Stray Master

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[Chapter Twenty Nine]


Scottish Translation -

Bairn - Baby

mo luran - my pretty boy


Lewis works a bit longer than usual today, meaning when he calls me to say he’s on his way home, it’s a good two to three hours after I left the site. I’m not upset at this, I understand he needs to work and get whoever his new partner is situated. It gives me time to think and to paint. I don’t want this little unexpected event to ruin any trust we worked so hard to build, and I know Lewis doesn’t either. I’m more than aware that he didn’t consent to her kissing him, there’s nothing for him to apologize for, me to forgive him for. I’ve seen many relationships where something like this happens, where one is forcefully kissed and the other gets mad. I don’t understand that at all unless there’s proof of their significant other cheating, I believe they should understand it was a forced kiss that was unwanted.

Blaming Lewis would be unfair to him considering I stood there and watched as Becca pulled him down, she threw herself on him in front of a group of people. If someone said Lewis was in the wrong, I’m sure they’d come to his defense, just as I would. I’m hoping they’re not partners anymore and the others agreed to let Lewis switch, especially after her shameless display. I’m happy Lewis pulled me aside and apologize even when he wasn’t in the wrong, it just shows how much he cares for my feelings in different situations and will attempt to get me to feel better. Sending me home to think and deciding we’d have a conversation about it, is responsible and reasonable. I’m glad he took charge, allowing me time to think through my thoughts and feelings, then having us speak honestly. He wants us to have open communication and that makes me extremely optimistic about our relationship.

Lewis has always tried to make me happy and comfortable, he’s considerate of my emotions and allows me to speak to him freely about any concerns I have without interrupting. For some reason though, this situation just highlights this fact about him, along with how he sat quietly when I told him my past. The way he handled it even if he was angry and upset at Becca, he appeared ready to fight after he pushed her away, but he calmed himself down and handled speaking to me softly. Seeing him forget his rage at being attacked and come to take care of me, helped show me that he respects and loves me enough to push past any thoughts of attacking back. However, I know he wouldn’t have hurt Becca, he doesn’t hit women- unless they absolutely deserve it, but it’ll take a lot to push him that far.

I’m not concerned about our relationship, I know we’ll continue dating, this one situation isn’t enough to push us away from each other. However, it does create a few doubts and questions. I had assumed that Lewis was Gay and that is not okay, his sexuality could be several things. I just never witnessed his eyes wandering when in public, he never looks at women or other men. He hadn’t mentioned any girlfriends he dated, only ex-boyfriends. Now, I’m wondering if he’s gay or something else and just never found a woman he liked. We need to speak about that, for both of us, get that out of the way. Then about what had happened, if Becca had been pushing him through the time she worked with him, flirting and disregarding his relationship.

Understandably, he was annoyed with her if she had been so disrespectful to our relationship directly to him, Lewis does come from a place where others don’t bother couples in that way. He doesn’t tolerate flirting or refusing to leave taken people alone, I’m surprised he hadn’t snapped at Becca at least verbally, but I assume that has to do with keeping his job. I’m glad he was wanting a switch to get rid of her, trying to at least put distance between them at work. He probably tried the day he came in bothered with her, then I told him to give her a chance and I admit, I probably should have asked why he was annoyed or he could’ve explained. It’s over now, what’s done is done and we can just talk about it like responsible adults.

I spent the time alone in his apartment being fairly productive, to my standards at least. I took another shower, mainly because being at the site around sweaty men and wood or dust particles made me feel dirty. I also just like a nice warm shower, especially now that I have Lewis keeping track of them and being sexual with him. I got some of my painting done, the background for the picture I want to give Lewis is finished and I need to go over the pencil outline of the subject with a thin brush and black paint to make them noticeable and stand out from the background. I’ve been working on it here and there, the background took the longest as it has smaller details and I needed to be careful with my strokes. The subjects of the picture shouldn’t take so long, they’re in the foreground of the painting, closer and bigger to the eye.

After Lewis called me to say he was coming home, I went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. His mother had just sent more food for us, even added a note for him to give me some of it as if he wouldn’t without her saying. He always gives me some of the food she sends, just to give me more options. This time she gave us a big pile of sliced meat, two full apple pies, and two big containers of what Lewis called Cullen Skink; a soup with smoked Haddock-a fish-, potatoes and onions. Niamh had also sent something called Stovies in two more containers, Lewis explained it was the leftovers from dinner, and that it had minced beef, sausage, carrots, and potatoes in it to form a stew-like meal. Another thing is the one that confused me, mainly the name of the meal. Rumbledethumps; yet another dish made from leftovers, it’s full of vegetables to create a hearty, sustaining casserole. I had warmed up the casserole and one of the containers of Cullen Skink soup for us to eat when Lewis came in, knowing he’ll be hungry after work.

