Earthquakes and Chills

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Chapter 12

I woke with a slight jolt. I felt the bed slightly move and realized that it was an aftershock. It was short but it was probably a sign for me to go back down to my room.

I moved slightly, aiming to slide out of bed quietly, but Nolan’s arm was around me, and he pulled me in tightly against him. His breathing was heavy, but he adjusted himself, and I found his hand pulling at the front of my sports bra.

There was no way he was asleep, I thought to myself, I’d have to be a complete fool to believe this.

Reaching for his hand, I put mine over his and helped him pull down my bra. I helped him pull at me and knead my breasts, eliciting a groan from his lips. I smiled as I moved his hands to my lips and took his fingers in my mouth.

Nolan hissed as he exhaled quickly. His breathing changed, and he was pressing his hips into mine. He pulled at my jaw, and I raked my teeth against his fingers.

“Zoey,” he hissed warningly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I whispered, feigning my innocence as I moved his hand, “did I wake you?”

He was about to respond when I guided his hand down my body. I slid his hand under the bands of my shorts and my underwear.

“Fuck Zo,” Nolan said, nipping against my ear, “you’re soaking.”

I let go as his hands began to move against me of their own accord. I parted my thighs slightly, and his fingers entered me. I rubbed myself against his palm, and waves of bliss roll began to roll over me.

His hand began to pull at my shorts. I put my hand back over his and guided it back to my mouth.

“Fuck, that’s sexy,” he said breathlessly.

“Thanks,” I said, kissing his fingers.

Before he could realize what was happening, I slid out of bed and out the door. I smiled to myself as I trotted down the stairs and into my room, giggling to myself as I slid under the covers.

I felt myself just getting comfortable when Nolan slammed open my door. I bolted upright and saw him just standing there ominously.

He moved toward me dangerously slow.

“Do you need something?” I said with great curiosity.

“Why do you always have to be so frustrating?” He asked genuinely.

He crashed his lips against mine, and I gasped. I could feel his smile against my neck as he moved down. He pulled my bra over my head, and I reflexively covered myself only to have Nolan pull my arms down to my sides.

“Nol-” I started, but Nolan kissed me into silence and flipped me onto my stomach as he pulled down my shorts. His hands seized my hips and brought me closer to him. His breathing hastened as he rubbed himself against me, and I whispered, “I dare you not to.”

He froze.

I rubbed myself against him, and I could feel his grip tighten around me as I moved. I touched his hands, and he let go of my waist. His frustration hung thick in the air.

I turned around, pushing myself up and pulling him onto the bed. Nolan wanted to say something, but I kissed his inner thigh. He looked at me like he was in agony as he grabbed at the bedding.

I moved up closer and ever so slowly feathered kisses as I moved my way up toward his shaft. As I got closer, I blew air against him and he stared down at me dangerously.

I kissed him, and he moved his hand to reach for me.

“FUCK!” He said raggedly as I pushed his hand away.

I lowered my mouth against him and put pressure with the weight of my hands on his hips to keep him from moving. He struggled admirably as I kissed his length. I looked up at him daringly.

He was holding his breath, trying not to move.

I smiled against his thigh and climbed on top of him. His panting was enticing, and I was turned on by the fact that he was gripping the sheets tightly. I chuckled, and he glared at me.

“Do you need something?” I asked. I knew there was only so much longer I could tease him for.

“Zoey,” he said dangerously.

“Speaking,” I said in a singsong voice and rubbed myself teasingly against the throbbing part of him. “Was there more to what you were going to say?”

“Zoey, I swear-”

I lowered myself onto him, and I felt him momentarily relax. It didn’t take long for me to get him to breathe heavily. I played with my breasts as my body moved against his; he looked away as though he was fighting his own temptation.

I decided to be generous and reward him, so I grabbed his hands and put them on my breasts. He smiled as he looked up at me hungrily. I let him pinch and tug, and I was kind enough to let his hands wander and explore.

I wasn’t going to last long but judging by his breathing, he wasn’t either. So I fell onto him and felt Nolan release inside of me.

We stayed there for a moment, and I could feel his heartbeat begin to slow. He tucked my hair behind my ear, and I pushed myself up.

“Thanks,” I said flatly and jumped up. “By the way... I sleep alone,” I said as I walked to take a shower.

When I got back, he was gone.

Safe to say that we were also going to pretend like this also didn’t happen. I lay down, refusing to go anywhere near the spot he had just been in. Tomorrow was another day off, so I would have to find something to do other than be here.

I didn’t know what time it was when I woke up, but I judged I had woken up late just from the amount of bright light streaming in from the window. I put my hair in braids and wore a different pair of shorts and sports bra.

“You’re up later than usual,” Nolan said as he heard me come out.

“My phone is broken,” I retorted.

“Yeah, Ray said he saw that when he was looking through the trash.”

Just the thought of Ray brought forth a flood of memories. I blinked them away and glanced at the clock on the stove. It was 2 o’clock. I slept through most of the day already.

“Here,” Nolan said, shoving a phone in my direction, “it’s an extra work phone. You can use this until you replace the old one.”


“Since you took your time waking up, I was forced to order something,” he sneered. “I got you something too. It’s in the fridge.”

My stomach growled, and I opened the fridge to find a yummy-looking pizza. I smiled and glanced mischievously in Nolan’s direction and then back at the food. I was hungry and definitely going to eat the whole thing on my own.

“What are your plans for the day?” Nolan asked.

“I don’t know. I’m still getting up. I haven’t even eaten, let alone had time to think about what I’d like to do.”

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