Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 5

"Is what I did wrong?"

The young girl murmured more to herself than to her as she watch all the things in the kitchen get thrown.

Her. As in Zara, the wife of Noir.

She looked at her with such fury and held her both on her shoulder. "You stupid brat! You don't know what you are doing! Aren't your mother taught you how to cook? What garbage did you put on my plate?! You useless bitch!"

The young girl shut her eyes closed as she pushed her with her strong arms away. Her shoulders turned numb immediately and her body is aching all over. A drop of water got on her face and when she opened her eyes, she was already outside the house.

Thrown from the window.

She tried to stand up and craned her neck on the window sill as she watched Zara put all the mess she made on the trash.

Along with the food the young girl cooked and she called it garbage.

A single drop was felt on her head again, then on her torso, her hair, face, not long after a heavy rained poured.

She tried to looked again on the window and contemplate if she's going to knock or not. If she is, she was sure that Zara won't let her in instead shout at her and laugh maniacally when she satisfied herself of bruising the young girl.

So she pulled her arms back and ran on the nearest willow tree on the front of her house where the leaves and branches made a cover for her.

She enveloped herself in a hug and watched as the rain pours above her.

It was a menacing yet sad scene, one time she was holding a gun then she was picked up by a man that promised to take care of her. It was so easy to trust him not until they were in front of the house's door.

"I have a wife named Zara, she will definitely like you, you have all the characteristics of her ideal child." He said, his hands around her shoulder.

He opened the door and what he said made the young girl believed that everything will be all right not until she saw his wife's face. A face that could give her another nightmare, worse than the first one.

Now drenched in the rain, the little girl adjusted her focused on the black van that stopped on the front of their house.

Two black guys appeared on her sight, both wearing caps and one holding a steel pipe, she tried to step back and hide on the tree when she saw them walked towards the house.

They didn't knock, instead force the door opened and the next thing she knew was hearing a shout of pain and blood splashing all over just the same as what she heard on her family as she killed them.

After that, the black guys emerged from the door and walked as if nothing happened as if they just didn't killed Zara who was probably on her beloved kitchen cleaning up the young girl's mess.

When they were walking on the front step, the big man removing his black gloves drenched in blood suddenly stopped parallel to the tree on where the girl is hiding.

On his perspective, he motioned for the other guy holding a steel pipe to come and see what he saw on the tree.

Then the next thing the girl knew was her riding again on a car but not with Noir, but with two guys wearing all black.

"Where are we going?" Isabela blurted, eyes glued outside of the car, she was seating on the passenger seat while the guy was driving. All of the sceneries they passed, Isabela watched all of them and it feels relaxing yet fretful.

She didn't know what to do, all she know is that she was told to keep quiet, to stay on guard as if your life was in tenterhooks.

"i told you, to the market." The guy replied, making Isabela turned to him.

She's not speaking to him, she's speaking to her conciousness, maybe wondering and judging her life's choices at the same time and regretting some of them.

The only sound on the car was the radio playing, Isabela put her eyes back on the scenery and the guy was driving silently but Isabela noticed he was a little rigid when he spoke his reply.

Isabela's eyes travelled to the side mirror nearest to her, no cars on the back or 7 metres away or no signs of anyone following.

Why was he so rigid then? As if someone will ambushed them or jump scare them the second he let his guard down.

Was he always like that? No. In his apartment, he let everybody in, two ladies already visited his apartment and one is living with him and he feels relaxed on it, except that he thought Isabella was the helper that his mom hired. Now his playing games on her yet he covered it as if he was testing her.

Was he always that childish? Yes. She already killed him numerous times in her mind but she can't do that, unless she loved her first.

Passing the requirements of death based on her prerequisite was always been easy, for her, the moment she saw the person, know its action and his past all the way to its reason, she will always find a way to love them. She's been killing countless of times after the killings of her family. After the organization took her, she understood the world she was forced to lived. That there are bad guys that were just pure bad that needed to go straight to hell and that includes her family.

They know that she killed her family but they didn't know the reason why she killed them.

They never knew the souls she was dragging everytime she hold a gun. They never knew because they will never understand.

Whose sane person can kill her whole family? Who's sane enough to kill for love? She may look like a psychopath who ran away from a mental hospital but instead of taking her back. They took advantage of her. Knowing well that they were also fugitives. We all are fugitives who keep on escaping death.

Isabela was never the conversation starter, she hates talking and quite of things like the guy beside her.

