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2- lose

Iris's p.o.v.

Two hours later and I expect the wedding to already be over, possibly they're all jubilating at the reception that was to hold right outside the hall.

And here I am, staring at my reflection in the little lake before me as I sat on the bench nearest to the edge.

" I'm meant to be happy now right? I mean I'm finally free?"

I actually just asked myself that question because deep down, I feel like I may have taken a rash decision.

I puffed out some air as the sun beat down on my slightly exposed skin in my dress, causing it to prickle just a bit.

Looking off into a distance and saw some birds take flight from a tree like they had been disturbed. Forming curving lines against the clear blue sky as they flew.

I had to squint my eyes to watch them as the heat of the sun wasn't entirely friendly.

I was done thinking though. After a deep sigh, I stood to my feet.

" I should probably get back" I muttered to myself as I turned around and came to a screeching halt.

Just a few feet away, Hunter stood there with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed possibly due to the rays of the sun.

" To what wedding exactly?" He asked as he took some steps closer to where I stood.

" Aren't you supposed to be getting married?" I asked back with confusion edged all over my face.

" I would have been, if not for temporary inconveniences" he replies and drops his hands to hang limply by his sides.

He had taken off his suit jacket and inner vest. All he had left on were his dress shirt which had been unbottened a little and removed from it's tucked in position earlier and pants.

Even at this moment, he was still a sight to behold.

I hate having hormones.

" What inconveniences?"

" Why'd you quit?" He averted my question and my surprise came from how sudden he got to find out.

" I asked you a question"

" I'm asking you too" he said as he walked around the bench to stand just a feet away from me.

" I'm not gonna answer" I say as I look away from him and glance at the first cloud I'm seeing in the sky since I got here.

" Well I will. The wedding got interrupted. Soldo" he answers and I saw myself whipping around so fast to scan him for any injuries.

" Did he-" I started but he eventually cut me off.

" No one was hurt. Just threat gunshots" he says and I nod

" What about Louisa?" I ask again.

" With my dad" another response from him and another nod from me.

I looked back to the sky and slowly sit back down on the chair. Since Louie is safe and no wedding is going on, I can chill a little longer.

And I can't deny the tiny bit of happiness bubbling in me.

For seconds we just stayed like that, saying nothing to each other. He just stood there watching me while I in turn watched the horizon.

The silence was definitely not comfortable so I had to speak up.

" Any reason why you're still here?" I asked him as I spared him a glance.

" Yes actually. To know why you're so blind"

That wasn't the response I was expecting but when have I been one to expect anything from Hunter.

" If you're here to insult me, I suggest you go back to wherever you're coming from" I said to him and I took notice of the golden ring on his finger glinting against the sunlight.

" I spent almost an hour looking for you, believe me when I say insulting you is my last reason" he replies and gently takes a seat by my side, causing me to scoot over.

" Why were you looking for me? Shouldn't you be making sure that your bride is someplace safe?" I didn't intend for that to come out as bitter as it did.

But it did and Hunter in turn smirked as he watched the horizon too.

" If my ears hear correctly, I'd say you sound jealous."

" And if my brain remembers correctly, I'd say the last time we spoke, you hated me" I retort only to distract his mind from his statement.

His reaction to my statement was laughter. His eyes squinting as his chest vibrated with his chuckle. The sound once again reminding me of one of the reasons I had fallen for him.

Then I internally smacked myself and it created a reminder that he's already technically married and there's a ring to prove it.

" If I hated you, did you think I'd bother following you after seeing Soldo go after you?"


" What do you mean by Soldo going after me?" I asked as he kept looking forward. His eyes were scanning the other end of the park.

" When you left. He followed you almost too soon. I don't even know how he got in, but that was how I knew he had a hand in the disruption"

So that's the reason he had come searching for me in the first place, not because he noticed my absence.

" I can't believe he followed me and I had no idea. Where is he now?"

" Possibly gone back to hiding right under our noses. I just knew this wouldn't work" he released a sigh and finally looked at me.

A dry wind kicked in and blew a few strands of my hair out of it's place but I was able to use my index and adjust it back in place.

" But it did work. I mean, you've got the ring now" I used my chin to gesture before looking him back in the eye.

" Michelle had only made a vow to me before the shots were fired. And I'm pretty sure Soldo had a plan in mind when he waited for my turn"

" So what I'm hearing is, you aren't completely married."

He chuckled again before replying. " You sound happy."

" Meh.." I shrugged before I continued " never really liked the bride anyway"

That caused him to laugh out loud once again. Then he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

Funny enough, I actually chuckled along with his contagious laughter.

" That's my wife you're talking about"

" Well then I'm sorry for you"

" You know, that's the most transparent you've been regarding someone" he smiled as he looked forward once more.

" Sometimes it's best if you just get out with it. It's not like I said anything mean"

That caused him to smirk and silence befell us once again. This time around, it was a lot more comfortable.

But it didn't last long before he cut in.

" You never answered my question on why you quit"

I never did, because I didn't want to, but I can't avoid the question forever can I?

" I just wanted to. I thought it might be a little awkward for you, you know. Especially with Louie and all" My voice dimmed at the last words but I'm very sure he had heard me.

He turned to me once again. " So you'd be working for my dad?"

I shook my head to project my negative response and he lifted a brow then sighed.

" Iris tell me the truth. You regret that night, don't you?"

That's a question I doubt if I'd ever answer but deep down I knew the truth.

I regret that night more than anything. If maybe, I hadn't kissed him or gone to his bedroom at all. Just maybe.

I wanted to ask if he did. I wanted to ask if that night had meant anything to him at all.

Maybe I was that bad that he didn't want to even come near me anymore.

Not that I mind.

" I'm sorry about that night but the truth is, you can't quit. I need you."

He says it like he doesn't have millions of options out there. Who wouldn't love to work with Brooks and Shields?

I scoffed " need me for what?"

" My previous secretary, she didn't go on a maternity leave or honeymoon. I fired her"

I knew her holidays were taking a while.

" Why? "

" Why? Well for starters, she was clumsy. Highly inefficient. Very and I mean very, forgetful. Plus, something didn't just feel right about her. But you, yeah you've got your flaws. Like pissing me off, disobeying, speaking back to your boss, intentionally not listening to me, getting into trouble, getting me into trouble, be-"

" Jeez, I get it. I've got a couple of flaws". I chuckled and he smiled at me.

" Nah, you've got a lot of flaws, but working with you..." He paused for a moment then continued " honestly, these past months have been the most interesting in my life in a very long time. And I'm not ready to lose that"

I didn't know when my smile had increased, but I swear I could feel my cheeks hurt.

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