Stray Master

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[Chapter Twenty Three]


Scottish Translation -

Bairn - Baby

Mo Peata - My Pet

mo luran - my pretty boy

Ghràdh - Love

mo chridhe - my heart


When I wake up, I’m sensitive in all the right ways. My lower back aches and my hole throbs gently in time with my heartbeat, and the muscles in my thighs and legs are loose and tender. I can feel the load Lewis gave me dried on my ass and thighs, having leaked out once his cock slipped from me during sleep. I pout to myself at the knowledge that it dried up, such a waste. I’m still on Lewis, my lower half has shifted off him while I slept, hips on the bed rather than on his. My torso is sprawled on Lewis’s, head on his collar bones. The Scotsman has one of his arms around my lower back possessively while the other is raised up over his head, hand under his head.

Lewis is still asleep, one thing I’ve learned is that he won’t wake up before an alarm goes off unless I wake him, his body clock is set to whatever time his phone goes off. His cock is half hard, not leaking and both our skin is slightly sticky with sweat from our lack of showers after the fun we had. I don’t mind, I’ve never minded the nasty after-sex mess. I like it, feeling cum leak out of me or dry on me, it’s just another sign that I’m owned.

A glance at the window tells me it’s night, we’ve been asleep for a few hours then. I figure I should wake him up in case he dislikes the sticky sweat on his skin, but I don’t want to move just yet. Being held by him is my favorite thing, he’s warm and I feel safe. Although, I’d like to get under the blanket as we fell asleep over it rather than under it and it’s chilly tonight. Shifting my body to lay along his side proves difficult as whenever I move Lewis tightens his arm and stops me, holding me flush against his chest. With a smile, I stop moving and relax back on him.

My eyes roam down his body, tracing the tight muscles of his stomach and abdomen to the thick half limp cock resting on his hip. He told me I’d get it whenever I wanted and I believed him, If I asked sweetly and perhaps gave puppy eyes, he’d allow me to have it. But, the more I stare at it, the more I imagine the weight of it on my tongue. The taste of his pre-cum comes to mind when he coated my lips in it and I feel a small shiver go up my spine. I want it now, only, Lewis is asleep and I don’t know if he’d enjoy waking up to me sucking his cock.

I don’t want to make him uncomfortable and, since this is the first sexual aspect of our relationship, we haven’t spoken about my kink of sleep sex in full yet to know where the limit of it is. The last thing I want is Lewis to think I was trying to do something without his permission or consent. I don’t think he’d mind being woke that way, I have never heard of a man complaining about being woke up with a blow job before. With my luck though, Lewis would be the first. I want to risk it, yet not at the same time. I wonder if Lewis Dominates in his sleep, this would be much easier if he’d just pushed me down to his cock.

Maybe if I wake him up, just to ask. Would that be rude? He doesn’t have work and I’d be serving him, perhaps he’d like that. It’s the better option than just going for it and being told he didn’t like waking up to me on his cock. I should just ask, shake him awake just enough to get a yes or a no. I glance up at him, smiling when I see that he’s had his head turned into my hair and his man bun is fighting to get out of the hair tie it’s in. I feel his hand flex on my hip, fingers lightly clenching my skin. Lewis seems more relaxed in his sleep, not that he isn’t when awake- nothing appears to stress him out, but his features are relaxed and peaceful.

I attempt to shift my body slightly to lay head to feet with him rather than head to wall as I am now, hearing him grunt his displeasure of me moving. When I’m finally where I want to be, having to fight through his arm that refused to let me go, I’m pressed along his side with one of my legs folded on his and my arm is on his chest. His furrowed eyebrows relax when I cease moving. It amuses me to no end that he’s such a cuddler, huge and intimidating Scotsman uses me as a teddy bear.

Making sure my voice is just loud enough to hear and disturb sleep, “Lewy...wake up, I have a question.”

He doesn’t stir. In retaliation, I tug at his beard, “Lewy.”

I get a grunt and his arm squishing me against him. “I got a question. It’s very important.”

Admittedly, I whine when he doesn’t react. Feeling like a brat when I tug the coarse hair of his beard a bit harder, whining, “wake upp..”

Finally, he pinches my hip and smirks tiredly when I yelp. His voice is raspy, rough from sleep, “Needa touch ya not ta go wakin me up.”

His thumb rubs the spot he pinched, soothing any leftover sting. I smile happily at him, feeling his chuckle in his chest. “I have a question you need to answer.”

“Oh? And what’s that, Wee Brat?”

