Surreptitious Hent

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Chapter 8

"Thank you."

Isabelal almost rolled her eyes when she heard Ace mumble that in his sleep.

She put him on a comfortable position then letting him fall asleep. She doesn't know how to take care of a sick person — no one get sick in the organization, at least no one knows. She put her knuckles down and contemplated if she would call Hent.

They don't have the relationship of a normal human being, at least that was she thought, Hent is an AI robot and she is recruited to be one. That is their only job that's why they're there. Now she needed to talk to Noir desperately, she needed the advice of him over this.

Thinking it thoroughly, it makes sense why she chose this dangerous side of the road. The world isn't filled with rainbows and unicorns like what they instill when she was still a little child. The world is full of monochromatic colors and blood, only a few can make it out alive. That's why she killed those who did not reached it because she doesn't want to see their regrets etched on their faces.

"I love you"

That's why, I want to kill you.

Standing up, she got her sling bag and walked outside the door, making sure that Ace is deep in his slumber before stepping outside.

She walked on the left side of the road meant for the passerbys, not minding the stares of other people, she collected her thoughts and wander around until she was face to face with the café they went together.

"Hey,! Aren't you the hot babe Ace got?"

She shot a look at the man in front of him and found that it was the same guy they run into the supermarket the other day.

"The name's Eddy, nice to meet you." He said with a goofy smile, offering his hand for a shake.

Isabella studied him, he was still on his journey to attack the jungle with his metal gold necklace but his distorted moustaché is missing.

"Where is your moustaché?" Instead of accepting his offered hand, she asked a question instead.

"Huh?" He asked, not accepting his handshake and have another question instead of is a bit harsh. But Eddy must've find something from Isabela and instead put his hand on the back of his head.

"I'm wondering.." She trailed. Honestly, it's just not like that, she's been restless ever since morning rolls and she can't pinpoint the reason why.

Eddy must've got her distress and chose to comprehend it, "It's fine."

Eddy is a good guy.

"You're going to the coffee shop right?"

Isabela looked up at him and nod, "yes, I want to buy a cake for Ace."

Eddy snapped at her like a penguin that heard the sound of a fish in the middle of an iceberg. "Yes, you're not with him, what happened?"

Isabela didn't want to look over her shoulder to confirm instead she tugged Eddy on his sleeve to the entrance of the café.

"I'll buy a cake for him, he's sick."

The smell of freshly squeeze tangerine hit both their nostrils as they were greeted by the waitresses of the café.

She noticed the guys sitting near the counter, a couple sitting on the large sofa and two boys sitting on a wooden chair, they have a laptop opened waiting for their website to load while talking loudly of who's gonna be who.

"Hey hun, what's that tangerine smell? It's so sweet with my nose."

Before she noticed it they were at the front of the counter and Eddy is speaking sweetly to the girl who's in waitress uniform.

"We have a new cake made with tangerine, do you want to taste it?"

Eddy looked at Isabela as if asking for permission and Isabela raised her eyebrow before turning her body to sit on the other table. The one near the 4 teenagers watching something from the laptop.

"Two please, and a devil's cake for Ace." She heard him say.

The girl sitting on the large sofa laughed as if something funny was displayed on the screen and the other guy snaked his arm around her shoulders and enveloped her in a hug.

The other two guy, one with thick-rimmed eyeglasses who was the owner of the laptop point something on the screen to the buff guy wearing green.

"They are sort of a club. A Drama club."

Isabela found him placing a plate of cake on her direction before sitting opposite, "it's on me." He said with a wink.

She didn't reply, instead nod silently and smelled the tangerine cake. She never imagined there are clubs that exist in school. She never into one. So she never know how that works.

"You've been in one?" She asked out of curiosity when Eddy settled his sit in front of her and nursed his cake.

"Yeah. Just for a year though, I got into another club the next." He said, scooping the frosting and licking his thumb next, "how about you?"

"I never joined."


"Here's the cake for Ace." The girl in a waitress uniform approached them with a paper box.

She accepted it and thank the waitress when another banter of laughter emerged from the table beside them.

"Geez, Rien, don't be too loud." The waitress told them, particularly the buff guy in green.

"Oops, sorry." He said and ducked his head a little.

The waitress then faced Isabela and Eddy, "I'm sorry for that, they tend to be loud."

"It's fine." They both said.

They were silently eating their shares when suddenly Eddy opened a new topic that made Isabela went all ears.

"Speaking of Ace, I heard Rachelle visited him."

Isabela looked up on him and he guessed "you haven't met her?"

The curiosity grew more on Isabela, why does Eddy know her? What connection does Rachelle have?

"Technically, no." She answered truthfully and Eddy made a face to it but he seems to get it fine.

