Stray Master

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[Chapter Thirty One]


Scottish Translation -

Halò - Hello

mo luran - my pretty boy

Ghràdh - Love


A few weeks after our small club night on my birthday, I decided to suggest another step in Lewis’s and I’s relationship. I want him to meet my Aunt, it’s already well into our relationship and I should’ve introduced them earlier. Now seems perfect, rather than when we were dealing with Miss Parry. We’re happy and it’s peaceful, our relationship has grown much more and I’m certain now is a good time to have them meet. Besides, it’s been a good while since I last saw my Aunt and I should check in on her.

She hadn’t taken me being gay as well as I had hoped, but she learned to accept it and I think she’ll like Lewis. Hannah, my Aunt, has always liked ‘real men’, as in men who do everything and handle jobs while women sit back and take care of the house. Her views are that of an older generation and that’s good and all, yet when she voices these opinions and views, people -younger women- start arguments with her about how she’s in the wrong and women can do everything men can. Hannah knows this, she just doesn’t care. To her, women stay home and care for children. Men go to work and handle any other business, they control the relationship and what happens. She’ll see Lewis as a ‘real man’ because he has the harder job of us and it’s obvious he has control of me to an extent.

Hannah will probably see this as a good thing and support us, liking how I’m being taken care of and how I have a man to rely on. Assuming she sees the same for gay relationships as heterosexual ones. If not, I’m unsure how she’ll react. I’ve told her about Lewis, how we met and how great he is, how I really like him. She seemed happy for me on the phone, but I imagine she’s expecting something completely different from Lewis. I’m preparing myself for a reaction to his appearance and size, waiting for her comment on it. Lewis won’t care if she insults him by questioning his reasons for dating me or saying he’s not right for me, he’ll just act with her as did with Miss Parry. I’m hoping she doesn’t mention his size or anything, that she won’t react like Miss Parry.

If anything good is to come from the meeting, it’ll be Lewis and I having blood family supporting us. Family is important, blood and chosen. Having my chosen family accept us, granted with some difficulties, is amazing. Now, I just need my only family by blood to accept us, my Aunt and Sarah. Sarah will have to wait until one of us can visit, whether it’s me going there or her coming to me. I already know she’s like Lewis, I may have sent her a picture of him after we had sex. Sneaking a snap of him after he cleaned us up and put on some underwear, it shows exactly how large he is as a person and his bear-like body. Sarah had only sent back a blushing emoji with a ‘Good catch, Tom.’

So, really, my Aunt is the only person left. If she doesn’t like Lewis that’s perfectly fine, she can have her opinions. Lewis can just not visit her or not go around her, although he’ll probably just ignore her words. It’s not the end of the world if she doesn’t, we’ll stay together and we’ll thrive with or without her. I’d like it if she accepted him, but sometimes it doesn’t happen the way we want.

Hannah lives on the edge of the city where most of the cute suburbs are, the houses look the same if not for different paint colors. Children play in the street and parents watch from the yard, people walk dogs, elders walk the sidewalks. It’s a peaceful little community, and it’s absolutely thrown off by Lewis’s loud truck as he goes through it. Little kids run off the road, dads either shake their heads or look mildly impressed while mothers appear horrified and grab their younger babies. Lewis doesn’t notice the looks we get, his focus is on driving and slowing down when he sees children.

I’m not surprised Lewis agreed as quickly as he did to meet my Aunt, I know he wants to make me happy. He doesn’t care if people accept us, it’s our relationship and others shouldn’t have a say. I’m pleased he goes along with me if only to make me smile rather than because he sees it as necessary to meet my family. I find it funny how people always think that the Dominants have full control of everything, meanwhile, Lewis basically drops everything to simply see me happy. That is a true dominant, one that will make their submissive happy and continue to try every day, dropping what they’re doing for their sub and listening to them. Lewis does it all and I’m grateful I’ve found him, I could’ve easily ended up with someone that manipulated me and hurt me, scared me.

Lewis has been a bit clingier since the club, I don’t mind, I enjoy it. He doesn’t like leaving me alone in public places and now a new rule is set in place when we’re shopping; stay in the place Lewis puts me. On the off chance Lewis happens to need to leave me for a few minutes, he’ll find an empty aisle and instruct me to stay there until gets back and not to talk to strangers. I like this rule, because it shows he cares for my safety and I don’t like being around so many people without him. When he returns, he praises me and checks if I’m okay, gives me kisses, and hugs me close. The club had shown that other men do find me attractive enough to come up to, however rare that is and he’s merely trying to avoid me being uncomfortable and him starting another fight.

