Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 9

"Why did we run?"

Gasping for air and hands on knees as if they run from east to west was the exaggerated reaction of Eddy.

Isabela looked around the block and found that it was an open space down the area with sandbox and a set of swing, slide and monkey bars for kids, thankfully, no one is seen around in that area except for them, she noticed that Eddy was gasping for air too much and found out the cause of it when she studied him for a long while.

"I'm sorry but do you have a smartphone?"

"Why are you asking that instead of caring for me?" He asked with a pale face but he gave it instead.

Isabela dialed the only number she knew only received the answering machine later. She made a huff but still try to composed herself. Those guys could be still on the run, finding them or maybe they're already know where they were they're just pretending that they don't like a real psychopath Misha is.

Why did she even try get a hold of the phone in the first place? Ah, she just gone with usual because when something happens, big or small, she immediately call him.

With a sigh, she returned the phone and pat Eddy's back, "Just breathe."

"Really? You're the cause of this." He argued but did it instead.

"It's not my fault your weak."

"Ha, we run for a mile, what do you think I'll do? Stand like nothing happened or pretend like what you're doing?"

Isabela watched him in the corner of her eye, "You know what, I heard someone say this: fight it 'till you lose it."

"Lose it? You mean fail to keep it?" He said, now breathing more steadily.

"Yeah, set it free, release it, you don't want it, why keep it?"

Isabela was a person full of chagrin moments, she keep it to herself most of the time that's why she might've grew up with a thick skull.

She knew the pain and the feelings of envy that's why she learned how to lose it.

And Misha is one of those, as bitchy as she is, so she'll keep loosing her until her last breath.

"Let's go back to the Apartment Complex."

As soon as they got there, they realized they forgot to brought the cake for Ace, and

In the back of Isabela's head, she knew that she's leaving hatchets for the other agents to take and it deserved a smack on her forehead.

What else could she do? She can't mistreat them, the organization can do more than she could ever think of and she's scared of that, no matter how much she lied on herself, telling false conscription, believing that everything will turn out fine, no matter what is the image she created that made her someone that can inject fear to many, you can't hide the one that she done to create another world.


She turned to the owner of the voice who now have added more colors on his face.


Eddy look at her like he was not expecting her to reply from his call but yet she answered him, that made for a slight blush to surface on his face.

Isabela took a step back towards the door of the apartment. Not saying anything, she entered the apartment without a word.

And as if it was a refresher, all of her irritation resurface once she entered the apartment and saw Ace on his couch with someone she doesn't want to exist.

"Hey." Ace noticed her and as if it was a contest of some sort, they leer on each other and found out that no words will express what they're feeling now.

"You haven't finish your cake." Rachelle pointed out as if it was necessary, it made them fall back and Isabela trailed her eyes and automatically gave an elevator-look.

It was the conversation between her and Eddy. It was a clarification and a conclusion. First, they were together and them was a thing which came on from more than a thing and hit rock bottom that'll to the second point, it could've been that they still have feelings for each other and they're just pretending to be friends because of the status quo but the fact that he lied can't cover the truth.

At this point, Isabela really hates Ace Crowne. Childhood friendship all over.

"Rachelle came by." Ace tried to explained after a fake cough.

Isabela didn't say a word but acknowledge Rachelle's presence beside him with a nod.


It came as a shocked for him but nor for her, Eddy stepped in after she step forward, he look at her with such puzzlement but Isabela kept her silence and stand aside making sure that they both welcome their presence.

"Uhh, what's going on here?" Rachelle broke the silence, "was there something that needs explanation?" She asked with a high-pitched tone and looked at Ace, "Ace?"

It was the first time she heard his name from a high-pitched tone. It made her ears rang. It sounded like a desperate child on a market floor.

Eddy went on and sat on the couch as he got a piece of cake, " oh yeah, we forgot your cake!" He said on Ace.

The latter gave him a questioning look like he was totally clueless on what is happening.

"Isabela went to the café and bought you a cake, too bad we forgot, they have a new cake flavoured- tangerine!"

The next thing that happened shifts from Isabela's focused, she went to her room and secured it shut before going to her luggage to answer her phone now vibrating for a whole minute.

"What took you so long to answer?" The other end hissed.

"Sorry, it won't be repeated again." Isabela said.

"Enough. Do you know what the consequences of what you did today?"


"Sure. The guy in green was stabbed by Arvin."

"Who's Arvin?"

"Arvin, the one like a dog."

The first thought that came to mind was the guy that enveloped the girl beside him, it also dawned to her that the meaning of that hug was to secure his next action to the buff guy.

But would that be the only reason? Those 4 guys are all from a drama club. Why would any of them want to kill each other?

"You must be wondering why, the dog seems to be jealous from the buff guy, his girlfriend —Agnes is a good friend of him."

Noir once told her that jealousy is one of the reasons why people kill. Jealousy is a strong emotion that can overwhelmed the body system easily and do stuffs that will be regretted later.

That's why she made sure to do stuff that won't be regretted after, and when she do it, she put her head and also her heart on the brink. It was like stepping on ice, you have to take steps slowly but perfectly.

"And do you know what happened after that?" He asked with an aggressive tone that make Isabela swallow a forming lump in her throat.

"The stabber was arrested?"

"Since when do you care about other's business? You forgot your own, I read your report from the organization and I'm the one who command Misha and others to come there."

She doesn't know what to say next, she got her tongue-tied and she knew if she ever said something hastily, it'll only make his blood boil more.

"I did the right thing, you need to be summoned here Blanche. You're still an amateur!"

The call from him was cut short when a sound from her bedroom window pull her out on her drowning thoughts.

"Astolfo," She called his name.

The guy in a black hoodie raised his head up and showed her his perfect white teeth.

"Miss you too Blanche." He said and crawled his shoulder through the window.

That's when Isabela noticed that his only standing in a thin brick and no one is supporting him down, to think that the room is seven floors high.

"It's okay, Blanche." He said when he noticed her concerned.

"Sure, did you learn that from Strife?" She asked and sit on the edge of her bed.

"Nah, Strife can't do this, but I can and I'm proud of it." He exclaimed when a beeper from his watch suddenly rang. He glance at it for a moment and navigate his eyes to Blanche.

"I'm here to collect you." He said with a goofy grin.

Looking at her phone on her hand, she realized that Strife is still on the line, listening to their conversation.

"Astolfo, are you there?"

"Never been anywhere." Astolfo replied in a shout that makes Isabela almost swatted him like a fly.

"Quiet you dumbass."

"Why? You're about to leave this place." He argued that make her open and close her mouth.

He's right but he's wrong at the same time. Isanela dropped the call after murmuring something under her breath and walk outside.

"I'm gonna say my goodbye, wait for me here." She said, opening and closing the door behind her.

Strife's angry, all of the people in the organization were angry, and now Astolfo stand in the windowsill like some sort of spider to collect him.

"Isabela." Eddy called, she looked up to him and noticed that Rachelle was not there and there's a half-eaten devil's cake on the center table.

"Hey." She said, standing between them. She knew Rachelle was mad that's why she left, she doesn't know their story was like that an hour aho, if Eddy didn't tell her, she doubt she still can figure her way out without hurting somebody.

"I'm leaving."


She blinked at Ace who was quick to react and now his eyes were leering into her soul.

But she can't let that happen; everything has an end and she was no exception for that, she knew she already crossed the line and needed to be punish per se.

"Yes." She said roaming her eyes everywhere just not on his. She wore her trained face and tried to swallow the forming lump in her throat. "Right now, I'll leave, I'll call Rachelle to accompany you for the night."
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