Stray Master

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[Chapter Thirty Two]


Scottish Translation -

mo luran - my pretty boy

Bràthair- brother


Another two months pass after Hannah met Lewis, it goes by peacefully. We’ve been sticking to the schedule Lewis made for us, including the licking and cock warming. It’s been amazing. CeCe, Seán and Lewis, and I all went to see a movie and have been going out as a group, that’s been fun and I always have a good time. Miss Parry had actually invited us to dinner with Oliver, despite the number of opportunities they had, Lewis and Oliver had yet to meet. They had only seen each other during the scene Miss Parry caused the day she met Lewis, and on different occasions when the Scotsman picks me up when Oliver comes in.

Something always interrupts any chance I get to introduce them, be it Lewis and his teasing or Miss Parry gaining her husband’s attention. She had brought it up when Lewis came in after my shift, asking me directly even if I like to think she and Lewis are on decent terms. They’ve gotten much better and my boss seems to understand that I’m much happier with Lewis than I was with Ryan, also the trouble she caused nearly made her lose me. I don’t forgive her, neither does Lewis, but it’s in the past and what’s done is done. Everyone should leave it that way, holding anger or grudges will do no good. She still didn’t like that I looked to Lewis to decide if we would go or not, although she had seen how I ask him for permission recently.

My boyfriend smirked at Miss Parry’s displeasure of me doing so but agreed easily. Aware I want him to meet someone else and that I’d like to go, had merely wrapped me in his arms and kissed my head as he did. My boss appeared both pleased and shocked, not expecting Lewis to allow me to go to her house. He might not want her to touch me, the first impression she gave by snatching me and Lewis needing to intervene, sitting with him still, but he won’t make me miss out on events with her as long as he’s with me in case she has another issue and grabs me. It’s been ten months since we started dating and I believe the two have mostly moved past any issues, Miss Parry hasn’t caused any trouble and Lewis behaves as much as a grown child can.

I’m happy he agreed, especially with his aversion to Miss Parry - he doesn’t hate her, just dislikes her. He can hold a conversation if she doesn’t push or irritate him, if she does he walks away to avoid telling her off. Lewis doesn’t want to argue with her for my sake, doesn’t want me to see him intimidate her with his size or voice on accident or purpose when he does speak up and demand her to stop whatever topic she’s on. I appreciate it, more so because I know he doesn’t allow people to talk to him in certain ways; mocking or provokingly, demanding him or trying to force him into a sensitive topic or perform an action. Whenever someone does, Lewis uses his size or voice to make them stop without starting a fight, he makes sure to warn them of their crossing a line. He’ll do the same to Miss Parry, warn her. He’ll state she’s pushing and if she doesn’t stop, he’ll just walk away from her.

It’ll be good for him to meet Oliver, the man will be much kinder and Lewis will get along with him well. They have the same interests in cars or handy work, Oliver likes to do house repairs and mess with any car he has access to. Lewis is the same, and I’m positive the men will bond over whatever parts go were in a car or Lewis’s truck that he’s been working on. It will be great to see Lewis getting along with someone else I know, Oliver and I may not be the closest but he’s a good man and has always made me feel welcome. He is like another father figure to me, and I do love him as I do Miss Parry. I wish I could’ve introduced them sooner, perhaps had Oliver meet Lewis first instead and skip all the issues we had.

Lewis doesn’t appear as excited as I am to go to dinner, but he smirks and teases me about how bouncy I am in my excitement. I’ve been staying at his apartment much more in the past few months, sleeping in his bed and leaving clothes on pure accident when I forget to pack dirty clothes to wash. Lewis doesn’t mind, he just cleans what I forget and puts them with his own clothes in his dresser or closet. He had even moved a cute little white loveseat into my painting room, helped me paint it a nice light blue, baby blue, or sky, and placed removable wall hooks on the walls for any canvas. He sits in there with me on the small couch now, laying down and napping as I go about my painting. I had finally finished the painting I was working on for him, a few weeks ago actually but I’m nervous to show him. I adore how it turned out, the details and colors came out exactly how I pictured and I can’t wait to show him once I get the courage to do it.

Miss Parry invited us on Friday, it’s now Saturday and I have the day off. Lewis had to work this morning, had woken me up just enough to get out of bed from where I was curled up on his chest, and kissed me before leaving after he got ready. I sleep through most of the day, having only woken fully once Lewis called to tell me to get in the shower and eat something. That was in the late afternoon and he promised he’ll be home within the hour, I forced myself to listen to his instructions least I end up displeasing him and earning a small punishment. Not that the threat of punishment is a deterrent, disappointing him is. He had taken to giving tiny punishments, small yet firm slaps on my ass, having me sit and watch him shower instead of allowing me to wash him myself. He even put me in time out, in the corner on my knees, when I absolutely refused to go to bed until he gave me his cock. That was an actual, full-on, punishment. I was being a brat and difficult at bedtime, complete with the foot stomp and whining.

