Stray Master

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[Chapter Thirty Three]


Scottish/ Irish Translation -

Bollocks - literally means “testicles,” but is almost always used idiomatically

Gobdaw- A twit, hasn’t got their shit together and never will.

mo chridhe - my heart

Dadaí - Dad/Daddy

Pups - more than a brat, less than a prick

Mamaí - Mom/Mommy

A leanbh - my child

Halò - Hello


The past two months have been great, exciting, and incredibly hectic. It’s now August and all our time has been spent getting Lewis’s-our- apartment ready for me and my things, I had to handle the lease on my old apartment, which Lewis helped where he could. He and Seán fixed any issues the place had; leaky sink and some windows had problems lifting or locking, and the living room had cracks in the walls up by the ceiling. The landlord had been shocked when he walked in to see how I was handling packing, asking if I needed help, and had made a small scene when he told them they didn’t have to. He was trying to convince them that he could deal with the issues, the men didn’t let up on it. They wanted to do it and nothing would stop them. The landlord ended up paying them for the work, saying it’d be much easier to lease out now.

CeCe, Oliver, and Miss Parry came over to help me pack, all excited about the new step in mine and Lewis’s relationship. Miss Parry even hugged Lewis after kissing my cheek, much more sincerely apologizing to him and admitting that she was wrong. I have a good idea that Oliver helped her realize her mistake, as he had watched with a pleased smile and kissed her afterward. It was reliving to watch, I’m so happy that she came to see how Lewis really is and how I see him, that the Scotsman didn’t deserve all the words against him- and actions. My boyfriend patted her back awkwardly, sending me a wide-eyed look that had me laughing. I know he doesn’t forgive her, most likely never will and I understand, I’m still working on that myself. I’m proud that he’s tolerating her, giving her the chance to prove she had changed her opinion on him and our relationship. It’s all I could ask of him regarding her.

Ryan face-timed me a few days after packing started, apologizing that he couldn’t come and help me move into a new chapter with Lewis. He had school and his job and coaching, I hadn’t expected him to drop everything to come back down just for me. It means a lot that he even took his sleeping time from a busy schedule to call me and talk for some time. He called right before bedtime, eleven, and Lewis answered while I was in the shower. The Scotsman allowed me to talk to Ryan and catch up, sitting directly next to me on the couch watching a show on mute, not paying much attention to the conversion. My friend gave me news of him speaking to a nice boy he met during a free period in college, mentioning that the man is someone he’s interested in and wanting to ask him out. I’m incredibly delighted for him, he’s moving on and finding someone of his own. I can only hope this man returns Ryan’s feelings.

CeCe is also doing well in the dating game, her date Kat had come along to help my moving on some days. She extremely kind, even with all the piercings on her body and the tattoos that cover most of her tan skin. Her style fits with CeCe, her calm and thoughtful attitude evens out CeCe’s temperamental one. Kat got some side-eyed looks from Miss Parry, but Oliver always nudged her and gave her a look. I adore them together, CeCe is shameless like Lewis, and watching her touch and tease Kat in ways that had both Kat and myself blushing was humorous. Kat got along with everyone, Lewis and Seán had fun talking about tattoos with her, and Oliver was as polite as ever with her. She and I bonded over stories of CeCe, exactly how Ryan and CeCe bonded over me. It was enlightening to know how my friend acts with her partner, just as shameless but much more caring and showing as much love as she’s able without saying the words.

With the help of all of us, we had moved all my art supplies, clothes, and other things that I collected over the years. I had to throw some things away, I had no use for them and donated them. That box was mostly clothing with the odd product I bought on impulse, like a popcorn maker I never used. The end of June landed me with boxes in Lewis’s living room and me being fucked in the huge, comfortable bed to celebrate me moving in. Lewis moved any boxes labeled ‘Art’ into my little art space, told me to make it the way I wanted, and that he’d handle the clothes and anything else I had. It only took us a month because of work and we hung out with our friends, by the last week of July, we had everything put away and my things laid about the apartment. Lewis placed any pictures or nicknacks I had in the living room or bedroom, anywhere that had space. I love how our things sit together, everything is settled with care and it just brought the intense feeling of contentment and pure happiness. It was amazing, the sensation of stepping into a new chapter with a great man like Lewis. I almost cried from all the feelings, would have if not for Lewis picking me up and taking me on the couch.

