Stray Master

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[Chapter Thirty Five]


Scottish Translation -

Bairn - Baby

Mo Peata - my pet

ghràdh - Love

Bonnie - Pretty/ Beautiful

mo chridhe - my heart

Names -

Tadhg (pronounced “tige”)

Cillian (Killian)

Dubheasa (pronounced “duv-eesa”)

Muireann (pronounced “mwir-in”)

Gearoid (pronounced “ger-oh-id”)


It’s been three days since we came to Ireland and It’s been the funnest time of my life. Lewis’s family is amazing and very accepting, even if they speak of marriage a bit too much. I understand they just want Lewis happy with someone he loves and that they approve of, I fit both bills for that thankfully. I’ve met everyone in the house, Niamhs four sisters and their husbands and the litters of children they have. I counted how many people either shook my hand, kissed my cheeks, shied away from me as a few little toddlers did, or hugged me. The count ended at twenty-five. The only people I haven’t been introduced to yet is Jack, Lewis and Sean’s older brother. The man had some work issues and his wife had been sick with a small cold the past few days, neither wanted to pass it on to the children in the house.

I’ve been spending my time in the kitchen with Niamh and Ethniu watching Lewis’s mother cook, I help unwillingly when both women force me off the seat at the small table in the corner of the kitchen. Both speaking of, “how are ya goin ta cook for Lewy if ya just watch? Gotta practice, ya do. Lewy is a big man, like his Dadaí, he eats a lot.“. I’ve been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Niamh along with some of her sisters or one of the older teenagers. Ethniu sits at the table and directs us, me. When I’m free from that, I sit on the porch with Lewis’s cousins and watch my boyfriend and Seán do farm work.

They clean the barns with other cousins and uncles, then saddle horses and herd a group of sheep into the smaller barn with Conner. I don’t see Lewis for a few hours after that, Eamon said they were shaving the wool off the sheep. He comes in all dirty with mud on his face and clothes, sweaty and in need of a shower around lunch, and the first thing he does is kiss me, no matter who is surrounding me. It makes me feel special and loved. Lewis never fails to remind me that he doesn’t forget I’m here with him and that he does really love me. I always find it cute how he gets possessive over me when a cousin playfully flirts with me, they only do it because of his reaction, yet it’s always funny when my boyfriend either picks me up and walks away or just forces me into a passionate kiss in front of them.

The first time Lewis went out into the fields to get the sheep, he came in to steal me away from his mother and grandmother, saying he had someone for me to meet. He took me to a larger barn and showed me a beautiful black horse that stood nearly taller than him, the animal was introduced as Chili, the horse from the story Lewis told me on our first date. It was special to me, mostly because he remembered our very first date when I was horribly nervous and that he told me stories of his beloved horse. It was sweet that he wanted me to meet the animal and seemed proud that I had recognized Chilis’s name. I was allowed to ride Chili with Lewis walking him around, telling me other stories, or explaining what he, Seán, and Conner will be doing. I enjoyed every moment of it, it was the first time I had ever ridden a horse, and Lewis being the one to walk Chili around by the lead only made me feel much safer than I already knew I was. Lewis wouldn’t allow me to fall or for chili to run off without him.

Yesterday, we took an old truck into the nearest town, Ennis, with Siobhan, Fionn, Eamon, and two others. Eighteen- year old Tadhg is the younger brother of Eamon and Cillian, eighteen, is the oldest of five- including himself, from Lewis’s aunt Dubheasa. We had to drive a good distance with some of the boys in the bed of the truck, but we got to Ennis by noon and they all dragged me to different places to give me a short tour of Ireland. Lewis had promised that one day, he’d bring me back and give me a real tour of the country and the different cities or towns. I had the best day, it was amazing to see new sights and experience something that Lewis loves, to hear different accents and smell scents that I wouldn’t smell in my city. I can understand why Lewis loves and misses this place dearly, not only is his family rooted here but the town we visited had people that knew him and had missed him. We ran into guys that had seen my boyfriend and greeted him with a tight hug or some playful curses, I had never seen Lewis so relaxed and genuinely happy around people that weren’t me and his brother, or CeCe.

It only hit deeper that America would never be his home. He had left family and friends when he followed his brother and he may have made a life there, made new friends, and have me, but it would never replace this. I’m happy that he met up with them and introduced to me old friends, proudly showing me off as we went on with a bigger group through the town. Yet I also felt a sour sensation of disappointment, or maybe something else, I didn’t like the sting my heart did. It was probably the realization that no matter where our relationship went, if we ever moved house or anything; it wouldn’t be where Lewis wants to be deep down. He misses Ireland, his family strongly and his heart will forever be rooted here. I can’t change that, nor do I want to. He loves me, I know this and that needs to be enough. It is enough.