I know it’s only a taste of what will happen when we start our Master/Sub lifestyle, Lewis isn’t giving serious punishments or very big ones. Just enough to keep us both pleased; to cease my urge for ownership and his to own. We both have needs that have to be met in a relationship, this is no different. I need to be punished, to feel that I’m being taken care of, and know Lewis won’t just say he will discipline me but put actions with the threat of punishment. Lewis needs me to take care of, he wants to provide and discipline; to own me and make sure I have things I want or need. Punishing me is a good way to satisfy the urge, to remind me who in the relationship is the dominant and who owns me. In my opinion, it’s one of the best things about any BDSM relationship; the handoff of power and the meeting of needs.

The front door opens as soon as I get out of the shower, dripping wet and have yet to eat anything. I spent a bit too long under the water, but I think Lewis will understand that I was going to eat- merely got distracted. I can hear his work boots coming towards the hall as he looks for me, calmly walking toward the open bathroom door. I’m drying my hair when Lewis stops at the door, leans on the frame, and watches me. The towel is covering my face, but I’m able to track his movement from the slight creak of the frame on the door as he presses his weight on it. He doesn’t speak, allowing me to finish rubbing my hair to make it damp and waiting for me to lower it. Once the gray towel is removed from my head and covering my front, not that I’m embarrassed by being naked when he had already seen everything multiple times now, I smile at him happily.

Lewis chuckles, “Did ya eat, or get distracted?”

Sheepishly, I giggle. “I was gonna eat after my shower, but I guess I stayed in too long. Sorry.”

He doesn’t get upset, only nodding once to show he understands before coming to take my towel and start patting me down to dry me off. He kneels on one knee to start at my feet and work up, rubbing the towel along my feet and legs, then my private areas. He doesn’t sound bothered either when he speaks, “It’s okay, mo luran. We’ll work on that, gotta focus for me. But yer not gettin whatever that boss lady of yours makes for dessert, hear me?”

I pout down at him, I was looking forward to Miss Parry’s baking. Every time she has me over she makes chocolate cheesecake and lets me help make cookies. Maybe he’ll let me have some if I’m good for the rest of the whole dinner, or bring some back with us as a reward for something else. He glances up at me from his position, eyebrow raised and I quickly nod my acknowledgment of his words. He smirks and continues to dry me off, I steal kisses whenever he leans closer to my face and I always get a smile. He allows me to feel him up, my hands roaming his chest and torso, caressing his arms, and even lets me sneakily knead his ass. He just sends me amused glances as he works, grunting softly when I grope his cock.

He’s covered in a thin tank top that he must have just put back on because it’s relatively dry compared to his skin, his hair is damp and out of the bun it’s normally in. Jeans caked in mud at the ankles, his boots had been cleaned half-heartedly. I imagine it was pretty hot today, as it is recently. I run my hands through the long part of his hair, feeling the braid as he stands up to tower over me again. He throws the towel on the shower curtain to dry before grabbing my hand and leading me to the bedroom, while we walk the short distance, I ask the question that always escapes my mind. “Why do you have one braid? And why is a piece of it a different color than your hair?”

Lewis snorts, giving me a look that says he was waiting for the questions. He leaves me in the middle of the room to go to his dresser and start going through it. “Had it since I met Seán. It’s a strand of his hair braided into mine, he has one too. Means we’re with each other, no matter distance. Bràthairs.”

I feel like I should’ve assumed that, he and Seán are as close as can be and love each other fiercely. I find it sweet, their relationship is amazing and very loyal. The amount of brotherly love they have is impressive considering they only met when they were eighteen and they’re merely in their early twenties, they are the first people I’ve met that make a connection like theirs within such a short amount of time. Seáns family loving Lewis may have a big part in it, or them being very similar to each other with the same interests and nearly their personality. Lewis is far more violent than Seán as far as I’ve seen and possessive, but they’re both charming and blunt with family as a core of importance.

My boyfriend turns back to me, holding one of my good button shirts and a new pair of jeans that he bought me along with underwear. “Throw these on. We leave in a few hours, knowin ya you’ll get distracted or be a wee brat bout gettin ready.”


It’s five-thirty when we get to Miss Parry’s house, a one-story cute cookie-cutter home similar to the ones next to it if not for the all-year-around Halloween decorations. There are small blow-up ghosts in the yard with a gravestone here and there, the door has a sign that reads: ‘Beware Dead Inside’. Her car, a black charger I believe, is in the driveway next to Oliver’s motorcycle, it appears to be a sports bike of some sort. I’ve never paid much attention to cars or any vehicle, if it drives there’s a chance I won’t understand make or models. I can see Oliver peek out from the window when he hears the truck and I can see Miss Parry’s eyes rolling, she had never liked the obnoxious noise the truck makes.

