Stray Master

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[Chapter Twenty Four]


Scottish Translation -

Crabbit – Bad-tempered or Grumpy

Eejit - Idiot

Scut - useless sod

Bairn - Baby

Bonnie - Beautiful/ Pretty

Mo Peata - My Pet

ghràdh - Love


Friday at work CeCe smirks and teases me about the marks that cover the skin on my neck and collar bones, she had instantly pulled my sweatshirt down to see how many Lewis had left. Afterward, she had cheered the news that I ‘got laid by his very own BeefCake Master!’, Miss Parry had scolded her for shouting that in front of people in line and the tables, all of whom stared at me. A group of regulars even clapped and congratulated me, my morning was mortifying. Lewis dropped me off on his way to the site he was working, stealing a heated kiss and promising me to stop by for lunch to see me.

Miss Parry merely shook her head at the marks then pulled Ryan into the kitchen to help her with baking again. My ex only smiled at my embarrassment and poked the biggest bruise on the underside of my jaw, laughing when I jerked away, my skin still sensitive. The morning rush thankfully distracted everyone and only the more dedicated customers, the ones that come every day and know CeCe and me well enough, had commented on the marks. I hear, ‘Oh! Tom, you got someone special? Finally!’, or ‘You had some fun last night, did you, Tom?’ in good-mannered teasing. Next time Lewis marks me like this, I’m buying a turtle neck.

I had the best night with Lewis and even if I’m embarrassed by the attention to the marks, I don’t really care, not bothered enough to attempt to cover them. Last night’s surprise date-in had been the best I had, although the others with Lewis rank very high on the list. It was the first as an official couple and we had merely watched stupid movies with the food Lewis got then cuddled on the too-small couch. Lewis doesn’t fit on it, his feet hang off, but he let me curl up on his chest and stomach with my feet tucked between his thick thighs. It was peaceful and fun, just laughing at the movies and jokes we’d tell each other. No stress, no work, no friends to bother us. Just us, with Lewis massaging my lower back and thigh muscles, planting soft little kisses on my head. I fell asleep like that.

Even waking up this morning in his bed, under the lush blanket and my head on fluffy pillows, Lewis kissing me awake after his own alarm goes off. He was already showered and dressed and spent his time making sure I was showered, had clothes ready, and had even a sandwich with the meat his Mother sent over. It was amazing being his first priority, being cared for, and seeing Lewis be strict when I got whiny about taking a long shower or brushing my teeth for a full three minutes. I’m used to rushing and I have a habit of taking shorter showers and not brushing for as long as I should, it was nice to see that Lewis would make me do that. I felt much better after I did.

Lewis got me to work on time, telling me on the way that I’m staying with him the whole weekend because we deserve alone time with Miss Parry or Ryan drama. I agree wholeheartedly, it is great for us to be alone without worrying about others. It’ll give us to learn more about each other’s needs much better than we do now, Lewis already knows one of the more important things about me thanks to me staying with him; my need to have a near-constant sensation of ownership over me. He knew I had to be dominated, we had spoken about that, and he had dominated me but I hadn’t felt owned, put in my rightful chosen place. We hadn’t talked about that explicitly, we had prioritized getting to know each other, excluding Dominant and Submissive statuses. Now though, we can do both. Lewis even agreed to deal with the craving for the owned impression.

I can’t wait to get back to Lewis’s apartment to get started on it, I was told we’d make up some sort of schedule for the cock warming Lewis suggested if I like it. I can’t imagine a better way to end a workday, relaxing on the couch with Lewis, his cock in my mouth while we watch a movie. Maybe he’ll pet me, run his huge hands through my hair and tell me how good I am, how proud he is of me taking his limp cock in my mouth. I wonder how long he’ll have me sit however he situated us, thirty minutes or a few hours?

