Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 13

Another day was starting to form on the east, Isabela was standing on the same spot.. Her mind was clouded with thoughts and the weather was not bringing her peace.

Just like the other day, she was feeling all the gloom in an early morning, she wondered if the end would be felt yesterday.

The invitation that Ace received. He didn't said anything further, now he went outside to fetch some things leaving Misha and her in his house.

A fool. That's what she would like to call him. He said he doesn't like his sibling that much which was so ironic because they were so alike based on the childhood photo Isabela saw on his room.

If only she could walk into his room and find something that would take her to his brother, to the guy who she was really assigned with.

"Are you slacking?" Misha said giving her a curious glance as she opened the window in her room.

Isabela mentally rolled her eyes, still laying on her bed, not minding every bit of her presence.

She should gain the courage now. After all, this happening was all a mistake, and if what Ace told her was true, that they used to switch with his brother then there's a chance that the one she was stalking back then was him and not Alas.

Does that mean she knew them all along?

This is the right time to get to Noir and ask for his advice. Like what she always do since her little days.

"You should get ready." Misha observed.

"I should." This time, Isabela answered her and sat upright on the foot of the bed.

But as she sat, she remembered something that compelled her to face Misha with a somber look.

"How do you know that?"

Misha kept her poised and showed the black-coloured enveloped she had in her hands. "Ace told me to help you get ready. So why not?"

Isabela clearly, was not convinced with her. As the girl who replicate and conduct every move she makes when they're little. That's hard to believe. To think she failed to give her the conviction. That's not worth to tell. Not in front of her.

"Harsh, Blanche. The disgust look in your face says it all." Misha said, putting her left hand on her hips and swinging the other to the air.

"You're serious? You don't want to tagged along?"

"Blanche. I said I'll just help you prepare, since the head of this house told me and I have to comply, I want to know what will happen next, I'm intrigue to know. It feels like I've become a normal teenager as soon as I step her and found you."

Oh, now she get it. As what Misha said, she wants to know what will happen next so she took the role of a sister who will be left out in the house and will get all the deets and dots after.

What a turncoat. Looking at Misha, she would fit as a little sister but what makes her worry the most was that this was the first time the organization won't get her back. She didn't assured her. They clearly despised her now for not wanting to come back.

"So which drawing room should we go?"

She looked at giddy Misha who looked so excited to do stuffs with Isabela.

She portrayed her character well. Maybe, that's what needed to do. She's on her own after all.

Stepping out from the rows of drawing rooms or beauty salon, Misha picked which is which since Isabela doesn't know even after she turned into puberty what to do with her self.

"You know what, you're beautiful, you just don't know how to be one."

Isabela faced Misha, "should I be flattered? Why were you complimenting me?"

Misha took a step forward and shrugged, "up to you,"

"Let's go and have your mani-pedi first." She announced, dragging her towards a shop with pink and black colours outside.


Misha stepped out of the fitting room wearing a baby pink tweed style ruffled front dress, she has the perfect skin tone for it, it brighten her skin more, the spaghetti strap complemented her upper body.

But as Isabela gave her a whole look.

"What do you think?" Misha asked her.

Isabela didn't gave her an answer, the reason why they were in a dress shop was because Misha insisted that she should buy a dress and that the perfect dress to wear in the family dinner wasn't in her closet.

"What? Tell me!" Misha roared, getting out of patience. This is trouble.

"I think... I think it's best if we are not in this shop,

"Why? As if the organization is still with us. We're free teenagers now. We can do what we want."

They ended up eating croquettes in the street and their topic was still how they act carefree like they're just any normal teenager.

"Isn't fun?" Misha asked, three paper bags on her hands.

As they walked while munching croquette. Isabela can't help but to think about the time she was still roaming around and killing people for the organization. It feels like.... It feels..


"Isabela!" Misha stopped and face her. Giving her a dismissive look.

"Can't you get out off your head for a second? This is something that gives something like the opposite of action verb is stative verb."

Isabela in return to her outburst, gave her a look so foreign to her that she almost felt like a computer loading in..

"What do you mean?"

Misha laughed, "That's right, that's why you can't say I am understanding this thing."
Isabela led her to sit on the park bench and as they went through the passing people from their view. She can't help but to think about what happened yesterday.

"Why suddenly get curious about this?" Ace said, putting his shirt back on. "It's no big deal. Sometimes you just run into danger that save your life."

The last one made him bind Isabela more to curiosity, the reason why he get that saves his life?

"Yep. That's why I want to thank the girl that did this to me. It's like a butterfly effect. I got hospitalized, get the best treatment and got out of the job."

