Stray Master

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[Chapter Thirty Eight]


Scottish Translation -

mo chridhe - my heart


Two weeks after we start the new rules and our lifestyle is when Lewis decides we need more food, laundry, and bathroom supplies, and if I’m good at the store he said we’ll get some art stuff for me. I was told to wait for him at one of the tables near the door of the café, as it’s Wednesday. Usually, I’ll be allowed to roam around after I get off as long as Lewis says it’s okay before he drops me off or in a quick text; help Miss Parry with things, or simply sit in the staff room while CeCe gets ready and gossips about this or that. Today he wants me to be able to see him or find me quickly, wanting to beat any traffic or crowds in the store.

The last few weeks have been amazing, for me and our relationship. Everything feels natural, which I can assume is either a sign of how compatible Lewis and I are with each other or simply the time we took to wait and get to know each other. The simple fact is that I’ve been much happier with the way our relationship is going, Lewis is an amazing dominant and while he hasn’t necessarily needed to get very strict or give out punishments just yet, I can tell he’ll be ready to do so. He’s a firm dominant and won’t let me slack on my chores or any instruction he gives, which pleases me beyond measure because I get the owned sensation and I know he’ll be exactly what I was searching for in a Dom. He keeps me on my schedule and if I waste minutes on something, he scolds me and makes sure I do everything else within the time I have.

I haven’t tested the limitations of any rules yet, had not purposely gotten a punishment to see how hard or intense Lewis will be, but it’ll happen. Every submissive tests their dominants, no matter what. Lewis knows I’ll do something, whether that be disobeying an instruction or right out breaking a simple rule. I don’t have a craving for any punishment currently, I like the way we’re going and the learning curve of understanding my schedule and the organization of how I spend my time. Even though I absolutely love Lewis managing my time, it’s still a thing to get used to after so long of having no one do it for me and I need to learn how to get accustomed to having zero control, to let Lewis do everything. I had agreed, even mentioned some more acts I didn’t want control over and Lewis agreed to those. We both understand how we want our relationship and power balance to be, and Lewis is taking it easy on me to allow me to get more accustomed to the new extreme lifestyle change.

So far nothing punishment worthy has happened, Lewis is aware I’m adjusting and will give verbal scoldings. He has me texting him on my days off if I went past a time limit on my painting or any chores, showering. As soon as I realized I spent forty minutes over the hour I had to paint, I texted Lewis and got a stern talking-to from him when he called me and I was instructed to make alarms on my phone for every time-limited action I have. That’s helped me greatly, now whenever I get distracted by what I’m doing my alarm goes off and I’m reminded of my next action. When Lewis is off work and at home with me, he’ll act as my alarm by clicking his tongue and simply saying ‘next’, it makes me have to remember what action comes next and helps me better.

The collar is one of my favorite parts of finally starting our power dynamic. I’ve worn it all day every day unless Lewis takes it off for me to shower or sleep. Playing with the tag comforts me and helps remind me that Lewis will be back home when he leaves for work. Lewis always smiles when he notices me messing with it and will chuckle when I snatch his hand, hook his finger through the circular ring and lightly tug his wrist to feel the pull. It nearly always works to get him pulling me closer and kissing me. There are only a few mishaps with it, mainly Miss Parry. While CeCe knows what it’s for, she just sees it as a fashion thing because she wears big chokers and collars all the time. Ryan was happy for me but had also spoken of his dislike, not loving me wearing a collar so early into the BDSM dynamic. Oliver didn’t connect it to Lewis, simply stating he liked my new style.

Miss Parry, on the other hand, knows exactly what it is and has made her displeasure known. The first day back at work she had seen Lewis kiss me by lightly tugging the collar, as he knows I greatly enjoy, and she had dragged both of us to the staff room. My dominant looked close to giving her a piece of his mind while she ranted about how it was unhealthy and inhumane for me to wear a collar, ‘He’s not a dog!’. Lewis had this expression of pure done and simply leaned against a locker with his big arms crossed and waited. Although when it became clear she wouldn’t take a breather, he interrupted her.