Even if I haven’t tried it before, I think I can do it for at least an hour. I’m new to blow jobs, haven’t done them many times and I’m unused to them. Ryan and I weren’t as sexual as most would probably assume and William never did any sexual. I have issues with breathing when I give blow jobs and the feeling of something close to my throat makes me gag, though I think I did a decently good job. Lewis had praised me on my ability to work through the gag reflex and I was careful of my breathing, he had released though so it couldn’t have been that bad.

Lewis will help me, I’m sure. Encourage me to do something or work on breathing through my nose, relax my throat, or being careful of my teeth. I don’t think I bit him, don’t remember my teeth grazing him but it seems to be a topic to be taught just in case. I wouldn’t mind being guided by him, hand in my hair, and pulling me down or up on him. Would prefer it, even. I tend to be a slow learner, depending on the topic, and I may need to be guided rather than simply told. Although considering the topic is his cock, I think I’ll be very interested in learning.

I am concerned about a particular regular that comes in during my shifts, he only comes in at certain times during the month, usually within the first few days. I haven’t seen him, can’t remember if he came in the last few months. He’s the only man that consistently flirts and seems interested in me, in general, more than the friendly conversation the others give me and CeCe. The man, Damon, always comes in wearing a suit that screams expensive and has another man following him, as a bodyguard would. He’s hard to miss and he’s always intimidated me in the wrong way with the suit and guard and whole aura he gives off.

He isn’t like Lewis, doesn’t give off friendly giant as Lewis does around me. Damon just softens his features but is still very much off-putting, I can feel the money on him and it makes me uncomfortable because I grew up as far from the city as possible and was never around men in expensive suits that are important enough to have a bodyguard following him. CeCe had tried to tell him off, as she normally does, but he just smirked at us like she was being particularly funny for his entertainment. My friend dislikes him, heavily. However, she always makes eyes at Damons’ bodyguard, from what I remember the man’s name is Micheal.

Damon is tall, about six foot six if I had to assume, I know he’s shorter than Lewis as most people are. He reminds me of Tony Stark, Iron Man. His hair is short and dark brown, eyes a pretty honey hazel, he’s tanner than me and probably gets out much more into the sun. He has a goatee, a short beard along his bottom lip and chin, and a mustache, it’s always neatly trimmed. He seems to like dark blue or even black suits, as that’s mainly what I see him wearing, with a pair of shiny black dress shoes. His fingers, the non-ring middle one, and the index fingers on both hands have rings on them. One is gold with a green rock of some kind embedded in it, it probably cost more than my whole apartment building.

Micheal is taller than Damon, I’m unsure if he’s shorter than Lewis because he never comes close enough, always stays near the door. He has red, fiery hair with what I think is blue eyes, his complexation is paler than Damon but tanner than me. He has a goatee also, but it’s merely some hair on his chin with his upper lip shaved. He mainly wears black suit pants with a white button-up shirt, the shirt fits him well, it’s not tight or stretching over his muscles and I find that impressive since all the movies have shirts that hug the guard’s arms.

Damon has been coming here for two years now and I haven’t figured out what he works as, I assume a CEO for some company but he doesn’t talk about himself when he is here. I found it odd that he only comes in at the beginning of the month, but never really questioned it. He’s just another customer, if one with money that likes to flirt with me, but a customer nonetheless. I’ve learned to never question the odd happenings, people are weird, no matter if they have money or not.

I just remembered him and I’m unsure how’d he react to seeing the marks on me, will be upset, or will he be happy I found someone? I’m curious and nervous about what would happen if he came in. I don’t know why I waste thoughts on him, I haven’t thought of him in my time off but I guess it’s just innocent curiosity. I’m not interested in Damon, at all. He’s been trying to get me to accept a date with him for two years though and I haven’t seen him in a while, he’s never really had competition for me, no other man has shown me any attention besides Lewis. I can’t help but wonder what would happen; if he’d respectively back off or try harder. I doubt it’ll happen, he’s probably busy if he hasn’t been here in the past few months. I assume his work has him traveling since he only comes in once a month.

