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When Beauty Met The Beast

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You know the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' Especially the ending. Having that crazy kind of love in your life. Loving the guy who's the reason for your pain. Or having her in your arms and feeling as if the world is complete. But what would happen if their story was not so happy after all and turns out its hard to change a Beast. Loving him was harder than expected. But hating him was just as easy. Betrayal was another concept we were extremely familiar with. What was I supposed to do now? But just what if the Beast fell in love but the beauty didn't? Or would I become the Beast? Welcome to the world where guns and chains are the only constants and love is the word that never made it to the dictionary.

Romance / Erotica
T. Rose
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01 - Being Me is Not Easy

Elisa's POV

As always the club was packed for the weekend, with a long line of people waiting for their time to enter and have the time of their life. One thing about being me is that waiting is something I never have, and never will know. Being the daughter of the 2nd biggest mafia lord, I always get whatever I want.

My best friend, Taylor, and I made our way into the club which was owned by my father, while the two bodyguards followed us in- hey, it's not easy to be the daughter of a mafia lord, no matter how much fun I get to have. You always have a gun at your back.

The night was young inside, there were some teens who must have got in using a fake ID with the genuine people on the dance floor dancing to the beat of some rock song playing. This club has always been on every person's list of places to visit. And we were here every weekend.

"I'm gonna go get our drinks, you wait in the room," Taylor said and nodding her off, I went in the direction of the VIP rooms that we have booked for every time. It has its own sound system with soundproof walls so we don't have to hear the loud sound coming from outside, and no one ever gets to know what is going inside.

One of the bodyguards went with Taylor, while the other stayed with me, as I made myself comfortable on the black leather L-shaped couch. Moments later Taylor entered the room with the other bodyguard and William, who is my father's right-hand man and my ex-boyfriend.

"Look what the wind brought in," William commented, in his playful, flirting voice that is supposed to get him girls.

"As if you are surprised at all," I scoffed and went in for a side hug. We might not be dating anymore but he still is important to the family and we ended things on a good note with my father pointing a gun at his head, at least he lived to tell the tale. We both knew this wouldn't have gone far anyway, so there were no loose strings.

"I wanna dance, call the dancers!" the super cheery voice of Taylor said, and I called in the male dancers that we had booked for tonight.

Not long after, 2 guys in their mid-twenties, shirtless, clad in skinny jeans came in and Taylor went in between them, dancing and showing off to the boys using her moves.

She was having the time of her life and it was hard not to notice. I just sat there scrolling through my Instagram, not being in any mood to dance just yet.

"What's up with you, grumpy?" William chimed in.

"Nothing, just not in the mood," I said, shrugging.

Something just doesn't feel happy in me, at the moment. Being a member of the mafia is never a good profession but I didn't have a choice.

I wanted an out since I turned 18 and now, after 6 years I am still trapped. I am supposed to marry another mafia's son one day so that our family name lives on. The Wilson family is no joke and everyone wants an in one way or another. Whenever I go to parties, or galas that involve people like them from all over the place, the guys can't stop hitting on me. I never have a chance to fall in love and have a family away from all this chaos and blood. It would've been so much easier if I had a brother, he could've taken on the family name, leaving me on my own, but no, I had to be the only child, and I sympathize with my dad sometimes.

He always wanted a big family so that he can never get bored of taking care of children, but my mom passed away tragically when I was three years old, in a shooting when she was out. We never found out who was behind it, although we had our guesses, but those weren't enough. My father hasn't rested since, being hell-bent on finding my mom's killer and make them pay for each and every year I spent growing up without a mother figure.

After mom's passing, dad was always a little terrified of the fact that something might happen to me, so he kept my true identity hidden, to the world I was his niece and he had no child of his own. This took off the banner from his head that could've made me his weakness.

My dad never got married again, he was loyal to his late wife and that is one more thing I love about this lifestyle, if you find someone worth keeping, you never let them go, even in death. They are tied together like a string.

Dad says I have mom's eyes, which were brown, and her blonde hair, my dad loves to just look at me, and remembering his late wife. It gets a little weird and uncomfortable sometimes, but in the end, he just kisses my forehead, reminding me that I'll always be his little girl.

No one outside of the family and gang knows that I am John Wilson's daughter, the true kin to the family business, and that's just the way he wants it to be.

William and I started dating about a year ago and we broke up after going out for 7 months. One of the reasons why we started dating was the loss of a close family. He was very young when he joined my dad's gang, and being the only brave 16 years old my father has ever seen, my dad trusted him to do all of his dirty work and so he became The Capo of the Wilson family in no time.

Taylor and I have always been close. We met when we were very little, we used to go to the same park with me being surrounded by security even as a 5-year-old. She was brave enough to talk to me and just like that I fell in love with her courage and now here we are, years later in a club. We took the term 'playing dirty' from the sandbox to the club.

"Come on Eli. You're young and beautiful and filthy rich, enjoy it!" Taylor shouted from between the dancers who were more than happy with her grinding herself over them. To be honest, the guys are kinda hot, they are no Harry Styles but any girl would love an opportunity like this.

Deciding that Taylor had a point I changed the song to a more upbeat, rock rhythm, and instantly, William joined me. We might not be together anymore, but that does not mean we still can't fool around.

My back was facing his chest, his hands on my waist and his pelvis grinding in sync with mine. He leaned down to plant an open-mouthed kiss on my neck, I tilted my head back giving him more access. His kisses trailed up to my jaw when he turned me, making me face him. He pulled me in with his strong arms wrapped around my lower back.

The song, the heat, and William were more than enough to make me lose control and I started to kiss my way up his sharp jawline. Finally, I reached his lips and stopped, waiting for him to be sure what was about to happen and he didn't hesitate.

Taking my lips in his, he started kissing me and I responded almost immediately. Our hands moved on their own, knowing all the places that will make the other go crazy. Crazy enough to lose every ounce of sanity, if there was any left.

I could feel his excitement through his jeans, as he started to grind his pelvis over my stomach to gain some friction. At that moment, Taylor and the dancers were long forgotten and we were only aware of our needs that we had to fulfill.

He broke away when my hand started to go up and down his erection, his eyes looking at me with dark desire.

"You do know what happens after this, right?" He asked in a deep, breathless voice.

"Just shut up." I made sure he did by planting my lips on his, again.

"Get a room you two!" Shouted Taylor from across the room, which reminded me of the presence of other people.

"Taylor, why don't you go and find someone for yourself? Take the guys, would you?" I dismissed her, not caring about her response, but as soon as the sound of the door shutting was heard, Will wasted no time in sliding his hands down my panties, rubbing me just the right way.

"Don't stop," I moaned as he placed his lips on the generous amount of cleavage visible through the dress, which is long enough to cover the important areas, and short enough to tease a guy if you know how to.

I fixated my hands on the buckle of his belt, doing the quick work on his jeans and he wasted no time by doing the same with my panties.

We made our way towards the couch. As soon as my legs hit the black leather I fell backward with a bounce, making Will's eyes fixed on my chest and his eyes darkening even more.

"I hope you know what you have wished for." He let out a moan as he fell on top of me, making sure not to crush me with his weight.

"Make me regret it," I whispered in his ear, huskily.

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