I can’t contain the giggle I gave at the name he gave me, knowing I am being one and not caring one bit. “You can sleep after I ask.” I continue, feeling my face heat up, “Can I play with your dick? Please?”

He doesn’t even seem surprised, which, rude. He only raises a brow, seeming amused with another tiny smirk, hand on my hip sliding down the short distance to my ass. I know he feels the dried mess on my skin as he grips and lightly squeezes, his expression doesn’t change though, apparently not caring that we both need showers. What does bother him?

“Didn’t needta ask, Bairn. Free to do whatever ya want. Go ’head, Mo Peata.”

I grin, happily moving from his arm and shuffling to settle at his hip, sitting on my knees and ignoring the mess on me and his hand that hadn’t left my ass. I can feel his eyes on me, even if I told him he could go back to sleep if he wanted, he’s probably too awake to do so or just wants to see my mouth on him. Lewis doesn’t move, allowing me to what I want without him directing me. His cock had gone completely limp sometime between me debating what to do and waking him up, it doesn’t bother me, I don’t need it to be hard. I’m not doing this purely to get him off, I just want the weight of it on my tongue and taste him.

Up close it’s bigger than I remember being inside me, thick and long and I’m impressed with myself for having taken it as easily as I did. Taking it in my hand, my fingers don’t touch as I wrap my hand around the girth. Leaning down to nuzzle my nose along the warm skin, I feel what is most likely leftover lube that we used, the smell is musky and strong. The coarse dirty blonde hair at the base isn’t shaved, trimmed not to be a messy patch of hair, that’s probably because Lewis doesn’t care for appearance. It’s heavy, hard or not, and I can’t wait to feel it when it is hard and throbbing with the need to cum.

Traveling to the tip, my tongue pokes out to lick and enjoying the tightening of the hand on my ass. I can definitely taste the bland lube we used, just under that is the rough skin, musky and intense in a good way. I’d rather taste it without the lube, yet I’m too desperate to do this now. Slowly, I get to cleaning off the remnants of the lube with my tongue. Lapping to the tip and making my way down the shaft, as I’m doing this, my free hand slides across Lewis’s upper thigh to lower between them to get to his balls. Lewis doesn’t react much to this, merely rubbing my lower back and ass cheeks softly. Although I do feel his cock gradually fill with blood and get warmer as it gets hard.

His balls are hairy, as most of him is, and just as large as they felt hitting my ass earlier when he fucked me. They’re heavy and full, and while I haven’t seen many, they’re the biggest I have seen. I roll them between my fingers and fondle them, squeezing gently and promising myself to my mouth on them to feel the loads of cum Lewis is keeping from the source. By the time my tongue is licking back up the shaft to the tip, Lewis is hard and breathing shallow, yet he doesn’t press me down or rush me. His hands stay where they are, my ass and behind his head and when I glance up, his eyes are close but I can tell he’s not sleeping. It makes me warm inside to see him merely sitting back and enjoying having me do this, clean him off of the lube and play with his balls, and then suck him off.

This is one of the things I love about being a submissive and having a dominant; serving. To be the one cleaning him off after sex or merely doing something he’d do every day for him; washing dishes or his laundry- even if I wasn’t good at that for myself, serving him would be a great motivation for me. The thought of doing a task for him, seeing his appreciation, and getting praise are what make it worth it, makes the Master and Submissive relationship more intense without the sexual aspect. But another thing I adore is watching Lewis simply relax and permit me to do whatever task I’m doing, now, for example, he’s just laying back and leaving me to work on his cock.

Wrapping my lips around the tip and sinking down as far as I can, which isn’t very much as I’ve hadn’t much experience in this area, I can take him down a little under halfway before I feel my gag reflex make itself known. I don’t gag, thankfully, but the sensation of it coming on enables me to back off just in time. Lewis rubs at my lower back, directly above the curve of my ass, as if he knew what happened even without opening his eyes. He doesn’t say anything, only gives me silent encouragement to continue. He’s deliciously heavy on my tongue, like I knew he would be and when I lick a wide stripe along the head, I taste his pre-cum.

I nearly moan, the noise bubbling in my throat before catching myself. It’s quiet, the atmosphere peaceful and soothing, it doesn’t feel sexual or heated, and making noises feels like it would disturb that. I’m sucking his cock, but it isn’t totally sexual, we both know this. I just need to serve him, to feel owned and a bit more of a power exchange since we haven’t fully spoken about that part of our relationship. He didn’t tell me to do this but I asked permission and he agreed, he isn’t stopping me or even touching me much and that helps quell the urge. Laidback as he is, to an outsider, or if someone happened to barge in, it would seem as if Lewis was expecting me to suck him off. To a point, he does, I am. The position merely strokes the exchange I crave, Lewis expecting me to do something without touching or speaking to me.

