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31- Amen

" little bo peep, has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them"

That's all she had been doing all day, singing rhymes and short songs that popped into her head as she scrunched up her body by the window and peered outside.

" leave them alone and they'll come home, bringing their tails behind them"

She was lonely.

As little as she was, an emptiness sat in the core of her stomach and burned deep to her heart.

Silent tears were still dripping from her cerulean blue eyes and from time to time, she slowly wiped them away.

She looked white, very pale and sickly. Her skin could pass off as a piece of white sandpaper or even cardboard.

As the only man she had gotten used to sat across the room from her and watched her frail figure tremble.

From cold or fear, he wasn't sure.

But one thing he was sure of was if Soldo didn't kill this girl first, the anaemia was sure to.

And it broke his heart. He didn't want to think in that direction, so he only watched as the brave little child fought hard to be strong.

" I see the sun, the sun sees me"

To her it was a rhyme, to him it felt like her goodbye melody.

He had called in the nurse to come in with some vitamins and a blood bank, but she was taking longer than expected.

Too long.

After their conversation last night, the girl had become silent towards him.

Like they had taken three steps forward and seven steps back.

He didn't want to admit it, but the fact Louisa hadn't spoken to him all day affected him a bit.

He had suddenly gotten attached to his prisoner in a soft manner that he would have his own child.

But at this moment, he couldn't help wondering if he had pushed his limits last night.

He knew the girl was still scared, so he was taking baby steps to try and get her comfortable with him.

That clearly meant if she didn't want to talk, he had no right to initiate it.

And while he waited for the nurse, he couldn't help but just watch her diligently as she made her every move, said her every word, sang her every song.

" God bless the sun and God bless me"

Amen. He silently said.

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