I’m giving a woman her Frappé when CeCe, who had moved to sweep the floor around the tables and the front of the counter, cheers loudly, broom falling to the floor. “Seán! Where have you been, man?!”

At the door, Seán laughs at my friend, Lewis directly behind him with a grin as he slaps the Irishman’s shoulder. “He’s been a wee bit of a Crabbit, haven’t ya, Eejit.”

Seán pushes Lewis away with a rough shove, his smile says he isn’t offended. He makes his way to CeCe, throwing, “Feckin scut.” over his shoulder.

CeCe and he start up a conversation quickly, my friend demanding an explanation why he hasn’t been in with Lewis as she gets back to sweeping and he takes a seat at the table closest to her. He and Lewis are still dirty from the site, boots dusty, and wearing the vest that they need to wear when working by the road. Lewis has his hair in his usual man bun and his beard looks tangled from him rubbing his face, proof of this is the faint dirt marks on his forehead and cheeks. He grins at me as he stops the side counter, leaning on it and allowing his eyes to linger on the marks.

“Boy, Imma mark ya up every day, Tommy Boy. Ya, look downright heavenly.” He leans closer to kiss my temple when I shuffle closer, the edge of the counter going into my rib gently.

I blush at his promise, attempting to glare and be stern, “Nope! My morning was so embarrassing! Everyone teased me, Lewy! It’s not funny!”

He merely laughs, oil-stained and callused hand gently gripping mine and missing my knuckles before softly pulling me to lean on the counter as he is. Then he slides his hand up my arm to my shoulder to my neck and finally my hair, where he fist a clump of it gently. I smile when he guides me into a kiss, my day of dealing with people teasing me because of the marks he left disappearing and pure happiness spreading through my nerves and blood. It’s soft and appropriate for the public, especially in my workplace and Miss Parry no doubt watching. It’s so good. Of course, it didn’t last.

It happens fast, I don’t know what happened until everything pauses for a moment. I hear Seán shout Lewis’s name directly before the Scotsman is shoved away from me, the forceful push making me jerk with him and my head to sting, and the counter and suddenly I’m watching a large fiery redhead attempt to continue to push Lewis further away, right into a table. People scatter away from them and I see Miss Parry and Ryan come from the kitchen out of the corner of my eye, CeCe recording it on her phone. I can hear Lewis grunt but he delivers a jab to Micheal’s stomach and shoves him harshly into Seán, who promptly tosses towards the door. Lewis glares at the man as he walks back to me, dismissing Micheal to make sure I’m okay. He goes to reach for me and I push myself closer to the counter, still dazed and confused as to what just happened and want comfort. Yet, a voice stops him.

“Don’t touch him, workman.”

The voice is a higher pitch compared to Lewis or Seán, an American accent that I recognize as Damon. Looking towards the door reveals the man in another expensive black suit and his hair neatly styled, button-up shirt unbuttoned at the top and his goatee trimmed. He’s the exact opposite of Lewis, who is in dirty and oiled jeans, his gray shirt just as messy, and his pale skin is sweaty and has smears of mud or dark-colored paint or oil. Both Lewis and Seán tense and make a low noise at the name Damon used. I can assume they find that term offending.

Damon smiles at me when he glances over at me and I blink, eyebrows furrowed. He just had Micheal attack my boyfriend, we’re not being friendly right now. His attention goes back to Lewis when the man speaks, voice tense with anger. “Careful, Suit. He’s my lad, can touch him when I damn well want.”

Seán steps up behind Lewis when Micheal makes a move, the Irishman obviously prepared to throw punches either with Lewis or for him. Miss Parry and Ryan appear behind me, my boss placing a hand on my shoulder in case something else happens, CeCe has put her phone down and come closer to stand by Lewis, leaning her back on the counter. Micheal rubs his ribs absently, while Damon raises his eyebrows, honey eyes scanning my neck then glaring at Lewis. I know I was curious, but I regret giving him thought now. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, a true statement.

