Stray Master

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[Chapter Forty]


Scottish Translation -

Bairn - Baby

Mo Peata - My Pet

Peata - pet

cuilean - puppy

Ghràdh - Love


Three months pass, bringing us into November. Most of our time was spent with Lewis teaching me how to walk with my leash in public, going to the club with Seán, and now CeCe with her girlfriend. We walk along the walls that have a low amount of crowding and he teaches me what each hand signal means, how he expects me to walk with him and we practice what I do when I feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with a certain situation like what happened with that disrespectful Sub. If something that I’m anxious about or I feel a panic attack coming on from any of our surroundings; I’m required to either squeeze Lewis’s hand three times or gain his attention by saying his name, no matter who he’s speaking with. We go over hand signals for him also, when he isn’t comfortable about someone or a situation, I get warnings when I’m being bad and I know by how many fingers he gestures with.

Squeezing his hand is mainly for if I don’t feel comfortable enough to speak with whoever we’re with or if we’re in a loud building- like a club. Lewis has us practice at home also, allowing me to understand instructions better when he doesn’t use hand signals. He praises me, always saying I did such a good job at listening or walking with him and that he’s incredibly proud of me whenever the session of leash training, as I’ve grown to call them, is over. Whenever we’re doing an at-home session, he’ll reward me with a nice cock warming and a movie, or let me paint for another thirty minutes or so. They vary and no matter what it is, it’s always something, Lewis doesn’t just say this or that is a reward and gives me something I don’t like- he actually does or lets me do things that I like or grants me anything I want from the store.

Once I mentioned my goal to get used to people in the club and to actually hold a conversation with someone, Lewis started to slowly interject us into the crowd more. Staying on the outskirts of it, yet more than what I’ve grown accustomed to. When someone or a couple comes up to us, Lewis lets me hide behind him while he stays in contact with my skin, giving me constant attention while he has a conversation and I get used to hearing people talk to him and coming up to us. If I squeeze his hand, he excuses us and takes me to sit in a decently quiet corner, tells me he’s proud of me and that I did well. It’s been a slow process but I feel like I’m doing better, I no longer get so overwhelmed as quickly and I can focus on what’s being said or the topic. I know that the last time we went to the club, three days ago, a sub had asked Lewis if she could talk to me and Lewis denied her permission, simply stating that we’re in the middle of a little session. It wasn’t a total lie, him doing this is like the sessions of Leash Training we do. CeCe says Lewis is People Training me.

Lewis has also been going through some of the kinks on my list, and we discovered that some of them aren’t for us. The furniture one hadn’t been too bad, we agreed to start easy and if I didn’t enjoy it, we’d stop. I had acted as Lewis’s cup holder; kneeling next to him in front of the couch with my hands held out in front of my chest, cupped together to be able to hold the plastic cup of water Lewis got. He was sitting as he normally does, leaned back with his legs spread, looking so very intimidating and domineering. I was instructed not to move or spill the water, and after ten minutes of holding it and trying to keep my arms bent in a way Lewis didn’t have to sit up to reach for it, was tiring. My muscles had started to ache and my arms had begun shaking slightly. Lewis had checked on me periodically, asking for my color or if I needed to stop. It lasted about thirty minutes, which in my opinion is impressive for me, considering I can’t always sit still and need to move. It tested my ability to listen to instructions and play them out in the way Lewis expects; I was told to not move and I did that to the best of my ability and not once did I spill water.

Still, thirty minutes is the limit for that specific action and I had to ask to stop when Lewis checked in with me again. My dominant had instantly lifted me up off the floor and placed the half-empty cup on the coffee table, he massaged my arms and hands then the same to my thighs. Gave praise and let me eat a handful of chocolate while we watched one of my baking shows on Netflix, cuddling on the couch. He quizzed me on what I liked and what I didn’t; I enjoyed kneeling for him and having to have a specific instruction to play out, yet I didn’t enjoy the lack of attention from him. Forniphilia is mostly that from what I’ve read, the sub is ignored while they act as whatever piece of furniture and the dom uses them as however, they would use that furniture. I’m sure there’s more to it, I’ve only gathered a limited amount of knowledge about this type of kink and going on what I’ve read or seen. Lewis had done that, though I’m aware he had kept a good close eye on me between check-ins.

