Stray Master

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Hi, Author here

Hello! There's going to be a change on this book, it will be Patreon. There may or not may be updates after people on Patreon get the fully edited version, I haven't decided. There will be one more chapter before I start to post on Patreon.

But yes, Patreon and I feel bad about doing this, yet I need to. I need a little extra money and really wish to jump start a writing career, on Patreon I'd be able to work towards getting supplies to manage my stories- Such as a laptop and hopefully to a healthier space as I'm currently in a bad environment.

So, I have set up some Tiers on Patreon I hope people will like. If others have ideas for them, I'll consider making changes.

Tier One -
Patreon only posts and messages - I'll update on whats happening with stories or my life, schedules for stories and such things like that

Access to Chapters

Chapters would be posted after the other tiers on Mondays.

Tier Two -

Request for events in chapters - ideas may or may not end up in a chapter or story you want but I'll my best to include it somehow, especially if it seems like it'd be good in the context of the plot or characters.

Chapters would be posted before Tier One and after Tier three on Sunday's.

Tier Three-
Writing Commissions -
request anything for me to write it

Voting power - mainly for covers to books but there may be more things to vote for

Early Access - eariler updates and rough drafs/chapter notes

Posted On Saturdays, Before both other tiers

If you decide to support me, thank you so much! If not, that is understandable and I thank you for reading what is here!


I forgot to add a small thing an Instagram I made for updates to stories and Halloween shit, if your interested it's
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