Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 12

It was a clear misconception, misjudgement and misplacement. It wasn't that difficult for someone like her to know that Ace wasn't Alas — but his twin brother.

When she ran a report about them with Hent, who has the brains of the organization, she knew and they knew how Hent done a search, it was unfortunate to have that idea be discarded and defiled.

"Are you free tonight?" Eddy said to the waitress who served the coffee they ordered, she was wearing a maid apron and styled with a sweet smile that no one could ever dissipate.

"No, I'm still expensive and forever will be." She answered.

Isabella watched her intently as she shift her weight from foot to foot but still smiling like that question didn't made the situation awkward.

"How about, we talked about that when I get your digits?" He tried.

Isabella, impressed that Eddy was still desperate to keep the conversation alive even if it's so obvious that it died when the girl step back a little when Eddy tried to make a move and gave him a flat "no."

Eddy shrugged it off smoothly with a laugh and look down to hold the tip of his americano, "too bad. You're too wicked."

"As they said so." The waitress said leaving slowly from their table.

Eddy didn't looked up, he probably realized that with his style of somewhat a jurassic park top with rustic hair and piercings would complement on the scene of him looking down at coffee.

In fact, not, not even in the slightest bit.

Isabella's thought was cut of when Ace nudged her shoulders.

"Your pancakes." He said, spreading honey syrup all over them before putting it on her plate.

Suddenly, another thought came flooding in her mind when she saw him gently putting the pancakes with his fork and knife in her plate.

And unfortunately, with the guy in front of them too.

"Oooh, it's a pajama date!!!"

She shot a look at Eddy who was now looking at then with such happy eyes.

Ace made out a laugh but didn't protested, only Isabella grabbed the knife on her side, "what?"

"I said it's a pajama date." He repeated it like it was not a crime.


Ace was quick to hold Isabella on his hand and reprimanded her to calm down.

"It's okay. It's just morning yet we're not in pajamas."

"I'm sorry. It's just that, Ace and Rachelle always do that when they're still together."

The fork that Isabella managed to gripped on her other hand poked the pancakes in front of her so hard that you can hear a breaking plate in two.

She didn't say anything. They didn't say anything. She tried to calm herself. They just watched her.... And the plate.

A seconds of silence from the three before Ace decided to call the waitress to get another table while he did his best to clear the savage pancakes in front of Isabella.

"Ah yes, speaking of her, I ran into her last time." Eddy clapped with his chirpy voice. Trying to get a hold of the boiling ambience and maybe throw it out.

Isabella stayed silent, letting Ace worked on her side and putting an annoyed face on Eddy.

"We hang out for a while?" He added, working desperately just to make Isabella's mood brighten up.

"You should work on your jokes sometime." She said to which Eddy made a nervous chuckle.

Finally, he thought. He spoke, "We made a talked about things... You know.... Hanging out sometime, we were on a friendship level I supposed."

Casually looking at Isabella, Eddy can confirmed that he did made her alter her mood to a huntress transforming herself into a witch who can break plates and salvage pancakes to an angel sent from heaven with a sweet smile.

"Really?" She said, getting another batch of pancakes from Ace.

"Yes. And I should say, I successfully got her number." He boasted.

Isabella crossed her arms as if assessing him, but the truth is her mind travelled back from a certain time.

"You should be quicker, Ace already knows her number from the very start."

His gaze dropped on Ace who's just like a young boy silently enjoying his pancakes.

"You know it bro? I thought your relationship ended years ago?!" Eddy said, jumping from his seat and grabbing Ace's collar.

"That's too much for an exaggerated manner." Isabella commented.

"You should've asked me bro, we stayed friends." Ace answered.

The two made Eddy Slumped nack to his seat with a shocked face. "I didn't know the only friends I have can betray me."

Who would want to stay friends after all what they had in the past? They almost got married but was cancelled because of Rachelle's condition.

Isabella gaze lowly down the table and clasped her hand. Was there still something going on between them?

"Of course dude. We know each other since we're kids, that's not betrayal, that's just simply...." Ace said, putting his hand on the bottom of his chin as if to think.

"a sterling friendship.."

Isabella got her fork again but it wasn't like the last time, she twirled it on her pancakes as if it were a pasta whilst listening to the two.

"Nah, talk about liar. Your friendship has been diluted years ago bro!" Eddy countered.

It was a second of silence after that, the sounds of the coffee mixer was heard and some noise of the other customer sitting on the counter.

"Tabula rasa!" Ace objected but it wasn't enough to be cleared.

As the sun showed slowly from the huge windows of the café, Isabella touch her lips with her arms. As what she's always told, a slate cannot be totally cleaned, especially when there was previously in excess of.

Their breakfast slowly ended after that, Isabella can feel a churning twist in her stomach, and when they stand up and was ready to leave Ace said something to her.