Afterward, Lewis decided we wouldn’t try any more sessions since being ignored for a long period of time could potentially mentally or emotionally damage me personally, as I need attention from him to feel like I’m doing what I need and such. However, he also added another regular action for me. Taking what I liked about the experience I had and bringing it into our routine, kneeling for him. Not a daily thing unless I ask or he instructs me to, but it is an action that is there for me that I didn’t think it was before. I’m glad Lewis is doing that, letting us explore and try new things, then actually taking positive experiences from them to add to our lifestyle, even if we decide not to do a certain kink or fetish again.

We both have the day off, it’s a sunny and clear Sunday. Lewis had allowed me to sleep in until the afternoon, but I still needed to take my daily shower when I got up. He dressed me in black short shorts and a cute baby blue crop top that I begged to get, then gave me a big breakfast, even if it was lunch. My chores today were low, there weren’t many dirty dishes to clean but I did our laundry and vacuumed the floor, as well as clean it since it’s hardwood. Lewis worked on his truck while I did my chores, saying it’s leaking something and he needs to figure out what before it messes the engine up. I brought him glasses of ice water to help cool down, it’s warm out today and he was working up a sweat. He had been shirtless with a pair of thin pajama pants, and his pants got stained with oil- just as I warned him they would. He always thanked me with a kiss or a gentle squeeze wherever he could reach; including my ass. He instructed me to tell him when I finished putting the clothes away, mentioning he was going to speak to me about one of the kinks I want to try.

He did speak to me about the kink I’ve been anticipating, the pet one. Asking what I want to try and what I’d want to happen or if I want to add something to it. I want to try crawling around for him, being led by him with my leash and given commands, maybe given little treats. He raised his eyebrow when I shyly asked if we could add cum play to this experiment, having me elaborate on what exactly I had in mind. It was embarrassing, my face heating up in a bright flush and I couldn’t look him in the eye for long, but Lewis made me explain or give short examples to make sure we both understand what will happen or what I want. The discussion lasted nearly an hour. Lewis had decided that if either of us stops the session or Safewords for any reason, we stop and end it. If I respond well to being his Pet and my color is green, we’ll add in Cum play.

Towards the end of the conversation, I began to feel my anticipation and excitement rise. Just the thought of Lewis treating me as his good little pet and walking me about the apartment with my leash makes my blood rush. Lewis was simply amused by my fidgeting, waiting for him to start the experimental scene. He kept me sitting on the couch for a full minute, staring at me with an intense gaze as he leaned back and made a show of getting all comfortable and relaxed. Spreading his legs and resting his arm over the back of the couch, the other casually laid on his crotch. When I whined, he smirked like the evil dominant he is.

Then finally, he gives me an instruction. “Go and grab yer leash, Bairn.”

He laughs at my eagerness as I jump up and run to the bedroom. We keep my leash hanging next to the dresser, the space between the piece of furniture and the door. Lewis promised someday that we’d fill the empty space with as many leashes or collars as I wanted. I grab the chain and go running back, yet my body is jerked as it doesn’t slip off the hook like I thought it would. Once I unhook it, I hurry back to Lewis in the living room. Immediately I see that the curtains have been shut to avoid neighbors looking in and causing a scene, the tv is off and Lewis is now standing in the middle of the room with a bag of pistachios and pieces of chocolate on the coffee table. He smiles, watching me jump to a stop in front of him and excitedly hold my leash out, unable to control the happy bouncing I’m doing.

“Thank ya.” He takes the chain leash from my hands after a quick rub to his beard, still appearing highly amused considering his smirk.

