Stray Master

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[Chapter Thirty]


Scottish Translation -

Bonnie - Beautiful/ Pretty

Bràthair- Brother

màthair - mother

Niamh - Lewis and Seáns mother

Mo Leannan - my lover, my sweetheart.


Two months passed, the incident with Becca is mostly forgotten. Lewis hasn’t had issues at work and his boss now mentions the Scotsman is gay to new women workers that will work as his partner in case they decide they’re attracted to him, it seems to help. The only problem he said they had is a homophobic woman preaching to Lewis about his apparent sins of being gay; his boss is considering firing her since other workers are in the LGBTQ+ community and he doesn’t want them to be uncomfortable or be harassed just for being themselves. I like Lewis’s boss, he’s very considerate of his workers and gives them days off in exchange for working or helping on other projects. How he’s handling the homophobic woman seems reasonable and caring also, wanting his workers to feel safe and having a peaceful workspace.

Today is my birthday, May Eighteenth, it falls on a Wednesday this year. I know what I want, the only thing I’ve wanted for some time and never dared to go through with it. Now though, I have Lewis and want to go places with him, make memories and have adventures, and be able to tell funny stories with friends. So, I’m going to ask if we can go to a BDSM club. It’s an intimidating idea because I’ve read some clubs are very intense and are mostly live porn with couples doing scenes for people. I don’t want that experience. What I want is something more relaxing, a club that focuses on BDSM but also has dancing and places to sit and talk. Like a normal club, but with Dominants and Submissives. I’ve never been to any type of club, but the movies always make it seem fun and exciting with all the music and dancing, the flashing lights and drinks.

I like the idea of trying something completely brand new to me with Lewis, I know he’ll protect me and take care of me. The only thing I’m concerned about is the alcohol and drunk people, as it is one of my triggers. I won’t be drinking but often the smell of beer or liquor makes me leave a place before I panic. The thought of Lewis being with me helps convince myself that if he sees something is seriously wrong with me, he’ll take me home and care for me. He’ll pick me up if he feels it’s needed and removes me from that environment. Other than that concern, I’m mostly wondering what it’ll be like. I’ve read that some clubs require Submissives to be wearing a collar if they’re in a relationship or to wear harnesses if single, some don’t require anything. Will I have to kneel next to Lewis like in some books? Or need a leash and collar? Do I need to wear leather? That makes me uncomfortable, I don’t like leather, it sticks to my skin and makes me sweat faster, plus the noise when I walk is awkward.

Has Lewis ever been to a club before? I’m assuming he has, probably with Seán or with an ex-boyfriend. He might’ve had a few one-night stands from clubs, but then again he could’ve never been to a club before either. He seems like the type of man to have a few experiences in places, I wouldn’t be surprised he tried being a Submissive once just to gain experience or see how he liked it. People do say all good Dominants tried being the Sub at least once. It doesn’t really matter if Lewis had been to a club before or not, I just want to have the experience with him during my very first trip to one. It may be good if he has been to one before, he’ll understand how to move around in the place, what to do and what not to do. He’d be able to guide me through it better rather than both of us being lost on what to do.

Miss Parry had already planned a mini party for me at the cafe, even when I refused one. Some customers were there and wished me a happy birthday, Miss Parry made a big cake and Ryan was on Skype. Oliver couldn’t be here because he had a situation while on patrol. CeCe patted me on the top of my head and handed me a worn-out band cropped hoodie that I could use for painting, it’s the best she’ll ever be able to do as she isn’t great at gift-giving but I also like it because I love hoodies and this one is cute with little bat wings in the hood. Miss Parry had attempted to get me to stay longer than my shift, telling me to go to her house for a full party, but I declined. I want to speak to Lewis about going to a club tonight and I never really liked making a big deal about my birthday. I’m nineteen, nothing to get excited about as it’s just an age. Although my Aunt and Sarah called this morning after Lewis called to wake me up, that was nice; talking to them and reassuring my Aunt I’m doing good and will visit soon, and bring Lewis to meet her.

Lewis is without Seán today when he walks in to pick me up, he’s holding a wrapped-up rectangle that has a sticker with messy writing on it. The Scotsman nods hello to the people that greet him and Miss Parry, fist bumps CeCe, and finally wraps his arms around me, kissing my lips. As it’s getting warmer, he’s once again shirtless with the red plaid button top he grabbed before leaving his apartment over his hairy, sweaty chest, unbuttoned. His jeans are missing a leg, the fabric from the knee down on the right leg is completely gone. I’ve learned not to question what happens to his clothes; the answers are mainly pranks that Seán or another worker had pulled on Lewis.