“Tommy Boy. Do ya like yer collar?”

My boss had stopped in her shock of someone interrupting and looked at me, waiting for me to agree with her and go against Lewis. I eagerly nodded, “Love it, feels nice. I wanna wear it.”

Lewis smirked at Miss Parry’s gasp and wide eyes, she couldn’t believe I would enjoy something common in BDSM, even with the research she did. I was kissed again before the Scotsman stated he had to go, that someone made him late for work, staring my boss down to make it clear who he was speaking of. Miss Parry scowled at him and rolled her eyes. My boyfriend ignored the disrespect, merely pressing a quick kiss to my lips and leaving to make it to work without wasting more time. My boss had gone on again after he left, saying I didn’t need to say I liked it for Lewis or that I’m not an animal to be collared. It got old fast and after a whole day of listening to it, I snapped at her before Lewis arrived to pick me up. I made sure she knew I was the one to pick the collar, the one to ask to wear it, and how much I love it. In the end, she looked at me as if I was a stranger and simply shook her head.

I want to show her how common it is to wear a collar, how most submissives wear one unless they don’t agree to it, as some don’t like collars. From what I’ve seen or read, collars are common and have a special meaning. She thinks Lewis forced me into my collar, that he thinks of me like a dog; when he doesn’t. He may have bought the collar for me to go to a club, but I’m the one to ask if I could wear it once we started our dynamic. I don’t know how to show her this though, maybe Lewis can think of something. It’s a good bet he’ll just tell me to ignore her or let him deal with her since he doesn’t care what she says, but there’s a chance he’ll entertain me and do something.

Miss Parry and Lewis haven’t fought in a while, not like in the beginning. My boss hasn’t done anything against Lewis and my boyfriend hasn’t insulted her, since the dinner we all had, they’ve been respectful to each other. Now though, whenever Miss Parry sees Lewis, she gives him a stern glare and seems to purposely try to ruffle any temper he may have. She likes to annoy him by speaking badly about my collar or the way he’s caring for me, going back to saying he’s abusing me by taking control of my life. She must’ve overheard me talking to CeCe about what Lewis and I discussed, and decided she didn’t like it. Lewis always ignores her, no matter how far she digs at our relationship or his status at being my dominant and having my consent. I know he wants to snap, raise his voice and intimidate her into shutting up, telling her he isn’t abusive. He won’t, because he knows I wouldn’t like it.

However, she’s pushing her boundaries yet again and insulting our healthy, functioning, consenting relationship and Lewis’s ability to dominate and care for me. Lewis is great, at being a boyfriend and now being my Dom, he is caring for me and keeping me happy, healthy, and maintaining a good lifestyle. He is doing everything right and what we both consented to. Being a dominant is hard, especially all day every day Doms like Lewis, he had taken every worry I had on his shoulders and agreed to handle anything we needed to do. Lewis doesn’t need Miss Parry ranting and annoying him simply for being a Dominant and caring for me, it only makes him angry, and he doesn’t allow me to see his rage. He always leaves the room if he knows he’s too riled up. He’s now tense when we come home, any words against him by my Boss lingering and it takes a good hour for him to relax. It’s interrupting our learning curve and peacefulness.

Lewis will fix it as long as he knows I’m okay with him snapping at her verbally, I know he won’t hit her, she hasn’t pushed him hard enough. Maybe Lewis himself raising his voice at her will get her to shut up, seeing as CeCe or Seán couldn’t get her too. Oliver tried as well, not fully realizing why his wife was upset at Lewis as no one told him about us being in a BDSM relationship, I didn’t want him to think badly about the community from things he heard since most people think it’s abusive, thought it better for him to see how happy I am in my relationship without knowing the ins and outs of it. I should’ve done the same to Miss Parry.

