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Addison is fine with life the way it is. No changes need to be made, no thank you. Of course, life doesn't listen. It's Addison's birthday, the big one-eight. She and her dad had just celebrated, eating at her favorite restaurant and as they're driving home someone runs a red light and hits the drivers side. They say he didn't feel anything-that it was instant. But wouldn't, even for a second, he have felt something? Besides a fractured wrist and a few bruises, Addison got out unscathed. Physically, anyway. Once Addison realizes she has no money, or at least, not enough to pay rent, she moves in with her best friend Alec. As Addison goes through the troubling aftermath of the crash, she can't help but wonder: Could their be something more between her and Alec besides friendship? Fighting between being broken, hating herself, and not knowing what to do, Alec guides her through the dark and into the light. He's everything she needs... But will he be enough to mend the heart that has been shattered into a million pieces?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock going off way too early for anyone’s good. Groaning, I reached for the snooze button but at the last second decided against it and turned it off. I sat up in bed letting my eyes adjust to the light.

I see the particles of dust flying through the air from the sun and it reminds me of when me and my dad used to go fairy hunting when I was about eight years old. Of course, now I know they weren’t fairies but it was still fun nonetheless. That’s my dad for you, always ready to spend his time to make other people happy before himself. Always.

I stand up and stretch my legs. I don’t know if it’s normal or not but my feet always fall asleep and they get pine needles whenever I wake up, even if I just closed my eyes for a few minutes. Speaking of feet, mine just made it’s way over to the kitchen without my noticing. I guess my body was craving morning coffee more than I thought. I start up the coffee maker and go to the freezer to get a microwaveable breakfast omelet. Putting it in the microwave, I turn, get a mug and pour the thing that will free me from the devilish thing we call sleep.

Just as I’m about to take my first sip of heaven, I hear the loudest honk known to mankind. (Okay, that might be a teensy bit of an over exaggeration. But still, it was pretty loud.) Setting my mug down, I set out to check the window and see a small Toyota crash into a van. The driver of the Toyota comes out and starts yelling at the van driver well she’s trying to check the damage. Obviously, not everyone is like my dad, most people wake up wanting everyone elses life a living hell along with their own. I hear the microwave beeping loudly, telling me my omelets done. As I eat my omelet, I take my phone off the charger and check for any messages.

There’s one from Tara, my cousin, wishing me a happy birthday. The other is a voicemail from my dad. I tap the speaker button and set my phone down on the counter. “Hey, Addikins.” There’s a slight pause as if he’s hesitating on what to say next. “I have to go to work. I am so so sorry but I will be back at noon to celebrate. I love you, goodbye.” The time stamp says 2:41 this morning. My dad’s a doctor so it’s normal for him to leave around that time and considering my dad used my nickname, he feels guilty as hell already.

My real name’s Addison. I only have two nicknames: There’s Addikins (which only my dad calls me) Then there’s Addie (which only my best friend calls me) My best friend’s name is Alec, and he’s supposed to pick me up to get ice cream in an hour. So like, 9:30-ish.

I throw away my away my omelet wrapper in the trash, finish up my coffee and put my mug in the sink.

In the bathroom, I turn on the shower so it’ll heat up well I search for clothes. I’m thinking light blue ripped jeans, a gray long sleeved lace-up shirt with my black lace tank top, and my trusty pair of white converse will do. I take a semi-quick shower and wrap a towel around my body and another around my hair. I grab my makeup bag out of my room and head over to the mirror.

I put on some light gray eyeshadow to match my shirt and a hint of lipgloss. Usually, I’ll put on concealer but my face is as clear as it can be. I change into my clothes and brush my brown with almond highlighted hair. I check the mirror and decide I like what I see. I see my mom mostly. The blue eyes and the color of my skin (a Caramel color) is from my dad but the rest is all mom’s. My almond hair, my full medium sized lips, my stubby nose and my curvy but not too curvy body. I have the kind of curvy that’s enough to make a guy to take a double take and come over and flirt with me but that’s never been what I want. You may think ‘you’re so lucky’ but really? I never know when a guy just wants me for my body or for me. That’s where the trust issues come in. I mean, for skinny or ugly or flat girls, no offense, but you can tell they want you for you. Unless if they’ve heard you’re really good in bed. If so, good luck with that.

The curves only my Latina mom and grandmother can take credit for. But they’re gone. It’s just me and my dad now.


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