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Chapter 29- Men

Iris's pov

"Have you got the gun? I can't find it anywhere"

I heard Diane from my slumber and the object she was looking for basically rang an alarm in my senses.

They were in the living room, and with how dark outside still looked through thr window at the other side of the room I can swear I had slept for only two minutes.

And I had a terrible headache

" I'm with mine, haven't set eyes on yours since you arrived" Hunter replied so casually like they were talking about a day old casserole that had gone missing.

" I swear to God, I know I had it on me few hours ago"

" It could be in your luggage or something, I'm gonna wake Iris up. We should be heading out now"

I heard his footsteps approach the room before he pushed the door open softly like he was trying not to jolt me from my sleep.

" Iris?"

" I'm up. What time is it?" I asked as I slowly stood to my feet and walked towards the window.

"Should be a few after three" he replied and paused for a while before speaking again. " We're ready to go, you okay?"

I only nodded in response and he gestured for the door with his head. Knowing what the instruction meant, I followed suit.

He walked faster to get ahead of me and we got to the living room.

" Diane, we set?"

She whipped around and met my eyes before looking to Hunter. " Yeah we are. Morning Iris"

The fact she got my name correctly seemed like a red flag to me.

"Lets go"

She nudged Hunter and we began heading out.

Just like yesterday, the night was purely windy and I found myself wishing I had brought at least a hoodie or a sweater or something of sort.

The weather wasn't friendly.

A car was parked out front and to say I was surprised was an understatement, no cars were parked around the neighbourhood yesterday so where did this come from?

Diane and Hunter seemed entirely calm about the whole thing so I guessed I should be calm too.

Keyword, guess.

For all I know I could be hallucinating, I'm sure as hell still sleepy.

" Iris, you ride shotgun" Diane says as she hops into the backseat of the car.

" Errr-no. I'll be at the back. You can take my seat"

There's no way I'll peacefully ride in the front seat with the spawn of soldo happily chilling behind me.

She could strangle me for all I know.

" Is there a problem riding with Hunter?" She asked and I looked to Hunter to find him looking at me too.

" If she wants the backseat then Diane, you come forward" Hunter finally says while entering the drivers seat " we don't have much time" he continued.

" We can stay together then" she said, scooting away and tapping the space which she had created.

" Only if I'm holding a knife" I muttered under my voice but I think Hunter heard it clearly because he started laughing.

" Diane please come to the front" he said through a partly managed smile.

" whatever" she grumbled and got out of the car from the opposite door. I quickly hopped in and she got in the front.

"We ready?" Hunter asked, but didn't really give us the chance to reply as he revved the engine and began driving away.

I still wish I had taken my hoodie.


The sun was beating my face through the car windows, only then did I realize that I had fallen asleep.

I couldn't blame myself though, I lacked that a lot.

Last I remember was we had been driving for hours and I had no idea where we were. All I could see then was the rising sun from the east and nature took over me.

Restoring myself to a sitting position, I saw Diane typing off something on a laptop and Hunter completely focused on the road. No one had even noticed I had woken up.

I think I'm a lot happier that Diane hadn't tried to shoot me in my sleep.

" Shutterville" She said all of a sudden and Hunter only nodded in response.

Was this some pact code language?

" Sorry what's shutterville?" I asked with a croaked voice that I only realised how embarrasing it sounded after I had spoken.

"She's awake" Hunter said as he looked at me through the rearview mirror. "You okay?"

"We're on our way to find my daughter,so you can guess"

I didn't mean for it to come out harshly but probably cause I was awakened by the scorching sun basking my face, I wasn't in my best mood.

And Hunter kinda looked affected by my tone, but since he didn't mention it... I wouldn't either.

Diane looked at Hunter somewhat surprised and a little curious before returning her concentration back to the laptop.

" Its where we're headed" she replied my question.

I didn't really expect an answer to my question let alone from her.

"Thanks" I was grateful at least

" sure" .

And the silence fell among us again.

I looked outside the window and noticed how serene the environment looked.

A straight road said by trees that looked like they were witnessing autumn two months earlier.

Almost like a forest on both sides but development had created a road in the middle.

It reminded me of wanderers, who'd walk into one of these tree thick environment just to find a waterfall or a lonely open area oddly perfect for stargazing.

I honestly began wondering if people knew this route by any means. Telling by its loneliness for the past few hours, I think its yet to be discovered.

A lot more time went by and I decided to keep myself busy by observing the clouds.

So far I had discovered a 'winnie the poo bear', 'a bouquet of sunflowers', 'The flinstone family' and even 'lil wayne'

Yup, I was sure the best at knowing your clouds.

"There they are" Hunter said as he began slowing down.

My curiosity had the best of me so I peered to know who 'they' were.

All I saw were a barricade of suited men blocking the road like they were set to arrest an oncoming vehicle.

That kinda had me panicking internally but Hunter and Diane were calm, so I had to be.


I was still curious though.

"Who are they?" I silently asked but at least hoping to get a response.

"Mr Reid's men" They both replied as the car came to a halt in front of them.

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