Damon scoffs, “And why would Thomas pick a...laborer rather than me. I’ve been asking him out for some time now.”

Lewis growls, arms tensing and I can see the veins in his hands, his brother grips his shoulder. The Irishman speaks before Lewis can, “Better be nicer ta us. We build your buildings, hate for ya to come crashin down.”

CeCe interrupts, studying her skull-painted and spider-decorated nails. “Lewis makes TomBoy happy. You scare him, Rich Boy. He chose Sexy BeefCake Master, not you. Order something, or leave.”

She gives a wide sarcastic smile that drops quickly as her glare goes up that is directed at Micheal. “Take your dog with you.”

Micheal winces and Damon just stares at Lewis like he’s a peasant, it’s a tense few seconds that reminds me of a standoff in a western movie. The customers are watching like it’s a movie, I see a few people even munching on the food they ordered as if in a movie theater. I hate this, I never even gave Damon reason to act like this. I was nice and polite to him but I never responded to his flirtations, never once said anything other than ‘No, thank you’ to his advances. I have no clue why he’s acting jealous, I was hoping he’d be respectful and wish our relationship all the best. Not like a rich child that got his favorite toy stolen.

I jump when it’s interrupted, Miss Parry’s grip tightening to help ground me. Lewis is the one who broke it, simply demanding, “Bairn, here.”

Miss Parry releases me when I quickly move to follow that order, I know she dislikes the way he commanded me, uncaring of all the eyes on me. Going around the counter at a tiny jog I have the single craving for Lewis’s comfort and big arms protecting me, I’m granted relief because Lewis reaches behind him and practically lifts me off the floor to place me in front of him, arms securely around me. I wrap myself around his waist, hiding my face in his chest and gripping the back of the vest in my fist, feeling one of his hands reach up to soothingly rub the spot he accidentally pulled when he was shoved. The slight sting that had dulled to a light throb disappears under his fingers.

He lowers his head by my ear and I turn a bot to look at him from the corner of my eye, seeing that his green ones don’t move from Damon, even as he tends to me. His voice a whisper, making sure only I can hear him, “Ya okay, Bonnie? Not hurt?”

I shake my head, “No, are you?”

He kisses my temple, “Nah. Takes more than a small shove ta hurt me. Ya shift ends soon, aye?”

He and Seán came an hour earlier than they normally come, usually, I’m off after maybe thirty minutes when they get here. “Maybe an hour left, I think.”

He nods, I think he was going to say something but Damon, as once again, interrupts. “Thomas, can you explain what you’re doing with a man who can’t possibly take proper care of you?”

CeCe chokes on her spit when she scoffs too hard, Miss Parry and Ryan share a look and Seán glares even harder. Lewis growls low in his throat and takes a deep breath to calm himself, I cling to him in an attempt to ground him in his anger. In a moment of offended anger on Lewis’s behalf and disbelief that Damon thinks he could do everything Lewis does for me better, I snap. My voice is only slightly muffled by Lewis’s chest but hearable. “Lewy makes me happy and he cares for me better than you could. I don’t care for money, Damon. Other things matter and Lewis has everything I want.”

I hear Damon sigh, muttering, “I leave for business and he’s stolen.”

Lewis nearly snarls, “I think ya should leave. Quickly.”

I can feel the eye roll Damon gives, even with my back turned to him. “Fine. Thomas, if you ever change your mind, come find me.”

“He won’t,” Lewis promises for me.


Walking into Lewis’s apartment is quiet, Lewis is still tense and bottled up from the things Damon said. I know he isn’t upset at me, he had even explained in the truck that he’s just fighting with the possessive rage he was feeling, trying to push it from his mind. He had told me when we first started dating that was trying to stop being possessive and I understand, that part of him had caused issues with past relationships and he wants to control himself to be able to keep ours. Just, I love that he’s possessive and don’t want him to change or try to ignore it. I’d rather him be possessive than him be tense and upset and this quiet. It’s unnerving.