He had let me sleep in today, it’s Thursday and he had kept me up most of the night, giving me a deep pleasant ache and new lovely bruises in the shape of hickeys and finger marks. He showered with me, allowing me to clean him first before did the same to me. He needs to lean against the wall to make room for both of us, as the tub is too small. I make a silent promise to myself that one of these days if we continue to be together, we’ll find a place with a big shower for Lewis. He deserves that much, after all.

When he had woken me up, it was with him pressing down on me and planting kisses along my neck and chest. Hands petting and caressing me, with murmured words against my skin. It was one of the best ways to wake up. While we showered, I brought up the topic of him meeting my Aunt. He wasn’t at all bothered with the suggestion, he agreed with a simple ‘aye’ than a kiss to my head. With that, he began getting us ready. He picked my outfit before making us breakfast, it was really lunch but that doesn’t matter.

He had put me in one of his hoodies that goes far past my thighs and an old pair of my skinny jeans that has paint all over them, with my old converse. He is in what he normally wears; a tank top and ripped jeans with clunky boots. It takes about two hours for us to get to Hannah’s neighborhood, where we get stared at for the huge truck and its obnoxious noise. My Aunt is at the end of the plat in a corner where the road turns, she has a decent-sized yard that her neighbor helps with and the first thing I notice is the new ramp she had installed on her porch. The last one was homemade, the neighbor -Tim- had made it for her when she came home from the hospital. This new ramp is a shiny metal one that reaches the short sidewalk that leads up to the porch, it isn’t too steep or bumpy.

Lewis parks in the driveway and I notice Tim steps out from his house to see who we are. He hasn’t seen Lewis’s truck before and my Aunt relies on him for things sometimes. I know he means well when he walks over as soon as Lewis gets out, but it’s still slightly annoying that people expect Lewis to beat up a disabled woman. Tim is older as well, maybe in his early sixties with graying dark brown hair and a goatee much the same. He’s merely inches taller than myself and it’s funny to see him go up to Lewis, having to look up to even be able to properly speak.

Lewis saw him coming. He just doesn’t care and ignores the man in favor of getting me from the truck, Tim obviously didn’t like that by the glare he gives as he follows Lewis. He’s angry and suspicious, that’s what I hear in his voice when he speaks. “Don’t you have manners, boy? You lost?”

Lewis grunts and I hold in my laugh at the Scotsman being called boy, Lewis just ignores him again and opens the door for me. Helping me jump down by my hand and I step in view of Tim because Lewis had been blocking the man’s eyes with his body. My boyfriend grunts his displeasure at me moving as he closes the door back, sliding his arm around my shoulders. Tim appears as shocked as humanly possible when he sees me, blinking once and glancing from me to Lewis.

“Hey, Tim. Is my Aunt here?” I ask just to clear the air bit, I know she’s here as she doesn’t have any appointments for doctors today.

Tim clears his throat, looking slightly uncomfortable under Lewis’s eyes now. The larger man had been staring at him intensely, probably just to get a reaction since the elder of us thought he was here for something bad. “Yes, she is. It’s been a bit since you came last, Thomas. Who is this?”

He glances back up at Lewis, the suspension still abundant in his brown eyes. I smile widely and hug Lewis around his waist, knowing he isn’t helping himself by being more intimidating than necessary. “This is Lewis, my boyfriend. He’s meeting Hannah today.”

Finally, Lewis cracks and leans down to kiss my head, squeezing me closer. It saddens yet surprises me how shocked Tim is at the action, no one seems to get that just because Lewis is taller than advantage and so large with muscle, with tattoos; he’s still human. He can be soft sometimes and show his affection, he’s more caring most days than he is violent. Sure, he can be scary, but seriously? He has feelings even if he doesn’t show them as much. It bothers me, people are the same with Seán, especially if both are together. They shouldn’t have to be suspected of anything other than lovable teddy bears, because that is what they are. They’re not going to go on a murder spree or rob someone, treat them as a normal person.