His hand runs through my hair and lightly grips it in his fist, the clicking he makes sounding loud and clear in the quiet room and forcing every bit of my attention on him rather than my excitement and any thoughts running wild in my head. “Ya ready?”

Taking a breath and letting it out to calm me, my answer still comes out eagerly with wide eyes and a breathless ending. “Yes, Master. Very. I’m so excited.”

Lewis chuckles, tugging my hair to get my focus back on him. His voice takes on a firmer and strict tone as he gives a command, “Good. Kneel."

Happily, I lower to my knees, having to look up at him as he guides me down by my hair. My hands rested on my spread thighs and my head would be lowered to my chin if he hadn’t held it. I’m sure my knees aren’t spread very far, I remember having them open wide but my excitement distracted me. Lewis doesn’t seem upset at the mistake, he simply nudges my knees apart with his foot, separating them wide and gently toeing my hands to lay flat on my thighs; positioning me how we agreed.

“Feel good?” He checks.

That was a direct question, meaning I answer with his title, no matter how seemingly unimportant the question is. Thanking him for fixing me into a position and checking if I liked it. “Yes, Master. Thank you.”

Lewis hums, petting my hair and letting me get a feel for the position. Then he squats down and shows me the clip for my leash, waving it. “Gonna start now. Speak up if ya want ta stop, I can’t read yer mind- no matter if ya think I can.”

I blush at the playful jab, knowing full well that I’ve considered him reading my mind on multiple occasions. To show I understand, I nod. He is warning me of this for my safety and comfort, and I know I need to stop if it’s too much or I don’t feel comfortable continuing. Lewis smiles and clasps the leash on my collar, giving it a short tug as if to test. Standing straight he towers over me, it makes me feel tiny and intimidated, but in a safe way. He won’t harm me, no matter how imposing he may seem. I watch as he wraps the chain of the leash around his palm to tighten the slack, leaving enough for me to move without being jerked when moving, then picks up the pistachios off the table. Lewis takes two of the nuts from the bag, moving it to the hand with the thin chain on it, and lowers the nuts to me. They’re sitting in his palm, which he made sure to scrub clean when he came in and before his shower. He didn’t let me lick him, he had oil, or whatever goes in engines, on him and didn’t want me to be poisoned or anything. I got to wash him in the shower, which was just as good.

“Pet’s don’t have hands, so ya don’t use yers. Any treat or food given ta ya will be taken without yer hands. Eat.” He’s watching me with dark eyes and it, as well as what he instructed me, has my blood rushing again. My cock has been half-hard since I got on my knees.

Excitement and arousal, and pure joy at finally trying this specific scene, mix together. I already love this and we haven’t even done anything, Lewis is just giving me general ground rules to play his pet. Yet following the order is such a satisfying action that causes my happiness to rise, much like my cock. The Scotsman’s hand is rough and calloused, the skin on his fingers and palm having a more rugged texture rather than smooth. Using my tongue and lips to take the pistachios, I taste the saltiness of the nuts along with the light musky salt of his skin and the soap he used. My hands stay put on my thighs, not moving to take or attempt to steady his wrists.

Once his hand is empty, he pets my hair, smiling as I lean into his touch. ”Good boy."

My body shivers at that, a noise coming up my throat similar to a needy whine or keen. Unconsciously, leaning forward to get more of any attention or pets he grants, being allowed to lay against his leg. Grinning at the light laugh Lewis releases, before he removes his hand and clicks his tongue. My eyes open, when they closed I have no clue, to look up at him. My collar is gently pulled as Lewis moves his hand holding the leash backward behind himself until I follow the movement onto my hands to balance myself, now eye level with Lewis’s knee and sitting on my hands and knees. The dominant takes a few small steps back, the limited slack of the leash now tight yet still not enough to pull or yank me.

“Come.” He points to his feet and I crawl towards him, any arousal increasing as he walks slowly back to encourage me to follow him.

