpering out pleads that he fuck me already, wanting to feel him inside and claim me, fill me with his come. But Lewis just laughs and continues his tease.

That is until he switches it up. Removing his mouth from my cock, he lifts me higher to lick at my balls. He shoulders my legs, I’m laying on my upper back with my arms out for support and one of his hands on my lower back. He massages each of my balls with his when he lures it into his mouth, tongue rolling them onto the roof of his mouth and he softly nips at them. It causes more moans to slip, my toes curl and my fingers clench the blankets.

“Please, Lewy! Plea- fuck me!” My whine earns a coo from Lewis, I’m laid down and he crawls over me like a predator hunting prey.

He softly cradles my cheek, peppering kisses on my face and neck, licking at the beads of sweat. “Ghràdh, patience. Ya’ll get what ya want, I promise. Been such a good boy for me, lettin me take care of my boy. Just hold on. Can ya do that for me, continue to be good for me?”

My body feels tight, pleasure lingering and his words of praise only add to it. The heat inside is competing with the waves of warmth coming from Lewis, the man’s body feels like a furnace in the middle of summer. Lewis grinds his jean-covered cock onto my bare one, allowing me to feel just how hard he is and cry out at the rough fabric.

He’s rising to his knees then, unbuttoning his pants and giving himself a quick, firm squeeze. He nudges me with fingers, “Over. Show me ’hat erse, Bonnie.”

My mismatched eyes are trained on the hard print of Lewis’s cock, unable to follow the order immediately. My mouth feels wetter as I stare at it, needing to swallow spit to avoid drooling, wishing he’d let me have it and service him. He appears to want to make this about me though, wanting to please me first and ignoring himself. I wait too long to process the command and my hair is suddenly grabbed, my body pulled hard yet more gently than I imagine Lewis usually does, into a sitting position.

My eyes are level with his cock and a high whine is in my throat as I watch Lewis rub himself through his tight briefs, he growls as he shallowly thrust into his palm. “Want it, boy?”

Quickly, I nod the best I can with his hand in my hair. Breathless, “Yea- yes, Lewy.”

I watch, fascinated, as he reaches into his briefs, ignoring his pants to stroke his thick cock. I can see him rub at the head before he removes his hand, fingertips shiny with precome. He brings me closer as he holds his hand out, allowing me to get close enough to lick it off but pulls me back once I try. It earns another pathetic whine and I pout because I really want to taste him.

“Ya get it when I say ya can. Now, over.”

A sharp, pleasant, shiver shakes my body. I recognize the change in his voice, his tone rougher and deeper, the tone one uses to command a person. It doesn’t leave room for argument and promises punishment if disobeyed. I know Lewis is merely giving me a taste of what he is like in full dominant mode, just as he does when he’s domineering usually.

Obeying as fast as possible, I flip over on my stomach. Quickly rising on my knees and forearms to present my ass when Lewis demands, “Erse.”

He hums a satisfied sound, hand gently caressing my ass cheek. “Good boy, Mo Peata.”

I feel Lewis lean over me, chest to my back, hand supporting him as he reaches the fingers wet with his pre-come around to my lips, and he doesn’t even need to tell me to clean them before I’m licking at his thick fingers as if the liquid is needed to survive. He chuckles at how eager I am, shoving three fingers in my mouth and releasing a clipped groan when I happily suck on them, curving my tongue between them.

He allows me to lick and suck them until his skin is wet, then pulls them out. Saliva trails after them, snapping when his fingers get too far away, the wet string falling on my chin. Lewis kisses and mouths at the back of my neck, hips rocking into my ass. We’re panting, breathing humid and hot as he lowers himself down my back, non-wet hand skimming down my side to my thigh.

“Lewy..” A moan is set loose when I shiver from his beard rubbing along my ass, arching in a way that opens myself more for him.

He kisses both my cheeks, spreading them to graze his rough beard hair against my clenching hole. My body has decided that it wants Lewis’s cock as much as me, my asshole throbbing in want and clenching around nothing to remind me I’m empty.

He teases me with it for a good, long, seconds, then abruptly licks wetly at my hole. Another stronger, shiver wrecks me as I gasp out a breathless cry. Lewis licks and bites and sucks at my ass like a dying man, lapping at my hole until it relaxes and his tongue slips in to lick at my insides. I’m gasping and moaning whenever he nips at the sensitive skin, squirming against his face and fingers grasping the pillows.

Every nerve feels on end, a fire in my abdomen that grows in heat and intensity the rougher he gets. His beard rubbing along my skin and I find myself wishing he’d leave a faint burn, I wanna be able to feel him after tonight. His tongue slithers into me and licks wonderfully, I can feel my cock dripping and how wet Lewis is making me from his saliva. The sound of his tongue lapping at my hole is lewd and obnoxious.

My eyes roll when Lewis pulls back slightly, biting and sucking a patch of skin into a bruise as he carefully slides a finger down to the knuckle in me. I’m fully relaxed, trusting Lewis, and in too much need to reject the stretch, so it merely takes a minute or two of both his tongue and finger fucking me when he’s able to add another.

The process of him preparing me is relatively quick, thick fingers spreading the tight muscle and sliding in at a hard pace. Lewis is bruising my pale skin with bites and marks on my ass, back, and thighs, free hand petting me like a lap dog. He murmurs praises to me, how good I listen, how patient, how he’s so happy I’m his. Tells me I’m beautiful, uses his pet names for me, and promises he’ll take care of me.