"Aren't we going to buy something for your cousin?"

Isabella took a step back and looked at him, Eddy made an excuse and went to the bathroom and somehow, the little café has only them as a customer.

Having no other option but to reply she nodded OK even if that's not really the case.

First, she had no blood-related cousin but if that's what Misha impose in his brain, let it be so. If that's what you think is right then so be it.

Ace went to the counter and Isabella sat back while waiting for him.

"Good day lady." Isabella's head turned on the side we're a man in a big white coat suddenly showed up and curtsied in front of her.

Taking his newspaper cap off, Isabella tried to focused herself on him, he smelled so manly and out of all the questions in her head it got replaced with a shocked face.


The man, who stared down at her with a smirk etched on his face got off quickly from the café when he heard him calling her name.

"They ran out of toilet paper." Eddy said when he came face to face with Isabella.

The girl, who quickly changed her face to a stoic one looked at Eddy as if no one just approached her and smirked as if implying something.

"Hey Ace."

Ace came back with two huge paper bags in both hands, "let's go now."


When they arrived home, Misha was found sitting comfortably on the couch watching some mouse that can cook.

"Good morning, Anneliese."

Isabella almost choked on her saliva when she heard what Ace called her.

"Oh hi brother! Thank you for letting me stay here!" Anneliese replied.

Ace was preparing the foods he bought for Anneliese and Isabella still coughing behind his back, retreat herself and went in her room.

"Hey girl."

It didn't occured to her that Misha followed suit and was now closing the door behind her.

Isabella raised an eyebrow, "I thought you're going to have breakfast with him."

"Why? Are you jealous?" Misha replied that almost pinned Isabella to her stand.

"Why would I?!" She blurted.

Misha giggled but it didn't showed her teeth "you're in a big mess, cousin."

She walked towards the only window in her room to open it, Isabella was sure enough that Astolfo will showed him self on that like a mushroom from the third storey building.

"I won't bother to know how you enter this premises but I should warned you: the game you're playing is dangerous." Misha said, facing at the window, not even exerting an effort to looked at the person she is talking.

What a cousin she is, Isabella could've have a problem or two because of her when both of them where in the org. But just like the nuisance that she is, she didn't bother crossing her line. She knew her part and that's the only thing she scuffle with.

"So what if I enter the wrong door, you shouldn't warned me, Misha.."

"I said what I said Isabella, the org is mad at you. You should return and received your punishment."

Ah that, that's why she's acting a little out of her comfort zone, because of the org.

"You know what, I've been thinking a lot lately, I don't want to return in the org."

That bewildered Misha prompting her to looked at Isabella with her mouth gape open.

"You just committed your own death."

Astolfo, her brother, didn't went to say 'hi' to Isabella after Misha shut the window. Misha still in shock was on her bedroom, whispering gibberish while looking at the ceiling.

When it was almost lunch, Isabella found Ace near the full window of his apartment staring at a little card.

"Care to share what you're looking at?"

Ace raised his head to looked at her, his eyes telling Isabella what he's feeling.

"It's an invitation.... A family invitation."

Isabella shrugged her shoulder, she couldn't understand what's wrong with having a family invitation.

"I don't have a normal relationship with my family." Ace added.

"They're involve with.... Things and my brother's making me his decoy everytime."

That caught Isabella's attention, Ace once said that he and his brother were close but today he's saying that they're not?

"What about your brother?" Isabella asked.

"He? He's a jerk. A stupid one but I can't say that to his face." Ace rumbled.

Isabella faced the window and watch as the setting sun filled the sky with comfortable colours. "Your the one to say. You look like a copy of him."

Now is the time for Ace to smirked. "Yeah, that's the perquisite of being twins."

A downside. Ace always thought. If he were to choose, he doesn't like to have a twin, to be a twin to his brother now. Why are they so much alike?

"Because of how they play, many dangerous things are following them so they always set up a decoy plan."

He said it again. That word. Isabella gave him an investigating look, it was clear that he was Ace not his twin brother Alas, could it also be possible that he was the one whom she was tailing from her last mission?

Base on the facts he told, Isabella made a plot on her mind. Tracing from the pin with a red string, going back to the past. Noir taught Isabella how to used a Katana on battle. She remembered running around swinging her sword on her enemy to stopped a transaction on an old building.

Could it be when she carelessly took her sword, she made a cut on Ace's chest?

"Can I see your scar again?" Isabella said. Gathering all the strength available around.

"Sure." Ace, who has a bewildered face but without hesitation to put his shirt off and showed her his scar showed an act of terror on Isabella.

And there it was, slashed like a bear cut from him. He already said it was from a sword. Isabella swallowed the lump in her throat. She hurt him.

She's careless.

"Who did this to you?"

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