Surprisingly, I really like whatever Niamh sends. Usually, I don’t like foods that have a lot of vegetables in them, and her dishes normally have a group of vegetables in them. The taste of the foods though is delicious. The spices and seasonings, the way everything mixes together create such a wonderful meal that it amazes me. She’s an amazing cook, everything she sends is homemade and filled with so much passion. I’d love to watch her in the kitchen, just see how everything comes together. Lewis said she grew up cooking with her mother, everything she makes is traditional to the family and Ireland. Everyone in Ireland has different ideas for how to make the dishes, but biased as he is, insists that his families are the best.

I was told that Niamh makes traditional Scotland meals for Lewis, the stuff she sent this time is Scotland dishes that Lewis grew up eating. Lewis said not much is different between Ireland and Scotland food. The dishes are either made with lamb, beef or sausage, or all and have a lot of vegetables in them. It’s all hearty and most, if not all, have potatoes in them.

The Scotsman walks in right after I make a bowl for myself, he grins when he sees me and comes over to wrap his arm around my shoulder to squeeze me while he kisses the top of my head. Smiling, I slid the bowl closer to him, “Figured you’d be hungry, so I warmed some of the soup up for you.”

I gain another squeeze from him, “Ah, right ya are, Tommy Boy. Fuckin starved. Gotta shower real quick, though. Didya make enough for both of us?”

“Yeah, the whole container. I was gonna eat some while waiting for you.” I gesture to the container that is now steamy from the hot soup inside, then the oven that has the tray of casserole inside to stay warm.

Lewis smiles, leaning down to steal a quick kiss from my lips before starting down the small hall for his shower. “Go ’head and eat, Bairn. I’ll be quick then we’ll talk, alright?”

Knowing he’s only showering for the sake of speaking about what happened and not risking both of us getting distracted by me cleaning him, I nod and start preparing another bowl. Lewis knows by having me clean him will be distracting and it’ll only be pushing any doubts or questions in my mind to the side, I like that he’s doing this instead. I know he’d sit around dirty for whatever we need to speak about, he’s shameless and doesn’t care if he’s covered in sweat or dirt. He’s just washing off for my sake, not wanting me uncomfortable. I appreciate that since I can only tolerate body odor for a certain amount of time. Licking him clean comes very close to being intolerable, but I love the service. It’s a hard balance that I’ll grow accustomed to the more we do it.

I can hear him in the bathroom since he never closes the door like a man with no sense of privacy. The water running and the stream being interrupted as he moves around under it, it’s oddly soothing to hear, because I know he’s here and will come out if I call for him. I move the bowls filled with soup and a pile of the casserole to the coffee table in the living room, being careful not to spill any of it on the beautiful wood art, not wanting to stain or ruin it. I turn the Tv on mute as I sit down on the couch, having had it on for background noise. I like the quiet, but I just can’t sit in it for too long, I’ll end up fidgety and paranoid that any little noise is someone in the apartment. Since I can hear Lewis, there’s assurance that I’m safe and not alone.

He is quick about his shower, as he always is. The water switches off and I can hear him using a towel then walking down the hall for something to wear. Soon, Lewis is appearing in the living room with a pair of sweatpants on again, and shirtless with damp hair down in his face.. I’ve gotten used to this on him, he doesn’t see a point in wearing shirts in his own home, and I had already seen him naked. Honestly, I’m surprised he isn’t walking around in his underwear or even naked. Maybe that’s because this room has big windows and some children play in front of them sometimes. Lewis plops down next to me, close enough his thick thigh is against my smaller one, he doesn’t hesitate to start eating. I start too since I like the idea of waiting for him to eat first. It’s another thing I came across on the internet, waiting for the dominant to eat before the submissive can. Figured I would try it.

“So. What happened wasn’t planned.” This is what he starts with when he pauses the inhaling of his casserole.

I smile as he turns to me as if looking for my reaction. “I know. She threw herself at you, you didn’t consent. That was a dick move.”

He snorts, “Aye, she did. Got her switched out with another woman, to avoid anything happenin again.”