The date is August Nineteenth, the day before Lewis’s birthday according to his brother. I wanted to do something meaningful for him since he had done so much for me, but I couldn’t think of anything that he’d love and remember for a long time. Telling Seán my issue, he gave me a brilliant idea for a present that would be memorable and something Lewis would greatly relish. The Irishman helped me with the gift, allowing us to split the cost and swearing that Lewis will appreciate the thought. I haven’t spoken to Lewis about it and he hadn’t mentioned his birthday, he most likely doesn’t celebrate it often or he just doesn’t see the point in it. This morning, I’m going to be waking Lewis up to get ready and warn him that he’s work free for the week; like his brother and I are. We have a time limit and I’ve been laying staring at his sleeping face, content.

Waking up with him next to me is something I’m used to, yet now it feels different. I don’t have my own apartment to return to, this view of messy-haired, softly snoring Lewis with thick arms wrapped around me is permanent for the foreseeable future. The safety I have with him will never again vanish in the emptiness of an apartment, I’m always surrounded by him and reminded when he leaves, he’ll back in a few hours or minutes. The voice of my mother haunting me has completely disappeared since I moved in, Lewis’s presence scaring it away. Any nightmares I had are gone, I get one occasionally, but they’re further apart than they were. Whenever they do happen, Lewis is always there to hold me and tell me everything will be okay, that he’ll scare or beat up anyone who aims to hurt me.

Unfortunately, I need to wake him up and get us dressed, if we miss the time Seán will be disappointed and I’ll be upset at myself. This is an important day and if we miss this, then who knows when he’ll be able to get the opportunity again. This idea is more for both of us and Seán, I’d like to do it and get there early. The Irishman said he’d ride with us and make sure Lewis is blindfolded the whole way through the building to not ruin the surprise. If Lewis struggles and makes blinding him difficult, I’m told Seán will give him a few light hits. Although I’m nervous about security stopping us and asking why he’s blinded, I’m hoping if that happens they believe our story.

Lewis is on his back, his hand up behind his head on the pillow. This leaves his armpit open near my head as I’m laying on his chest with my head tucked in his throat, I decided that he has slept enough and that his brother will be here in an hour or two. So, I climb on his hips to straddle him, earning a soft grunt when I accidentally sit directly on his cock a bit too hard. He doesn’t move or react besides that, sometimes it’s a pain how deep he sleeps. Placing my hands on his pectoral muscles, I start shaking him and calling his name, feeling slightly like a brat for it. He doesn’t even move, no noise or peek of his eyes.

Lewy!” I whine as I shake him again, “You need to wake up! This is important!”

His hand that was resting on his stomach, comes up to grip my wrist. The noise he makes could be a tired moan or a low grumble, it was too deep to hear properly. Green eyes stayed closed as he speaks, voice husky and rough, “Didn’t I tell ya notta wake me up like ’his, wee brat.”

Leaning down to peck his lips, I hum my agreement with that. “Yeah. But this is important, so get up.”

Finally, his eyes open to stare at me for a few long seconds. Then he sighs and sits up, the other hand coming to rest on my hip. “Well, speak up. What’s so important?”

“Can’t tell you,” I state as I sit up and jump off him onto the mattress, rolling off it to land on my feet on the floor.

Lewis scoffs, “Course ya can’t. Oughta give ya a good ol ’spank.”

He gets up though and lets me pull him to the shower, grumbling about waking up before any alarm, then before the sun comes up when he notices there is no sunlight. I turn on the light in the bathroom then the water, making Lewis sit on the toilet to be able to look at him without tilting my head up. Fishing our toothbrushes and paste, I force him to brush his teeth while I do the same, then demand, “Take a shower, then dress comfortably. Seán will probably be here soon.”