Tim goes to say something, eyebrows furrowed and worried eyes, but a shout of my name gains our attention. My aunt has wheeled herself out onto the porch, smiling at us. Hannah’s gray hair had overtaken the natural black, it’s now a shiny white gray to her shoulders, wrinkles of stress show around her eyes and forehead, and her bright amber eyes light up when she sees I’m with Lewis. She’s in her pajamas, a matching pair of light purple silk pants, and a button shirt, the right pant leg is tied neatly around the stump of her upper thigh to keep it from hanging uselessly. She waves at Tim before gesturing at me and Lewis to get closer.

“Well, come on now, Tommy! I wanna meet who makes my nephew so happy!”

Lewis huffs out a short laugh and completely ignores Tim as he slides his hand down to my lower back and guides me up the ramp to Hannah. To be polite, I wave to Tim as we leave him by the truck. Hannah needs to tilt her head much more than usual to look at Lewis when we get closer, but she doesn’t appear intimidated. In fact, she looks very happy. Smiling widely and clapping happily, as if she just found out someone was pregnant. I hug her when she pulls me from Lewis’s grip, having to bend slightly. She kisses my cheek and pats my shoulder before basically pushing me away to focus on Lewis, I laugh as the Scotsman pulls me back in his arms.

“I’m Hannah, dear. Lewis, correct?” She grabs his hand, and I find it adorable because her thin hand is completely lost to Lewis’s huge one.

“Aye. Halò, ma’am.” Lewis replies, allowing her to keep his hand and clutch it in both of hers.

My aunt coos at the politeness and probably his accent, staring at him like one would when studying something for what feels like minutes but is merely seconds. I can see her eyes flick to different tattoos that show on his arms and shoulders, and that she takes notice of his height. Her wheelchair keeps her from sitting higher than his hips or perhaps waist, but she knows he’s indeed very tall. It’s small, but her nose wrinkles at the sight of his dirty boots and Lewis huffs another light laugh from the reaction.

She nods, “I like you. Come in, come in, we’ll talk and we’ll see if I continue to like you.”

Lewis chuckles as she releases his hand and orders, “Help me get in.”

I laugh when Lewis pushes her wheelchair into the house for her, loving that he’s gentle and getting amusement from her instead of getting annoyed at how she demanded him. I follow them inside, keeping any giggles inside when Hannah keeps ordering Lewis every which way. Her house is a decent size, customized for her wheelchair so she can move around easily. The front door enters into the living room that leads into the kitchen, a short hall between the rooms goes to her bedroom and guest room, then the bathroom. It’s all hardwood flooring with her furniture spaced evenly out, the walls are a light gray and she has large open windows to bring in natural light.

The TV in the living room is turned off and there’s a bookmarked novel sitting on the coffee table in front of the gray couch, that’s where she has Lewis stop. Hannah goes to lift herself onto the couch, using her leg and the couch to help support her weight. I know before he moves that Lewis won’t just stand there and watch. I’m proven correct when he lifts her easily and sets her on the couch, I laugh at the short surprised noise Hannah makes. Once she’s situated, Lewis moves back to me and leads me to the recliner. I’m pulled down on his lap when he sits and my aunt laughs at my own noise of surprise, blush flames on my face as Lewis simply wraps his arms around my waist and tugs me closer.

Hannah is smirking at me, one would never believe she was against my being gay from how she’s acting and I love it. “Well, is he always like this?”

She’s being playful and I feel Lewis smirk against my throat, hand squeezing my thigh. I nod, understanding what that she means, if he always does what he wants and doesn’t wait for someone. Lewis has, and always will, just do whatever he wants, whether it’s helping a disabled person or moving me wherever he wants me. Hannah doesn’t seem very shocked, having already noticed the way Lewis holds himself and she had probably seen how he acted with Tim through the window. The Scotsman doesn’t care for what people say, he’s confident and self-assured about everything he does. It’s something she likes, men from her generation don’t necessarily act like some of the newer generations; ‘whiny, unless little shits who can’t do anything gentlemanly for anyone.’. She prefers self-assured men, can take lead and take care of their partner. I always imagine the western shows she watches, the men in those shows handle everything besides the house chores and cooking; that’s what she wants.

“So, Lewis. I’m told you work construction, you’re Scottish, and you take care of my nephew.” My aunt listed off, staring over my shoulder at Lewis with a blank expression.

My boyfriend nods once, “Aye. He’s happy.”

