Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 2

"You're not thinking straight!" Zara, wife of Noir shouted at the top of her lungs as she followed her husband to the kitchen leaving little Blanche in the living room.

"Quiet Zara, I told you not to shout, she might here you." Noir replied in an irritated tone because seriously, why does no one but him wants to adopt her? The little kid is practically begging for help.

"What? Are you being serious? That kid?! Noir, she's deaf! Who knows if she's mute, she can't even talk!"

Noir reached for the glass on the shelf and pour himself water before facing Zara with an unfathomable face. Was it just him? Or was it because of the bottles of alcohol he drank beforehand? But he knew that when a person is mute, she is also deaf and vice versa yet this woman talks like she dropped her common sense or something. To assume someone is mute because s/he doesn't want to talk is a grave mistake.

"You know what Zara, deaf or mute or not, I am still taking her in." Noir said with a face of 'I-am-so-done-with-this-conversation-please-stop-talking'.

"Sure! Take her!" Zara said with her hands on her either side of her hips, "but I tell you this, don't ever let that girl stay in my house. Have her anywhere but here, this house is not available for stray children!" She gritted her teeth and marched the stairs, ignoring the glance of the little girl as she paced her way to the stairs.

Noir sighed and placed the empty glass on the sink. Zara and him never had a baby, for 6 years, they've been trying but to no avail, no blessing has come and God knows how they want to have one, so when Noir passed on this little girl on the road, with a large parka over her and a pale face he immediately stop and collected her.

With her mesmerizing big dark eyes , he can't afford to just passed by her. So he stopped his car and asked her, "are you alone?"

"Are you alone?"

Waking up with a sore body and a raging pain on the head is not new for Blanche or should now be called; Isabela Strauss —the new name that was given and updated by Hent. The organization's AI robot.

She slowly opened her eyes, adjusting from the light that seeped through the window. It's the time in the morning when she likes to wake up the most, when the world is still sleeping and the roosters or alarm clocks hasn't make sounds yet.

Walking out of the room, she came face to face with the door of him which is the prime suspect why she has to feel this raging sore all over her body.

It was when the sun goes down yesterday when he finally decided to stand up and saw how his house turned into a clean freak house in a short amount of grace period.

"What..... What the hell?!" He exclaimed in awe, shock, fear looking around for any signs of an angel, demon, or vacuum who would spare to clean his heavily messed apartment. Afterall, he was alone for years and he rarely does have visitors if he does, the visitors will adjust to the side and ignore it for the sake of them sanity.

But who is this angel-demon-vacuum who cleaned the place for him?

"You're awake, sir." Said Isabela who emerged from the kitchen.

His eyes roamed around her; house slippers, dusty clothes, sweaty hands and a face that has a blank façade.

It only took a second before he snap his fingers and noticed that his beer bottles were gone. "You're the one who clean this!"

Isabela blinked but didn't flinched, "I did." She answered, thinking that he was pleased by the fact that she turned into a maid and clean this rubbish chute he called house.

Taking into the point that he thought he was the helper his mom hired and that it was her first day in the house.

"Why you do that?" He said that looks like he was struggling to say the words, he walk into the TV set in front and started mumbling; "where are my things?"

"Who told you to touch anything in my house?!" He exclaimed.

Isabela rolled her eyes and sighed heavily at the man's back. She put her hands on both hips.

"What do you want me to do sir?" She patiently asked.

The boy stopped rummaging the cabinet and looked at her with raised eyebrow. "Put it all back to where they are."

Isabela widened her eyes like it was about to fall off on their sockets. Never in her life did someone made dissed on her, well, maybe that stopped yesterday but no one complained on her work, she always done the task perfect, but not yesterday and that seems to continue until today. This will be difficult to love him. But she was making amends with that right? She accepted it calmly, and now she's here oblivious of anything that is ready to bit her in all corners possible.

"What? You've seen ghost or something? I'm saying: put them all back to their original places and I'm going to clean them. Catch?"

Isabela can't believe her ears, did he just said to put all the things back just to put it away again by him? Or did he just joked because he is still on the influenced of all the alcohol he consumed?

"I'm a helper of yours, that's my job." She said, thinking of the scene that woke her up this morning.

"Ah. That " He said, arms crossed, facing him. He opened his mouth and put his touch his palate with his tongue as if thinking seriously. "I don't care. Put it back."