When we got back to the house it was dark out, Lewis and Seán, and their cousins had to apologize for missing dinner, then Lewis had to calm his mother down when she started going on about making me miss dinner. Pointing out that he should feed me more and that I’m skin and bones. It was sweet and funny to watch Lewis simply agree with everything she said, swearing to feed me and that he was sorry, giving her cheek or forehead kisses to help calm her. Afterward, my boyfriend gave me a plate piled with warmed-up food. It looked like something he would eat, Lewis can clean off two big heaping plates of food, and the one he gave me was similar to his. He only smirked and watched me attempt to eat it, being thoroughly amused when I merely put a dent in it.

Everyone went to bed as it hit ten thirty, Ethniu and Niamh made sure of that. Conner assisted both women up the stairs to the second floor, the three of them going before anyone else. As soon as they disappeared off the stairs, the children ran up them and to each of their rooms, the teenagers followed then the parents. Lewis picked me up into his arms and followed his brothers’ path up them after everyone, Seán ruffling my hair as a goodnight and to hear me whine at him. Lewis changed me into some short shorts and one of his shirts then held me and talked until my bedtime at eleven, kissing my lips after telling me that he loves me.

The next morning, I’m laying on my stomach, one leg stretched out and the other bent up to my chest. The shorts I have on ridden up and show parts of my ass, but I’m too tired to care. We’ve been staying in Lewis’s old room on the fifth floor at the end of the hall, Seáns’ room is directly next to this one and the man had forced Lewis to swear that he wouldn’t do anything to me that would make me be loud. I blushed red and slapped Lewis’s arm when the man laughed, promising he would keep me quiet. The room is a decent size, bigger than our room at home with a small balcony to the back of the house overlooking the barn and first acre of land. It’s a pretty red color, not too deep or light, with a black sidewall where the bed is sitting.

I adore the bed, it’s huge and soft, so much so that I sink into it. I would even go as far as to say it’s better than the one at home. Lewis had laughed the first night here when I rolled around on it and moaned as if it was better than sex, rolling me up in a burrito with the thick blankets before holding me like a body pillow. I go to sleep with him and in the mornings he wakes me up with kisses, I get to cuddle him before his father comes to get him to work. Lewis always tightens his hold on me then kisses me passionately, promising he’ll be back as quickly as possible.

This morning, Lewis was woken up by a younger cousin, Muireann, she is a little seven-year-old and shy. Lewis had been on his stomach over me, his chest pressed into my back with a thick thigh between my legs and his arms possessively tightened around my waist. His back turned to the door and I know for a fact that the blankets barely laid over his boxer-covered ass because my legs were showing and I had to cover my hips to keep from accidentally traumatizing the little girl. Though, she probably already is considering she saw her older cousin nearly bared ass first thing in the morning, not to mention seeing him in a position that suggestive. She needed to walk around to my side of the bed to be able to see his face, which was tucked into my shoulder blades.

She had shyly called his name and tapped his shoulder a few times, but being the heavy sleeper Lewis is, he hadn’t even stirred at the touch or sound of his name. She had woken me up in her attempt and I helped, elbowing Lewis’s ribs enough to gain attention and subtlety rolling my ass into his abdomen. My boyfriend grunted, and the little girl tapped him again while saying his name. That got his attention, woke him enough for her to explain that her father wanted to speak to him. With that Lewis had kissed my neck and temple, saying he’ll be back after seeing what his uncle Gearoid wanted.

That was probably an hour ago, I fell asleep directly after he climbed off the bed and recovered my waist with the blankets. I’m between sleep and being awake, my head is pleasantly peaceful and quiet, body relaxed and fully ready to fall unconscious again on the fluffy soft pillows. I’m vaguely aware that the blanket had shifted to only cover my stomach and waist, my hips, ass, and legs in full view. A thought passes through my head that I should fix it, but then my eyes close and I decide sleep is a better idea. A sigh escapes and I’m nearly fully gone from being conscious, yet the bed dips, and I’m surrounded by a warmer body as Lewis slides back into his previous position. Kisses press onto my skin softly, starting from my shoulder to my jaw and I hum my agreement to this while keeping my eyes closed. I hear Lewis chuckle, a large hand inching down my torso to my hips where he removes the blanket and continues past my ass to my thigh.