I work his balls and use my hand and tongue to work at his cock, all slowly and almost casually. The goal isn’t to earn his load, though it’s an amazing reward, I desire the praise afterward. Taking my time and drawing it out, it’s the perfect way to get that praise because rushing is messy and I just cleaned him up.

I practice down further on him as I go about sucking him, going down to where my gag reflex kicks in and holding there until the sensation passes, and repeating. I’m able to touch my nose to pubes and swallow around the cock in my throat before needing to pull up for air and avoid gagging, I’m proud of myself and the pat on my ass tells me Lewis is too. It takes time to make the Scotsmans cum, to get a load from the warm sacks in my hand, but eventually, it happens and I’m almost sad about it.

I can feel the cock throb in my throat when I swallow, the balls tightening and rising, and how Lewis’s muscles tense. His hand grips my ass cheek and he stays nearly silent, besides a short grunt that gets cut off. The load is warm on my tongue, salty and delicious in a way I find most don’t enjoy. I massage his balls and suckle at the head of his cock to milk it of anything that may be leftover, swallowing then continuing to lick him just in case I missed any.

Afterward, Lewis pulls me back up, settling me on his chest and wrapping his arms around me. His eyes are open and he looks sated, which brings me a pleasant warmth in my chest. His big hand pet at me and ignore the mess still on my skin, my cock is hard but I don’t want to deal with it and Lewis ignores that too since I don’t move to relieve it. Lewis just lets me cuddle into his neck and hug his stomach, bask in the comfort and owned, serenity running through my blood.

His voice is rougher, husky, and lower from waking up than his release. Speaking a whisper in my ear, ”Good Boy. Thank you, mo luran. ’Hat was a damn well great to wake up. Very proud of ya for workin through that reflex without me, need more practice, but that won’t be a problem I imagine. Will it?”

He presses a kiss to my head when I shake my head, grinning at the praise and implication that I can do that more. My face heats up again, as if I didn’t just have a cock in my mouth. “I’d like to do it more...I really like it.”

Lewis chuckles, “Suckin’ my dick or serving me?”

I bury my face in his throat, even more, feeling him laugh, “...both.”

He nods gently, “I know, Tommy Boy. We’ll do more stuff like this for ya, but we’re gonna wait for any titles or big power exchanges. Get ta know each other more and have more trust. Don’t wanna rush it, do we?”

“No, we don’t. I understand. I’d like that. But I need to do things like this, urges, ya know?” My fingers trace random shapes into his side subconsciously, trying to focus on the conversation.

“Aye. We’ll do something every week or so. Ever try cock warming?” He’s still rubbing my back, voice still whispering.

I’ve heard of cock warming, the number of things I’ve read having a small portion of it. It sounded boring, just sitting somewhere with a cock in my mouth and not doing anything else. But now, it appears interesting. Lewis laid back on the couch with me either between his legs or laying on his lap with my mouth full of limp cock, nothing sexual. It’d cease the urge to feel owned, because I’d be acting like a warmer for his cock and made to sit there for however long Lewis decided.

The thought excites me enough to nod eagerly, “Yeah, I have. I think I’d like to try it.”

“Good. We’ll try tomorrow. Put on a movie and relax on the couch. If you like it, we’ll fix a schedule for it. How’s that sound, Ghràdh?”

Smiling, I snuggle as close as possible. “Great, I can’t wait.”

He kisses my hair again and leaves his face turned into the tangled nest of it, and neither of us interrupts the soothing silence for a while. I find it amazing that we haven’t been dating for more than four months and we have zero awkward walls of silence or uncomfortable ones. The silence tells me we don’t need to talk to bring comfort and peace to one another, it’s refreshing. Although I must disturb it when a question pops in my head.

“Lewy?” He hums as a sign he’s listening. “How long do you think we should wait?”

He doesn’t immediately answer, genuinely considering and debating. After a minute or two, he decides. “A year. Gives us time to decide what we want. Or whenever it feels right, if one of us slips up without thinkin, we’ll talk again and decide. Good with ya?”

