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6- Bell

Hunter's p.o.v

" And yesterday can be classified as a bad Friday for the McConnell family as hours after the wedding disruption, the personal residence of the very own son of The Mr McConnell was brought down to the ground in ashes, sometime between eleven pm to twelve AM.

According to the phone calls gotten by the police from Mr McConnell himself, he says everyone is safe and doing well except for a missing child who goes by the name Louisa Shawn. Five years of age.

The police have vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice, but if anyone spots this little girl anywhere kindly keep her safe and or report to the nearest security body"

The newscaster keeps on speaking as an image of Louisa that was emailed to the police this morning appears on the screen.

No one needed to be told of how cold the atmosphere is. If our faces didn't give it away, the silent sobs from Iris on the opposite couch with my mom and Megan trying to console her would.

I swear to God that I don't know how else to feel broken by this. He would really go to such extent of taking a little girl?

Soldo is a demon and that's for sure.

" What are we gonna do now?" Dylan's dad's voice cuts through the heavy laden silence that had befallen us for the past few minutes.

After the explosion, we all moved down to Uncle Matt's home. That's Dylan's dad.

Uncle Tucker and his wife were currently staying with them as the only home they have in New York is almost all the way across the city.

So yeah, it's a full house.

All that's left is Aunt Laurel and she had called earlier this morning promising to be here.

Aunt Laurel is the only sister my dad's got.

" I would have loved to say something but first I need to understand what is happening" my dad responded to Uncle Matt's question without failing to send me a glare.

" I honestly don't get it either. Do you think the Reid's have a hand in this? I mean, seriously Hunter.. did they really want you marrying their daughter?"

That was Uncle Tucker's question and I wouldn't blame him for such a thought. Anyone else would think the same thing.

" Yes they did. He asked me to marry her in the first place before I disclosed my intentions" I replied and used the remote control to put off the television.

" I for one know that the Reid's are innocent in this" dad continued.

" Have they called since yesterday's wedding mishap?" Aunt Annabelle, Uncle Tucker's wife pipes in.

" To me that's too suspicious. How can all these events be happening and you couldn't even call your in-law to be to make sure he's okay. They're on to something" Claudette says and the venom in her voice was a bit shrouded but still clear.

" I suggest we call them" Edward speaks with a tone of disbelief.

" And say what exactly? Hello, we're still alive? Yeah, we ain't doing that" Dylan retorts and it's obvious that the Reid's aren't on his good side anymore.

" We could be here doing all the complains, but how sure are we that they are also safe? We haven't gotten in contact with them too" Guillermo adds in as he takes a seat on one of the chairs by the dining table.

" I called them last night to be sure everyone was okay" mom answers.

" And so did I"

" Me too"

Uncle Tucker and Dylan say simultaneously. Thus nullifying Guillermo's argument.

" That can't stop us from calling them. You can't be so sure. Everyone was safe after the wedding but we were lucky to discover the bomb in time" Jenny admits and in honest truth, I agree with her.

" We'd call them later on but that isn't my problem" I began to say and took a momentary pause before releasing a sigh. " My major concern is about the missing kid"

" The missing kid? Or your missing kid?" Cheryn bites back at my words before I could even have a chance to take it back.

" You know?"

" Your kid?"

Dad and uncle Tucker say respectively at Cheryn's statement.

Guillermo released a slight chuckle cause he seemed to find the moment amusing, meanwhile I swear my blood levels just doubled.

" Who didn't? It's not so easy to hide" Jenny says with a smirk towards me.

" I'm still confused" uncle Matt chips in and the confusion was very evident on his features.

" Simple biology states that, a man and a woman have to meet to form a baby. So in this case, My brother over there and Miss Jules over here made miss Louisa that's out there somewhere" Love says with a little glee in her eyes.

" You sound like you've known this a long time" Megan finally looks up from Iris she's been trying to console and says something.

" Nope, but Mrs Cheryn's statement is enough explanation" love replies with a shrug.

" You have a child with your secretary and you planned on getting married?" Uncle Matt asked with a flare in his eyes.

" That's not even it, your daughter was your flower girl? Are you that mean Hunter?" Megan's mom says something for the first time this morning.

" I was wondering the same thing" Megan muttered under her breath but I heard her perfectly.

" So you've had a child all this while and you kept it from us?" Aunt Annabelle says.

" A week to the wedding I was pretty sure that she was gonna carry his baby number two" Claudette whispers to Guillermo from where she stood and Guillermo couldn't help the bark of laughter that escaped his lips.

" What was that?" Dad asked, referring to the exchange between Guillermo and Claudette.

" Nothing sir" the both say at the same time but their smiles are bloody liars.

" Hunter? Aren't you going to say anything?" Uncle Tucker asks as he comes to stand directly behind my dad.

" This isn't the right time to talk about this" I try to avoid this conversation but they weren't having it.

At the moment, I'm silently praying that Dad or Dylan wouldn't talk too much.

" Well we're having it son, so spill" Uncle Matt bites, leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed.

I looked to Iris to confirm if she wanted me to spill about it, but surprisingly she was already looking at me before I caught her eyes.

I lifted a brow to silently ask her the question and with her tear streaked face and red nose, she shook her head in a no response.

My mom was the only one who caught our little exchange and she couldn't help but send me a glare before returning her attention back to Iris.

" It was a highschool fling" I simply say, to answer all hanging questions but Megan being Megan released a loud cough causing Dylan to send her a secret smirk.

I'm beginning to detest family.

" High school? So your kid is really five?" Aunt Annabelle asks as she looks to Iris who only nods in reply.

" Wow" was all she said after iris's reaction, clearly surprised at the truth maybe.

" Look, miss Jules, I assure you that Louisa would be brought back to you safely, okay?" Uncle Matt tries to boost her confidence but she didn't even give a reply, she only nodded again.

" I'd call in the office and ask everyone to take a one week break. We need to settle this first" Dad says as he rises from his seated position and begins to head up the stairs.

Seems like the family interrogation is over.

" Sounds like a good idea, don't you think?" Uncle Tucker says to me and I mutter an airy yeah.

Then he walks up to me and gives me a pat on the shoulder before following my dad's direction.

Every other person remained still for a brief while before Cheryn speaks again.

" I guess I'd go start off with breakfast" she rises to her feet and makes way for the kitchen.

" We'd love to help" Aunt Annabelle says as she touches Megan's mom for confirmation.

The two exchange a few nods and follow into the kitchen too.

" I'd go see what I can help with" says love as she trailed behind them.

The rest of us maintained a little silence in the room till the doorbell rings.

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