By the time he rises up, fingers slipping from me with a small noise that makes me blush more than I already am, and disgruntled whine at being empty. Lewis leans over me again, sweaty and hairy, placing a kiss behind my ear and rasps, “Lube is under ’he corner pillow, grab it.”

His weight disappears, the bed shifting as he moves off and I hear the shuffle of his jeans. Grinning, knowing that he’ll fuck me now, I crawl to the corner of the bed against the wall and dig under the pillow for the lube. It takes but a moment until my searching hand grabs it and I fumble back into place on my knees; Lewis hadn’t told me to switch positions.

Setting the nearly empty bottle next to my knee, I feel the bed weigh down under Lewis as he climbs on. Hands appear on my hips and suddenly I’m on my back, Lewis settling between my spread thighs. He looks like a wet dream, all shiny muscle, coarse body hair on his chest and leading to a bush of pubes at the base of a hard, long, and thick cock with a red leaking head and a big vein curving along the bottom to the side.

My mouth waters and I can’t stop staring at it, watching the leaking liquid drip down it like rain on a window, feeling overwhelmingly thirsty. Lewis wipes off the precome with two fingers, lowering himself to lay on me carefully. Then he rolls his hips, cock gliding between my ass and grazing my hole. I moan loudly, wiggling in an attempt to get it inside.

Lewis smirks down at me, bringing his fingers to my lips and covering them in salty, musky liquid. He promises, voice rough, “Later, ya’ll get my cock. Whenever ya want. But now, Imma fuck ya.”

Watching Lewis snatch the lube and coat himself with it, cock shining with the layer he strokes on, I can’t believe we’re about to have sex. We agreed to wait, but that was before and now we’re official, exclusive and we just can’t keep waiting. Too excited, too happy to be with each other. I don’t care for waiting, we mainly agreed to that because everything was new, we were strangers. We aren’t now, we know each other and know that both of us want what the other has to offer.

Lewis kisses me harshly, weight bearing down on me and caressing my cheek in a manner that contrasts the way he kisses. I keen and arch into his hold when he finally presses into me, cock stretching me slowly but firmly. Lewis fills me up deliciously, chasing away any emptiness that could be felt. His cock is thick and it burns slightly, but it’s a pleasant sting and I grip the Scotsman’s neck and wrap my legs around his hips to pull him in even more.

Lewis growls onto my tongue when I do rock myself into his cock, weight crashing me back into the bed. It’s another moment when he bottoms out, his heavy, hairy balls swaying against my ass. He gives me a minute to breathe, get used to him filling me full. Merely petting my sides and thighs, anywhere he can reach, kissing and marking patches of skin, fingers grazing my nipples and cock. Our breathing is harsh, panting in need to move.

It’s only when I clench around him that he moves, thrusting shallowly and slowly, leaning back up to stare down at me with nearly black eyes. The way his torso moves as he thrust has my hands traveling for it, scratching at the hair and tattoos I see. Lewis’s hands have settled on my hips in a rough, leave a bruise way.

Moan, mewls and gasps crawl through my throat as he speeds up gradually to a punishing pace, pressing my hips down and driving forward with such force I’m jerked upward. His cock is slapping my prostate head on every thrust, all my nerves uproot when he drives down with the force of a bucking bull, presses as deep as he possibly can, and grinds his hips. I’m making a noise I didn’t realize I could make, tears in my eyes and body wound so tight in white-hot pleasure.

Lewis growls, grunts, and I saw a snarl, he sounds more animal than man but it only makes things hotter. He kneads my ass before gripping my thighs and rising them, holding me in half as he comes down on me and my prostate brutally. The angel only causes everything to be more intense.

I don’t take very long to start pleading to come, babbling out begs that interrupt Lewis’s filthy words he’s been sprouting. In response to my pleads, Lewis grips my untouched cock in tight grip, commands a simple ‘Come.’ Along with a stroke that drags a burst of white out of me as I arch, cling to Lewis, and clench.

Lewis leans down, shoving in deeper with a short snarl and I feel a harsh bite of teeth in my shoulder at the exact time I’m flooded with a load of warm come that has me weakly moaning. We don’t move for a few minutes, catching lost breath and Lewis petting me soothingly as he licks at the teeth marks he left. When the man does move, it’s too lean down to lap at the white splatter on my torso then promptly bring me in for a kiss. Feeding me my own release with a pleased grunt.

Once he pulls away and I’ve swallowed, he shifts to pull his cock from me and I pout with a high whine as I clench, keeping him locked in me. He raises his eyebrow, but doesn’t question it. Lays back on me carefully and shifts us onto his back, having me great on his chest in a more comfortable position. He rubs my lower back and nuzzled in my hair with a contented sigh, the other hand resting casually on my ass cheek.

I allow him to hold my full weight, knowing I’m light to him, and press my face close to the back of his jaw. His beard is in my eyes, but I don’t care or mind, and my hand goes through the thick coarse hair on his chest. I’m happy, sated and content. I love being filled by him, plugged with his cock, makes me feel owned and reminded of my chosen place to serve him.

Although, the fun we had caught up and I yawn widely, feeling Lewis laugh. “Sleep, Mo Peata. I’ll be here when ya wake.”

He kisses my head, flips the corner of the blanket on the other side of the bed over us, and begins to hum.

I sleep, satisfied, and full in the most delightful of ways.

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