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A accident that she can't remember, a weird hospital, and a boy who looks so familiar but she doesn't know this is Kassiopeia life.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

My eye lids slowly lifted up and what was filled with dark is now full of coulor and light. Where am I? "Hello?" No one answers. It looks like I'm in a hospital room but I don't see the regular equipment all, all I see is a white table with needles sitting on top. "Oh you are awake!" A women who looked to be in her 40's spoke with a gental voice.

"Who are you?" I tried to sit up but my arms were tied down. "Get me out of here!" As I raised my voice tears fell down my face faster than they ever had before. "My name is veronica, I work here at the hospital. I'm sorry for the chains they are just a security mesure"Keys fell the the floor after Veronica unlocked the chain. "hospital? Where am I? Why am I here?" I rushed saying the questions then continued crying. "Your parents sent you here to get help. After you accident they knew that this was the best place for you." Veronica pulled a chair up to the bed I was in." You are perfectly safe here. I am going to help every step of the way and when you are ready you will return home" I don't know if it was the calm voice or how she reminded me of my own mother but I felt a need to trust her.

Even though I think I trust her I still couldn't get anymore words out of my mouth.

"If you would like I can show you to your room." Veronica stood up and started walked to the door. The second I stood my legs felt weak and I fell onto the bed.

" I'm gonna grab you a glass of water, I will be right back" veronica left and I was alone again. Looking down I notice how red the lines on my arms are. If I was home I would put my favorite lotion on to make them feel better but I wasn't home, I was in a hospital for a accident I don't remember. Not that there was any mirror in the room but I was pretty sure my eyes matched the shade of red on my arms. " Here you go." I chugged the water till the very last drop. I instantly felt better. " would you like to sit here a bit or do you want to go to your room?"

" I think I am ready" I tried to stand up again and this time I didn't fall. I followed her out of the room and down a few halls till we stop in front of a door with the number 218

"This is your room." Veromica opened the door and there was a dorm style room with another girl sitting on a bed. " I'm Macy" The girl didn't look up from her book. " I'm Kassiopeia but call me Kassie" I sat on the empty bed that was on the other side of the room. "This is where you will be living till further notice. I gave you some clothes to last for a while, I can take you shopping in a few weeks." I layed down on the bed and veronica finished talking a said goodbye.

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