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12- Marched

Third person p.o.v.

Louisa lay on the bed across the man who identified himself as Santiago, slowly eyeing the ceiling and counting numbers in the back of her mind.

Santiago on the other hand was sitting patiently as the time went by, they explained that they'll be here an hour ago. What exactly is taking them so long is what he couldn't tell.

A few moments of silence had passed between them before Louisa sighed and sat up straight, looking Santiago in the eye.

" You said my mommy is gonna be here"

Oh no, Santiago internally exclaimed.

Before Louisa agreed to have her meal three hours ago, she had demanded to know where her mother was. Long story cut short, Santiago lied about her whereabouts.

" Yes she is and she's on her way" he says again, hoping it'll shush her once more.

" Mommy is never late, I want to talk to her"

" But she's not here"

" Mommy has a phone"

" I don't have a phone"

" I want to see her"

" Well tough luck kid, you won't" Santiago spat out, clearly tired of the conversation.

But his words took only a matter of seconds to register in the little girl's mind and the moment it did, she began to feel the fear she was supposed to.

" P-please can I see my m-mommy?" Louisa's voice came out croaky and soft as the tears began gathering in her eyes.

Her mommy's not here.

That realization struck with a concept of she's alone.

With a stranger.

" No" Santiago abruptly said as he stood to his feet.

Not up to a few seconds go by and the door to their room swung open.

Louisa jumped slightly in hopes of it being her mother but when she caught sight of two men, the tears began rolling down her eyes.

The taller of the two men looked scarier and with the way he was hunched, Louisa could sense nothing but danger.

Her silent cries turned into sobs as she scrambled into a nearby corner to hide.

Santiago let a breath of relief escape his lips at the sight of the two men.

They were here finally.

" Where is she?" The first and shorter man asks on behalf of his boss and Santiago pointed to the corner which he saw her running into some seconds ago.

The bigger man released a grunt as he began heading for the direction indicated.

On approaching, he caught sight of her tiny figure craddled up in the corner as she tried muffling her tears but failing woefully.

That alone caused him to smile.

The first thing he couldn't help but notice is her incredibly small size. Very little for a five year old.

He extended an arm and harshly tugged the girl out from her spot causing her to scream in fright.

" Please leave me... I-I'm s-sorry" she whimpered and the man thought that if he at least had a heart, he may have let her go.

Sad news is that he doesn't have one.

" My my, aren't you the spitting image of your father" he says as he passes a smirk to the trembling child.

By now Louisa couldn't stop the loud crashing of her heart. Oh how she wished her father was actually here too.

The man eyed her tiny frail figure from head to toe before slowly throwing her onto the nearest bed.

She landed with an 'oomph' sound. Hitting her head painfully on the not so soft mattress.

Even as a child, she knew fully well that the impact was gonna leave her with a headache.

So she held her head tight and continued crying quietly. Maybe if she shut her eyes a little tighter, they will all go away.

It wasn't hidden that Santiago didn't find how she was tossed appealing, but he's practically thrown people off bridges before so he ignored her cry.

" Send me a little message to Hunter" the man said as he watched Louie's little figure look terrified.

It was a low-key joy to his cruel mind.

The shorter of the two men pulled out a paper with a pen from his long trenchcoat and waited for instructions on what to write.

The three watched as Louisa cried helplessly and without doubt, knew that it's going to be a real issue handling her.

" How would he feel having his little daughter's blood repaint my car? I could send him an image if he's interested" their boss grinned and turned back to his Co workers.

"Oh, and don't forget. Signed Soldo"

And with that, he marched out of the room.

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