She doesn't know when she'll love him but if she'll do, she will make sure that she will dragged his soul wherever she go.

Today was a weird day for her, she got all her trainings perfect yet she resulted in thinking of a drastic measures just to satisfy him and got points in returned.

"How is my performance going?" She said, hoping that he will reply again like what he did earlier.

"Oh yeah! I forgot the clipboard." He grunted and punched the steering wheel.

Okay. Not the reply she was hoping to get but okay.

"Should we turn back?" She suggested.

"Nah, that'll be a hassle," he throw a look at her briefly, "isn't that your job?"

"When was that my job?" Isabela most raised a brow at him.

"At the same... After... Before... Ugh... Nevermind, where here." He announced and pull the car to an empty parking space.

Isabela quickly get off the car and automatically looked all over the huge parking lot.

He got off and put his car keys on his pocket and motioned Isabela to come.

"Hey dude, nice chick!" Halfway into the entrance of the mall, they passed a lanky guy with a fake distorted mustache in a tiger-print shirt and golden metal necklace complete with a cap and earrings.

"She's not my chick, Ed." The guy replied.

The dude with a fake distorted mustache twitched a bit, "oh yeah, whatever. Havva nice day dude." He said and passed on them with his hands on pockets as if nothing happened.

Isabela almost run over him but the guy was quick to hold her hand and stopped her. "What are you doing?"

Isabela faced him with a distorted expression. "I'm not a chick!" She squealed and opted to run for him but the guy is still holding her hand so Isabela resorted in shouting; "I'm not a chick stupid! I'm a hen!!"

The guy suppressed his laughter when he saw Isabela look at him in disdain.

He fake a coughed and let go of her hand, "let's go."

They both went in the entranced of the market and the guy immediately got a pushed cart.

"Are we going to buy many things?" She asked curiously and he nodded.

"Sure, what are we here for then?"

Isabela mentally computed how much money she got in her wallet but she got nothing because all of her money was on her secret stash in her luggage.

She automatically tugged the guy's arm. "Let's go home."

The guy with a shocked expression asked "why?"

"You forgot the clipboard."

"I thought I already said nevermind that?" He pulled Isabela closed to him to his cart.

"No we're not going back. Pushed the cart, I'll just mentally add you a demerit points." He said and walked past her.

"Follow me."

With the cart now on her, she got nothing to choose but to pushed it with an irritated face. Well, maybe she will just gave money mentally to the cashier.

"Don't you know that my favorite fruit is watermelon?" He said and touched all the watermelon he could touched while on the fruit section. "What about yours?"

"Apple." She replied rather forcefully just to repay what he did on the way here.

"I like watermelon because it's like eating water and I always dream of having a suikawari." He said shrugging like he didn't just feel the dark aura of Isabela behind him.

"You know. Watermelon Splitting from Japan. I always want to do that but my family were against it. It'll be messy to cleaned up they said."

He got two huge watermelons on the cart and some apples then went to get anything that his eyes catches.

Isabela followed him and her plan was to silently watched him except for his questions here and there that needed to be answer with a single word because if she doesn't he'll look like a fool there talking to tomatoes.

"So do you like peanut butter or mayo?" He asked when they stopped on an isle.

"Mayonnaise." She replied and he answered "me too." Like an annoying little boy who answered because he want to but doesn't need to.

"But I prefer peanut butter some times and nutella all the time!" He added and got one of what he said.

"I'll assumed you like hens because they laid eggs?" He said when they got to a huge refrigerator full of eggs.

"No. I just like them because of their feathers." She replied shrugging because of the thought that got added on her mind. She likes them because they're annoying as hell in the morning.

They keep her mind on track because she will think of something gruesome first thing in the morning.

"Ayt. Whatever. We'll buy some eggs." He went opening the huge fridge and taking a tray of eggs.

After that, they went to the meat section and buy all the stuff his kitchen needed as what he said and they already have the cart full just with them per se.

Think of how heavy Isabela push the cart on wherever he went and think how her face sunken into a deep annoyance when he turned for the chips section and not for the cashier.

"Do you want doritos?"

"Ugh.." Isabela groaned and almost fell on the floor when he stop in front of the cart just to get his chips.

"Won't you buy something?" He asked rather sincerely than what she thought.

Isabela gave him an ice frozen stare, "just go on."

All she wanted to do was to sit back on his home in her apartment or be in his luggage rather than to push this heavy cart and have a staring contest with all the people in this market.

But why is this guy can't get any of the signs?

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