It’s been a busy day with a longer line than what we’re used to, I’m tired and want a good long nap after we get our shopping done. CeCe is staying with me until Lewis arrives, wanting to make sure Miss Parry leaves me and my collar alone, she doesn’t seem to mind that I’m nearly asleep as I rest on my hand at the table we’re at. She’s talking about Kat and a date they went on to some new club, going on and on about how she loved the Vampire theme with all the fake blood and gothic décor. I lost most of it five minutes ago, eyes drooping and sleepiness taking over. Miss Parry has yet to come from the kitchen to bother me and it’s peaceful, just listening to CeCe’s voice and the murmur of the few students here to study, almost perfect to take a nap.

I get five more minutes of it before it’s interrupted by a welcomed sound, the obnoxious noise of Lewis’s truck getting closer to the building. CeCe laughs when I perk up, looking out the window for the rusted, huge wheeled truck to come into view. She catches my wrist when I start subconsciously messing with the tag on my collar, smirking when I blush. I finally see Lewis’s truck park, barely in view of the window and I can only see the front seats, but I know he’ll be inside any second now. Unfortunately, I notice CeCe’s smirk slide into a frown as she gazes over my head and I turn to follow her eyes, curious as to why she appears annoyed. Sighing a long, suffering sigh, my shoulders sag as I watch Miss Parry lean against the counter after handing a student his coffee, arms crossed and watching the door. It feels like she’s after Lewis again for something she believes is wrong, just as she did when she met him.

I’m nudged by CeCe as the bell on the door dings and I turn my attention to it, seeing Lewis completely ignore my boss to walk straight to me with a grin. He’s covered in dark grease or oil, some light-colored dirt sticking to it with his beard hair tangling from where the fluid dried in the sun. His large hands have been washed, from the faint spots I see, yet they’re still stained with the dark liquid, under his short nails to his wrist is stained with a brownish-black color. His plaid button shirt is dirty as well, it looks like whatever he got into had spilled over and got on his shirt and pants. His hair is freshly washed, it’s down over his eyes and ear and still damp. The Scotsman gives CeCe a fist bump when she offers her fist, his other hand landing on my shoulder and squeezing gently.

“Hey, Beefcake Master. Did ya fall in an oil tank?” Is the first thing she asks, smiling slightly when Lewis leans down to kiss me before answering with a laugh.

“Nah. Some crawler crane went and broke down, had ta fix it and fuck with the oil and engine. Damn tank done well spilled on me.” Then he looks down at me, hand sliding to the back of my neck, and lightly tugs my collar with a finger. “How’d yer day go, Tommy Boy? Ready ta go to the store?”

We both agreed that saying his title, ‘Master’, in front of Miss Parry was a bad idea. She’s making a big deal out of simply seeing my collar, hearing me call Lewis Master wouldn’t go too well, even if she knows well enough that we’re in a BDSM relationship and that she did her research on it. So, I don’t add the respectful title to my answer, as I normally do. “Yeah. I’m really tired though, it was very busy today and all the people wore me out.”

He nods, giving me another short squeeze to the skin on my neck, smiling when I lean into his palm. “We’ll take a nap after we get on home, am tired myself. Both taken showers, ain’t gettin inta bed like this.”

I smile and stand up, feeling him adjust his arm around my waist and pull me into his side, pressing a quick kiss to my hair. I can’t say anything, to show that I’m happy and thankful that he’s allowing me a short nap despite my schedule, because CeCe clears her throat and nods her chin behind us. I peek from Lewis’s upper arm and board shoulder only to watch as Miss Parry comes to a stop behind him, who hasn’t even moved to turn around to greet her. He looks over his shoulder but merely continues to ignore her, he knows she’ll rant at him again and won’t give her the attention she wants from him. He turns back to CeCe, giving her another fist bump then looking down at me.

“Got everythin’? We’re leavin’.” It’s a statement, he’s trying to get out before she gets the opportunity to open her mouth and make me upset with her words.

