Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 7

When was that? She's 12 when that happened.

She officially killed someone. Reminding her of everything the head of the organization said. The lady in all black outfit.

"It's okay to kill. You kill because you love them, you don't want them to suffer anymore in this cruel world."

So when the blood drips from the shoulder of the man she slash with a dagger. It was at that very moment that she saw what she wanted to tell and made her smile.

"What does it take from you?" The man said, helplessly holding his bloody left arm while resting his head on the wall of the building he once decorated with money and ruthlessly killed people he thought is not-suitable-for a higher rank like him.

Well, dang his big head. The organization is always one step ahead of others, so she took him by surprise while the others killed the members of his little kingdom he thought was shiny enough not to be splattered by blood.

He's out of breath. He's struggling to breathe but he still have the stamina to talked, after the long fights of exchanging daggers and swords. The girl finally got the chance to slash him open.

Once again, at the back of her head, there's a little girl that innocently asked the same question about 5 years ago.

"I'll tell you a secret, Blanche or should I call you 72 from now?" The lady who always give her a sinister smile pats her head.

"At a young age, I saw violence, cruelty, and monsters in this world. The world is so dirty that I watched every day as my father cursed and fucked my mother. I saw how she shed a tear and weakly cried for help so I went outside, I ran and ran until I was in the middle of the town and shouted help but instead of help, I found people crying too as someone killed their love ones, hang them, chop them, drained their blood and treat them like a pig.

You don't know how cruel this world is unless you see it first hand. That's when I started to kill, to roamed around and be stronger than those killers who treat themselves like kings and queens."

The lady touched Blanche's cheeks, "so why would you want your love to witness and experience all the cruelty of this world?"

"You're the one who killed your family right?" She snapped back on the man with bloody arm.

"How dare you?! That's wrong, if your family is here now begging to save their lives, would you still kill them?"

She gave him a sinister smile; "Why would I? I love them that's why I killed them."

No regrets. Yes.

In order to save this world from the cruel reality, we must first destroy it.

There was no sun rising on the east today. As Isabela woke up only for that she still pull the curtains aside and saw the skies where color grey as if it'll rain soon.

It will rain soon.

She went back to her bed and collected all the clothes that was scattered and put it back in her luggage.

That night, Hent sent a message to her. Or at least that was the time she had her chance to fished her phone in the secret stash of her luggage after a long day together with the guy she thought she would kill and read the message.

He's not the Alas Crowne she's chasing in Spain. He's not the one she should kill. He was just that guy she mistook as him.

It was such a deep embarassment for her to mistook someone, she made a mental note not to trust her judging instinct anymore. Now that that happened. She sent a report from the organization and ought to return back there as soon as she finished her plan.

Now that she knew all about it, she was glad for only telling him technical facts of her life, if he would know more about her, she was left with no choice but to kill him.

With the noise coming from her luggage as she zipped it, she heard a groan coming from behind.

"Good morning." He said groggily. Isabela just stared at him, trying to memorize every bits of him. Sadly, they need to separate shortly after they collided.

"I cooked breakfast." She said and Ace Crowne look at her with wide eyes.


It's not as if Isabela doesn't know what she was told before, if she was told to do that, she'll keep doing that until she satisfy herself.

At this moment, she want to satisfy herself one last time that's why she did that.

They went to the kitchen together and Isabela brought a mug of coffee and set the plates on the table for their Japanese breakfast meal.

"Ooh, how I dream every night of eating that!" Isabela saw recognition on his face as she bring the chives tamago, rice ball, red miso soup and salmon in front of him.

"You know what, I could hug you but you're too far!" He said that with a motion of scoping her like an ice cream but she was on the other side of the table and he's on the other. They can't do that.

Instead they shared the breakfast together and Isabela savored the face of the guy who's name is not 'this or that guy' anymore but Ace Crowne.

Stupid of her not to asked for his name and settled on assuming she did a correct job of finding the same guy she must kill back in Spain on the first day she arrived in this country.

Even if she wanted to blame others for this amateur mistake, she know she can't do that, this mistake is solely her, and she's the only one to blame.

She sent a message to Noir for the plan of leaving this evening and then dropped the mission and let others take place, they now have a thousand of agents, it's not hard to replace her.

"Say, I want you to know that this night there'lll be a dinner party held in my family's mansion."

Isabela furrow her brows, "you mean the one that Rachelle said."

"You remember her? Yeah, that one." He confirmed. "Rachelle is a childhood and family friend. That's why." He munched the last of his tamago and focused on the miso soup.