He raises his eyebrow at me, caught off guard at the order and the fact Seán is coming over this early in the morning. He doesn’t comment on it, allowing me to order him around and do as I please knowing I’ll explain or he’ll find out eventually. Merely stands to drop his sweat pants, leaving him completely naked since he didn’t put on underwear last night. It’s a tempting sight watching him carefully step into the shower, aware of his head as he dunks under the curtain pole. He doesn’t close the curtain, never does and I have to force myself to turn away when he chuckles. Since I took a shower last night, I make my way back to the bedroom to put on Lewis’s Deadpool sweat pants, knowing he won’t care if I wear his clothes, I steal another hoodie as well. Finding a travel bag is difficult, I look in the closet first, digging around in there for any bag big enough to hold both our clothes for a week. Eventually, I find two under the bed, both big enough for clothes and our bathroom products- toothbrush and brushes, etc.

I’m glad Lewis isn’t upset or bothered by me ordering him around and keeping something from him, it just shows he trusts me enough to listen and that he’s secure in his dominant role. He knows he’s still dominant over me, understands that sometimes Doms need to entertain their Suds when they feel like playing Dominant. That’s mainly what’s he’s doing, entertaining me by taking my orders and listening, allowing me to keep something from him. It’s nice to know that he’ll let me do this if I feel bratty or wanna mess with him by pretending to be Dominant, at least until he decides to show me who really is the dominant in the relationship. I can’t wait until we start the BSDM portion of our relationship, we have a small schedule and actions now, but once that becomes official then I’ll have a longer schedule, hopefully. I’ll ask to increase the cock warming sessions and to wear the collar we bought outside of the apartment until we get a permanent one.

We’ll explore much more in what we like and what works for us, find limits we may have not known we have, or something we both enjoy as we did with the cock warming and licking Lewis clean. We have time to learn and explore, and I hope we get there soon. It has been a year now and we agreed that we’d wait one whole year, now I’m just seeing if he’d say anything of it or if I’ll be the one to bring it up. I will after we get back, possibly the last day of where we’re going. I’m hoping he won’t make me wait another few months or even another year. Though I doubt Lewis will do that, he appears to want the same goal for our relationship currently; start that lifestyle.

By the time I have a week worth of clothes for the both of us packed and settled, Lewis walks in the bedroom completely naked and dripping from his hair. He eyes the bags and gives me a look that tells me exactly what he’s thinking; ‘What the fuck?’. Giggling at him, I shove a pair of black pajama bottoms and a zip-up hoodie with a thin t-shirt at his chest. “Here. Wear that, it’ll be a while and these are comfortable.”

He huffs in amusement, a little smirk on his lips. “Aye, will do. Gonna tell me where we’re goin?”

I shake my head while he pulls on underwear, the Jurassic Park sleep bottoms, and the shirt. “No can do, that would ruin the amazing surprise I got for you.”

“Surprise, huh? Bràthair in on ’his too?” he raises an eyebrow before throwing the hoodie on.

Right as I go to answer, the front door can be heard opening, and the Irishman’s voice rings out. “Ya better be up, ya bullocks.”

Lewis yells right back, “Thought I took ’hat key, Gobdaw!”

His brother laughs at that, the sound getting closer to the bedroom while I gather the bags in my hands to transfer them to the living room. Seán appears in the doorway, a smug smirk on his lips and in sweat pants with a zipped-up hoodie. He dangles a keychain from his finger, taunting like. “Ya did. Made myself a copy. Gotta get in if ya need help.”

My boyfriend scoffs but doesn’t comment on it, not seeming to mind his brother can come in easily if we needed him. I don’t care, Seán did it for safety reasons and I’m relieved to know that if something did happen to us, he’d be able to get in and help quickly. I follow them both through the hallway, making a pit-stop in the bathroom for our things to add to our bags, to the living room. The bags are placed next to Seán’s by the door, the men have moved into the kitchen while I do. Both barely fit in it standing up, but they maneuver around each other with skill and I assume they’re used to small spaces and having to be aware of the other.

“So. Where we goin? Tommy Boys packin, yer packed. He won’t say.” Lewis asks again, only earning another smirk from his brother.

