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He's being chased. But then he loves them. Now their lives are in danger. Hunter McConnell. Your very own version of a bad boy billionaire, was involved in a drug circle in his past. Now he's out, but sadly he's in debt and that isn't something Soldo takes lightly. To him, it's a do or die affair. Major problem is, if they can't get the handsome badass billionaire. They'll come for the ones he loves. #_Bed_of_roses copyright. 2019©

Romance / Drama
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1- Pray

Hunters p.o.v.


How the hell is he here!??

And why the hell is he going after Iris?

Where the hell is she going to anyway!?

That girl just knows how to get herself into unnecessary trouble, if she had just had her seat like every other person did.

How did that man even get the damn invitation!?

Jesus, of all damn days to find him! Of all fucking damn days!!

" Dude, face your wife" Dylan's voice came with a little amusement behind me as he pulled back my attention.

With the silence in the hall, I wondered how it was entirely possible for him to even whisper and only be heard by me.

Slowly, I turned back to Michelle before me and noticed she had also seen my wavering mind but I sent her a smile and she smiled back.

The priest sent me a temporary glance to ensure he had my attention before speaking up.

" Do you, Master Hunter McConnell, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? Would you be to her a faithful, loving and devoted husband? Will you honor, obey and love her and remain with her in sickness and in health, in prosperity and in adversity; and, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, so long as you both shall live?" He calls out and I literally heard a lot of aww's from the audience.

Girl's honestly find anything cute.

" I do" I boldly say with my smile growing as I watched Michelle flush a little pink.

Anticipation and glee were evident in the hall if the sounds of murmurs were anything to go by.

The man turns to Michelle and makes her repeat the exact same words to which she whole fully replies a bold yes that got almost everyone clapping.

" Okay, you're about to exchange rings, so you can still back out now and happily join me in bachelorhood till we hit thirty five" Dylan whispers quickly into my ear and as tempting as his offer sounds, I simply chuckled and ignored it.

" Miss Michelle, can you hold up your ring?" The priest states and Michelle obeys by lifting up a golden ring from the parcel before her.

" Good, now repeat after me" he continued.

" This ring" he calls

" This ring" her sultry voice responded with a smile.

" Is our symbol"

" Is our symbol"

" That you are my lover"

" That you are my lover"

" And you are my best friend"

" And you are my best friend"

"In all times"

" In all times"

" In all places"

" In all places"

" And in all ways"

" And in all ways"

" Forever"

" Forever" she said the last word and lifted her eyes to me.

" You may now place your vow in the symbol of a ring, onto him" The priest says again and with shaking hands, she slipped the ring unto my second to the last finger.

" Master Hunter, now can you hold up your-" the officiating priest was about to complete his sentence when the sound of two gunshots resonated around the room.

God no!

The screams from the audience was enough to send everyone running.

The media even left a lot faster than I expected.

Another gunshot was heard and this time around it came from outside the hall.

Confusion was ladden in the air as each person took to their heels.

"Michelle!!" I yelled out in the rowdy environment but didn't get any reply.

" Michelle!!" I call again and search around me for any traces of her wedding gown.

Rather I met with Louie's confused eyes crying whilst she searched amongst the confusion for a familiar face.

" Daddy!! Mommy!" Her tear streaked face broke my heart and on reflex, I ran towards her.

" Come here baby, I got you" I cooed into her ear as I picked her up.

" Daddy, where's-where's mommy?" She sobbed and that was a question I personally was so scared to answer.

" Mommy is okay. Let's get out of here okay?"

She nodded and I followed the crowd in running out to wherever.

The area has already been flooded by the police and some armed military personnel, who are marching in a scanning the entire venue.

" Are you okay?" Someone asked as soon as I had stepped out of the building and I turned to see it was my Dad.

" Yes, where's Iris?" Her absence in this situation isn't helpful.

" I'd assume that the appropriate question should be where is Michelle, but she's okay by the way. Dylan took her out as soon as the commotion began" dad scolded.

Even at hours like this he still found a need to correct me.

I only nodded to him before he spoke again.

" They demanded we evacuate the premises for security reasons"

" Thanks. Please take Louisa home, I need to go find someone" I requested as I handed him the little girl.

" Dad-dy?" She muttered once she was out of my arms.

" I'll be back baby" I comforted her and placed a kiss on her forehead. Voluntarily ignoring the wry look my father was giving me.

Almost too soon, I took off in the opposite direction.

As if on queue, I bumped into Dylan's step sister.

Megan was it?

" Hunter, I'm so sorry about today-" she started but I needed no apologies.

" It's alright. I bet it's a rival company or something. Do you have any idea where Iris would be?"

" Why are you looking for her?" She responded, almost venomously.

" She's missing. And someone missing at hours like this isn't healthy" I explained even though it wasn't necessary.

She gave me a once out look before responding.

" I have no idea. Immediately after she quit her job with your father she walked out of the wedding"

She what!?

" Did you just say quit her job?"

" Yes and I'm sure you'd find out more about it later on but now let me join you in searching for her" she suggested but I declined her offer.

" No. Go home and be safe. I'll find her alone"

" But-"

" No Megan! Get inside one of those vehicles and go somewhere that isn't here. Please"

With a convinced nod, she walked away and I pressed forward.

Silently praying she's okay.

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