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27- Don't

Iris's P. O. V.

The night was windy. Far from being cold, but very windy.

And as Mr McConnell had predicted, it was exactly thirty minutes drive from the house. Including the traffic jams and checkpoints.

We pulled up in front of a neighborhood that seemed almost too empty to be called a neighborhood. All the lights in the houses were out and the only form of life I had seen in the area was a stray dog.

Hunter's reasons for being here? I don't even wanna think about it.

" He said house number twenty seven. Can you see the numbers on the houses? " Mr McConnell asked, breaking the silence. Proving he hadn't been here before too.

" Yes, we're on fifteen" I replied and watched him nod to my response before forging ahead but at a slower rate this time.

But it was only a matter of seconds and we saw ourselves parked in front of house number seven.

" This is the place? " I asked, because even though this seemed to be the only house on the street with its indoor lights on, it looked.... Unlike hunter.

" I believe so, he told me Caravan street, boardman avenue. House number 27 or so I recall. His phone lines arent reachable to reconfirm the information " He said as he stepped out of the car and I followed suit.

I was actually terrified of the area but also in a haste to see hunter and ask him a lot of questions. So I walked faster than Mr McConnell and got to the door first just to knock quickly and get this over with.

After four frivolous taps on the door, it was opened by a lady.

Need I mention a scantily dressed one?

" You. Your face seems like one I'm supposed to know" the woman in an almost see through gown said as my initial fear began turning into rage.

I don't even want to access the situation right now cause I have a hundred percent chances of explosion.

"Diane who's at the door? Shut it quick for fucks sake" Hunter's voice called from inside the house and I don't know why the urge to slap him fumed in me.

Shut the door!?

Shut the damn door!!?

" I had no idea I was interrupting something" I couldn't help it, I had to say something or my actions would beat me to it.

"Jules, calm-" Mr McConnell started but I responded in between.

"I am calm, I only asked-" and I got interrupted too when Hunter rushed to the door looking aghast.

We all stared at each other for a few seconds. A few seconds was all I needed to calm down a bit.

The scantily clad lady walked out on us and went back into the room, muttering 'I don't have time for this' between the lines.

That left us three and a windy night.

Hunter began scratching behind his head like he was confused on what to say. The wind blew so heavily that its whistling sounds almost muffled Mr McConnell's voice when he cleared his throat to call our attention.

" She demanded to be here to help, I thought it was best if she stayed back but she insisted" he continued and Hunter still kept mute.

This nitwit is getting on my nerves.

" This is the important thing you had to do?" I asked and patiently waited for him to reply.

" Thanks Dad but Iris, I think its best you go home"

Did I just hear right? I should leave??

" What did you say?" This came in a lower tune from me because I give myself a minimum of seconds to raise my voice.

" Look-"

" Look at what!? Look at what Hunter!!?. Your daughter is missing. My daughter. Then you end up here with a partly naked woman and ask for me to go home?? No Hunter, I'd rather choke on saliva" I yelled and pushed passed him to enter the building.

The half naked lady was seated on a sofa and drinking water from a glass.

" So you're the baby mama" She said in between two sips.

" I am the baby's mother and who are you?" I crossed my arms and waited for a reply.

" That's Diane, Soldo's daughter" Hunter said from behind me as I heard the door click shut.

" wait Soldo!?" Am I hearing right??

" Yes, and also Hunter's first love. Am I right hunny?" The Diane said with a smirk.

"Can it Diane" He replied her and walked towards a table at the far edge of the little house.

I don't get it. The daughter of the man who allegedly kidnapped my daughter is happily sipping water and exposing her love life with hunter to me.

And hunter was acting so normal.

" can someone explain what's going on to me?" My question was directed to hunter but i give every other person in the room the liberty to answer.

"Iris to be honest you shouldn't even be here" hunter said again and this time with all seriousness.

" So I was interrupting something"

" No. Im just trying to keep you away from danger. You're a lot safer at the family home than with Diane and I"

" So when did you intend on coming back home?"

Silence... All i got was silence.

" He wasn't gonna come back until your kid was back too" Diane said as she stood up and walked to where hunter stood.

I was still standing near the door and it was only when she moved that i remembered that I could move too.

Didn't move though.

" So you were gonna disappear till louie got home. The least you could've done was to tell me"

" I told him not to cause if he did you'd want to follow" diane stated matter of factly.

" Is there anything wrong in helping to search for my daughter?"

" No Iris, the problem is where we're going to search for her" Hunter sighed and ran a hand down his face.

Its only now that I'm realizing he actually planned to disappear without telling me.

" So you were gonna just leave? Really?"

" I don't know Iris. I don't"

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