The Irishman steals a water bottle from the fridge and a slice of meat their Mother sent. “Can’t spill, Tommy would ’ave my dear head.”

I laugh at that, shugging when they look over at me as I sit at the counter. “Just be patient, Lewy. It’ll be worth it, I promise.”


Once we leave the apartment, all locked up and safe, we spend around two hours on the road. The highway is busy, even at six in the morning and Lewis complains about the traffic. Seán forced my boyfriend in the back seat, that way he won’t get to see where we’re going. I’m sitting with him, held against his side with a heavy arm around my shoulders. Although, it’s when Seán stops the truck on the side of the road and hands me a blindfold, that Lewis puts up the most struggle. Instantly he curses his brother and snatches it from my hand to throw it back at the man, in order to distract him I kissed him roughly. It did the job, Lewis was distracted enough for me to sneakily place the blindfold over his eyes. As soon as he realized though, he pulled away from me and gave me a tiny pinch as punishment for tricking him. I had to beg him to keep it on for me, at least until we got settled where we should be.

Seán teased him the whole way to the busy building, I need to press kisses to his lips every few minutes to keep him calm, or as calm as can be. We help him out of the truck, gather our bags and walk into the crowded building once we get to our first destination. I have Lewis hold our bags and his brothers, so the Irishman can cover Lewis’s ears to avoid him hearing something he shouldn’t just yet. He complains still but lets me guide him through to the section we need to be in. People give us strange looks, yet continues on with their morning and security doesn’t stop us. The check they do gave Lewis an idea of where we are, I forgot about the bag check and the scanner, the Scotsman didn’t say anything though.

Soon, we’re in the waiting section sitting in hard, uncomfortable chairs with a group of others. Seán steps away to call someone to make sure everything is in order and throws me a thumbs-up as he speaks, knowing the plan is in order, I relax some and lean into Lewis. We eat some bad fast food from a small restaurant in the building before we’re finally called at Nine, me having to block Lewis’s ears, leading Lewis to follow the crowd after giving our tickets to the kind woman at the desk. It takes another few minutes to get settled in the correct seats, Lewis by the tiny window and his brother in the isle with me between them. Both of them are so tall that in order to be comfortable, they need to sit with their knee bending or put their feet as far under the seat in front of them as possible. Lewis’s knee is pressing against mine and Seáns is hanging out into the isles.

I take the blindfold off Lewis and earn a sweet little kiss for it, his hand automatically finding my thigh. Once he notices our surroundings he laughs, “If ya wanted a vacation, mo chridhe, I wouldda took ya somewhere.”

Smiling, I kiss his scratchy cheek. “I know, but I wanted to surprise you and Seán suggested something I knew you’d like.”

The flight attendant interrupts us, warning us to put the seatbelts on and prepare for take-off. I cover Lewis’s ears whenever she mentions the location we’re heading to, just in case he hasn’t figured it out. I clench his hand when I feel the plane start rumbling and warming up to start moving, I have never flown before and I’m nervous. Lewis grips my chin to turn my head to him, then kisses me senselessly and squeezes my thigh semi-roughly, it thoroughly distracts me, too focused on the feeling of his beard, coarse, and itchy but so good and softness of his lips. When he pulls away, I notice we’re lifting off and that the plane is shaking. Seán awes at us and nudges Lewis like an annoying brother does, with them bantering and Lewis’s constant touch, I can safely say the ten-hour flight will be a good time.


As soon as I see the attendant reach for the announcement phone, I cover Lewis’s ears to keep him from hearing. I wake him up from a nap in doing so and Seán laughs at the man’s disgruntled grumble, I kiss his jaw as an apology. I blindfold him again as we land, and assist him on the way off the plane, Seán steading his brother with a hand on his shoulder. Lewis grumbles and complains when I accidentally run him into something, cursing the Irishman when Seán merely laughs and doesn’t warn us. Getting our bags takes the longest, watching the slow-moving belt carrying luggage to people is tiring and I find myself dozing off leaning on Lewis for a few minutes. I’m nudged away by Seán, who gestures back behind him to the exit where people are meeting family here to take them home. I know who is supposed to be here and wake up right away, scolding myself for dressing so badly when I knew who I would meet.

