Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 6

"This is where you'll be, 67."

The moment she led her to a room with nothing but a single bed and an open window. The young girl tugged her on the sleeve.

"Is there anything you want?" The lady that led her to this room asked.

It's still raining, and the two men commanded her not to speak before she could adjust in the situation.

The guy who held a steel pipe was now sitting beside him, calmly than ever and the other man with gloves removed was driving.

She was on the middle of them and their relax façade as if they didn't kill someone 5 minutes ago is emerging through them.

But weirdly, she doesn't feel any fear on this two men. She doesn't feel her heart thumping anymore like she also have a relax façade like this two.

So the car ride went on and stopped in a big black gate before it opened slowly and it travelled on red with white lining on the side rode before it halted in front of a huge black mansion.

So black that the girl got mesmerized by it.

"Come with us." The man who's now steel pipe-less help her to stand on her knees.

She didn't fought with him or thought of running, instead she followed him like a little girl excited to play with toys.

"Is this girl normal?" The other man said when she saw her with sparkling eyes and all.

"Hey kid, I want to tell you that we are not on Disneyland." The man tugging beside her spoke.

"I know."

"We are not on the kingdom of princesses and princes either." Snorted the other man and pull his pack of cigarettes.

"I know." She replied again, louder this time, she look at both men. "I'm not a fan of fairy tales or Disneyland, I prefer corpses."

Both men look at each other and laugh as if they just heard the most funny thing they ever heard from a child.

"Kid. Just to say, we're on a dungeon of hell."

"We brought you here for the dragon to eat you."

They spoke to her like how a parent spoke on a child to frightened her but as she said, she's not afraid. She's been to worse, what worst can this situation get?

"What do you guys have?" A voiced that comes from a lady in all black boomed in the four corners of the room they went after they travelled in a long hallway of the mansion.

"54, you said it." The guy nudged the other guy who's now on gloves.

"No, you said it." He nudged him back.

"No, you're more capable."

"Shut up you're the favorite."

"Who says? Favorite toy?"

"Urusai! Both of you, who's that girl with you?"

The girl noticed that as the lady spoked, the two men went frozen on their spot. Like the lady is some sort of an ice queen and have the power enough to scare men.

"My name is Blanche." The little girl approached and all eyes went on her.

"Your name is Blanche?" The man without gloves whispered in shocking horror.

"Yes, you didn't asked me. So I'm telling now."

"Blanche? As in daughter of Eddie?" The other man stuttering and almost choked his own saliva inquired.

The little girl nodded.

"She's the killer."

The little girl losses her smile after he said that and they move a step before her. She doesn't understand. Was she wrong?

But what she did is grant they're wishes.

"Good." Three gazes averted on the lady who is now walking towards them. She's in all black and both her arms were still on high gloves despite the fact that she's already wearing long sleeve.

"Nice to meet you, Blanche." She said with a sinister smile.

"Welcome to your new family." She said and despite the shiver she felt, she tried to returned the warm smile she gave her and asked her when they are alone in a room;

"Was killing bad?"

"So what do you want for dinner?" He asked.

"Peace." She replied rather spontaneously.

"Ha-ha." He laughed in a robotic voice in returned that made Isabela shuffled her gaze onto him.

They ended up loading the trunk of groceries to the point where Isabela loses all rationality and asked him why he didn't bought the whole supermarket instead of making her tagged along on his grocery shopping;

"That's a good idea but nah, too much hassle."

Isabela leer her eyes on him and made sure to make a mental note that this guy isn't much on the business side.

"Do you like to go on a café?" He said turning his steering wheel before she could even reply.

Isabela raised a brow but didn't said anything, she watched him control the car and completely turned in U-turned when he drove in high speed as if he was running for his life, completely putting her in an invisibility mode.

Then they stopped perfectly in front of the café he was talking about.

The waitresses smiled and greeted them when they got in and this guy shoots for the table on the far side corner of the counter not even bothering to spare them a glance.

"What's your order maam?" A girl with an apron with ruffles and a high ponytail asked.

"We have your favorite cake sir." She said averting her gaze on her as if she just didn't asked Isabela for her order as if he didn't just ignore them.

"Really? Then I'll get two slices and coffee too, for her and I." He said, motioning Isabela.

The girl bowed and said to wait while preparing their orders that's when Isabela looked around the shop for clues.

The café is full of people of certain types, there's a girl parallel on them sitting with books and coffee, a boy on the other table who have his book holder opened and staring right at the girl while sipping his own coffee.

Near the bathroom came a squad of girls that seems to be watching a film on one of their laptops, a boy spilled her coffee on her shirt and excused her self to the bathroom while the other three continued watching and laughing on the laptop.

There was another man on the stool near the counter, dressed in long coat and black suit, he was wearing a face mask even before his coffee was served, he doesn't looked tense thought or looked at their direction—

"Hey, what are you looking at?" The guy catches her gaze,

"Nothing in particular."