A grin fights to overtake my face from how he said I’m happy, as a simple fact, statement. I am happy and it pleases me he knows this without me having to say it or him asking. He just knows from observing me and how our relationship is going, he understands me enough to see if something is wrong or I’m unhappy. Lewis is aware I’d tell him if something isn’t working or if I don’t like it, knows I’ll use the original safeword: stop.

Hannah then smirks widely, eyes sliding to me as she says something I never expected to come from her. “And I know who the top of this relationship is, so that’s out of the way.”

Lewis laughs, his chest vibrating with it as I shout my embarrassment. My aunt looks extremely proud of herself, hiding her grin and her own laugh behind her hand. My face is inflamed bright pink and I shift to hide in Lewis’s neck, honestly, I should’ve expected her to conclude that I’m the one receiving in the sexual sense, but it’s still humiliating for her to know. Lewis rubs my back soothingly, even as he’s drawn into a conversation by Hannah about what he’s working on at the site and what his hobbies are. I’m grateful that she keeps it’s less personal than Miss Parry did, my aunt makes sure not to press too hard on the topic of his family when she sees Lewis’s unwant to speak about his birth parents. Instead, she asks about Ireland and how he likes it in America, if he’d ever go back to his family to live with them and care for Niamh.

The Scotsman answers every question and talks honestly, less tense than he was when Miss Parry questioned him. He gives me attention while he does, his hands squeeze and pet me at times and he often presses sweet kisses to my neck or head. I let them talk, staying quiet unless one pulls me into the conversation. I want them to get to know each other without me interrupting and distracting them, I’m more than content to sit and listen. I enjoy whenever one laughs at something said, how Hannah expresses how she likes that he takes me shopping and buys me things, is encouraging me to eat healthily. She scowls when she hears of what Miss Parry did in more detail than I gave her, swearing at my boss for causing our newer relationship so much stress.

My boyfriend appears to have a good time and like my aunt, vice versa with Hannah. Lewis doesn’t have to get defensive or warn her she’s pushing too hard, he doesn’t tense or seems as if he’ll leave. My aunt is respectful and only asks innocent questions, she’s interested in our relationship; teasingly asks if any sex is good, and gets a blunt yet honest response from Lewis: ’mo luran is a scratcher and tight, but great.” I slap his arms for revealing that to her as both laugh, Hannah squealing out her shock that he actually answered, my face goes up in pink once again. Lewis kisses me as an apology and I begrudgingly forgive him with a pout.

We’re there for hours, having a good time and I make us drinks, tea for me and my aunt while Lewis gets black coffee. Both laugh at me when I try his coffee, I’ve never had plain black coffee before and was curious. Lewis held the mug and let me drink from it, only to have me spit it back out into said mug, my boyfriend simply chuckled and drank it anyway. He had his mouth on places that were worse than spat-out coffee, and he obviously never minded that. Hannah apologizes for Tim for how he acted towards Lewis, my assumption that she had seen correct. She explains how he helps her and if he sees a vehicle he doesn’t recognize he either assumes it’s something she had delivered or it’s someone aiming to harm her, told Lewis he met no harm. The Scotsman just nods, having already forgotten his encounter with Tim.

By the time we leave, Hannah considers Lewis family, proven at how she orders him to help her back into her wheelchair when she’s done it before by herself just fine. He pushes her to the porch, where she pulls him down to grab his hairy cheeks and place a kiss on one. She does the same to me but seeing Lewis have to squat down just so he can let her is adorable and amusing. Hannah demands that we come back, making sure to command that Miss Parry comes over or my boss is receiving a mighty long phone call and a lecture on how she treated Lewis. I promise to call Miss Parry as soon as I get home to Lewis’s apartment to warn her.

Lewis makes sure to wave half-heartedly at Tim when the older man comes out of his house when I’m lifted into the truck, confusing the poor man who had commented on manners to the larger Scotsman. I wave at both older people, My aunt, and Tim as Lewis starts the truck, Tim wincing at the noise, and pulls out of the driveway then down the street. Sitting back I grab Lewis’s free hand to play with his fingers, body relaxing into the seat as any question of being accepted by my aunt melts away.

“She likes you,” I state, just to say it as I like how it sounds.

Lewis squeezes my hand, “Aye, same here. Good lady.”

On impulse, I lean over and kiss his cheek. “Thanks for coming, I’m happy you guys at along.”

He kisses me at a stop sign, deep and short. “Happy yer happy, Ghràdh.”

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