Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 3

"Why are you staring at me?"

Noir moved back from the girl in red coat, "are you bad? Why did you asked me that?"

With a knotted forehead, he answered; "No."

The girl finally looked at Noir and something with her round black eyes tell him a story.

A sad story.

"What happened to you? Why are you here? Did something bad happened?" He bravely asked not expecting the girl to reply.

The girl averted her gaze and look at the other side of the street where a park with a huge willow tree is planted in a huge brick that can be sit.

"I ran." She replied silently.

"From home?" He assumingly asked, and the girl slowly nodded.

"But it's almost night,"

"I'm planning to stay for the night here."

The girl look at him again with brave eyes but still sad ones. "Standing."

Noir felt something enchanting with the girl that makes his heart pinched itself.

"Aren't you scared?" He asked next.

The girl showed no emotion still, she doesn't even bother to step back;

"why would I be?"

".... Sorry the number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area, please try your—"

Isabela put her phone down on her lap in frustration. She tried calling Noir the moment she went back in her room after recalling what happened yesterday and what a sick bastard was the one sleeping in the adjacent room.

Isabela tried to lie again in bed but with her bones aching from the soreness of yesterday she was left with no only choice but to stand again and made her way out of her bedroom.

She walked until she found the curtains-filled wall and one by one she unveil them revealing the floor-to-ceiling window of his apartment.

Isabela glued her eyes on the sun rising at the East and remember the last time she saw the sun risen. Even if she's an early riser, the chances of seeing the sunrise is slim or none existent at all, in the organization filled with black walls and thick curtains, she was forbidden to go outside and watched the sun rise, she have no choice but to keep up with the organization because she's obliged to do so.

She never thought the sun can beautifully rise like what she is seeing right now, mesmerized by the huge fire ball slowly showing on the far corner of the East she can't help to stretch out her hand and touch the glass window.

Yes, she is standing like that until the whole room is filled with the rays of the sun and the sick bastard has woken up.

"What are you doing there?" He groggily asked with eyes still half-closed.

Isabela watched her but didn't budged from her position. "I'm looking at the sun."

He studied her like a math formula that can't be understood. "Okay?"

Isabela looked back on the rising sun on the east, it was already on its full colors and this apartment reflect just the perfect colors of the sun.

"But you're supposed to prepare me breakfast." He said, finally, after passing silence and contemplating like a silk worm.

Isabela gave him a look, "when?" She replied.

"In the morning? Because you are my maid, and you're sleeping here for free, at least show some gratitude."

Isabela looked at the ceiling for a second and then glued her eyes back on the sun. Minding his retort and restraining her fangs to come out and beat him to death.

"Okay, I know I told you that I haven't accepted you yet, but at this point, at least focused on the latter, your landlord is hungry."

She looked at him like he was growing another head. Two points on this. This guy has no certainty, one moment he doesn't like her and now that a night have passed slept he's urging her to cook for him now. Seems like Noir and someone who-shall-not-be-name has come to him and pull nightmares while he sleep.

Isabela got the best and successfully bring out the sun. Thinking that there are no more surprises today, she led him into his kitchen and asked him what she would cook.

"I want omelette, with bacon strips on the side, can you do that?" He answered happily like a kid who got asked what he want for breakfast. "Look at you looking jolly and all but one moment you looked like you're going to eat me with the sun as a witness."

"What did you say?"

Isabela almost jumped on her place when the jolly boy suddenly got on his side holding a tray of eggs.

She looked at him in shocked and him with a knotted forehead.

"Nothing?" She answered asked.

"That's what people say when they do or say something bad." He inquired.

But Isabela did not answer him, she continued looking at him with wide eyes until they can't get the friction anymore, they both averted they're gazes. "I'll just go grabbed the contract and give you a Thanatos point."

"But I'll cook for you!" Isabela shouted that made the guy's retreating back giggle on her. "Still minus 20 points."

Isabela was sitting parallel to him and grabbed the contract they made whilst murdering him with a fork on her hand.

A bacon and egg in his mouth but still has the audacity to talked; "aren't you going to read that paper?"

Isabela shrugged, looking at him with a stern face, she don't feel like looking at him. "No."