Lewis turns us in a slow circle, keeping my leash from slacking and holding it near my neck to make sure I stay where he wants and I’m in step with him. The pace is slower, the Scotsman staying at a speed I can stay with and watching where my fingers land as I crawl. After a few minutes of this, he stops us, making the clicking noise with his tongue and softly pulling my leash backward to make me stop. I obey instantly, having no option to disobey considering he has such a grip on my leash. Needing to tilt my head up to look at him, watching him squat down in front of me and give me a small smile. “Sit.”

I’m confused for a split second, wondering how he expects me to sit but then picture how a dog sits and I lower back down to my knees. My butt touches my heels, thighs spread, and my hands flat on the floor between my thighs. I look to him to see if this is what he meant, eyes wide in eagerness to please him and earn a grin. Lewis ruffles my hair, not unlike one would do to a dog between their ears. “Good boy, Mo Peata. Lookin real pretty, ya are.”

A joyful tiny giggle escapes and my body wiggles at the praise, I know for a fact that if I did have a tail, either the cute fluffy ones or the leather material ones, it would be wagging. My dominant simply chuckles, feeding me two pistachios from his palm and waiting for me to chew and swallow, before continuing. He sets the bag of nuts down and lets the chain of my leash hang down, reaching for my hands. “Make a fist, boy.”

Listening, my hand curls into a fist, my nails touching my palm and my thumb over my index. Lewis squeezes my wrist then fixes it for me; finger pads on flat and touching the end of my palm while my thumb is sticking out, still a tight fist. When he releases me, I lower my hand and test the new balance and comfort of it. It feels much better rather than just flat palm, balancing on my knuckles instead of wrists. I do the same with my other hand, feeling my posture shift into a straighter position from the small change. Oddly enough, I do feel like a pet and it’s satisfying, I love this. The pose, the leash and collar, and the little treats, his commands, and even how he’s walking me; it makes me feel small and loved, cared for as his pet rather than his Service and/or Slave, Primal Prey, or anything else I may fall in the category of; Submissive. I’d already like it if some of the things he did were implemented into our daily lives, for example, the commands people generally use to train a dog. My leash is near-constant, not every day but enough to where I would like these.

Lewis grips my jaw and kisses my lips as he stands, needing to bend to stay connected to me. I can hear him rewrapping the chain leash around his hand when he releases me, feeling the slack lessen. His hand rested on the back of my neck, standing straight and looking down at me. Then he checks in, “Ya good?”

My answer is immediate, I’m enjoying this far more than I thought I would and I’m excited to continue and do much more research into this type of play or lifestyle to help improve our experiences. Grinning, “My color is neon green, Master.”

He laughs, squeezing my neck. “Great. We’re gonna take my wee Peata on a walk round the apartment. If ya needta stop or somethin is wrong, say so. Any reason. Understand?”

I can only shift excitedly, “Tell you if something is wrong or if I need to stop for any reason, Master.”

Lewis grins, “Good boy. Now up ya get.”

I’ve softly tugged onto my hands and knees again, much more comfortable now that I’m not resting my weight on my wrist and flat palms. He keeps me at his leg, walking me how he had before he corrected my hands. There’s enough slack to the leash that I can move freely and if I fall behind it doesn’t jerk at my collar or my throat, although I don’t fall far behind him. His pace is patient and calm, his steps similar to tiny baby steps considering how tall he is and how much stride he has when he walks. If I do end up further behind him than he wants, he stops and lets me catch up. I’m generally placed at his knee the way around the apartment, starting at the kitchen first and ending in the bedroom. I’m given little testing commands, some more so to add to the scene experience or to see what I liked. Lewis stops us in the art room, tells me to sit then makes a show of unwrapping my leash from his hand and letting it drop limp, hanging from my neck and laying on the floor. The bag of nuts stays with him as he backs away from me, stopping and demanding a stern ′stay’ when I move to follow.

