Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 11

Just like what she's been told, she starts the day by preparing breakfast and looking outside the floor-to-ceiling window of Ace's apartment.

Unlike from the other days, the sun rise with beautiful golden colors today, the rays reflected from the window and when the sun rises, that only means one thing: Ace stepped out of his room sluggishly than usual and Isabela who's now looking at him didn't failed to see that.

"Good Morning." He greeted and open one of his eye to see her.

"Ace is still sick." She replied instead, examining him from her rear gaze.

"Nah, just a little bit." He said, prickling his bloodshot eyes.

Isabela, now standing in front of him , her back was casted by the sun, took the privileged to admire the feeling of how good it was to be back standing in front of Ace.

"I want to eat plain rice with yoghurt and salt." Ace suddenly declared, prompting himself not to gaze back on her.

Blinking twice, she replied; "Huh?"

Almost sounding like an old woman that became deaf on that second. It made Ace giggled.

He walked passed her and sat on his couch, "I still have slight fever, under the sun today, just give me my yummy rice." He said, rolling over and stumbling the throw pillows with his long arm.

Isabela rolled her eyes, she usually comply with all the percept they told her but with this guy up front she came to realised it was difficult to apply Plato instead of Aristotle.

She'd walked passed the center-table and checked his temperature by her hands, because no thermometer was around. She removed the throw pillow around him and forced him to turn in a comfortable and doesn't hurt her eyes manner.

Getting off to her feet to get what he want, she internally cursed for the weird food combination he asked him to do, but who could blame him? Maybe after this, she may catch more glimpse of him with his weird food fetish.

She opened the fridge to get the yoghurt and scooped the rice on a platter and got the container of salt in the cupboards.

The reason why she's doing his request is beyond knowledge. She doesn't know the answer but she durst not find it. Instead, she allowed herself to be submerged in the water with him.

She's still part of the organization, ay least she knew she's still one of them and maybe, they're putting this in lie-low or something between that. As for the reason why; she could only formulate one, they're just letting her to correct the mistake she done on her own. After all, they made arrangements that Isabela should be here for the main reason; to end Crowne's.

"Are you putting poison on my food?"

Isabela raised her head and looked at Ace over her shoulder, he was standing near the countertops and looking at her as if examining her like he always does, with his hand cross on his chest and his handsome face with a goofy grin, he looks at her like she did something bad.

Which she did.

"Do you like hawaiian pizza?" Ace asked again, waving his phone to call a delivery.

Isabela shrugged. She gave the plate of stuff on him. "Sure."

She doesn't mind her pizza with pineapples like most people do, pineapples aren't bad, people are.

Going to the sink to washed her hand and drying them with a towel before walking out of the kitchen was the most rational thing to do that she could think of.

Having him and her in a closed space is sickening. Instead, she turned a seat for the sun.

"Don't you want to eat breakfast first before eating pizza?" Ace shouted asked from the kitchen.

Pizza is made the same with bread. With a dough topped with sauce and flavours, but today with added pineapples and that'll be a scrumptious breakfast. She always want that in the back of her head but she can't asked for it and instead eat the breakfast they served.


As Isabela answered, she turned her head and saw Ace on her shoulder,

"Is there a problem?"

Bewilderment washed Isabela whose almost jumped off of her seat because she didn't hear him approaching. Was she too clouded with stuffs that she forgot to feel her surroundings? What was going on?

"There's a problem. Isn't it?" Isabela tried to avoid his eyes even if he's tailing hers.

"Nothing. You're still sick." She said, trying to avoid him even if it looks like they're just playing coy between the center table.

They almost ran the whole living room when the door bell rang.

"Pizza came in quick." Ace muttered. "Can you get my wallet in my room?"

Even though, Isabela gets the moment Ace left for the door with a smile on his face. She went to his room and search for his wallet. Normally, people put things near their bed, but the moment she searched for it, only a picture frame of two little boys with muddy face and some candy.

Isabela heaved a sigh, pertaining to her childhood, Noir always put his wallet.... Behind the door.

In his jeans pocket!

What a funny way to do it, Isabela found his wallet but bumped with another picture frame on the wall. It's her first time visiting Ace's room and she no one could deny that his room has many picture frame of the same two boys sitting on a blue sofa.