He rubs it and squeezes gently, slowly, even sensually, shifts my bent leg further up. The action has my hips moving as well, being moved to lay fully on my front with my hips touching the mattress. My boyfriend covers me entirely, laying just right to where he can reach my neck and his hips aline with my ass. Usually, with our height difference, his belts or cock dig into the middle of my back and I can’t grind my ass into him unless we lay down or sit. Feeling his semi-hard cock is pleasant and I automatically roll my ass along it, my lips twitching into a small smile when he lightly grunts. His weight on me is heavy but pleasant, giving me comfort and safety sensations as well as making me simultaneously aroused and sleepy. His hands gently feel me, sliding along my legs or going under my shirt to pinch and pull at my nipples, even sneaking under my shorts to knead my ass cheeks. All the while, little kisses, and licks are given to my neck, patches of skin on my shoulders are sucked and lightly bitten to drag small, tired moans from my throat.

“Ya tired, Bairn?” Lewis asks against my ear, breath warm, beard and teeth are sharp as he nips softly at my earlobe.

I only hum again, nodding my head on the pillow slightly. He chuckles against my skin, delivering another kiss to my jaw as his hands find the waist of my shorts and underwear, beginning to pull them down over my thighs, if a little rolled together from one leg being bent. I have a feeling of what he’s doing and I’m all for it, one of my kinks is sleep sex after all, and I’m half asleep. Lewis is merely doing what he said he’d do, explore my kinks with me, this is as new to him as it is to me and I’m happy he’s doing it while I’m still conscious; if barely. I feel him lower his boxers, the only thing I’ve felt on him since he returned then let out a quiet whine when he slowly grinds his bare cock along my ass.

Even though my own cock is hard from arousal, the rest of my body is completely slack; serene to whatever Lewis does. It still attempts to drag me back to sleep, not giving a single care that Lewis is pressing his hips down intending to fuck me whether or not I’m fully awake. I love it. Not only because we’re finally trying out that one kink that makes certain people bristle and claim it’s something horrible, but because it shows just how confident Lewis is in our relationship to do it. This takes a lot of trust on my part and I had already asked for it, implied that I wanted to have him fuck me during my sleep. However, it also involves Lewis’s trust in himself. He needs to be able to be patient and calm himself if he feels he’s being too rough or handling me in a way he doesn’t like. He needs to stop if I wake up or, when I’m half out of it like now and tell him I don’t want to continue. This shows me he has actually put thought into the idea and trusts he can take care of me.

Lewis caresses my ass with one big, warm hand, softly squeezing and rolling it in his palm. His other hand slides along my hip and side, his mouth keeping up with sweet kisses and pleasant sucks or nips. He shifts his hips to allow me to feel his cock at the crease of my ass cheek and thigh, giving me more than enough warning of what he’s planning. Even so, he still speaks in a gentle whisper along my throat, beard scratching at my skin. “Ya want ’tis? Don’t needta do it, not if ya don’t want it.”

I tiredly nod, eyes staying closed and leaning back into him. “Wan’ it.”

His lips lift into a smile on my skin, placing another kiss below my ear. He lifts off me, chuckling at my little displeased whine as I cuddle into the pillow and blanket. I can hear him open a plastic bag then he’s back, popping the cap of what I assume is lube. Lewis returns to his spot on me, hand petting up my shirt along my spine. His voice is still in a whisper, not wanting to completely mess up the peaceful and unrushed atmosphere. “Gonna be cool.”

For a moment, I don’t understand why he warned me of that. Lewis is a furnace and when hard, his cock is like lava inside me. I’m loose enough from dealing with his high sex drive that I don’t need to be prepared, so it takes a few seconds of my fuzzy brain to catch up. I understand when I hear the tail-tale sound of something being squirted from a bottle, he’s lubing his cock to make the slide more easy. He doesn’t put an excessive amount considering the time it takes to do it and the fact I only hear him rubbing himself two quick times. When he lays back down into position and places his cock at my hole, I clench and groan at the cool sensation. Lewis huffs a small laugh and wraps around me in the illusion to warm me up, while pushing in slowly, making me feel every inch.