Once Lewis parks behind the motorcycle, the engine shuts off and he turns to with another smirk. “’Member no dessert, unless I give it to ya.”

“I said I was sorry!” I point out with a pout, only earning a chuckle and his big hand squeezing my thigh.

“Aye, ya did, didn’t ya? Still, needta learn, can’t have ya gettin distracted from t’ings like eatin.” He kisses my head before getting out of the vehicle, walking around to my side to help me out.

He fixes my shirt after setting me on my feet, smoothing out the few wrinkles for me, and ruffling my hair to hear me whine at him. While he had dressed me in more formal clothes, a button-up is formal to me. He had thrown on whatever was clean, a black tank top, his less worn and ripped jeans, and a thin plaid unbuttoned shirt over his tank; it’s as cleaned up as Lewis will ever get. Lewis laughs at my whine and how I grab his hand to pull him towards the front door, allowing me to drag him along as we both are aware I can’t push him let alone pull. He wraps around once we get to the door, arms around my waist, and leaned down to rest his chin on my head. I lean back against his chest after I knock, taking the weight of his arms and the heat of his body as safety and comfort.

Oliver is the to open the door, fairly quickly and I assume he was waiting. He smiles at me and when he turns his attention to Lewis, I can immediately see that he wasn’t expecting my boyfriend to be as huge as he is. Oliver has seen Lewis before, but never this close - excluding the scene his wife made, no one paid attention to Lewis’s size during that- and appearances from a distance don’t give an accurate measurement. Still, the man smiles and welcomes us in, stepping aside as Lewis guides me in while unwrapping from me, leaving his hand on the back of my neck. Inside smells of spaghetti and chicken, Miss Parry can be heard humming from the kitchen directly next to the door but blocked by the small hall entrance. The walls are pretty white with pictures of the couple throughout the years and of family, there’s a place for shoes and the flooring is hardwood.

Oliver clears his throat and speaks, voice kind and polite. “I don’t think we’ve officially met, I’m Oliver, Sandra’s husband. You’re Lewis if I’m guessing correctly, right?”

Lewis nods, being as polite as he was given. “Aye. Lewis, Tommy Boys boyfriend. Nice ta meet ya.”

I grin as they shake hands, holding a laugh when Oliver starts asking about Lewis’s truck, the wheels, and engine, and other words I don’t understand. Lewis holds me to his side, I’m unable to move away from the mechanical conversation that grows as Oliver gets more into whatever Lewis is speaking of, something about a part he put in the truck. I have a heavy arm on my shoulder that traps me to the larger mams torso and whenever I attempt to sneak away, Lewis tightens his hold. I know what I’m supposed to do, but doing it in front of Oliver makes me nervous. Miss Parry most likely ranted to him about how controlling Lewis appears to her and asking permission from my boyfriend would probably prove her correct in the eyes of Oliver. Lewis continues the conversation he’s having, even as I’m working myself up to interrupt and ask to go see Miss Parry because I can’t participate in what they’re speaking of. He rubs my upper arm to give me a bit of attention and comfort but doesn’t allow me to slip free.

Miss Parry hasn’t come out yet, either not having heard us come in yet or had got distracted by whatever she’s cooking. I’m curious about what else she made because she never makes just one meal, she needs to make three; a small dish before dinner, then the main meal and dessert. I can safely guess she made my favorite meal, Chicken Parmesan, but what else? I hope it’s the Cowboy Caviar, that is surprisingly good considering I don’t necessarily like beans or corn, but everything mixes so well together. I’m hoping for cheesecake and cookies for dessert, and that Lewis will give me some or take pieces home with us. Miss Parry always lets me help with any baking, usually cookies since cheesecake doesn’t necessarily need to bake as far as I know, although I’m sure it needs to spend time in the oven.

She’s humming a different tune now, Oliver seemingly forgetting I’m here over his excitement to talk cars with another finally and Lewis is entertaining him by keeping the conversation going. After what feels like hours, it’s merely five or ten minutes, I work myself up to cutting in. Nudging Lewis’s side with my finger as I look up at him, instantly, he pauses his sentence to give me his attention. Looking down at me, his eyebrow raises in question even if he knows exactly what I’ll ask. Oliver pauses also, more in confusion before turning his eyes to me as if just now realizing I’m here.

“Thomas! I’m sorry, I completely got caught up hearing about Lewis’s truck. How have you been, we haven’t gotten to speak much, unfortunately.” The man apologizes sincerely, smiling and hugging me, to which I return happily.

I giggle at his admittance of getting distracted, not minding. “It’s okay, Oli. I didn’t understand a word of anything but I’m sure it’s very interesting. And I’ve been great, Lewis makes sure of it. How are you?”