“Happy birthday, Bonnie. Bràthair sent this for ya.” He holds the wrapped object to me once we pull away, he keeps his arm over my shoulder.

I quickly say goodbye to Miss Parry, CeCe, and Ryan, thanking them for the small party. I’m eager to mention the club idea to Lewis and now see what Seán sent me, I’m hoping he hadn’t spent money on me as it wasn’t necessary, and if he did, wishing it wasn’t very expensive. Lewis guides me out to his truck, parked directly in front of the door to the cafe today, then helps me into the passenger’s seat. I wait until he pulls away from the cafe to open the gift, feeling Lewis’s eye on me as he glances over either curious or waiting for my reaction. The gift is a piece of wood plank, thick and about the length of my forearm. In it is a beautiful carving of Lewis and me, our heads, the details are small and eye-catching. Lewis is resting his chin on my head with a grin and I have a matching smile on my lips, the detail of our hair and eyes, on Lewis’s beard and man bun is amazing. Seán had even added a small amount of paint to my eyes, to match the colors of mine.

I love it, the art and the thoughtfulness of him doing this. It’s so sweet and I’m happy he made this, that he likes me enough to do something as time-consuming as this. I’m glad he’s accepting of his brother’s relationship, and I’ll make sure to place it somewhere everyone can see when they come into my apartment; showcase it. Next time I see Seán I’ll thank him, maybe convince myself to even hug him.

“Said ya could paint it if ya wanted. Seán just wanted ya to know he considers you family now. He ain’t so good with brushes like you are, but we’ve always carved.” Lewis suddenly speaks, pausing the truck at a red light and looking over at me with a small smile.

I can feel the happy grin on my face as my eyes flick over to Lewis then back to the carving. It’s absolutely perfect the way it is, this is Seáns artwork and it wouldn’t be kind or respectful of me to go in and add things to it. Besides, the tiny splash of color on my eyes is more than enough. “No, I don’t wanna add to his work. I love it like it is.”

Lewis pats my thigh, his hand staying even as he continues driving. I’m barely paying attention to when he next speaks, too busy studying all the intricate details in the carving. “Good. Màthair is sendin some food over for ya, was real excited to make a cake.”

There’s a few seconds of silence as I process the fact that Niamh is making food for me, baking a cake for me. There’s no need to go through all the trouble, especially when I don’t even properly celebrate birthdays. If it wasn’t for CeCe, Miss Parry, Oliver, and Ryan, I’d spend them on the couch or painting. The Irishwoman is already serving a whole houseful of people, dealing with all those kids, she shouldn’t take time out of her day just to make me something.

“There’s no need for her to do that! She has all those people to care for, she doesn’t need to be making me anything. Besides, I barely even celebrate my birthday.” Lewis just laughs and squeezes my thigh, his eyes practically shining with amusement.

“Mo luran, màthair is doin what she wants. Yer family. This means she makes ya meals and ya damn sure don’t tell her no. Màthair likes carin for family, was raised up to do everythin from cookin to farm work. She leads the family for reasons. That woman does what she wants, ain’t no one tellin’ her not to.” He speaks about his mother with such pride and fondness that I adore, he genuinely sees Niamh as his mother and loves her with such a passion. It’s heartwarming and endearing.

His words also tell me much more about who Niamh is as a person. She’s obviously very hard-working, having grown up as she did working on a farm and caring for members of her family, she sounds stubborn and loving. I can only imagine the strength it takes to do everything and anything with such a chaotic group as I saw on New Years’. Everyone respected her, her own mother looking proud that she managed to control them. Niamh is walking with a cane as well, unable to do farm work anymore and she spends most of her time in the kitchen or sitting with her mother, according to Lewis. She’s an amazing woman, and I do believe what he said about her wanting to make me food. It’s her way of accepting me and making me feel cared for, which I will always appreciate.

Pouting to disguise my smile, an act that so clearly fails as Lewis smirks. “Well, fine. She can send stuff, it’s still unnecessary...but I’ll eat it.”

Lewis laughs, “Smart decision, Mo Leannan. She’ll be happy bout that.”


