Finding a home

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Chapter 2

I still cannot figure out how this man was able to sneak up on me. How was a man this large able to move so quietly? My arm ached, he didn't care or didn't notice. There were less screams now. So much smoke. Animals slaughtered. Women, old women slain. The young and beautiful gathered up like cattle ready for market. I'm assuming that is what will happen. "Lord, protect us and free us if it is your will." I prayed. The giant thunked me on the head with the handle of his war axe. I wasn't sure if it actually hurt or if I was just shocked. I had never been hit, neglected and ignored sure. My head made an odd sound, reminiscent of a melon. I suddenly had the insane urge to laugh. This was so random, and completely heinous.
Out of the twenty people that made the convent home, there was only ten left. I was praying that they weren't all slaughtered. Perhaps they escaped? perhaps they hid? Please God let them have escaped. They took the church's riches. There were honestly more coins, baubles, and crosses than I expected. Why would they need so much? when we lived on so little? Were there more things just moldering away in storage? So many could have benefited from such wealth. Well I suppose now these men will benefit. Whoever they are. The men have made a fire pit and have gone hunting. They have set up camp. Where ever they are taking us we are not leaving yet.
Two of the younger women are going to run. The men will soon be eating and distracted. Lord should I go or should I stay? My fear wants me to flee. Yet I feel I cannot make my feet go. The girls have quietly began to untie themselves. Their eyes are downcast, so as to not arouse suspicion. They silently tiptoe away. I have not heard them scream or heard an alarm raised. Perhaps they've made it. Perhaps I should have gone as well. I sit here in the cold night listening, and waiting. I never heard the girls.
I woke up to a grunt. Forgetting my self I jerked awake and kicked out catching the giant's leg. He smirked. Actually smirked at me. I discreetly look about. The girls have not made it after all. They sit apart, badly beaten and tied more thoroughly. I had hoped. Irrational hope, so it seems. I was given some meat they roasted, I'm sure it was fine but everything tasted as saw dust. I was sick at heart. Giant keeps watching me. It is starting to make me blush. He seems so transfixed.

This girl, I hardly noticed her in the aftermath of the battle. When she kicked me this morning, I felt a grudging admiration. These English women are weak. Hardly worth a fuss. But this one, this one bears watching. She has fire in her eyes. For the rest of his day I found my eyes following her. Not that she moved much. She was trussed up like a deer after the hunt.

I was jerked off the ground. I had been sleeping. As I came awake I saw many things all at once. The camp was packed away, the men were streaming to the ships. Most of the other nuns were taken to the ships already. Why was I left to sleep late? I expected us all to be taken to the ships together. The giant nudges me towards the ships. He has a hold on my arm, but it is no longer tight. It feels as if he is escorting me there instead of forcing me. Strange thought, that. There is no way on God's green earth he could be gentle, right?
Once we got to the ship the giant showed me where my "home" for the voyage, would be. How long would this crossing take? I looked around me, bench seats and oars for rowing when the winds were slow? I'm merely guessing at this point for I don't speak their language. I'm sure to learn as I watch though.

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