Lewis carries the bags again as we make our way to the crowd to find our ride away from the airport, I see many tears and smiles and delighted faces on the way through. I can only picture how Lewis will react to seeing who’s here, I know it’ll be a good response no matter what, he hasn’t seen these people in years in person after all. Halfway through the crowd, I see a woman with a tight bun in her hair I had only seen through a screen standing with a tall older gentleman with a thick greying beard that I have merely seen once, I know both though, and wave to get their attention. As soon as the woman sees us, she’s limping as quickly as her cane allows, with assistance from the man. The closer we get, the shorter the woman gets, she’s a few inches shorter than me and barely reaches her husbands’ pectoral muscles.

Once in front of us, she rips the blindfold off, sending it flying with care in the world, and launches herself on Lewis, wrapping him in a tight hug. Blue eyes watering with joyful tears, “My lads! Ya come home! Oh, I ’ave missed my wee pups, I did, yer Dadaí to!”

Lewis goes wide-eyed at his mothers’ voice and looks down at her, immediately dropping the bags, he hugs her back, just as tightly and leaning down to wrap around her completely. The woman nearly disappears in his arms, they encircle her all the way, and his shoulder blocks her head from view. His voice is muffled, but I hear the “Mamaí. Missed ya, too. Everyday.“, he gives to her.

I grin, holding in any noise I want to make at the adorable scene when she pulls away, revealing a grin and some of her missing teeth, to reach up and grab his cheeks, pulling him down even more to kiss each side of his face. She’s being steadied by her husband’s hand on her back and Lewis’s light grip on her hips, Seáns hand is resting on her shoulder. Lewis is happy, immensely so according to the wide grin and green eyes unable to move from the older woman. Niamh scoffs, smirking as she pats his cheek. “Ya been eatin seeds, ’aven’t ya? Grown more than a tree, ya did. As tall as Dadaí, now.”

Lewis and the other two men laugh, “Was as tall as Dadaí when I left too, Mamaí. Nothin’s changed.”

She snorts, eyes bright and delighted. “Nah, my wee lad didn’t ’ave ’his ’hick ’hing.”

Niamh lightly tugs Lewis’s beard to make her point and Lewis laughs again, kissing her cheek and simply agreeing. “Aye, yer right as rain, Mamaí. As always.”

She nods, pleased. My boyfriend is moved down easily to get another kiss on his forehead before the mother moves to Seán to do the same thing to him, showing each equal love. Conner hugs Lewis once, tight enough I know he missed his son even if he doesn’t show the same amount of affection as his wife. His voice is exactly as I remember it, deep and rough, like a smoker’s voice. “Lewy, A leanbh.”

Lewis does the same, hugging his father tightly enough I imagine it’s on the verge of painful. “Dadaí.”

Directly after they part, Lewis takes me by my shoulders and situates me in front of him and his father, “Ya remember Tommy Boy, aye?”

Connar stares down at me with a light smile, he’s still intimidating, especially because he’s my boyfriends’ father. However, he’s also a kind man that had welcomed me into his family. “Aye, I do. Halò, Thomas.”

I shyly wave at him, “Hello, sir. It’s to meet you in person.”

He nods once, “It is. Niamh and I thank ya for bringin our boys back ’ome. It’s been a good while since we saw ’hem in the flesh.”

I go to disagree, Seán had this idea, I merely agreed. Niamh interrupts, coming to stand in front of me, gripping my cheeks and planting a kiss on my forehead. “No nonsense, now. Ya brought A leanbh home, both of ’hem. Thank ye for doin it.”

Then she glances down at my body, and scoffs, “boy must be starvin. Come, come, we’ll get ya ’ome for a big ol meal. What ya been feedin this lad of yers, Lewy? Skin and bones, he is!”

She takes me under her arm and uses me as support with her cane as she continues to scold Lewis for starving me as she walks us away from them. All three men laugh, Lewis deeply apologizing for neglecting me even if we both know he hasn’t. This week will be full of experiences, laughs, and fun, I can feel it.

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