Sitting on the couch in Lewis’s apartment is peaceful, even with the horror movie on. Lewis is content to hold me on his chest as we lay down, my legs between his thick thighs and my hips pressed against his crotch. His hand is, once again, on my ass. It’s not at all sexual, although it could’ve been with how eagerly I had licked and washed him clean not even an hour before. I would have his cock in my mouth but I need to speak, maybe later. If the club thought is rejected, I’ll just spend some time doing that. Lewis may have another idea on how to spend my birthday, a fun time-consuming idea that I’ll agree with happily.

But, I want to ask to go to a local club and I don’t think he’ll reject the request unless he’s concerned about any of my triggers. I’d understand why he’d do that, panic attacks are serious and it usually takes me some time to get over one. Lewis might just agree because I’m asking, if I think I can handle going to the club then maybe he’ll believe me. The movie is nearing the middle where the main character finds the one they love is dead and I can tell Lewis is bored of watching it, his hand is kneading my ass and his other is absentmindedly rubbing my lower back. I nudge him with my arm, resting my chin on his chest as he looks down at me.

“I have a question.” It’s a statement that earns an amused smirk.

“I ’ave an answer.”

Avoiding his eyes, I mess with his chest hair with my fingers. “ I always wanted to go to a BDSM club but never really convinced myself to go because I didn’t know how they worked. But now you’re here and I feel safe with you, so I was wondering if you’d take me to a club. You don’t have to, of course, but I’d really like to experience it.”

Lewis is quiet for a bit, and I glance up at him as it’s making me anxious. He’s just watching me, eyes studying. Then he hums, “Ya think you’d be okay in ’hat environment?”

I nod, feeling the excitement build in me. “I think I’ll be fine, you’ll be with me and I know you’ll keep me safe. If I feel a panic attack coming, I’ll tell you. Promise.”

He kisses my head, “Alright. We’ll go tonight. Been to one before round here, ya’ll need a collar and I’ll get bràthair to come along.”

Excitedly, I surge up to kiss his lips, gaining a deep chuckle as I shout out, “thank you, thank you, thank you!!”


Lewis took me to find a collar, at a store focused on the BDSM community. It made me slightly uncomfortable with all sexual things as I’ve never been around so many toys and scene tools, I never get out or had any need for toys. It could’ve helped on particularly lonely nights, though. The store was like a dollar store, small and filled. I had stayed near Lewis, avoiding the other couples that walked around. One submissive appeared to be feeling very bratty, whining, and stomping her foot when her girlfriend told her no. She gained the attention of me, Lewis, and another gay couple, the dominants only seemed mildly amused while I and the other submissive were surprised she’d act like this in public. Sure, I like being bratty but I’d never make such a scene.

The shelves of collars were cute, in all different colors and material with or without a tag. Lewis told me to pick one I liked best as a temporary collar, at least until we decide we’re ready to start the Master/Sub part of our relationship. Then we’ll pick out an official collar that will represent our relationship and our trust for each other. The one that caught my eye is a pretty green like Lewis’s eyes, the material of it is fake leather with a nice cushioned inside to keep it from irritating skin. The quality of it isn’t cheap at all, it felt amazing when Lewis clipped it on me. The tag is a small heart with the word ‘Master’s’ engraved in it.

I loved it and Lewis did too, or at least he liked that I was so happy with it. He insisted that price didn’t matter, he mentioned money isn’t a big deal since he never really spent it and it saved up in his account. He only informed me of this when he saw me eyeing the leashes that laid directly next to the collars, specifically a green handled chain one. I still asked if we could try the leash and he answered by simply grabbing the one I wanted. Once paid for and in the truck, I kissed Lewis hard and that nearly earned being fucked in the parking lot.


Around ten Seán walks in just as Lewis is walking from the bedroom, both in similar outfits but that’s mostly because they don’t have many options on their closest. Lewis in a black tank top, the Irishman in a gray; Lewis’s jeans are a worn-out blue and ripped anywhere, Seáns are a new pair with a fresh rip down the left thigh; both have their work boots on. Lewis had picked out a cute black cropped hoodie for me that has paint splatters on it, under that is a dark gray tank and my skinny jeans are a deep black that goes with my red converse. He had clipped my new collar on before he went to get dressed and I can’t stop playing with it.

Seán grins when he sees it but doesn’t mention it, “Happy birthday, Tommy Boy.”

Smiling, I make the impulse decision to hug him, he’s surprised yet wraps an arm around my waist and gives me a gentle squeeze. “Thanks for the carving, I love it.”