It's not necessary for him to explain. Hent as always gave her the most accurate report about the Crownes and it'll be not long 'till she leave his place.

"That'll be the chance, I'll tell my mom that I've taken a liking on you and you'll be with me forever."

Isabela almost choked herself on food. Holding on for a table napkin on her side she squint at him as he gave her the paper full of thanatos yet there's a big red ink on the bottom that wrote; PASSED! in all capital letters.

"Why?" She whispered and Ace still heard that, "because I want to. Aren't you satisfied?"

Satisfaction. Ace is talking about the result and nothing more but sadly, she can't cope up with his childishness. Not that she's leaving in the next few hours and the thing that'll happen next after she leave will not be in her control anymore.

Isabela can now foresee what the organization is planning when they heard her report. If it's a murder then it's not a crime. Shame that this guy would be caught also in the fisherman's net.n

"Hey, is your real name really Ace Crowne?"

He looked at her in confusion, "why?"

Isabela knows the answer why she said that but she can't say that to him knowing the consequences that will formed.

"Is it because of my surname? My surname is quite infamous around the world, my family have a textile business running." He answered his own question taking an egg with one big gulp.

With what he answered. He might not be aware on the other businesses his family run or he ought to not say it with people he barely knew. But couldn't he trust her a little? She already knows their connection to the black market and illegal stuffs already so why can't he say it to her?

Isabela swallow the lump that's formed in her throat, "you can't expect me to accompany you to the dinner. I already have plans."

"Seriously?" He said taking a pause on his miso soup to look at her.

"I know we are not friends, we just have a master-helper agreement and you live in my apartment to help me with the house chores but can't I know the plan you have?"

No. How can she say that she's going to leave and tell him to prepare for the worse because as soon as she'll step outside, his world will be rotating backwards. How can she leave knowing that in any possible time there will be a sniper focused on his forehead?

Who knows if the organization already took the step Isabela is on and transfer the killings in their hands. Like what they always do when someone fucked up their mission in the first try.

Maybe, she wasn't cut for this, maybe she needed more training behind their doors because she just hid her arms back on killing a single person. She needn't to waste any time now.

With the long silence filling the air. Ace was determined to know where Isabela would go on a weekend, on an evening. Is she going to meet someone that needn't to be named?

That single thought plays in the mind of Ace. Let alone tell how long it did.

She didn't answer him and instead collected the plates and head for the sink.

Isabela knows that Ace with his childish personality will annoy the hell out of her until she say what he wants to know. Ace is just like that ever since day one.

Now that they're for a week, it such a shame that it'll be cut short.

After cleaning up the table and thinking the possibilities of Ace Crowne drinking and having other girls lived in his apartment again makes Isabela go on her room in complete silence.

Ignoring Ace on the living room watching some reality show, sitting oh his favourite couch. She went to her room and contemplates what she wanted to do.

Ever since, her choice doesn't matter so she never tried to choose from life. It was given to her without wanting it. It was like she was a monster, a newly discovered monster that can sometimes a robot.

Do this, do that, to kill him, kill her. The organization was known in the world for killing every enemies they encounter and having just the perfect murderer for that; Isabela, seventy-two.

Not a single thing can be hidden on the organization, the moment that they recognize you as their member, all of the known facts and memories about you would be restored in their databases files. That database is like a dome full of computers and highly functioning instruments that are out of this world. So Isabela pondered the thought of the organization having fully terminating their connection to each other. Remember, its her second chance to be in this mission because of Noir and she can't let any of it go to waste but how can she save that when she too is falling down?

Let alone the mobile that looks like a normal phone but it was a gadget made for everyone in the organization that has a connection to Hent. That robot is their infamous one. It's like the brain of the organization and so they treat it respectably more than Isabela, as they say; "Hent will never go wrong'.

That robot is the one who decides behind her eyes if the members will no longer be part of her, she'll send an info and they let her exile all the members she wanted.

But with Isabela, she doesn't want to be exile, let alone receive the punishment of her wrongdoings.

An hour later, she decided to go outside and saw Ace was still sitting on his favourite couch whilst watching TV without moving any inch from the position Isabela saw last hour.

She went into him and raised an eyebrow when he found him closed-eyes, maybe he fell asleep.

But when she touched him on the shoulder, he went all the way down that reminds her of a crumbling building.

"Ace? Hey, Ace.." She called when she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach and an adrenaline rush receded on her brain.

Ace is sick.

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