Still not looking at him, "I don't like reading contracts."

She truthfully said, the last time she held one all of her things were thrown at the window, including herself.


Isabela looked at him with a quirked eyebrow. "Why would I want to read a contract that is full of minus points?!" She said with a higher pitch than before that makes him chuckle.

"Ha, but that's how the world works. You just have to try your hardest next time to receive plus points."

But that's a lie, high pitches in conversation tell that you're lying. She liked reading, but the organization never brought a book, she's not grown to be a bookworm, she's grown to hold a rifle and kill others. That's what they always say, and look, they got what they want.

Having that said, she was once again fall back on her reality and let the paper fall down on the table. "How could I earn one?"

The guy stop munching for a second to wink at her, "later darling, we have to fill our stomachs first."

After an hour, Isabela found herself standing at the door of her room while having a staring contest on the contract with a signature of both of them at the end of the paper.


She didn't thought that signature could be a big deal, this signature looks like one from Alas Crowne. She have seen lots of it in Spain. She watched from afar on every paper he sign and it must've been 17 metres apart but she could undoubtedly say that the way he sign the contract is the same as when he was in Spain. Well, it wouldn't be that the organization is wrong. They never done wrong. They're perfect individuals.

Isabela turned around when she heard the opening of the door behind her. There he was, struggling to pull a big board with fancy glitters and pink things and all outside his room.

"Care to help me?" He asked. More like commanded but with an asking tone.

Isabela sighed heavily before she went to the other end. What would be the scheme of this guy again?

But she dared not asked the question lingering on her mind, instead she patiently wait for the board to be settled on the living room.

"Thanks!" He huffed and puffed air on his mouth.

Suddenly, before he started saying anything, the door rang, they look at each other; "are you expecting a visitor?"

Isabela shrugged, she never expected anything and why does he asked him like they share the house in a goody-goody manner. Isabela planned to stay here temporarily. After everything is done, after she learned to love him, she would go back on his little corner in Belgium.

Anyways, she watched him open the door after couple of seconds passed where the only sound heard was the doorbell.

She didn't moved in her place but she heard the ever hyperenergetic voice of her sir.

"Rachelle! What're you doing here?!"

Isabela was amazed by his voice that is always in good quality even after he was exasperated seconds ago.

She made sure she made a mental note to save his vocal cords after killing him.

"I came here to see you!" A girly voice replied in the same pitch as his.

"Great." He replied but he said that with a low tone.

"Won't you let me in your house?"

"Ah, sure. Come..." He replied with visible contemplation in his voice.

Isabela turn her gaze on the direction of the door. Just to know who is the girl that this guy let in his house. Is he really that welcoming that he let others in his house? What if his going to kill him? Like me? Or what if she's a thief?

"Thank you, remember we are just so young and you— Oh wow!" The girl blurted.

Now Isabela can see perfectly from the little crease of her bedroom door.

The girl looks like a goddess with her white cotton dress, she has a pretty big eyes and a long black hair with full bangs that make her seems to like a sharp, sassy, blunt goddess who got her powers locked up in a box like Pandora's and now she's running berserk.

"What is this shiny glittery sparkling beautiful board doing here?"

The guy roamed his eyes and stopped when he saw Isabela peeking on the little crease she made in her bedroom door. Rachelle doesn't seem to mind though, she's full on focusing on n his charms only.

She saw him bobble his head then looked at the girl named Rachelle. "It was just because I'm bored...."

Isabela can hear perfectly their conversation and she covered her mouth when she heard his reply. So much for having him.

"Do all boys like doing this kind of things when they're bored?" The girl said spotting the pink unicorn stickers laying on the couch.

"Uh? Kinda?" He replied rather nervously and Isabela almost chuckle loudly.

"By the way, why pay me a visit?"

"Oh, nothing, just want to see you back after your visit in Spain. Why did you stay there for so long? I thought it's just for a week?"

"Oh that, something came up. I had things to do."


"Please don't look so much into it, Rachelle."

"I'm not." The girl let out a girly laugh. "Just thought I'd tell you personally that your dad want to see you."

There's a long pause after she said that and Isabela felt that the guy who was standing on her sight and is purposely blocking the view with his stupid back tensed up.
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