Oliver grins at my words about Lewis, glancing up at the Scotsman as I feel a kiss be placed on my hair. “Oh, I’m well. Work is exhausting, but I wouldn’t change it. Sandra wanted me to tell you she’s in the kitchen, but she’s being quite loud, I’m sure you heard.”

He gestures to the wall behind him, laughing at Miss Parry’s humming. I laugh also, I had known that as soon as I walked in but I’d never tell my boss she’s being loud, that would earn me a scolding. I turn up to Lewis, hoping he takes my expression as the question it is. My boyfriend only holds my stare, amusement in his green eyes and I know he’s going to make me ask verbally. I’m not embarrassed to, even in front of Oliver, but I don’t want the man to think badly of Lewis. Although if Lewis doesn’t care what Oliver thinks, then I shouldn’t either, because I know Oliver won’t make a big scene as Miss Parry did, he’ll pull me aside and ask if everything is alright. Once I convince him that I love Lewis and not being abused, he’ll back off. Everything will be alright.

“Can I go see her?” I don’t say Lewis’s name, figuring it’s quite obvious that I’m asking my boyfriend. It isn’t.

Lewis answers, “Aye. Go ’head.“, at the same time Oliver does. The man seems surprised at the question even as he answers, speaking while Lewis does, “Of course, Tom.”

We all pause, Lewis’s chest vibrating as he stifles his laugh and my face going pink as Oliver glances between us, shocked. It’s much more embarrassing than it would’ve been if I had simply asked Lewis, said his name to make it clear. I didn’t think Oliver would answer, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that he would assume I was talking to him. The man’s eyes are wide and when he opens his mouth, Lewis takes mercy on me and my embarrassment, “Go see yer boss, Tommy Boy.”

Quickly, I rise on my toes to kiss Lewis’s beard-covered jaw and run off to the kitchen.


Dinner is great. Miss Parry and I serve the food, chicken Parmesan and the caviar I like to Lewis and Oliver when my boss announces it time to eat. We had all talked about work or different random things, Oliver taking interest in Lewis’s construction work and remodeling while Miss Parry was asking about Niamh and what she’s like when she isn’t threatening. Everything was calm and peaceful, they were respecting Lewis’s privacy as well as our privacy as a couple. My boss never pushed to get information about any dates or if I think Lewis is the one, didn’t tease me by questioning any sexual experiences I had with Lewis. It’s a lovely evening. Oliver and Lewis get along well, had even stepped outside to mess around with Lewis’s truck and Oliver’s motorcycle, after Miss Parry and I cleaned the dining table of plates and leftovers.

When dessert comes out, Lewis has me on his lap as we sit in the living room on the couch across from Oliver with a coffee table in front of us. Oliver smiles at me when I catch his eyes by accident, he doesn’t appear uncomfortable by our position or Lewis’s hand rubbing absentmindedly along my thigh. He throws me a thumbs up discreetly and I grin while my cheeks heat up, overjoyed that after what happened earlier, he still likes Lewis. Miss Parry indeed made chocolate cheesecake, setting the plate with the dessert on the table with a plate of cookies I helped make when the men were outside. She plates slices, handing a one to both Oliver and Lewis but pauses in handing me one when Lewis speaks up, once again pausing his conversation with Oliver.

“He’ll share with me.” I nearly whined, hoping he’d miss me receiving a plate and eating it. He did say share though, that must mean he plans on giving me some.

Miss Parry looks confused, however, she takes the plate for herself and hands out forks. Lewis makes the clinking noise soft and close enough to my ear for me to hear, and I quickly turn to look at him. He’s smirking, amused, yet sets the chilly glass plate with the slice on my hands. Voice low to be heard only by me, “Half, ya hear. No more.”

I eat slowly and happily, taking small bites to make my half last. Lewis chuckles at me, yet allows it and speaks to my boss and Oliver.


It’s nearing eight when Lewis decides it’s time to leave, taking the plates and dishes Miss Parry forces into his hands, my boyfriend promptly has me take some to carry. Oliver hugs me, whispering, ‘I like him. Good man, good for you. I’m happy you found him.’ and that just made the whole night even better. I leave with a huge grin, feeling lighter now that I know everyone accepts Lewis, especially after all the issues Miss Parry caused. Lewis smiles at me in the truck, kissing me deeply after placing the leftovers in the back seat. I don’t think the night could get better.

Then, halfway home, Lewis drops a bomb. Completely calmly, focusing on the road and rubbing my thigh. “Wanna move in with me?”

It takes about two minutes for me to process, my emotions going through shock, disbelief, then overwhelming happiness, before I practically shout, “Yes! I wanna live with you, are you stupid?!”

Lewis laughs, holding me tightly when I raise the armrest and slide against his side, kissing his cheek and hugging his waist with the biggest, cheek aching, smile I ever had.

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