But she was almost positive that he did that to him. How can he still be positive about that?

".... I only do light jobs now. And usually had an escort." He said like it was his childhood dream to get out of the cage that his twin brother made.

Even though, they have this thing called switching, the organization wasn't aware of that. They used to switch and set him instead on a dangerous trap that can take his life. Why would his twin brother let him do that kind of job? Was Ace's life isn't something you treasure?

"Ah yeah, back to the invitation. Want to meet my family?" He said that in a mocking tone.

Isabella shuffled her weight from one foot to the other. She was given the opportunity to meet his family. That would be the aim, meet his family, run into Alas, make him say his confession and maybe, kill him for doing quite heavy of a list.

How dare he involved Ace into something like selling drugs?

Ace shouldn't know her plan behind this, she has to be careful and agreed to the offer. One thing is for sure, she made him suffer from the pain she didn't know she can cause. And she want him to get out of it completely.

This time, with the scar on his chest, his foot was only out of the cage, Alas can pull Ace back if he wants but Isabella will not give him what he wants.

"I'm always sure that halterneck black dress looks lovelyl on you!" Misha happily blurted.

Helping Isabella arranged her things for the gathering she and Ace would attend.

Misha was being herself, she let the teenager out of her again like her character but Isabella can see a huge difference on it tonight.

She was just not pretending. She was being herself. And Isabella admired Misha for that, she's a strong, courageous sweet girl.

"Now. Are you ready?"

She turned around to meet Ace's gaze lingering on her. The black halterneck dress compliments her white skin perfectly, and with the help of Misha's skill in make-up, they made the innocent looking Isabella like a heaven sent from above.

"I'd like it if we start going now." Isabela awkwardly said when he went closer to him.

"Ah yes." He gave her his shoulder to cling onto and waved at Misha goodbye.

"You look beautiful tonight."

As they said.

The drive on the Crowne's mansion was pretty far, it was on the suburban side of the country.

Isabela couldn't expect more, knowing that she'll meet a family who has affiliations with a mafia. Maybe they'll be stern. Serious and cold, their motto was 'one mistake, you'll die'. They'd be pretty much more extreme than the organization Isabella grew with. They be all wearing black and they have a garden full of red roses.

Thinking about it now, somehow, she felt a bit disheartened. Maybe Ace has a rough childhood because of their situation. Rougher then she.

"Are you okay?"

Isabela looked at Ace who was driving beside her.

"You seemed nervous."

Isabela cleared her throat then shook her head, gliding her hand to the opening of her purse and felt the revolver gun Misha said she'll be using when a tight happens, but what could go wrong this night?

The car ride was silent not until something bump their car, not once but twice.

Looking at each other, Ace was prompted to halt on the side, he got out of the car and a Black classic car stopped in the side and revealed a small stout man smirking at Ace.

Ace gave out an upset face, "what are you doing, Uncle? Purposely bumping my car."

The stout man in a grey suit nonchalantly shrugged. "Nothing, just thought I could pull a prank on a car that turns out the driver was you."

The conversation was short, Ace shoulder was quite tensed, Isabela silently watched in her seat as the stout man put his hands on his suit pocket, as if he was fumbling something he turned around slowly, get back on his car and drove away.

When Ace finally got back on his seat, Isabella gave him a worried look.

"Are you okay?"

Ace gave her a hesitant look,

"what? Why do you look at me like I've grown another head?" She jokingly stated.

Ace start the car again and also laughed. "I just got the impression of you that you don't have a care with that, it was quite amusing though."

Isabela sneered and slowly retrieved her hand from her small handbag, was it a sin to have a care for him? They've been living on the same house and all.

"By the way, you already know my mom right? I'm going to have your contract with her."

"I already told you before right? You even play and seduced me just to stay and care for me." He continued, smiling at the thought.

Isabela didn't gave the expression of what was expected, she'll soon gave him a nervous laugh when she learned that she just came here to kill him.

The car ride was silent after that, not until they were on a mountainous road and Ace has to drop his speed, the motion gave a tense on the atmosphere.

Maybe the stout man they met was also heading for the party tonight. Ace didn't told her that, a typical Ace. He must really hate his family.

As for Isabela, she only has a glimpse of them, she forced herself not to be reminded of them because that'd brought bad things. So might as well forget also the good so that the bad won't follow.

They were almost on the peak, and Isabela can see a shallow mansion out of all the huge trees that surrounded them. Are they getting nearer? She doesn't know but she know that what happened next was something that gave the night sky a bright light with a loud sound that turned the light into fire followed by the multiple screams of voices.

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