Nodding at that, I go back to my soup for a few bites. Unless Becca is Bi Sexual or another one of the various sexualities, the woman she’s working with now could have an issue if Becca deems her attractive, although there is a chance the woman is single and likes other ladies. If not, then there shouldn’t be a problem, especially if Becca turns out to be straight. Considering how she acted towards Lewis being fully gay, I’d say she’s most likely straight. Lewis is done with his bowl faster than I am, and he pushes it in the middle of the table before propping his feet upon it, covering my thigh with a large warm hand. I’m sitting criss-cross with my feet under me, so his hand is dangerously close to my private areas, though I know he doesn’t mean it to be sexual.

Once I’m finished, I place the bowl next to his and lean against his side, waiting for him to shift his arm around my shoulders before settling on him. “Has she always been pushing herself on you? Is that why you came in the Cafe annoyed that day?”

He hums and I feel him nod. “Aye. She’s been flirtin ‘n’ sayin shite since she was partnered with me. Told her loud and clear I had a boyfriend, Seán shouted at her even. Guess she’s sufferin’ from selective hearin’.”

My face scrunches up hearing that, how can a person be so disrespectful? She was made aware of his relationship, had another person yell it at her. I know everyone can wish when they see an attractive person, wish they could be with them but when they’re in a relationship, common sense should kick in and tell them to leave the person alone. It makes no sense trying to get with a taken man, or woman unless they like cheating. If that’s the case, their partner doesn’t need them anyway.

Lewis suddenly kisses my head, arm squeezing me closer. “Won’t happen again, Tommy Boy. I’m gay, don’t find any women attractive and I’m happy with ya. Yer the only guy I see, mo luran.”

I smile widely at that, finding it refreshing that he said it so simply as if it’s a known fact. He just answered my question and got rid of any doubts that I had in a few sentences, I know he isn’t a cheater, but the thought that he may find another man that pleases him more than I do was on my mind, or that he’d be something other than gay and still liked woman. The fear he’d break up with me for someone else was hidden in the back of my mind, it seems uncharacteristic for Lewis to do that and I think he’d only break up his own relationship if one of us were unhappy or another serious event had happened. I should know he won’t end our relationship, not when he’s introduced me to his family and even off-handedly mentioned taking me to Ireland to see them in person.

Lewis is serious about this relationship as much as I am, he wouldn’t ruin that simply for another man that’s more attractive than me. I should know better than to think that, and I do. The doubts though were still there. I’m glad he said it the way he did, as a statement with confidence and assurance. Like a swear. He means what he said and he believes it, and that’s all I need to believe him myself. If he believes it, he’ll do what he said.

“I assumed you were gay, just because I never seen you look at any woman unless she was talking to you. Seán or you never mentioned any ex-girlfriend either.” He laughs at my admittance, his chest lightly shaking while he does.

“Only girl I was with was in high school. Kissed her after kissin some other boy, experimentin which I liked more. Turns out, I dislike women.” I giggle, imagining a younger Lewis kissing a boy then turning around and kissing some random girl, only to go back to the boy. In my mind, I see the disgusted expression he made when Becca kissed him, and it makes it funnier.

My hand goes through his chest hair, fingers lightly pulling and untangling the soft coarse hair. “I was never with a girl. I just always knew I found guys attractive. Never had a crush on the popular cheerleader, it was just Brandon, the quarterback. Or the substitute for English that wore too-tight pants, they left nothing to the imagination and his ass once broke the back like SpongeBob.”

Lewis laughs again at the reference, shifting us to lay down on the couch. His head on the armrest and me on his chest, his arm wrapped securely around me. My legs between his thighs and head under his chin, feeling his beard on my forehead. I can feel his covered, limp cock against my abdomen and his hand rests on my ass, although he doesn’t do anything about either. I like how something could be sexual with simple touch or shift, but also be completely innocent. Lewis doesn’t mean for it to be sexual, he just merely likes touching my ass and his cock doesn’t even twitch from any movements I make. He doesn’t want sex right now, but he’ll take it once he does and I love that.

“We’re good, then? No questions or anythin. Concerns?” He asks, chest vibrating with the words.

I shake my head, the short conversation has lifted any doubts or concerns I had. He answered my unasked question and I plainly told him I was gay, I feel better about what happened. It won’t happen again, and Lewis is very much happy with me just as I am with him. No one can come between us, Lewis will make sure of that and he’ll keep me as happy as he can. I’ll do the same, I can’t physically intimidate anyone but I think if need be, I can yell insults at someone. I’ll try my best, it’s the least I can do in the relationship since Lewis is all the muscle.

“Yeah, we’re good. Thanks for clearing things up.” I get a squeeze of my ass, the hand kneading it.

“Shouldn’t be any need of clearin. Don’t thank me. Just glad we’re on the same page.”

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