"Sure. No one wants to meet Rachelle, she looks nice but she isn't."

Isabela contained her giggle and instead made a face that looked like she wasn't concur with what he said.

"I remember when Ace first introduced me to her, long story short, she was a beauty and a beast at the same time." Eddy continued and got a slice on his plate.

And while munching the piece and savouring every bit of the cake in his mouth, he said, "she was Ace's supposed-to-be-wife but it went downhill and suddenly it didn't worked out."

The widening of her eyes was inevitable at that moment, did she heard him right? Rachelle and Ace were together, that answered why he easily welcomed her in his home. Of course, what could be the more rational reason, Isabela herself got in his house for the thought that he was his helper. Enough for him to lie when Isabela asked him who she was.

"And, you must be wondering why I know all of this, Ace and Rachelle were highschool sweethearts, and I'm Ace's best friend." He said, proudly. "but it's not enough to know the reason why they broke up."

A childhood friend. Isabella can't help but to come with the conclusion that Ace lied. He said that he was a childhood friend, never told her that she was his ex-fiancé. It's not like he was obliged to do so, it's just that, it was such a malicious thought that can do a pirouette around her making her head ache.

To add more insult to injury, her trained sensation piqued in the first time she stepped out of the apartment complex. She knew she needed to buy time to confirmed this and the silent foot notes and giggles and the painful throbbing of her head doesn't help with the situation.

Thankfully, her company today didn't pressed about it or just didn't bother to do so, instead enjoyed his cake silently when the man beside the woman suddenly put slam his hand on the table stand up and excuse himself for the bathroom.

"Aahhh." A woman frightened scream was heard next soon after when the lights in the café suddenly turn off.

Isabela looked around her surroundings but didn't budge, if it was the person whom she think is capable of doing this, and as if it was not enough, she felt a splash of water on her face which made her boil in extreme irritation.

But her suspicion was thrown out of the window because when the lights went on again, she was caught off guard.

The lady's face drips in blood and the buff guy in green which was named Rien got stabbed with a kitchen knife in his back and not only that, she realized she got also blood on her face splashed but only less than the lady.

She looked at Eddy who has also blood on his face and was frozen shocked.

There was a moment of silence before another waitress screamed and the next thing was the Police and Medical team came running in the café

Isabela tried to swallow the lump in her throat and announced "I shall go to the bathroom."

Washing her face with her hands was never been hard than with tainted blood.

How come she only felt that the liquid splattered on her face was blood after the scene? She must've been used to it, so used that she was reminded once again that it was her job to kill. She was trained to kill. She ought not to be here.

It was when she was about to reach for the tissue box on the corner of the lavatory when she caught another silhouette on the bathroom mirror.

Isabela squinted her eyes on the woman sitting casually on the window sill with her tight black leggings and pink sleeveless turtleneck shirt with a slash on the neck side.

Admiring het slender fingers and nails that was freshly manicured with black color. Isabela didn't budge and instead heavily side when she catched the eye of the girl in a pixie cut.

"He did it." She said and pointed on the door of the bathroom.

"What are you doing here?"

The girl, amused by the sudden reply of hers jump out and walk beside her.

"Really? You don't missed me?"

Instead of replying, Isabela look straight on the mirror and brushed the feeling of uneasiness she felt when Misha was almost on her personal space.

And if Misha invade her personal space, it was absolute that her family is also on the vicinity. So at least one of the cause of her headache was gone after the long run.

Seeing Misha smiling like she just won the lottery beside her, it was easy to know that she was watching and she knew who stab the victim outside.

And if her family was here, it was certain that the guy who stab him was already on their watch. Now, the only thing left was her to think of an escape plan.

She's with someone today and she can't lose from this knowing what consequences can be.

"If you want to help, go and tell them about the stabbing." She said and was about to turn her heel when she suddenly froze because of the touch of hers.

"Na-uh, I want to chat with you more, Isabela right? Your new character is quite the devil."

Misha smirked and tightened her grip more onto Isabela's sleeve.

It was such a single touch of her sleeve but it's enough to make Isabela froze on her spot.

This wasn't a mere coincidence. Misha came here to tagged along on her quest and knowing her specialty, it wasn't the best choice for it will be dangerous.

Despite of that, she kept her cool and breathed before looking at Misha again with a trained look in her face.

"I think that opinion is unnecessary, I shall go back." She said and pulled back before storming out of the bathroom.

"You took your time." The first second she spotted Eddy, she knew she was running out of time, the café is decorated in yellow tapes now and police cars are outside, someone called them for questioning but she quickly to pulled out of the scene and tugging Eddy to run outside.

Without looking back they dashed out from the café out from the yellow tapes and blood and angry shouts of people forcing them to come back.

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