Glancing back to my boss, she’s glaring at Lewis’s shoulder and has her arms crossed, looking annoyed he won’t turn toward her as she wants to speak to him face to face. It has to stop, they were doing so good in tolerating each other and she throws it away yet again because something we do doesn’t fit her image. The last person to attempt to make her stop and accept what I wear or what we do would be Lewis. He’s stopped himself from snapping at her and while I appreciate it, he may need to show her how bothered he is and raise his voice just as she did to him. Miss Parry had her shot at shouting and yelling at him, it’s his turn now. With that in mind, I don’t feel bad for basically releasing Lewis on her.

I tug his dirty beard lightly, it’s not necessary because he already has his attention on me, but I like doing it. He smirks and raises his eyebrow, leaning closer when I pull him down to be able to whisper to him, not wanting Miss Parry to hear and interrupt, which she may just do anyways. His hold tightens on me when my boss fakes a cough, as though that would make Lewis turn around. Keeping my voice low, making sure only Lewis can hear me, “Can you make her stop, Master? She’s not listening to anyone else and you might scare her or something.”

Lewis stares at me for a long second, watching me for any sign I might change my mind in what I’m asking. Then he confirms, “Ya want me ta go have a talk with her? I’ll be raisin hell with her.”

A short giggle escapes my throat, though I know he’s serious and he smiles at the sound. I nod, feeling a pout slowly appear on my face. “Yeah, I know. It’s only fair you get to talk to her like she does you. I’m just tired of her voicing and trying to force her opinion on us, especially about my collar.”

With my explicit consent, Lewis doesn’t hesitate. He kisses my lips and stands straight, gently pushing me to sit back down in my seat next to CeCe, “I’ll try, mo chridhe. Sit right down and wait for me. I’ll make it quick, got important t’ings ta do.”

Behind Lewis, I can see Miss Parry open her mouth to say something that would force Lewis to pay attention to her words. Yet my boyfriend turns around and she appears pleased with this until he speaks, voice clearly not asking a question and not at all gentle, all underlying anger and annoyance. “I’m gonna talk, yer gonna listen. C’mon.”

Never have I seen such a shocked Miss Parry as I do when Lewis demands this of her and walks straight past her towards the staff room, my boss is left blinking at his back before she gathers herself and follows, having no idea what she’s in for. She thinks she’ll manage to talk over him and speak her mind, however, Lewis won’t allow that. He can be firm and serious when need be and this is one of those times, he won’t let her speak over him, making her listen until he decides he has said his piece. I’m happy he’ll finally be able to speak up about what she’s been doing, he doesn’t need to hold back his words or worry about upsetting me now that I’ve asked him to do something about it. I know I’m mainly the one that held him back, he didn’t want to upset me and possibly risk our relationship by outright snapping at my mother figure. Yet I also know she simply hadn’t pushed him that hard or far, accusing him of abuse was cutting it close but not just enough.

I don’t know how long it is that they stay in the staff room, CeCe having distracted me from paying much attention by speaking about nearly everything and lightly smacking my wrist when I stare at the door for too long. She makes me listen and notice how she is making plans for our small group- her, me, and the brothers- to go to the movies or a new club since I’m now interested in them. She’s not asking me directly if I want to go, simply stating she’ll ask Lewis if we’ll go with her and Seán. It makes me realize she’s been doing it since I told her about us starting our lifestyle, changing the way she makes plans, and speaks about me or Lewis. She’s more respectful of Lewis also now after finding out he’s officially my dominant, she’ll mess around and all but she’ll hold off on disrespecting him and sometimes won’t share direct eye contact.

When I interrupt her in the middle of her talking about a new horror movie she wants us to see, she laughs and shrugs, “He’s your dominant, meaning to me he’s officially your Alpha- considering my kink and all. Alphas get respect and shit. Sure he was when you guys were dating, but he’s in the mindset of being your Dom- your alpha. It’s just something I do to satisfy my kink, really. Lewis knows, at least I’m pretty sure he does. Seán might’ve told him.”