Looking intently at those cute faces of the two, she realized that they wore matching jumper and they were almost identical to each other. Except that one boy was holding a water gun and the other a teddy bear.

"Isabela? Have you found it?" She heard Ace's voice behind the door.

She immediately turned around before Ace could enter and gave him his wallet.

"Thanks. Help yourself in eating the pizza." He said, waving for the delivery boy to be paid.

Nodding, she found the pizza in the kitchen but she didn't eat first like he said, instead she'd wait for him.

"You know, people doesn't really care about pineapples on pizza, internet does and people got septic with that and now they said they hate pineapple on pizza." Ace said, biting on his slice of hawaiian pizza.

Isabela just looked at him, she dare not say anything, what would she'll say to that? Okay? That's it?

Then Ace will ask her again what's the problem and they'll lead on playing block-and-catch.

"Isn't wonderful to have someone in your home? I mean, to have someone, other than you in your home." He said again, opening another topic that would gradually die because Isabela don't know how to respond.

"I had that before, someone in home. Mother, father, brother or just a dog. I liked how that feels. I like it now too. I like it very much."

"You have a brother?" For the first time since this morning. Isabela responded in a rational manner, and that makes Ace happy but actually, Isabela just got curious, curious enough to asked a question that was answered with other examples.

"Yeah. My twin." He replied.


"Hey Eddy!"

Eddy looked for the voice who called him and found Ace and Isabella walking together towards him.

"Hey, you're back." Eddy muttered and fist bumped Ace.

"Yes, I am." He replied and Isabella waved at him to say hello.

"Let me guess what you're doing here." Eddy proudly said. The morning in the streets was as cold as the winter breeze, and winter ended last year, it's spring and the reason why couples come out to this bustling city was because;

"You're on a date!" Eddy blurted, the evidence that he was enjoying his own guessing game was beyond.

The two stared at him in bewilderment.

"You guess right Eddy!" Ace replied that received a murderous pinch and glare from Isabella.

"What are you talking about?!" Isabella said, stepping forward to have a clear view.

Wearing a big white coat under her black turtle neck shirt and pants was clearly not enough for Eddy to see that she was grief-stricken because of the wind.

No, not just because of that, but because of Misha.

She came knocking on the apartment door at midnight saying she doesn't has a place to stay for the night.

Ace saw her and as the ever kind-hearted charming prince, he let her in, not knowing that Isabella and Misha knew each other too well, she proposed if she could sleep in her room because she has nightmares at night.

So what does that do with Isabella?

Along her clean-on-tags luggage full of clothes, she entered the night like she would give sunshine to every people she passed. Well in fact, not.

Misha knew how to play her cards well, she acted like a kid which is so easy for her considering her small frame, she was just below the shoulders of Isabella, and as a kid, who was under eighteen, she demanded to be taken care properly and manage to sneak in Isabella's room.

Whether it was another Natalie's case or not, Isabella's sure that they're not playing house here. Misha was given a mission, onto what mission is that, she can't still fathom it. But she made clear that a psychopath and a sociopath won't stop her.

That's why, when morning came, she persuade Ace to go outside leaving a sleeping Misha out on her room.

"We just want to have breakfast." She finally blurted on Eddy.

The latter looked at her with a scrutinizing look as if he was not convinced to what she said, clearly, nobody was convinced, not even Ace who was on her back.

Isabella blew an exasperated sigh, "fine." She said and lead the way to the infamous coffee shop on the street. "i want pancakes." She muttered more to herself than them, it was Isabella's way of diverting topic, of not having another fight with her inner thoughts because she knows too well who will win.

She found a seat near the window, and she dig her hole deeper when she decided to sit there.

Eddy and Ace must not know the plan at all cost, but how about now when they were already inside the plan and she's practically waving in front of their faces just to hang out with them.

"Pancakes and the usual for me." She heard Ace's voiced before the waitress turned and flirt with Eddy.

She sighed, putting her hands under her chin, she has quite of thinking to do, and arranging her thoughts seems so irrational at the moment.

First, she got oblivious with what's the real plan of Noir and the organization, it wasn't just an experiment, something like trial and error hoping to draw a positive conclusion after. Isabella worked for them almost half of her life, she knows what the organization was up to, but somehow, she stop to know what is it when this happened.

Just because of a shot not fired, she was sitting on a coffee shop living like what a normal girl should be.

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