My breath hitches and a long, quiet mewl escapes my throat. The gradual fullness that overtakes me creates such a deep stated sensation of owned and good, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such an intense calmness and freeing sentiment; except for the first time we did the cock warming sessions. My body doesn’t tense or twitch away from Lewis, rather I stay completely plaint under him and his leisurely pace, grinding thrust. He doesn’t pull his pelvis from my ass, doesn’t fuck me as he would when we’re at home and I’m begging for it, merely grinding his cock into me and keeping close. There’s no rush, no overwhelming need to release and the air around us doesn’t feel heated as it normally does when we have sex. This isn’t fucking, I don’t want to call it sex because it simply doesn’t feel like it is even if he is inside me. Calling it making love sounds awkward to me, someone always rolls theirs at the term and CeCe down right cringes, but I have no better comparison to what this is.

Whatever it is, I love it and want more. Lewis’s weight over me, feeling his body slide against my back as his torso rolls with the movement of grounding his cock deeper in my clenching hole, brings a gratifying realization that he’s using me. Giving me pleasure from doing what I told him I enjoyed; serving him even while asleep or close to it. Lewis is going about it in a sweet, loving way and if someone walked in on us, they would probably think just that; that it’s sweet. I find it even more enjoyable that I know Lewis is using me to get us both off, in different ways. He’s taking my body to get off and I’m getting off on the fact that I’m serving him without even doing anything, he came back to the room and wanted me, so he’s taking me because he can. I have no doubt that he loves me and would do this again when I’m more awake, it is pleasurable and we both like it.

The Scotsman has his face pressed close at where my neck and jaw meet, breathing heavier but calm and relaxed, hands continuously petting me, ignoring my hard cock under me that has been stuck between the sheets and my abdomen, leaking on the once cleaned black fabric. He doesn’t whisper anything against my skin, only placing soft kisses here and there while his hands roam my tired, plaint body. Not once does he increase his pace, his hips don’t move further away and his cock never slips free. I can feel every thick inch and it draws tiny whimpers or moans when he grounds back down, forcing his cock to brush my prostate. It pulls another mewl, slightly louder than the others and I feel myself wake just a bit more than I was.

Lewis must sense it from the volume difference of my sounds because he slows even more, barely pulling an inch back before he pushing deeper. A warm hand, large and firm appears on my hair, fingers massaging my scalp and petting me like would a beloved pet. He clicks his tongue, the sound getting my attention and clearing some drowsy fuzziness of waking up, I’ve heard it so much in the time we’ve been together that it’s been engraved in me to listen to any words that come after. The voice he uses is the softest I ever heard from him, a mere whisper, and I nearly miss his words as he shushes me. “Calm, mo peata. Such a good boy for me, go on back ta sleep, I’ll take care of ya.”

With the combination of his hand and voice, I relax into the mattress and sink back into the state of between sleep and awake, listening to Lewis’ words and knowing he will take care of me. Smiling tiredly as I feel him kiss my cheek and murmur another, “Good boy.”

Being called that will always be my favorite thing that Lewis says, the words sound like heaven and the meaning behind them is even better than sex. I love being a good boy for Lewis, doing what he tells me, and knowing I’m pleasing him, that he approves of whatever I’m doing. It never gets old and if anything, it gets better every time I hear him say it; like another way of saying that he loves me. Lewis doesn’t stop the languid grind of his cock, the motion of our bodies seemingly rocking me back into the peaceful half-aware haze. My eyes haven’t opened at all, self-blindfolded one could say, and it allows to me focus on the sensations of Lewis’s weight on me, breathe on my skin, and warmth inside me, bringing another sense of safety and arousal.

I don’t know how long we’ve been in the same position, it feels like hours of the same unhurried short thrusts and soft atmosphere, but eventually, Lewis starts grazing my prostate and whispering in my ear about how I’m doing so well in serving him. So well in being all soft and plaint, allowing him to do what he wants; hoe he’s proud he has such a good lad to service him and I very quickly feel myself get heated in the only way that comes when I release. The very idea of servicing him in this way is arousing, but feeling him do it and hearing how much he likes it, how much he enjoys using me, and letting me experience this, brings me extreme pleasure. The longer he speaks, pushing his cock impossibly deeper and deeper, the closer I get. My cock is being ignored, has been since this started, and besides the pressure of being stuck between me and the mattress, I have no friction.

It doesn’t stop me from coming though, moaning lowly into the pillow as I make a spot on the sheets. Lewis pets me through it, hand running over my bent thigh and along my spine as he continues, not speeding up even when I hear his breathing increase slightly and feel him tense. He only stops when he grunts into my shoulder blades, cock buried in me to the hilt. A quiet mewl escapes my throat from the warmth that spills into me from his twitching cock, my own twitches in response to it and my body seems to relax even more into Lewis and the mattress. Lewis stays over me, wrapping his arms around my waist, and suddenly flipping us away from the mess I made. He’s now laying on his back with me on him, cock still inside me. Although he sits up and lifts me off, that earns a whine from me as I quickly turn around on his lap, kicking away my bottoms and his boxers.