He laughs as I pull away, “Ah, was nothin. Don’t need ta thank me, glad ya liked it.”

It’s very refreshing to be about these two, Lewis and Seán. They don’t make anything a bigger deal than it is, everything is simple and straight to the point. Miss Parry would’ve gone on and on about her thought process of giving a gift, how much she spent, and how I’ll be able to decorate my apartment or use the gift. It feels like everyone needs to explain why they did this or that with long stories and it gets annoying. With Lewis and Seán, this doesn’t happen unless they particularly feel like being annoying or just want to waste time speaking. They keep reasons short and simple, answers direct, and bluntly ask questions.

The dominants go back and forth with petty insults mixed with telling me stories from work or Ireland, calling the other odd names that I know mean stupid or useless. They can be petty in a funny way when insulting each other and I take great pleasure in listening to them argue. They’re never serious, I haven’t heard them fight with real anger, it’s always playful and jokingly. I insist on riding in the back seat just to watch them, occasionally one will slap the other for something said. Lewis didn’t appear to like my choice but he allowed me to anyway, I know he likes to be able to touch me and feel slightly disappointed that he can’t just reach back behind his seat.

The ride to the club is filled with laughter, it’s a great start to the night and I can’t wait to see what else happens. Tonight is one of the few nights Seán has off and I know he only came because Lewis asked him to, he might rather be sleeping right now but I’m happy he came because it’s nice to have someone both Lewis and I know with us. However, I’m unsure if he’s looking for company or will stay near us. The club is near the center of the city, where all the skyscrapers are and expensive apartments, it’s on the more sketchy side of the city and in the dark, it’s very noticeable. The flashing pink sign reads, ‘Leashed’ above the double doors, and whenever the bouncer lets a couple in, pink and purple lights sneak out.

Lewis parks along the road and helps me out, showing me the leash we got in a silent question and I eagerly nodded. Bouncing like a happy pet when he clips it on the collar, holds the handle, and wraps his arm around me. Surprisingly the line outside the door isn’t too long, we wait probably thirty minutes and it goes fast with Lewis either kissing me or play fighting with Seán. Other people watch them, for something to do, and I see a few men without someone with them eyeing my collar then at the two brothers. Obviously, people are curious if I’m with one of the crazy bears, some probably assuming both like in a poly relationship. Of course, the question gets answered when Lewis pauses in the act of holding Seán in a chokehold to grab and kiss me before proceeding to wrestle. With them messing around the wait goes fast and soon the bouncer is checking our IDs, smiling kindly as he lets us in.

Immediately, the music is booming in my ears and my body vibrates. I expected it yet I still wince, then cringe at the scent of alcohol, shifting closer to Lewis. My boyfriend is quick to pull me against his side by tugging the leash, keeping me close, and guiding me. Seán is directly behind Lewis, letting his brother decide where to sit. There are people everywhere, sweaty bodies nudge into us, crowds on the floor dancing, another large crowd at the bar, and others are either sitting in booths or standing at tables. The color scheme is all pinks and purples, the floor is dark pink wood and the walls are different shades of purple. Any furniture is in the shades as well, and the strobe lights flick between them.

Lewis led us to a free booth in the far corner, mostly away from the crowds and the bar. He guides me into the seat first by the leash, allowing me to sit on the curved part in the corner. He and Seán sit on either side of me like bodyguards. Lewis wraps his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into his side and giving physical comfort with the weight. I’m not as disturbed as I thought I would be, the scent of alcohol is unsettling, and seeing so many drunken people makes me uncomfortable. However, I’m not on the verge of a panic attack, and having both Lewis and Seán helps. If I don’t focus on the scent or people themselves, I’m alright. Should be at least.

Searching around the single dominants are obvious to spot, mainly because they’re not in a collar but also the way they handle themselves, or how they handle a sub. I’m positive there’s a certain collar single submissives have on as all the ones I’ve seen wear a light purple one with bright pink lace on the trim. The taken Submissives are spotted with their dominants either in small groups of other couples or alone, some are kneeling while most are on laps and talking with each other while the dominants speak. It’s an interesting environment and I like how people similar to me can meet and make new friends, however, I’m not ready to boldly start up a conversation with another Submissive. I’d probably just politely greet them then hide in Lewis’s chest.

