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20- Life

Hunter's p.o.v.

Mr Reid was taking a lot more time than he had said he would. He was already here earlier when he had collected the tube containing Louisa's blood and left the room.

It was already fifteen minutes past nine am but our meeting was scheduled for eight thirty. Apparently, he's forty five minutes late.

So you can guess, forty five minutes of my mind wandering and making impossible guesses on what exactly was going on with Louisa. None of the images were pretty.

I couldn't even have a seat, the rate of my blood pressure can cause a pop of my aorta if cause even the slightest obstruction of blood flow.

No one had said a word to me this morning before I had stepped out, except Claudette who had offered that I at least have breakfast. Every other person looked at me like I was in possession of the devils trident.

So I suspect they may have all gotten to know that my parents had found out the true story behind Louie's conception.

" You can't expect them to not be disappointed, I was disappointed too. Still am "

Dylan's words from last night resonated in my head and as the seconds ticked by, I had lost track of the number of people that I had actually let down. Including Iris.

Oh God, especially Iris.

I need to find Louisa even if its the last thing I do.

" I'm sorry I'm late, needed to collect a few materials necessary for our meeting " Mr Reid steps in with a bunch of papers in his hold as he walks to his desk and takes a seat.

"If its necessary for our meeting then its fine" Not really but we have no choice.

" I thought so. Have a seat, we've got a lot to discuss " he drops the papers on the table before him and gestures to the nearest available seat opposite him.

" I'm good. Any leads ? " Forgive my impatience, no time to chit chat over my daughters life.

" Yes, I had some internal forensics run a production check on the tube. Its label was A-79ead, clearly meaning it was produced this year and also most likely produced by three pharmaceutical companies " he began and picked up the first paper from the pile " Tech and Ed pharmaceuticals, HealthyPharm and JoyLife Pharmaceuticals" he stopped to look at me like he had just solved the mystery case.

" Okay, but Mr Reid I honestly have no idea how three tube and drug producing companies is a lead"

" It is. All three companies have a location you know? HealthyPharm is located at Da lat in Vietnam, while the rest are located in Rapid city, South Dakota"

" So you mean, Soldo could either be in Vietnam or in the United States of America? "

" No, I mean the person after your life is in Vietnam "

At first I stilled, I'm pretty sure that was for ten seconds before I caught myself again.

" The person after my life? And how certain are we that its Vietnam? "

" Information from an Intel who looked into the companies says the payment was made late March, by a Visa card. The same Visa card had made online payments in Accra, Buenos Aires, Carolina. Baghdad, Czech, Djibouti. Calabar, Dallas and Eastbourne. Do you notice anything? "

I shook my head in a negative response, all I got from that was Soldo's been traveling round the world.

" Hunter you need to relax and analyze this, so please take a seat first"

After a few seconds of contemplating, I swallowed a breath and sat down on the gestured seat.

" Good, now go through this papers carefully. Particularly the one containing the list of cities he's been to. " he stretches out his hand containing the papers to me.

I collected them and began to focus on each city. All of them sounding familiar but nothing linking them together. Not an election, not a robbery, not a natural disaster. Nothing.

They were just random cities that look like its being taught to a toddler in alphabetical order.



Buenos Aires.








" There's a sequence. A, B, C. B, C, D. C, D, E. The next city should begin with a D. That's Da lat. "

"Exactly.. So the person we're desperately searching for, is in Vietnam "

" What do you mean by the person? We're after soldo aren't we? "

Mr Reid released a sigh before speaking " Hunter, you've been in a clan before. You of all people should know that if there's a king, there should always be a king of all kings"

" you're referring to Soldo's boss"

" Yes, there's always a bigger boss son. And he's gonna make sure no other clan helps you because you've defied him"

" but you're helping me"

" Which I didn't want to in the beginning, but you've become family. I wanted to protect my family. Ever wondered why I left? "

" A lot"

My answer seemed to amuse him because Mr Reid actually began laughing.

" You've never asked me why I had sent Meredith away. I'm fully aware you know we have a relationship "

" I didn't ask because its not my business what happened between You and your daughter "

"Wrong. Meredith is not my daughter. if anything she's my niece. She's my wife's niece to be more precise. "

"I dont get it"

Mr Reid stood to his feet and walked a few steps away from his table till he approached the cabinet nearby. Putting his hand into his side pocket and pulls out a little key, before inserting it into the top most shelf's keyhole.

He pulls open the drawer, which responds with a deep screech like the wooden architecture hadn't been open in a very long time.

After withdrawing a hefty file that was indeed slightly covered in dust thus confirming my suspicion on the use of the cabinet, he returns back to the table and flops the documents on the desk.

" Hunter, I'm about to tell you about Meredith Sa'adia Gonzalez and her Father, Pedro. The man who's after your life"

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