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She was indeed gold in the midst of clay and that was why his tale had to end this way. Nothing beautiful can ever exist in his life. He was tired of keeping her from happiness, he wanted her to experience that joy others had experienced. That joy he had deprived her. He wanted to be a good friend and let her go. This may be his last opportunity to sow a good seed in life. He fondled with the tip of her hair and watched as she also watched him. He had never seen anyone with a heart so deep and forgiving in his entire life. That she could even allow him to get so close to her after all he had done. " Iris I'm still very sorry" ****************************** Iris had moved on to a better life. Infact, she no longer bore her name. She was now referred to as Jules. Working as the secretary for one of the most lucrative businessmen in Bridgewaters seemed like the best of her good years, till a temporary transfer was made. She was now to work for another employee. Mr McConnell's son. The man who made her high school days miserable, the man who broke her and made sure she had no means to pick herself back up. The man who raped her. Now theirs is a tale of hate, hurt, regrets, tears, fears and discovery. And maybe love. Don't forget, there's a very thin line between love and hate.

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Chapter one- you'll be traveling tomorrow

" For the last time Louisa, if I get up that stairs you're gonna appear down magically!!" This is the second threat this morning and yet she's still up.

" Coming mummy!" came her tiny voice in a rush.

" You've been on your way for the past ten minutes, when is your train going to arrive!?" Taking the last sip of my coffee, I walked over to drop my dishes in the dishwasher.

" And it's arrived " Were her first words as she made her entrance into the kitchen.

She sucked in her upper lip and batted her lashes at me like she usually does when she believes I'm angry at her.

   Looking at her features, she reminds me of the reason why I changed her first name from June to Louisa, because she was a survivor.

  At the age of five she was a lot smaller in stature than her mates and that caused a lot of worry from me and everyone else who cared, including my boss. So I took her for a test but they confirmed nothing wrong with her, only the fact that she seems a little more fragile in immunity.

I blamed it on her premature birth.

  Her cerulean blue eyes and jet black hair reminds me of her very own movie hero, the forgotten warrior. Her lips slim but pink and her nose a little smaller compared to her facial symmetry, but that was what made her beautiful.

" I can't be doing this with you every single day Louie " I mumbled as I got into a squat to adjust her skirt and tie of her uniform.

" I know, today will be the last. Trina accused me of lying about my drawings. So i was looking for my notepad to show it to her " She whined then ran to the living room to pick her school bag.

  She has an awkward interest in art, but for a five year old she's perfectly fine in drawings.

" Must you prove her wrong? You could just let her be" I followed her to the living room not before getting my car keys.

" Then I'll lose!" She shouted like a loss was a penalty. " I never lose" She continued and ran out the front door to the car.

   That I know.

  I sighed in defeat. I can't even win an argument against my own daughter.

  I picked up my purse and walked out the door, then turning around to shut it and lock up.

  I approached the vehicle, with my eyes searching my purse to be sure i had everything I needed.

Phone ✔

Credit card ✔

Emergency money ✔

   Seeing all in position, I hopped in the car and fastened my seatbelt.

  Checking my rearview mirror was when I realized Louisa was in the backseat not her usual front.

" Louie honey, come sit here" Tapping on the passenger seat.

" No thanks. Our teacher told us front seat is for only big girls " She shrugged and went ahead swinging her feet that still dangled from her chair when she sits with her back directly on the cushion.

" But you always sit here and nothings happened "

" Yet"

"Yet? What do you mean yet?"

" I don't knoooooow" She shrugged again, using her hands for more emphasis.

" Fine, at least put your seatbelt on" Putting the key into the ignition and revving the engine.

" I'm not in the front seat so I'm not supposed to "

" You put your seatbelt anywhere you are in the car so- wait! You were never taught anything about front seats were you? You just want to avoid using your seatbelt " I glared at the mirror that caught her features clearly exposing I was right.

" I have no idea what you mean mother " She fake gasped and gave me a toothy grin.

Two points for the baby, zero points for mom.


"Jules, Mr McConnell asked to see you" A staff from the second floor came to inform me.

    But why would the boss want to see me? He literally has no appointments for today and all the minutes of past meetings have been delivered to his table early this morning.

  No calls either.

