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5- Escape

Third person p.o.v.

" Arrrgh, you stepped on me mother fucker!"

" Shhhh.. you'd wake them up"

He released a sigh and glanced at his watch. " How much longer do we have to wait? My back is killing me for bending too long"

" Stop whining and be a man. We'd just wait for that Iris girl to go to bed and we move"

" Hmmmph.. fine"

The two stayed crouched behind the flower beds as they watched her window, following her every movement.

Infact, at some point they didn't mind watching her a little longer when she took off her dress to take a shower.

They admired her slender body from afar even though all they could see was her outline from her head to her thighs.

" Damn.. are you sure we can't hit another target after this?" The one with the spiky platinum blonde hair said, as his eyes were slowly dilating whilst he watched her.

" No!. We've gotta concentrate" says the one with the deep brown hair and mostly referred to as the brains of any operation.

" No wonder that guy likes her, she's hot" the blonde continued as he watched her till she disappeared from their sight.

" Yeah, he likes her and almost got married today. Genuine like indeed"

The blonde man chuckled a bit at the memory and ruffled his partners hair.

" Nice act today Chez, who knew that gunpowder could give the exact same sound effect of an actual gun?"

" Everyone does Santiago, now shut up"

" You're all cranky"

" I'm not"

" You are"

"I'm not"

" You are Chez"

"I'm not Santiago"

" But you are" Santiago says, attracting a sigh from Chez before he speaks again.

" Fine I am cranky" Chez admits, still not taking his eyes off the window.

Santiago smiles at his victory and talks again.

" We need a break you know? I'm exhausted"

" Tell that to the boss when we get back but for now, we move" Chez says as soon as the lights in her room went off.

Standing tall to his feet and gently stretching out his stouted muscles till he heard a crack.

" Now that's better" he continues with a sigh of relief and began slowly walking to the back door.

Chez had always been on the good looking side. With his slightly crooked nose, really tall physique of a six'five, daring stormy grey eyes and lean muscular build.

Infact if he was ever sent on a mission, it was to either lure ladies or in some extreme cases. Men.

So when he was chosen as a spy and planter, least to say, he was surprised. But he had to do it anyway.

Santiago on the other hand, had always been a spy, planter and the curt of deceit. Always sent into circles or groups to gain their trust, then sabotage.

He was never really the best at looking good but he was not a sore for eyesight. He was an average in everything, including his height.

Chez and Santiago were inducted into the circle on the same day and so we're classed in the same level, just of different categories.

Both had been successful ever since in their various fields.

Never have they had to work together. Until now.

And Chez was definitely not enjoying it.

" Hey, calm down bro." Santiago says as he rushed to meet up with his partner.

" No" came Chez's curt reply as he pulled out the back door key which they had stolen from the house twelve hours earlier and slipped it into the keyhole.

In no time, they were in the building and made their way for the kitchen after locking the door once again.

" I'll keep watch, set up the stuff" Chez says to which Santiago had no argument against as he began pulling out the apparatus from the small satchel in his hold.

The two were both being careful and cautious with what they were doing and less than a minute was enough for Santiago to have planted the bomb as instructed. All that's left is to set the timer.

Chez on the other hand, noticed the lights in the room they had been monitoring come on as little rays escaped from the spaces surrounding the door.

At first he watched the door to know if she'd turn it off again but when he paid close attention, he heard shuffling coming closer.

With hasty but silent steps, he got back to the kitchen and dragged out Santiago who was still setting the timer.

" Dude, I ain't finished yet" Santiago complained when he was yanked away.

" Shhhh.. she's awake again. We've gotta hide"

" But my timing stopped at five minutes, it's gonna begin beeping anytime-"

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Santiago couldn't finish his statement cause what he feared was already happening.

" Shit. Look, we've got no time to make it to the back door and I think that girl's gonna come out soon. So we'll hide under the stairs till She's out and we'll use her window"

Santiago nodded in approval and they headed for the stairs and stood back against the wall, then a click was heard and light illuminated the area but their position was still shrouded in darkness.

They listened closely till they heard footsteps retreat and Chez peeped to be sure she was gone.

When the coast was clear, he motioned for Santiago to follow his footsteps and he did.

Swiftly they got into the room but as Santiago was heading for the window, Chez seemed a little distracted.

" Dude, in case you've forgotten, we've got a five minute timer against us" he reminded his partner.

" I know, I'm only contemplating how much of a devil I am if this little angel dies" Chez says with a hint of regret in his voice.

" What?" Santiago's confused voice came out but it's only when he turned around did he notice the sleeping baby all wrapped up.

He actually seemed dumbfounded as he watched her snore. He wasn't actually expecting a baby to be in the house when he planted the bomb.

" She's beautiful isn't she?" Chez asked as he noticed Santiago's expression.

" Let's take her" Santiago suggests as he leaves the window and approaches the two.

" Do you still have that knock out gas? I don't want her waking up and yelling"

Santiago pulls out the little bottle from his satchel and hands it over to Chez, who in turn opened it up and set it near the baby girls nose.

Slowly, they began to notice her body limping and realized the effects had kicked in.

" Jesus!! Everyone!! Wake up! It's a bomb!! There's a bomb! Everyone!!!!" They heard the scream from the living room and knew it was a signal to leave.

Very quickly, Chez picked up the sleeping girl and followed Santiago directly behind as they used the window to escape.

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