He made it to the doorway, his eyes focused on me as I wondered what was happening, I had an idea based on how he seems to be following a routine on basic pet training. I don’t mind, I like it actually- adds to the scene and being his pet that needs to be trained. It was difficult for me to sit in place, on my knees with my hands between my thighs, and see him further away from me. I wanted to follow him, keep his attention on me and get praised or petted, and receive more treats. However, every time I shifted in a way that seemed I would disobey the order, Lewis simply raised his eyebrow and gave me a look that put me back into position with a small whine. It lasted only a minute or less, he snapped his fingers and pointed to his feet. Crawling and trying to run is hard, I learned. Because I wanted to obey and get closer as fast as possible to get any treats, but I can’t run on all fours- especially without using my feet. It was an awkward little fast crawl that Lewis merely smiled at, either thinking it’s adorable or endearing, maybe both.

In front of him, my first instinct was to sit in the place he pointed to, and I did. Sitting as he told me in the living room, the Pet Pose, I’m calling it. My grin felt puppy-like, if I had a longer tongue I imagine it’d be hanging from my mouth. I received three pistachio treats for listening and a kiss on my forehead, another ‘Good boy’ that made my insides flutter. Afterward, we continue through the apartment into our bedroom. The carpet pressed into my skin as I crawled, leaving little indents from my weight and a dull sting then the sensation of a heartbeat from where my nerves or blood flow. Lewis rested his hand on my head at one point while we walked and even if I’ve been hard through the whole scene, it felt calming and loving, nothing sexual about it. I find the dominance in this, or anything we do as a scene, arousing. I don’t find acting like a dog to be sexual, the thing I’m most interested in is the Headspace Subs go in when they’re a pet to their Dom.

There is more to any lifestyle than just the sexual aspects; Headspaces, comfort, help with certain traumas, anything. It depends on the person and the relationship, just like rules and schedules depend on the person or couple. In the Pet Play lifestyle I’m interested in Headspace, and what we’re doing isn’t necessarily Pet Play because there’s way more to that certain lifestyle than simply getting a leash and being walked. This is just to entertain the idea of exploring that lifestyle, of going in-depth to it. I’m not the type of Sub that can just drop into my Headspace, some can, and sometimes I wish I could, but I need to be worked into slipping into mine. This means I can’t understand how Pet Subs react or slip into their spaces at certain commands or actions, but I can feel the sensations and get the comfort or calming presence of Lewis. I adore this scene for multiple reasons, the sensations and the atmosphere don’t feel sexual even if I get hard from the power exchange, I find dominance sexy and can’t always control where my blood goes when Lewis shows he’s dominant over me. The way Lewis is handling and walking me, the nuts as treats, and the little training commands he gives are all things I love and want more of.

In the bedroom, Lewis guides me to the middle of the room, facing the front of the bed, and sits on the edge of the mattress after allowing the leash to fall. The space between his knees looks very inviting, warm, and full of love and comfort. I suddenly have the urge to ask if we can have a cock warming session before the time on my schedule, the heavy bulge between his thick thighs teasing me. My mouth stays shut, although it waters at the thought and sight. The tongue click makes me blink, realizing I had been staring at his crotch like a starved man. Lewis appears amused with his smile, his voice holding a small laugh before switching to stern. “Ya’ll get it later. Now, Sit.”

My butt has never hit my heels faster in my life than the second he gives the command, watching his smile go into a pleased grin. Leaning on his knees, he goes more serious, voice taking on a firm tone and eyes intense as he demands, “Color.”

There is no ounce of hesitation when I answer. I enjoy what’s happening and I don’t feel the need to put an end to it, no harm is being done to me and I want to continue. “Green, Master.”