   Then this has to be important.

  I walked briskly to his office and as one of the three secretaries he has, I'm entitled to his floor of his office so it makes it easier to get to him.

   I placed three soft knocks on the door and waited for a response from within.

"Come in" His deep voice came out like a low rumble and I opened the door as slowly as i can and stepped in.

"Mr McConnell you-" He raised a hand to pause me midway as he continued in his conversation he was having with whosoever was on the other end of the phone he was answering.

   I took this as an opportunity to observe his features again. His middle age that is slightly tilting toward old age is showing not much effect on him.

   He is a good looking man with a well built physique and an admirable nature.

   The only thing that surprises me about him was his odd similarities with Louie, from the blue eyes, to their nose structure and I would have also said black hair but i believe he dyes it that color.

     Sometimes he calls her his spawn and she calls him the big one. Trust me Louie makes friends in the strangest ways.

  " Make the flight ticket available tonight and yes two people "

Another pause by him to listen to the receiver.

" Call him and do that as soon as possible. Also inform him that she'll be arriving tomorrow, latest nine PM "

   The rest of the conversation went on with uhun's and yeah's.

" Thank you " Then he dropped the cellphone. " Miss Jules how are you and my little warrior Louisa?" He regarded his attention to me with a smile on his face.

  Well, that's a sign that this is a good thing.

" We're doing good Sir, thank you "

" Amazing, come have a seat " He gestures to the chair opposite his table and I accept the offer with a little thanks.

" You may probably be wondering why I called you in right?"

" Err, yes sir"

" Well, it's nothing big so you can stop fidgeting now" It was then I noticed my legs were jumping on their own accord so I fixed that problem.

" Now that you're calm" He starts and pushes a file to the end if the table so I can pick it up " Here are a few documents I'd like you to handover to an employee of mine whose overlooking my business in New York City " And he reclined back into his chair.

" Okay? But how am I to get it to New York?" Bridgewaters is almost a five hour flight to New York.

" I'm not done" I mouthed an oh in response.

" My little employee's secretary went on her honeymoon slash maternity leave, so she'll be gone for a while but he needs a secretary urgently. A meeting of shares would be coming up in a weeks time and I believe he needs someone reliable to help keep minutes and keep up a reasonable bargain because I will not find a loss very entertaining " He arched a brow at me waiting for me to say something.

I cleared my throat before speaking " So you want me to find a secretary to replace his for the meantime "

  He sighed and opened the first page of the file for me.

   I read it's content and then his explanation was getting only more confusing.

" Sir, this is my CV " I wasn't clear on this.

" I'm aware Miss Jules" He just nodded as a go ahead and I continued to read the rest of the documents in the file.

History on the places I've worked, family background, current status, my work here and my references which including him signed.

" I'm handing over my CV to your employee, this means I'm going to be his secretary for the meantime?"

   He gave me a short nod and answered with more details " I have a house big enough for three families of eight to live in, but rather your employee stays there alone, well if you leave out the workers. So i want you to live there with him, plus to keep an extra eye on him and bring me reports. He may be carrying out illicit deals under my nose and for all I know he's capable "

" But why me? I mean you could always send Charlotte instead " Charlotte was even from New York.

" It's established that you and I are not just co-workers but friends, see this as doing a friend a favor. And among my other employees you're the one I trust the most"

" But what of Louisa?" I am not leaving my ninja doll behind.

" I got a flight ticket for two, so your baby is secured with you "

" What of her school? How long exactly would I be gone?"

" Months perhaps,and as for her education,enroll her into Dwight's academy, it's an institution we have shares with, show him this " He opened his table drawer and brought out another sheet " Show him this paper and your kid gets schooled for free"

  Well that was a relief. I could only pay the fees of Dwight's Academy if I abducted humans for ransom.

"What of when she gets back home, she'll be alone" Usually I got the bus to drop her off at Megan's grandma's house till I get off work and pick her up from there.

" Like I secretly mentioned before, they're workers all over the place she can never be alone."

   This offer is as difficult as moving a mountain to turn down.

" You'll get paid double for the extra effort " He added like that was necessary.

But surprisingly it was.

I sighed and he took it as a yes.

" You'll be traveling tomorrow "

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