Isabela knows that if she didn't act carefully, she'll messed up again and the history will repeat itself and that's the least thing on her list, so she collected her balanced and avoid his gaze. "I cleared almost everything." She blurted, putting her hands back.

"Yes, so what will you do if you cleared everything?"

Isabela tilt her head for a question mark. Is he implying what she thinks he's implying? Is he child-talking now?

"Put everything back." She answered in a low voice that should've have been 'are you serious?' why did she answered him with a child-like voice like she's the one guilty?

"Here, let us settle this." Isabela looked back on him who is now holding a piece of paper and a pen.

He gestured for her to sit on the single couch while he sit on the other that he sleeps in.

"This is a contract." He started and Isabela immediately opened her mouth to interrupt but he just gave her a stern look. "I'm still talking."

"As I was saying, you were hired by my mother to help me with things...."

Isabela was about to interrupt him when he put his fingers on his lips and make a sign, "I told you, let me finished."

He straitened his position and watched her with such an intimidating look as if assessing her very soul.

"To come straight to the point, you were hired by my mother and I haven't approved you yet. Technically, your boss is still my mother not me."

Isabela raised an eyebrow but stay still on her seat, she almost slapped him after he said that but restrained herself and think why she was here. She wasn't hired by his mother she was hired to be his killer. Why does this guy assumed things immediately and let a girl get into his house? So many questions on mind but this guy just don't let him talk. Why can't he read between the lines and make a rule of not letting someone in your house that you don't know?

That if you let someone in your house just to be ostracize and bullied by others when no one is looking or let yourself into a fight involving knives and guns and killed the other like how the killer you've gone.

Isabela was pulled back on her thoughts when he started to talked again like how a talker he was; "So if you want to be my help, you'll have to attain the traits that I advised to be able to call me 'master': that is, if you pass the test that I'll give you...." He trailed.

Why would he? Did Isabella heard him right? He just proposed to be called master: She has to settle things straight right now. Why can't she figured it out? Is his mother really that trustworthy to trust? She isn't here to be a maid, she's here to kill him.

"Huh? What's that? You want to say something?"

Isabela almost rolled her eyes, hearing that from him now when he just drop the bomb makes her balled her fist even tighter. Thankfully, he isn't able to see what she is doing because of his center table that seperate them if there isn't just a center table here, she would've killed him the second he blabber about all this and the fact that he rescued her when she's about to lose control on her thoughts made her not do the deed. For now, yes, for now.

She managed to faced him with a smile after thinking that, "no, no, please continue."

She settled on plotting his murder instead of paying attention to him. As to like he was when she was trailing him in Spain, but something is a little out, she doesn't remember him being annoying straight to the bone to the point that she'll buy a wolf dog and put his bones in its dish.

In Spain, the 'Alas Crowne' that she knew was more restrain, stern, and doesn't let anyone touch him yet everything she saw today has that perspective change, he still give a strong but comfortable aura, and something about him makes her think that something is really out of the box.

On the other hand, he was writing something in his paper and said in a monotonous voice. "So, if you're going to have me and call me 'master' as my helper, you have to succeed these 4 challenges that I'm going to give you."

Isabela's ears ticked as he mentioned challenged. True to say, Isabela is up to thinking of him hanging on the ceiling and draining his blood until he turned white like the Black Dahlia but he just mentioned one word to keep her off track, and that is challenge, when someone says challenge her world seems like to spin a complete 360° rotation and that is enough to keep her up everyday.

"So challenge 1: Put everything back on their original place."

She looked at him in bewilderment, is he really serious with that?!

"What? Ah, I forgot to say, you'll get demerit points once I'm not satisfied with your work. Let's call them Thanatos." He said with a sinister smile.

Without a single sound, Isabela can hear all her nerves and muscles writhing in pain after she put her arms on his neck.

"By the way, what name should I put in here?" He asked looking back in the paper.

She doesn't even care what name she blurted out. The fact that he just made her composure crumble and pushed all the known buttons of her makes her want to squeezed him into a pulped. And with that face of his that screams playfully. It's like he got him playing in her palms.

"You're not moving, so a Thanatos point?"

Isabela looked back at him and force herself to smile, "no sir. I'll do the work right away." She said with the most sincerity she could ever muster up n all the trainings she overcome with the organization, how dare he gave demerit points a name of death?

So what was he planning? Kill her dead? How? When she is already imagining making a sweater with his nervous system?
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