Once I’m facing him, I sit back down on his cock, pushing any cum that had begun to drip out back in. He grunts, chuckling, yet allowing me to push him back down on the clean side of the bed and lay on his chest. I tuck my head under his chin, smiling when he rests his arms on my back, hand kneading my ass and teasingly pressing where his cock meets my hole to make me clench and hear the whine I release. We don’t speak for a few minutes, each calming down from the short intense high from coming. He only kisses my head and relaxes into the pillow, nails lightly scratching my skin.

After maybe five minutes, he speaks. Voice louder than a whisper yet still quiet considering I’m laying on him. “Ya like ’hat, ghràdh?”

I nod against his collar bone, eyes closed, and blissfully stated. “Yeah, I loved that. Did you like it?”

“Aye, was good. Liked it very much. Ya did good, Bonnie.” He nuzzles his nose on my hair and I squeeze my arms on his sides in an attempt to hug him.

“Thank you for doing it. I know it’s something weird, but I’m happy I finally got to do it and that you were the one to do it.”

Lewis sqeeuzes my asscheek, “Yer welcome, Tommy Boy. We’ll do more of it since we both like ’hat. But we needta talk bout it more.”

I nod at that, understanding that it’s a serious step in our sexual activities. Better to talk it through than something going wrong, go over limits and do’s and don’t. I like that we’re starting to do more things like this, like yet another step in our relationship and it’s only a matter of time before we can look at the list of kinks I have. Lewis stays silent for another few minutes and I sigh contently at just being in this position, filled deliciously and held tightly.

I’m thrown off a bit at his tone when he speaks again, firm and searching, yet still keeping a caring undertone to it. “Gonna tell me ’hat ya been thinkin bout?”

I blink, confused, and have to think back to if I said anything or did something for him to ask this. I come up blank. “Huh? Lewy, what do you mean?”

He rubs my back soothingly, “Yesterday. Ya seemed down, sad. Was like ’hat a few days ago too. Tell me what yer thinkin.”

It hits me that he means when we went out with his brother and cousins to the town, he’s asking about what made me depressed for a few moments. I don’t want to tell him, it makes me sound selfish and that’s embarrassing. Him missing his family is expected, missing Ireland is too. It’s just the thought of me not being enough to make him happy in America that hurts and I know that doesn’t make sense; he’s lived there long enough to have a life with new friends and if he wasn’t happy, he would’ve come back. I can’t lie to him, not about anything, but especially my feelings. He deserves to know what his boyfriend is feeling and if it affects our relationship.

Ashamed, I hide in his shoulder as I ramble. “It’s stupid. I just- I know this is your home and you miss your family and that’s perfectly fine! They’re amazing! But I was thinking about how America wasn’t your home, your home is here with them and that your heart will always be here. Our home won’t ever be your home. America won’t either. I just thought that no matter where we end up, it won’t be where your heart is and that’s stupid and selfish. I know-”

Lewis clicks his tongue and I instantly pause my word vomit, taking a breath to calm myself. He places another peck on my head a small reward for stopping and he continues rubbing my spine calmly. His tone is stern, strong, and demands to be listened to; domineering. “Look at me.”

My head raises up without even processing the demand and he runs a hand through my hair. “Don’t say yer feelin’s stupid, it’s not.”

It’s the first thing he addresses and I don’t have time or am given the chance to explain why I think that before he’s continuing, stopping any attempt at speaking I want to make. “I do miss Ireland, my family. Love’em. ’His is my home. But I love ya and our home, too. America may not be a home ta me, the persons there are, ’hat I got there is. Yer my home, Tommy Boy. My heart can be here and wherever we go, ya understand, boy?”

It’s blunt, straight to the point, and pure Lewis way of explaining. I process it as fast as possible and sit up to look down at him, feeling his cock slide along my walls as I do. He’s watching me with serious green eyes, dark eyebrows raised at my sudden movement, and rests his hands on my hips. I search for a sign that he’s lying, any twitch or glint in his eyes but there’s nothing. He isn’t kidding, or saying this to make me feel better; he actually believes his words. “Y-you mean that? I’m your home?”

He smiles, pulling my hair softly to guide my torso down to lay back on his chest. His thicker beard is coarse as he kisses my lips, “I do, aye. Been it for a while, mo chridhe.

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