We sit at the booth for a bit, Seán and Lewis speaking over the music and Lewis periodically checking on me in case something does end up triggering me. Seán gets us drinks; cokes for them and water for me. They mess with me, tickling me, Lewis blowing raspberries into my neck and his brother lightly and playfully teasing my collar. The Scotsman had moved me onto his lap at some point and used the leash to tilt my chin up to kiss me. It’s all fun, I’m having a great time and had mostly forgotten about the drunk people and the alcohol. It isn’t until Lewis needs to use the bathroom that I feel uneasy. He leaves me with Seán and promises he’ll be as quick as possible, kissing me deeply to seal it. I watch him disappear through the crowd, feeling my nerves spike.

Seán, bless him, tries to distract me from the absence of Lewis. Telling me about growing up in Ireland and crazy stories from farming or something his other brother did. I listen closely, he’s trying and I appreciate it, and I do want to learn more about him. So, I try my best to hold a conversation with him, knowing I’m as safe with him as I am with Lewis. Seán won’t let something happen to me, Lewis would probably beat him up for real. It’s not very long until Seán completely stops speaking and places his attention to the front of the booth.

A man is standing there, no collar which suggests he’s a dominant. His body is lightly swaying, obviously, he had drunk too much. He appears to be Ryan’s height, eyes glassy and his blue shirt has a wet stain on it. His very presence has me frightened, more so because he drank rather than him as a person. In fact, he looks relatively nice, if not for the fact he’s eyeing me as if I’m a toy he can snatch up. Seáns’s entire demeanor changed, he went from playful and laughing to deadly serious and semi threatening the second he noticed the man. While it should be slightly concerning and even scary how fast he switched, I feel a bit safer knowing he’s here.

“Need somethin?” The Irishman’s tone is the most stern I’ve ever heard from him, usually, he’s always carefree and playful around me.

The man blinks, eyes sliding to Seán as if he just now seen the huge bearded man sitting next to me. Then he completely ignores said huge bearded man, turning back to me and slurring, “let get out - here.”

He burps mid-sentence but I understand what he wants and press myself back into the booth seat, seeing Seán shift in case he needs to get up quickly. I’ve said it about Lewis, and I’ll it about Seán, he is always ready for a fight. He is merely waiting for a push to throw a punch. The Irishman grunts, displeasure thick in his tone, “He’s taken. Leave.”

The drunk scoffs body leaning forward enough I think he’ll fall before he catches himself. ” I think not - no collar.”

My eyebrows furrow, has he drunk too many to see straight? My collar is in clear view, I know because I’ve been playing with the tag, it should be impossible to see me without seeing the collar. Seán rolls his eyes, “Get. Fore his boyfriend gets back.”

I like how Seán gives a warning, we both know Lewis would probably punch first and forego any warning in this situation. Especially when Drunk Man stumbles forward and grips my wrist before Seán or I can react, surprised he could move that fast given how he’s acted. I yelp at the sudden grip, unexpectedly strong for a drunk man. Luckily, he is thrown off me. Not by Seán. Lewis throws punch after punch to the man’s face, expression one of pure rage. It’s exactly like I pictured, but even better. Not for the man, for me and my sex life because it’s sexy as all hell.

A crowd has circled Lewis, the bouncer and another security member having to pull Lewis off. The Scotsman is quick to pick me up, holding to him and glaring down at the man with blood on his face and a possible broken nose. I’m happy Lewis came, proving he’ll protect me and showing me what he looks like when he’s in full rage. Seán needs to explain, Lewis as well, and I confirm what happened. I’m shocked when the bouncer throws the man out, saying he had issues before. Lewis is given a warning and asked to leave for tonight, to which he happily agrees. Seán laughs about it while Lewis makes sure I’m okay, he kisses anywhere he can reach until we get to the truck.


Once at his apartment, it’s nearing two in the morning and Seán leaves to get sleep for work. Lewis and I change, then cuddle in the bed. My head in his neck and his arms squeezing me to him. He hasn’t mentioned the fight or the club but I know he isn’t asleep. We sit in silence for maybe ten minutes, enjoying each other warmth and presence.

“Did ya have fun?”

I nodded, snuggling closer. “Yeah. Thank you for taking me.”

He hums, “Fight didn’t scare ya?”

“Nope. Actually, it was kinda sexy to see you fight. Besides, Seán warned him.”

Suddenly, Lewis rolls us to lay on me, weight crashing me pleasantly. “Sexy, aye?”

He kisses me deeply and begins something I never want to stop. Tonight turned out better than expected, even the fight ends with a silver lining.

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