He answered her with a smirked, "just so you know, this is my favorite coffeeshop. I've been here since I was a kid with...."


He didn't answered him instead face the waitress who served them their order and thank her.

Before stepping out, the girl gave him a round mirror then go back to the counter.

"What's that mirror for?" Isabela asked when he saw him looking at his reflection and making funny faces.

Is he a narcissist? Since when?

"For my face, I'd like to see my reflection today." He replied to which Isabela rolled her eyes.

Looking at him now, who wouldn't guessed that he was looking at the guy sitting near the counter. She would have weirded out and asked a lot of questions but instead she just shifted her position and let the guy do whatever he wants.

She knows the struggle of someone on your tail and vice versa. She perfected that job a few years ago, now the million dollar question is who is this guy tailing him?

This guy is quite a big fish for the organization and before anyone could kill him she must make sure that she is that one. Not the guy on the back.

"Hey, don't you think I need a Botox?" He said looking at the mirror then while touching his flawless face.

What does this guy still wants? He has a white skin, round eyes, chiselled jaw, roman nose and pinkish lips that anyone wants.

"No. You'll look like an alien." She replied getting her fork on the side to taste the devil's cake in front of her.

"Is that so? But I want to change my face." He mumbled those words but Isabela still heard him.

"Why would you? I liked the way you look." She said, having a bite on her cake.

And before she could processed what she said, she jolted and look at him in shock as he looked at him intently in returned.

"I..I.. didn't know what I said."

But it was too late.

Isabela blinked and she was already in an amusement park.

With a huge ferris wheel and roller coaster and other rides behind the big logo with a shark saying amusement park.

"You want to ride the roller coaster?" The guy beside her asked but of course he didn't wait for her reply, he's already tugging her on the line for roller coaster.

"I'm gonna say this: I'm going to open an overview of my life to you." He seriously said before the operator of the roller coaster told them to buckle up.

They're on the front of the roller coaster and there's a part of the rail where it climbs higher and higher until it drops you, people was expected to scream, people will scream when they encountered that. A mix of fear and excitement and nervousness, that's what they'll feel.

Amongst all the people in the amusement park, Isabela knew that the guy whom he looked at the mirror in the café was still tailing them.

He has a lot of spot to attack when they are on the café and now in the park but he didn't. That made Isabela arrived onto a conclusion that whoever the guy tailing them was not a stranger to this guy and the fact that he told her that he's going to tell her an overview of his life amidst the ride was a trigger warning to him that the guy tailing him gave.

Now she just have to wait to tell what would be in store for her.

"Hey, do you have someone very close to you?" He started.

Isabela despite the ranging scream of the people on the back heard him loud and clear.

She doesn't have to think deeply about that, she killed every person closed to her. "None."

"I have." He quickly retorted, like he was expecting Isabela would said that and before he could continued their conversation, they were already on the highest part of the rail and the people behind them are getting ready to scream their lungs out.

Instinctively, Isabela gripped tightly on the railings beside them but the guy beside her seems to be lost in thought.

So out of pressure, she woke him out of his reverie by putting her hand on top of his and guided him on the railing just on time the screaming started.

Whatever this guy said, Isabela didn't catched it, her mind is filled with the endless scream made by the people beside her. She didn't shout on the ride nor she felt nervousness instead she's now annoyed.

Irritated to say the least.

When they finally arrived home, she felt the need to helped him with the grocery and tidy the kitchen a little bit.

"Why did you let me stay in your house?" Isabela asked, touching the apples and swallowing all the pride she has when she realized she just started to asked a question to him.

"Why wouldn't I?"

One of the lessons they taught in the organization is to not let someone in, especially if you don't know the person or you can't just let tour guard down around her because if that happens, you will not be comfortable around him and it'll show in every bits of your action.

But why is it so easy for this guy in front of her to let his guard down on people?

"You don't know me." Isabela mumbled, putting the apples aside.

"I know you, I know your favorite fruit is apple, your a shy type of a person but you can be funny at times when you need to speak, I know that you are not the typical girl who has all the courage to start a conversation but if you do, I know it'll make sense, you can fit into a luggage, think fast but never bother to solve any mathematics questions, you cook delicious breakfast but need the sun to be in full show to do that because you're a fucking morning person and you woke up in such an ungodly hour just to watch the sun rise on the apartment's window. You see. I know you."

He laughed after he said all of that and Isabella looked at him like he just grew another head.

"What you find me weird?" He accused.

Faking a cough she said; "you don't know my name."

"And? You don't know my name too."

Isabella who almost choked herself just to answer him was never heard because he already talked without waiting for her to blurt the name that was lingering on her mind with 'this guy'.

"I'm Ace Crowne."

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