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38- Die

Third person p.o.v.

Three taps on the door in a particular code and Santiago knew it was Jeanie.

He checked the clock and saw it was exactly fifteen minutes past midnight.

He opened the door and she walked in all dressed in black like she was leaving for a mission.

“ Are you ready?” she asked as she looked behind him and saw a Louisa looking so pale and scared.

“ Always” he replied and turned to the little girl who was shivering and he couldn’t tell if it was from fear or excessive cold due to the blood she lacked.

“ Lu… we want to take you away from here okay? We want to take you to see mummy” Santiago cooed at her and the little girls face lit up in the best way it could.

“ I would see my m-mummy?” she said softly and slightly cracked up

“ Yes hun, you’d even get to see daddy too”

She let out a sad smile and a very tiny ‘yay’ that if you weren’t quiet enough, you might have never heard it.

Jeanie was hurt by the little girl’s pain, she was too young for what she was going through. As soon as they were outside these walls, she was getting her medical attention anyway possible.

“ lets leave” Jeanie said and Santiago took it as his cue.

“ Enter inside her Lu, so those big men wouldn’t see you”

She obeyed his instruction without complain, like she had accepted that he was her only hope out of there.

Her maturity in this situation was admirable by anyone who put her age into consideration.

Very slowly and with slight struggle with energy, she got into the box and Santiago zipped it up.

One he was sure that it was sealed, he adjusted his own hoodie well enough to cover his face and nodded at the master of the operation.

Immediately, she walked out the room and he followed behind her hastily. Not without checking the corridors to be sure no one was there.

Its not like they would be successful with the escape either way. Once they realized the two were gone, they would go to the camera’s and they’ll be caught soon enough.

So the problem wasn’t even escaping.

It was the hide after the escape.

That was how it always was with Soldo. Leaving was easy, hiding wasn’t.

The two walked out of the building so easily that you’d think they were going for a stroll with a trolley.

Jeanie was given a key to one of the vehicles, because of the nature of her job… she had to be mobile at all times.

Santiago hopped into the back seat with the box while Jeanie entered the front and started the ignition.

And off they went.

The guards at the gate knew the vehicle wherever they saw it, so all that could hinder their passage was if the company in the back seat was spotted.

Santiago ducked a low as he found room to and Jeanie sped past the men at the gate like she was on an emergency mission.

Within seconds they had left the environment and a breath of fresh air slapped their faces.

The box was unzipped and to his shock, he saw Louisa sleeping.

Santiago released a tiny chuckle and nudged her with his palm “ Wake up princess”

“ She fell asleep?” Jeanie asked as she drove down the dark, lonely highway.

“ Yeah” he replied queerly because she hadn’t responded to his wake up call the first time.

“ That’s fast” Jeanie continued

“I thought so too” very quickly, he jacked her out of the box and hugged her to his torso.

That was when he realized she wasn’t breathing.

She had passed out.

“ Jean we need a hospital now! She’s not asleep” he cried out in fear and placed two fingers to her neck to find a pulse.

“ fuck!” Jeanie exclaimed as she stepped harder on the accelerator.

They both knew that they were far away from town and the nearest hospital.

All they were silently praying is that she doesn’t die before they get there.

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