I can only nod along, still not fully understanding her Alpha/Omega kink but not questioning her on it. I thought of it like PetPlay Master/Pet dynamic with the titles since I saw some couples online prefer those names rather than Master or whatever animal the Sub plays as. My friend rejected that she was into PetPlay, though. So, instead, I simply think of it like my own relationship- Master/Slave with the titles switched. It’s simpler for me to understand that way, from how she described it, I don’t see very much difference.

CeCe smirks knowingly, aware of my slight confusion of her kink but doesn’t say anything else about it. She just goes back to the movie she wants to see, going on about the blood or gore of it, how it looks like a good one with decent editing and props. She speaks for a while until I’m close to falling asleep again, chin in my hand and eye’s closed. Of course, once I get on the verge of sleep, CeCe decides to punch my upper arm. I groan and go to whine at her for interrupting my nap and punching me, yet she merely grips my chin and turns my head to face the Staff Room. I stand up at the sight of Lewis, feeling hope fill me at his smirk. Behind him is Miss Parry and I’m shocked at her looking slightly pale and thoroughly scolded, wondering what Lewis had said.

Lewis wraps his arm over my shoulders and tugs me closer, planting another kiss on my head as my boss stops in front of us. I hear CeCe get up and feel her sand next to me, wanting to see what happens. Miss Parry gives me a small smile, hands folded in front of her and maintaining eye contact to let me see any emotions. “Thomas, I’m afraid I’ve overstepped yet again.”

CeCe scoffs and I feel Lewis’s big, warm hand disappear from my arm to lightly flick her shoulder, and my friend quiets with a huff. Miss Parry glances at CeCe with a small amount of annoyance but focuses back on me quickly, “I apologize. Lewis had made it clear that you consent to everything, that you had asked for that collar. The others had tried to tell me and I hadn’t listened. I understand better about your relationship, see how much Lewis cares for you and how happier you are. I’ll back off, I promise. Lewis made any boundaries clear and I will not overstep again. I’m sorry, sincerely.”

I’m grinning and hugging her before I fully process the action, hearing her shocked noise. She hugs me tightly as well, and I realize it’s been a good while since I’ve hugged her. “Please don’t insult Lewis or our relationship again. Third chance, it’s also a final one, I can only take so much.”

Miss Parry holds me tighter, “I promise, Thomas.”

“Fucking finally!” CeCe groans, followed by a gentle thump. “Damn, why you’d do that, Beefcake?!”

Lewis merely laughs.


In the store, I stay under Lewis’s arm or hold his hand the full time unless he has me hold onto the cart. Lewis grabbed anything he deemed we needed, that we’d use to make, that I’ll eat, or simply herbs and Ingredients for us to include in what his mother sent us. He gave me a hoodie to wear and showed me the leash he brought, had clipped it on my collar and ran it through the sleeve of the hoodie for me to hold and get accustomed to the feeling of wearing it in public. He asked me what I would want and let me point items out, but he was the one that decided what we got. I nearly broke a rule by accident when I got distracted by a cute pair of shoes with rainbow splatters on them, Lewis was holding my hand and I had been tugged when I went further than his arm’s length. I got scolded for that.

Other than that, I did well. I stayed in his view or held his hand, under his grip; steered the cart while following where Lewis guided me by holding the side or front of the cart, I hadn’t grabbed anything or placed things in the cart. I also asked permission for anything; if we could get ice cream or if I could get more paint- Lewis granted both of them. At check out, Lewis had me bag the items while he scanned them. He helped me by giving strict instructions on how to bag them- cans with cans and double bagged so they don’t all break the bag, frozen with frozen, liquids with liquids, etc.

All in all, I enjoyed the trip and love my rules for the store. Especially getting fed ice cream in the truck, along with kisses for being a good boy.

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