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3- Disappointed

Hunter's p.o.v.

Seeing her smile reminded me of times when we were literally on best of terms.

Not like there was much of that, but the few times were actually worth the memory.

I honestly don't think I can hold much anger against her. She not telling me about Louisa wasn't entirely her fault. I'm partly to be blamed for that.

Heck.. I'm to be fully blamed for it, if she had told me about Louie earlier than when I had found out I may have called her a liar.

But then again, she didn't fully lie. I did lose a child. Louisa's brother.

As I watched her smile, I imagined the little baby had looked like her. With her bold brown eyes and almost ivory skin. He would have been perfect.

But he's no more. That ice of reality poured down my spine.

" Let's get going. I'm beginning to think that they'd be getting worried" I said as I stood to my feet and stretched out my arm to aid her.

She willingly avoided my hand and stood by herself.

" What did Mr Reid say about the disturbance?" She asked as she dusted off her clothing.

Truthfully, I hadn't thought about it yet. But it should definitely fall along the lines of ' I told you so '.

" I don't know yet. Haven't seen him since the threats. I'm gonna get an earful" I replied with a smile even though deep down I was silently panicking.

" It's going to be okay" she consoled and suddenly turned around to walk away in the other direction.

" Where are you going?" I asked, clearly surprised at her actions.

" Home" a simple response she gave with a half shrug. Not even sparing me a glimpse.

" Let's go this way, I'll take you. " I suggested as I took two steps forward in her direction.

" I know my way around" she retorted and kept walking away.

" What are you doing?" She's still confusing me.

My question may have seemed funny to her cause it caused her to giggle and turn around for a bit.

" Just because you apologized doesn't mean I forgive you"

And after that, she headed back in her direction.

I had gotten home and dad informed me that Iris had arrived few minutes earlier.

And yes, Dad, Mom and Love are staying over possibly till tomorrow morning.

Releasing a deep breath and did quick scan around the living room. I walked up to the mini bar and was about to pour myself a glass of whiskey before dad's voice came through.

" Drop that bottle or you'd find your entire cabinet filled with fruit juice by daylight"

And I grudgingly obeyed.

It's not like I had a choice to actually go against him. I'd literally find my cabinet filled with fruit punches if I did.

" Have you spoken to the Reid's? You know, the family you were marrying from?" I turned around to see him strolling into the living room with his two hands in his pockets.

After a sigh, I placed my glass back on the shelf and toyed with the unopened bottle before me.

" I'm scared of what Mr Reid may have to say"

He regarded me for a few seconds then drew out a seat to stay next to me.

" It wasn't your fault you know, or was it?" The question and his tone made me feel like dad had a hunch that something isn't going right.

" It wasn't, but it's his daughter we're talking about here"

" The daughter who's still alive?"

" Dad.... I endangered her life. It's not gonna be so easy to brush that off"

" It's a rival company isn't it? He'd definitely understand"

" I doubt he would" it came out as a mutter but dad being interested in this conversation heard it all.

" Son there is something you aren't telling me" even through his glasses, I could see his suspicion.

But what exactly should I say? It's not like I can just be all " yeah, you know that man you destroyed his packages some years ago? Uhun.. he's after me"

Actually, that sounds a lot better than I thought.

" I don't particularly have anything hidden Dad. You know it all"

" I don't think I do and where exactly did go? Miss Jules showed up earlier than you did. As someone who went looking for her I expected you two to return together"

" I did go looking for her but she refused to return with me. I'm not to be blamed for that" I shrugged and dropped the bottle back on the table.

" Did she mention that she had quit her job?"

" No. She didn't but I'm aware." Exhaling and standing to my feet almost abruptly.

" Is there a reason in particular why she may be resigning?" He piped up again but still remained comfortably seated.

" Like I said, she didn't mention it to me. You should have asked her that when she quit" my response came out a bit curt and official but I was too tired to discuss this at the moment.

All I need is a good shower, some rest and a few hours to think of how to approach Mr Reid.

" Goodnight Dad. I'd see you tomorrow" then I began heading for the stairs but he spoke again.

" But you've found out, haven't you?"

I turned slowly and raised a brow at his question. I'm not even sure I know what he's referring to.

" I don't get it"

" You've figured out that Louisa is your daughter haven't you?" He asked a bit more clearly this time and I felt my world drop.

Wait a minute!!

" You knew?" My question came with a gush of air.

Was there literally anyone who didn't know about her?

Was I practically the only one ignorant?

" Of course I knew! Why else did you think I'd send my best secretary to work for you and still live under your roof?"

" Jesus! Dad!.. that explains... But you.. I.. how?" No coherent words could be formed in my head.

Dad knew Louisa is my daughter!?

" How did I get to know? Well as a staff under my business, you have to fill out a bio which she did and I recognized the name of her parents. The same name of two of my employees who had quit their jobs without specific reason. During that same period, your school records state that she had withdrawn from school. A girl known as Iris Shawn. The same girl Dylan had complained about that you usually hit" he explained and without doubt, I could see his anger rolling off his shoulders. His narrowed eyes are enough expression.

" Dad I-" I began but he cut me short.

" I'm not done." He stands to his feet and makes his way towards me. " So I put two and two together and felt that you may have a hand in her drop out. That's why I gave her the job at my office. Her qualifications didn't meet the standard but I wouldn't let you strip that bright girl of her future. So even though she was the most tattered and unorganized person at the interview, I gave her the job. Then comes a day when her daughter follows her to work cause she was too ill to go to school and when I set eyes on the girl, I was reminded of you"

I remained unblinking as he continued.

" I didn't want to make assumptions, so I did something. I told her that I'd get someone trusted to take Louisa for a test so they'd figure out what's wrong with her and when they did, I gave an underground cheque to run a DNA test and it appears positive. Interesting little story, right son?"

" Dad let me-" he cuts me again.

" Let you what? Explain? Dylan complained that you hit her but I didn't believe him. I was so stupid to see that my son was being an idiot in public. Then you get her pregnant too? Have you no heart!?"

" Dad I'm-"

" You could have ended that girl's future if she wasn't smart enough or if I wasn't merciful enough. The day she drops by, you call me to say that you can't work with her? Are you really that shameless!?" He was technically shouting now and I'm silently praying that everyone else is asleep.

" Dad-"

" I've stayed quiet, watching you, waiting for you to come up to me and tell me the truth. But you'd rather hide it. For how long did you think it'll last?"

" Dad I personally found out some days ago"

" Then I must inform you that you lack observance"

" Dad please-"

" Don't Dad me. Your mom and I are both highly disappointed in you"

And with that he walked past me and up the stairs.

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