I sit on the small couch with him, cuddling under his arm and resting my head on his shoulder. He grips me tightly, turning his head into my hair and pressing little kisses on me. I let there be silence for a few minutes, to help calm him down before opening my mouth. “Lewy...I know you wanna stop being possessive or at least lessen it....but you don’t have to.”

He doesn’t say anything, so I keep going, hoping to convey my thoughts. “ I like it when you’re possessive. I know you’re not crazy and I feel safer knowing you’ll keep me from other guys because honestly? Strange guys scare me. I’m good with the guys at work, they don’t really bother me and are always nice. Also, CeCe scares away any that try to flirt with me, she hadn’t been able to scare Damon and he had scared me but he’s been coming there for two years and I got used to him. I always refused him. Point is, I think you being possessive is really good for our relationship, I adore you being that way.”

I feel him snort, “Ya askin me to not control myself?”

No hesitation, “Yeah.”

Immediately, he tilts my chin up and claims my lips in a rough kiss. His tongue forces its way past my lips and I moan, trying to rise into him. It’s teasingly short and I whine when he pulls away, smirking as he gently pushes me up. “Okay, no holdin back. Now, pick out a movie or two.”

Pouting, I follow the order, wishing he’d kiss me again for longer. His movies are on the floor and I have to kneel to search through the stack of them, most of them are shark rentals or horror, but he has some funny ones and some Marvel. I wanna see Loki so I pick out Thor and some random shark movie that has some woman’s ass in a pink swimsuit on the cover. Turning around, I see that Lewis had shuffled on the couch. He’s now sitting in the corner with his legs on the table and over the back of the seat, leaving his thighs open. He had taken off his vest and shirt, allowing me to see his bare hairy chest and for my mouth to water.

He smirks, eyes glancing at the movies. “Wanna crawl over ’ere, boy?”

The sudden change in the room is heavenly and I quickly nod, getting excited about even this small thing, crawling on the floor like an animal to him giving into the power exchange I crave. Walking on my hands with two movies in my hand is awkward, and I give up fast, simply placing them between my lips and holding them there like a dog. I can tell Lewis is placed, his smirk softens to a grin and his eyes lighten. Once I’m at the couch, he takes the movies from me and looks them over, keeping me sat on my knees on the floor while he does it. Then, after maybe a full minute, he holds Thor out to me.

“Put that in.”

I reach for it with my hand and feel a spike of pleasure when he flips it away from my fingers with a click of his tongue. “Nah.”

When he holds it out again, I take it into my mouth again. Preening at the praise he gives, “Good boy, Mo Peata.”

Crawling back to the tv and getting the movie into the DVD player is spent in complete bliss, loving this sudden test of what I like and am willing to do. Cause that is what he’s doing, just testing if I like crawling around for him and being degraded to holding things with my mouth instead of my hands. I do enjoy it, very much so. It just adds to the Master/Sub relationship and the power I’m giving Lewis over me is amazing. Once the movie is situated, I turn back to crawl to Lewis again. This time he pets my head, hand running through my hair as before he helps me climb on the couch between his thigh.

I’m laid down, curled in the middle of his legs with my head resting at his hip, confused until I watch him undo his pants and pull out his limp cock. His word from yesterday, that we’d try this today come back and I can hardly wait for the okay before lunging and taking it in my mouth. He chuckles, obviously seeing the want in my eyes. Lewis starts the movie before instructing me.

“Go on. Don’t suck. Just sit, ghràdh. Good Boy”

He guides my head down on him and I make a soft pleased sound at the weight of his cock on my tongue, the musky scent and taste pleasant in the way that I know I’ll be able to clean him of sweat later. Resting on his hip with his heavy hand in my hair, heavy cock on my tongue, and the sound of a movie starting, I feel any stress disappear and the urge to be owned ceased. This is one of the best comforts I’ve had, this isn’t for Lewis and we both know it. It’s for me and I couldn’t be happier.

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