He nods once to show he acknowledges my answer, then he snaps his fingers between his knees. I crawl there happily, sighing contently when he places his hand on the back of my head as I situate myself in the space. Lewis guides my head up to be able to look up at him, massaging my scalp and cupping my jaw in his other free hand, the bag of nuts on the bed next to him. I lean into his touch, ignoring my aching cock as this isn’t sexual and I don’t want it to be, not yet anyway if he decides to add Cum Play. He strokes the pad of his thumb over my cheekbones in a soothing way, his question completely contrasting against the innocent motion.

“Still wanna try a snack with my cum?” He tightens his hold on my jaw when I whine and go to pull away, laughing at my flushed pink face and attempting to hide by digging my face into his hand. He did that on purpose, knowing I’d try to hide when he said that. He just enjoys seeing me react.

“Master!” That is all I can incredulously cry out with a giggle at the sheer bluntness.

Lewis lets me calm down, keeping his hands where they are but allowing my short episode of embarrassment pass without teasing me, although I know he’d like to. I take a breath, once again feeling my excitement spike. “Can I?”

My dominant raises his eyebrow, asking purely to mess with me. “Can ya what, mo luran?”

Blushing fiercely, I mumble while avoiding looking at his face. “Can I have a snack with your..ya know..on it, Master?”

Lewis hums, fingers clenching on my jaw, sending a pleasing sensation through my body. “Look at me, then repeat that louder.”

Shyly I lift my eyes to his, seeing him watching me with dark green eyes intensely with a little smirk knowing he’s fucking with me yet that I understand he’s also serious. We agreed I show respect when speaking to him, which means looking at him when I talk and not lowering my voice in a way that isn’t clear. I can still play around, mess with him, every Sub should be able to do that. So, I raise my voice to make it loud enough to hear my words clearly and keep my eyes on his, even if I instinctively want to look away from embarrassment- the good kind. “Can I please have a snack with your...cum on it, Master?”

Saying it is awkward and embarrassing, because of how it sounds. I’m not good at dirty talk either and it sounds dirty, something you’d ask during sex. I’m not as shameless as Lewis is, I can’t just bluntly ask or announce anything I deem dirty. While Lewis shares details of our sex to my Aunt, talks dirty in bed as if he’s in some raunchy porn movie or in the general public to make people uncomfortable, and just outright doesn’t care about brain-to-mouth filters. I’m shameless in an accidental sort of way, like calling Lewis Master loud enough for anyone within fifteen feet to hear or asking certain questions to him that get weird looks from others. I don’t mean to do it, I just get distracted or forget we’re in a public area with living humans surrounding us.

“Good boy, Peata. Thank ya.” Lewis pulls back, releasing my jaw to feed me four pistachios. “What snack do ya want? Nothin big, still got dinner ta eat.”

I bite my lip, I hadn’t actually thought of what might be good for this. No liquids or soups, nothing with fillings, and that means no wontons which is saddening. I want the ′special ingredient’ to be the main thing. Peanut butter? It’d fit the theme of the scene and maybe it would be sweet and salty in taste, the peanut butter we get is sweeter than anything else, perhaps it’d be good with a salty add-in. The texture may be off though. I don’t really mind texture all that much and now I’m curious.

“Peanut butter.”

Lewis’s eyebrows go back up as a short amused chuckle escapes, “Good choice, cuilean. Stay.”

He runs his hand through my hair, standing up. It puts his bulge directly in front of my face, only inches from touching my skin and I whine at the tease as he moves around me. He laughs as he walks from the room, sending out a warning to stay put or I get no chocolate. I only need to wait a minute before he returns, holding a paper plate, spoon, and the jar of peanut butter. Returning to his step he has to step over my thighs and this teases me with his cock again, Lewis sets everything to his side then begins to dig out his cock from his boxers and pajama pants, both have an open front for easy access. I’m actually a little shocked he’s half-hard, Lewis doesn’t get off on showing dominance or the power exchange, the whole scene hasn’t been sexual or was meant to be. He likes taking care of me and providing, however, I’ve noticed that he’ll be more aggressive during sex after I do certain things, if I play brat and run from him there’s a higher chance I’ll end up with bite marks or bruises.