That sounds reasonable and mature, even if I don’t necessarily love the idea of waiting to call Lewis ‘Master’ for a whole year. I understand he just wants the best outcome for our relationship and doesn’t want to rush into anything we may regret. Still, even if I get where he’s coming from, it doesn’t mean I gotta like it.

Pouting, I shrug. “I understand. I don’t like waiting, but that’s a good idea. I’ll survive if you let me call you ‘Master’ as soon as we agree to do that.”

Lewis laughs, squeezing me to him again. “Aye. Ya’ll getta do that. Promise.”

Directly after he makes that swear, he tightens his grip on me and suddenly surges up off the bed. I laugh at the abrupt move, clinging to his neck and wrapping my legs around his waist, tracking his path to the bathroom and assuming he’s going to make me shower. The bathroom is indeed small, he barely fits by himself, let alone with me. He sats me by the door and turns halfway to reach into the shower, twisting the nobs to adjust the water. He’s to board for this room, shoulders the width of the tub and head is over the metal pole for the missing curtain.

When he turns back to me, he smiles, “would get in with ya, but I don’t fit on a good day and I’d smother ya. Get ya shower then go sit on the couch. Got that, boy?”

I nod, wishing he could get in with me so I could actually clean him with soap, but I can see that wouldn’t here. “Yeah, Lewy.”

Lewis smirks, kissing my head as he carefully passes me out the doorway. I can hear him going through my bag of clothes and turning on the tv while I climb into the shower. The water is warm and the pressure feels good on my muscles, but I’m eager to get back to Lewis and don’t pay much attention to it. I hurry through using Lewis’s body wash to scrub my skin and wash the mess on my ass and thighs off, redding my skin in an attempt to get all the stinky sweat off. During this, I realize all the purple and red marks along my thighs and most likely my neck, bites, and hard sucks that remember Lewis placing. The color of them is deep and dark, all will take a long time to heal over.

I’m proud that I get out as quickly as I do, nearly forgetting my hair in my rush and getting it done in the fastest time for me. I’ve set a new record for myself. There’s a towel on the toilet that I use to dry myself enough to not drip water on his floor, I hang it over the metal curtain pole for it to dry when I’m done. I don’t cover my body, Lewis already saw me naked, when I walk out. The first thing I see is a pair of my sweat pants and a shirt that is too big to be mine hanging on the arm of the couch, Lewis is in the bedroom if the noise is any sign.

I dress in my underwear and the clothes, settling on the couch with my feet crosses under me, waiting for Lewis. He doesn’t keep me waiting, coming out of his room with the blanket that was under us when we fucked stuffed in a small hamper, placing it near the bathroom. He’s still naked, completely shameless, not that I mind.

“Ordered some food, should be out ’fore it gets here, but answer it if not. Other than that, relax, mo chridhe.”

He waits until I nod my understanding to turn into the bathroom, turning the water back on and being careful about climbing in. He keeps the door and I can see him wash his hair first, beard then lastly his body. I admit I get distracted by the soap and water on his muscles, and how he cleans his cock. Just, it’s a lovely sight. I’m allowed to appreciate it, especially now that he not only fucked me and I’ve sucked said cock. It’s only fair, really.

Lewis takes quick showers, I’ve learned. I assume it’s a habit of needing to get to work, but he does and I’m honestly startled when he appears in front of me in loose sweat pants that sit low on his hips and his hair still wet. He laughs when I blink at his abdomen that is suddenly in my view, the muscle there rippling with the sound. Fortunately, there’s a knock that gets his attention and he leaves me a smirk as he goes to answer it. The person delivering the food surely gets a good shock at seeing his huge, tattooed bearded self, answer the door shirtless. I almost envy them, then remember he’s my boyfriend and get giddy.

He returns with a large bag that contains two take-out boxes and smells like chicken, he sets it on the shelve-turned table and plops down next to me. I’m handed a box and open it to find five chicken tenders and fries, a drink I didn’t see is sat in front of me and when I taste it, it’s merely water. I don’t drink soda and once told Lewis that it’s the only thing I drank that wasn’t energy drinks and coffee or shakes. Chicken tenders are also my favorite thing to order off any menu that offers it.

Glancing that Lewis, I see him smirking at me amusedly. “I pay attention, and listen, Tommy Boy,”

Blushing, “Thanks, Lewy.”

He only lays back with his box and props his feet on the table, careful of the drinks, and gently pulls me back with him, handing me the remote. Playfully, “Find us a good date night movie, Ghràdh.”

“Date night?”

“Aye. Somethin’ funny, now, c’mon.”

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