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Chapter 40- Dialo

Third person p.o.v.

“ You really didn’t need to blindfold me, even if I see your entire lineage I wouldn’t be able to describe you if my life depended on it” she said while she was seated on the cold marble floor and both hands tied in front of her.

“You’re actually too aggressive for a girl you know” the man whom had been ordered to hold her hostage said with a tinge of amusement.

“ Well I’m hungry, you don’t really get to see the best sides of me when I’m being deprived my rights”

Meredith was actually tired of sitting in that position for days, not being able to see or touch anything. Only once in a while was she spoon fed meals.

“if I were you I’d stay calm, those things aren’t coming off you soon” the young man continued as he pulled out his phone to play a few games and keep himself busy.

“ I hate you” she grunted

“ you weren’t supposed to like me sis, who am I? your boyfriend?”

“ how many more minutes till y’all are done playing this little hide and seek game? Its getting boring”

“ Are you aware that you’re actually kidnapped” the guy said, just to be sure.

“ well now I am”

“ Then why did you call it hide and seek?”

“ Oh sorry, tic tac toe sounds more appropriate” she said with a scoff and lowkey, it pissed her guard off.

“ at this pace, you might as well get killed before we find a use of you”

“ excuse you, I am a living breathing human… if you can be used like an object, I interject on my behalf”

“ You’re annoying”

“ No, you are and I am hungry… can I at least get something to eat?

Trying to ignore the tinge of fear pounding in the core of her heart and a headache brewing at the back of her head, she couldn’t ignore the worry that filled her thoughts.

Or the million questions that she wanted to ask, oh how many questions she wanted answers to.

She needed answers to….

Why was she kidnapped?

Where was Mrs. Phoebe?

Who were these people?

What do they want from her?

And a lot more interrogatory questions that even thinking of them worsened the tiny headache she knew was cooking up.

She released a sigh and was met with an echo, that left her wondering how empty the room was and how large.

She assumed probably the man watching over her had left because there was a deathly silence in the atmosphere.

Her hands were tied in the most uncomfortable position and she could literally feel them going numb and cool beyond normal.

The night she was taken away did a quick flash back before her eyes and she squinted under the blindfold.

The way their vehicle was shot at and Mrs. Phoebe lost control of steering.

“ stay down and pray. Its gonna be okay” Mrs. Phoebe chanted to her as she tried to balance the wheels on the highway.

Deep down, Meredith felt all this was her fault. Everyone else had insisted on them staying the night but despite how late into the evening it was, she was keen on going home.

Of recent, she found it quite uncomfortable being in the same room as Dylan.

Now her little anxiety has led her into a pool of questions and a fate of bondage.

The car came to a halt after their rear tyres had both been shot at and a group of men ran towards the vehicle and began dragging them both out of the car.

The last she could remember was a handkerchief been placed to her nose and the sound of a gunshot ringing in the atmosphere before unconsciousness kicked in.

Then she wakes up with her both hands tied and a blindfold.

If only she could turn back the clock, maybe things could have turned out different.

The sound of someone coughing brought her back from her third world and that was when she realized se was never left alone in the first place.

“ What’s your name?” she said quietly but she knew whoever was present had heard her.

“huh?” her watchman said out of surprise.

His name?

“ what’s your name? I’m Meredith”

“ I know who you are” he said gruffly as he watched her in suspicion.

“ well I don’t know who you are”

“ You’re not supposed to” came his blunt and slightly harsh reply.

A heavy and brief silence ensued between them till she spoke again.

“ What’s your name?”

Now he was just confused, if he should give up his real name or just pretend like he didn’t hear the question.

What difference did it make anyway.

“ Dialo”

“ Nice to meet you Dialo” she said.

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