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19- Eyes

Hunter's p.o.v.

' you have reached The Reid's voicemail, please leave a message after the b-'

I put off the call before I was given the chance to record the message.

Don't get me wrong, sure the message I've got to deliver is important but the problem with voicemails is that it's a hundred percent traceable to its source.

And with my latest discovery on how my tails being watched, I can't risk it.

Heavens know that the moment I lay my hands on whosoever is the snitch in our home, I'm gonna personally behead them.

I dial Mr Reid's number one more time and I listened to it ring..

" come on... come onnnn....." the words came out like a mantra as I used my left hand to control the steering wheel while the other held the phone to my ear.

' you have reached The Reid's voicemail, pl-'

"Arrghhh!!" I tossed my phone to the passenger seat and used both hands to now control the wheels as I increased my speed to get home a lot quicker than intended.

My mind whirling around the conversation that Diane and I had. Honestly, trusting Soldos daughter can either be the biggest mistake of my life or the best thing I have ever done.

But that looks like a risk too big to take. If it was only my life I wouldn't bother listening to her.

But Louisa...

She was helplessly dragged into this all because of me. For pete's sake, must I always have a way of hurting Iris even when I don't want to!?

My eyes temporarily glanced to the passengers seat once again and landed on the tiny tube bottle containing Louisa's blood.

'He's gonna drain her, syringe by syringe'

I wish Diane had put those words a lot lighter than she did, but of course she knows who her dad is. She ain't gonna sugarcoat a thing for me so I could face the reality.

How in the world am I gonna tell Iris that they're taking her daughters blood till she's dead?

Fuck! What is wrong with the world!!??

I slammed my hand on the steering wheel out of anger and it mistakenly presses the horn, causing a few cars to swerve far away from me and attracting a few odd looks from people who were going by foot.

I didn't care how they looked at me, with the way I was driving I'm pretty sure they all think I'm drunk.

And that ain't no lie though.

I'm drunk in troubles!

I look to the passengers seat again and see the test results. Just as she had said, her phone number was scribbled behind it. I had checked as soon as I got into my car after our 'date'

I didn't even eat a thing as we were in there. Everyone looked too suspicious. The waiter who was sent to get the non existent coke never returned, possibly realizing that we were on to him.

My eyes have been all three hundred and sixty degrees all evening, I can't get myself killed. If I do no one's gonna bail Louisa out for me.

' Hunter my dads got eyes everywhere on you '

' I know, I'm just too fucking scared. What if I get murdered before I even have a chance to find Soldo?'

' I don't know.. I honestly have no idea what my dads got planned, but you should know fully well that you cannot go to the police '

' That's something I shouldn't even be reminded of, I know '

' Good and counting based on how much he knows of you, I'd say you've got an inside sly'

' I kinda realized that pretty late'

' it's not too late though, you can be a step ahead of them. From now henceforth, no one should know about a thing you do'

' it ain't that easy'

' when you've gone into hiding for over eleven years, you'd figure out how easy keeping secrets are'

My mind replaying my last conversation with Diane.

But how can I fucking trust a spawn of Soldo!!??

I was still having an internal argument with myself when I discovered that I had almost missed our lawn.

I took a right turn and parked the car before taking a sigh and resting my head on the steering wheel.

I just need a break.

Not even a few seconds later, my phone began vibrating, causing me to groan a bit before checking out the caller.

Mr Reid.

" We have a scheduled meeting for tomorrow, you calling me by eleven fifty five pm should have a valid reason " Those were Mr Reid's words the moment I had picked up the phone.

" I had a meeting with Soldos daughter "

" You what?"

" Had a meeting with soldos daughter. He asked her to deliver a message."

" Which is?" He asks, suddenly sounding annoyed at the mere mention of Soldo.

" I'll tell you tomorrow but for now all you need to know is you have to protect Michelle"

There was silence on the phone for a while before he spoke again.

" I can't wait for our meeting tomorrow Hunter, Soldo is beginning to get on my nerves "


After I had gotten in and freshened up for the night, I decided to go pay my parents a visit in their room.

Funny enough, when I got in it felt like no one was home. It was later that I learned Iris was spending the night with Mrs Phoebe and Meredith.

Approaching my dad these days felt like walking into judgment from God, but I had to face it either way.

I placed three knocks on the door and heard a little muffling from the other side before I heard my dads voice utter a 'come in'

At first I stood out for a few more seconds, wouldn't want to walk into anything that could make my day more horrifying.

The first sight I caught was my mom standing a few feet from me with a glare on her face and red puffy eyes like she'd been crying.

I took a few steps towards her actually feeling very concerned because my mom doesn't cry just for any reason.

" Mom are you o-" I wasn't able to finish my statement because my mother struck me on the face.

It took me literally three seconds to realize that she had slapped me.

My mom just slapped me.

What did I do wrong??

" You owe that girl the world and everything that will come after it for what you've done to her" she half yelled and stormed past me, definitely making sure to brush my shoulders as she made her way out.

I looked to my dad and his expression was definitely clear that he knew what my mom was talking about.

For some seconds we just remained in silence, the two of us watching each other. I was slowly trying to numb the pain I was already feeling in my chest.

My dad looked at me like he couldn't even recognize me and that hit me hard. The one person I didn't want to disappoint was beyond aggravated with me.

" I'm going to try and talk to your mother" he stated, breaking the silence that had engulfed us.

Slowly, he stood to his feet and began heading towards me, probably to head out the door.

" please don't hate me " I whisper but I know he heard it.

Rather he didn't respond. He only walked through the door and left me alone.

I just couldn't hold it anymore, a tear drop escaped from my eyes.

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