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10- Ringing

Third person p.o.v.

He stood by the door and watched his Aunts' and Uncles' drive away in the cold, starry night.

If asked, he's actually against them leaving this late because of recent events. But then he said nothing, since he wasn't asked.

In fact, he had said nothing at all through out the day except he was asked a question. Oh, and when he wanted to talk to Iris.

He didn't blame her for not wanting to speak to him, he didn't even want to speak with himself. Right now he felt like the most stupid jerk Earth had ever created.

And his Dad had no problems with treating him that way.

Mr McConnell was the first to come off the porch and step inside the house while the rest stood outside, exchanging tiny chitchats.

He really disproved of their choice of location to engage in a conversation but still, he wasn't asked.

His Dad stepped in and ignored his presence like he's the world's smallest atomic mass.

Fact remains, he doesn't blame his Dad. Heck, he's surprised that the rest are still talking to him.

But he needed to speak with his father, if there's anyone who can talk to him right now, it's his Dad.

His Mom has been really helpful about it though, but he just needed his Dad to say something to him other than an accusatory sentence.

So, silently, he followed his dad inside and up the stairs. Keeping a reasonable distance with hopes of him not noticing he was being followed.

But as soon as Mr McConnell stepped into his bedroom, he left the door ajar like he was expecting someone to follow through. Unusual of him, except in this case, he may have noticed Hunter on his tail.

Then, Hunter walked through as fast as he could and shut the door behind him. Since he had been caught already, there's no use being slow about it.

" You of all people should know that I do not want to speak to you" Mr McConnell said, not hiding the harshness in his voice. The weight of his words sent Hunter stepping a few feet back.

" I know Dad. I just need to talk to you"

Mr McConnell eyed his son waringly, from head to toe before taking a seat on the nearest chair that was set to a dressing table.

Hunter assumed the room belonged to Uncle Matt's wife, Also known as Megan's mom.

Hunter's p.o.v.

" I'm listening" Dad says, pulling my attention back to himself. I leaned against the nearest wall and braced myself with a deep breath.

" Was that why you employed her?" I asked at first, the aim was to be vague even though I knew he'd get my point. Being vague made the conversation less intense.

" What reason do you have in mind?" He asked and that was when I realized that I actually had no idea on the specific reason he had employed Iris.

Could be cause of what I'd done to her in the past. Or could be cause she's the mother of his granddaughter so he wanted to keep an eye on them. Or could be cause he wanted to have mercy.

" I don't know, that's why I'm asking" I finally said. Dad released a sigh and ran his palm down his face.

" The day of my interview for a new secretary. Miss Jules had shown up late, heck! we were done with the interview already. I was about leaving the office when a lady burst through the elevators, soaking wet and holding an envelope in her hands. Our receptionist came up right behind her yelling and apologising that she had tried to send her away but she refused" Dad began and he stood to his feet. Taking little strides around the room as he continued.

" The interview started exactly eleven am and ended four pm prompt. So someone barging into my office at four thirty five was not only annoying and calling for attention, but I was silently praying she wasn't here for the interview if not I knew I was going to be pissed. I halted them both and looked at the soaking lady. Yes, it had been raining the moment she came in but her rapid breaths made it obvious that she had run quite a distance to be there. Her make up had smudged and was smeared all over her face. Her hair was sticking out in so many directions and her clothes looked like she had fallen into mud at some point. But that wasn't what got me. What got me was the fact that she was crying. I know she was just out of the rain and dripping wet on my carpet but it was obvious to anyone who tried to notice that she had been crying. That was when I decided that I was going to grant her the interview, if not for anything, at least for the effort she put into being here. I had asked if she was here for the interview and she only gave a weak nod, so I led us both into my office to begin" he paused and smiled a bit before carrying on.

" She refused to sit down, apologising that she'd stain my seats so she stood through out. Her reasons for being late were genuine, living at the other end of town with no personal vehicle for transport and the poor weather. I wouldn't lie that I wasn't impressed at her performance, she stuttered and kept on sneezing at intervals. She lacked a certain confidence I was seeking in my employees, but something did impress me about her. Her determination. The odds weren't in her favor but she didn't back down. When we were done with the interview, I had asked for her name. It rang a solemn bell and I told her to come back another day for another interview, when she's more coordinated. Which she did, so there you have it." He clapped his hands once and returned to his seat.

" The fact that I had done a little investigation on her life in between that period gave me a more reason to employ her. Not cause you clearly almost ended her future and she wouldn't get employed anywhere else. I knew she'd get a job somewhere but I also knew the job wouldn't be worth the woman in her. Plus, letting her work for me got me the chance to know that she's not only the girl you used to hurt, but also the mother of your child"

" Dad I didn't know"

" You didn't know what?"

I swallowed enough air to motivate me to continue speaking.

" I didn't know I still had a kid"

" What do you mean by still?"

" I wasn't aware of the day she gave birth, yeah that's my fault but I was later informed the kid was dead. Dylan told me himself. He only failed to mention that there were two kids"

" So, you assumed your child was dead"

" Yes, and I only found out that I was the father few days ago"

" You're clearly too blind"

" Not so. Would you go testing on every child you found Iris with when she's told you that your kid is dead? I didn't think she'd have let Louisa live under my roof if she was my daughter, but she did. Giving me a more reason why I couldn't believe Louisa was mine. It's been years since I saw her last, she could have been with someone else"

Dad ran his index finger through his beards and watched me closely.

" So if you'd known all these years that you had a kid with Iris, what would you have done?"


This was not at all a question I was expecting. What would I have done?

I don't even know.

" I may have gone looking for them" I shrugged.

" You lie Hunter. Up until the moment she had stepped into your office as a replacement secretary, you still disliked her. You wouldn't have cared. I don't blame her for keeping it away from you"

" Dad I have apologized to her"

" What more can sorry do to a shattered glass?"

His question was brief, but it cut deep.

He's right. Sorry is just a word and not a balm or glue. It's only said but it doesn't certify that all is okay.

" If I were you, I'd spend the rest of my days apologising and making it up to that young lady Hunter. She's seen a side to life that even at my age, I couldn't bear"

I was about to say something when Mom walked in through the door. She spared dad and I a one off look before focusing her attention back on me.

" Jules hasn't had anything to eat throughout today. Try making her eat something okay?" She requested as she placed her right hand on my cheek with a sad smile.

I nodded in obedience and got off the wall. After sending them both a goodnight, I headed down for the kitchen.

With my dad's words ringing in my head.

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