I absolutely love it. Running from a Dom after doing something bad is dangerous anyway because of punishments but the feeling of being chased down and pinned, fucked in the way that happens when he’s particularly animalistic is amazing. I’ve done a small amount of research on that and my guess is that he’s primal or at least has tendencies because he does control himself and doesn’t go past anything we’ve talked about. I like biting and bruising, he knows this and will do it. He may not be a primal and just likes being a little rougher, that’s great too. It doesn’t hurt me and I never needed him to stop, I love it.

Lewis strokes himself, smirking when my body shifts and wiggles in want. I’m forced to watch him play with what is arguably mine, I touch him the most there, had my mouth in it enough times that I basically own it. It’s just not fair. I moan as soon as he grips my hair and guides me down on him, letting me work my tongue and mouth on his cock. He doesn’t push or pull me, yet his hand stays firm in my hair with the threat, it’s not really a threat if I like it, of face fucking me. I lost track of long it takes to bring him to an orgasm, he has good stamina and a high sex drive, it takes a good amount of time for him to cum, not that it matters, more time on his cock for me.

Eventually, he forces my head up off him and orders for me to hold the plate out. It’s extremely pleasant to watch him cum, his muscles tense and he releases a low sound that is either a growl or a deep grunt as his cock twitches and shoots out long streaks of white that land on the plate with a sound that makes me blush cherry red and my own cock ache in need. I have the urge to lick the plate clean and I almost do, but Lewis clicks his tongue and I automatically look up at him.

“Don’t go lickin it. Ya wanted this, ’member?” He shakes the peanut butter at me and I quickly nod, which earns a breathy chuckle.

I watch as he opens the jaw and uses the spoon to scoop out a big chunk of it, then with no hesitation or shame, swipes the peanut butter in the cooling white substance that just came from his body, as if it was an everyday thing. I blink and suddenly I’m presented with peanut butter cum, the clump of peanut butter has globs of cum on it. The only I hesitate for a second is doubts creeping in, what if I don’t like it or Lewis thinks this is nasty and doesn’t like doing it, but then a large hand appears on my hair and massages my scalp as I’m led closer and encouraged to eat by a deep, soothing voice.

My tongue touches it first and I get full musky, salty cum that makes me keen, but then I use my lips to take a bite of the peanut butter. To my absolute shock, it tastes okay. Not the best or great but I’d definitely ask Lewis to let me do this again. The peanut butter is sweet and peanut-y, while the cum is salty and man musk, but together it creates an odd version of Sweet and Salty. I eat from the spoon Lewis holds until the cum is gone, then lick the spoon clean. Lewis doesn’t say a word, his hand petting and rubbing at me while he feeds me.

When it’s gone, he sets the plate, jar, and spoon on the dresser and kisses my lips as I hear him unhooking my leash from my collar. I’m lifted off the floor and held in his arms while he hangs the leash where it belongs and lays us down on the bed, positioning me on my back and him on his side to look down at me with a smile. “Like it, Ghràdh?”

I cuddle into his chest, “Yeah. I liked everything we did, even the peanut butter thing which is honestly surprising- I coulda have sworn I was innocent. Did- did you like it, Master? It wasn’t overly nasty was it?”

He shakes his head with a laugh, rubbing my stomach and I notice my hard-on hasn’t gone down. “Nah. Liked it, ya looked nice and pretty enjoying yerself. I’m happy ya had fun, we’ll do some more stuff, learn.”

I gasp as he suddenly rolls over onto me, body heavy and warm. Lewis kisses me deeply, passionately and I moan as he rubs his thigh against my cock. “Ya did good, Bonnie. Proud of you, such a good boy for me. A pretty wee pet ya are. Want me ta take care of this?”

All I can do is nod, clinging to him as he slides down my body to give my cock the attention it’s been aching for since we started.

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