The Red Dahlia

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Chapter 12- Happy you are in my life-


The meeting was finally over, and I was relieved. To be honest, when Mr. Lockwood mentioned that the meeting would be about me and the boys, I was a little bit worried. I didn't know what to expect.

When he said that it was about our parts in the gang, I felt kind of excited. I can't really say that I was specifically skilled in something, but that didn't mean that I couldn't learn.

Taylor had asked Rayna to do the honors of giving us our departments of the gang, and being honest, for some reason I was excited. I trusted her a lot and so did she, so, I would be satisfied with anything I would be assigned to.

After giving it a lot of deep thought, Rayna assigned us our departments. Damon was a part of the hacking crew, Jason would be in charge of the trafficking and dealing along with Taylor's son and lastly me, I was going to be trained as the right hand and fighter for the co-leader. Which is Rayna.

Yep, you heard that right. I was going to be Rayna's right hand and second best fighter in the whole gang. I was very pleased with what I was given from Rayna. I trusted her with my life, and her making me her right hand showed me that she trusted me too.

I am not going to let her down.

A while later, our meeting was over and we headed our separate ways. I kind of hated being away from Rayna, but I knew I was going to see her later, so I decided to head to the gym instead. To get my day properly started.

I was quite fit of a guy, but that didn't mean that I wouldn't take care of myself and my health. My father, being the father he was, was the worst role model a child could have. Someone who couldn't be able to take care of his own family, because he was too busy getting drunk at a bar almost every day.

When I left that hellhole, I decided that I would never become what my father was. That, if I ever became a father, I would be healthy and happy for my family, ready to provide them anything they need.

The gym was pretty empty, so I took advantage of that and started running on treadmill. It always helped me clear my mind, giving me a chance to escape this hell we call reality.

That was until I heard her beautiful voice echoing through the empty gym walls.

"Hey Hamilton. Fancy seeing you here." she said and I could feel the sarcasm radiating off her.

I got off the treadmill and turned to face her, only to be met with her beautiful figure and face, which now, had a smirk on it.

This girl could fill me up with light and joy, any time of the day.

"Hey, yourself Hill. I'm just having my morning exercise. What about you?" I asked her returning the smirk.

"Well, if you must know, I'm joining my daily practice on kick boxing and self-defense. Would you wish to join me? Besides, I will be training you, and the sooner we start, the better. We both can get our exercise done at the same time." she suggested.

I liked her idea. In fact, if I was going to be her right hand, I had to be very well prepared for anything. This kind of position was no where near easy work. The quite opposite actually. And I totally agreed with her. The sooner we start the better.

"Yeah, sure. I would love that actually. You're right. The sooner the better." I said and she nodded.

"You better prepare yourself Hamilton, because this bitch is about to kick your ass." she said with a huge smirk plastered on her face.

I liked that she was so sure of herself. Confidence was written all over her face, and to be honest, it excited me.

I'm sure that she was good. After all, she was the best fighter out of all. But still, she hadn't fought against me. River had taught me quite a lot, and frankly, he had let me in on some of Rayna's weaknesses. Which weren't many since she was extremely careful when fighting.

"Not so fast Hill. I'm not afraid of you. Bring it on." I said, clearly challenging her. This was a good chance to test her limits.

"Game on Hamilton. Take your position please." she said and we took our positions against each other.

I threw the first punch at her, but she easily ducked and dodged it. I was rather impressed by her reflexes. I tried again hoping to catch her off guard, but no, she dodged again. Damn, she was good. After a handful of punches, she finally made a move and walked towards me, using her foot to tackle me to the ground.

Now, I was the one to be taken completely off guard. I honestly never saw this coming. She did say she was good, but, this good? Never would have imagined it. She climbed on top of me, pinning my shoulders to the floor, holding me still.

I was utterly surprised. Completely taken aback. She did warn me though. But, how could I ever possibly expect this? I guess she knew what she was doing when she made me her right hand.

She must've seen the surprise in my eyes, because a smirk started to form on her beautiful and big lips. She had a look on her face saying "I win. You lose." She was so confident and pleased with herself, that I hardly could hide the small smile trying to form on my lips.

"Told you Hamilton. Be prepared. Is there any last words you would like to share with the audience?" she teased me.

It wasn't long though, till my hormones took over and made me act like a teenage boy who couldn't stand defeat. We wouldn't let a girl defeat us now would we? Hell no.

In one swift motion, I took hold of her hips and I spun us around, so that now she was laying on the ground and I was on top of her. I grabbed her wrists, pinning them to the sides of her head, making it impossible for her to move.

We were just laying there for god knows how long, staring at each other. I swear on my life that for a fraction of a second, I saw her blushing. But I didn't dare mention it, in case it would make her feel awkward of uneasy.

I don't know how to explain this feeling and rush. It's nothing like I have ever felt before. Hopefully I'm not the only one feeling like that. It would be a little bit embarrassing and shameful.

After what felt like forever, Rayna pushed me off her and got up.

"Well done Hamilton. I'm impressed. You sure do know how to defend and disarm if needed. But we still need to work on your punches. They are a little weak. No worries though. Nothing I can't help with." she said with smile.

Her smiles were so beautiful.

As for her words, I appreciated each and every one of them. She is the teacher, so she knows better. She was right about my punches. But, that wasn't because I don't know the technique, but due to the fact it was my first time fighting with her and I didn't want to hurt her. I couldn't for our next session.

I felt like the luckiest person alive having her as my coach. I had no doubt that she would make the best fighter there is out there. After her obviously.

"You too Rayna. You're really good. I'm impressed. And I know about my punches, I just didn't want to hurt you by hitting you too hard." I replied with a small blush.

What is this girl doing to me?

"Yeah, yeah I'm sure that's reason. You just hate to admit that you lost to me. Anyways, thank you." she said smirking.

"You wish Hill. I can easily beat your ass if I want to. I demand a rematch." I fake pouted.

"Sure. Have it your way big baby. A rematch it is. Just so you know, I will kick your ass again." she chuckled.

Her confidence was everything. I loved the fact that she had such trust and confidence on herself. I bet it wasn't easy for her.

"We'll see about that. And I'm not a baby." I pouted to her.

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say. You're right, you're a cry baby." she smirked. If there is one thing I have learned about Rayna so far, is that she definitely enjoyed testing my patience.

She's very lucky I haven't cracked on her yet. But, I don't really think that I will either.

I care about her too much.

"I hate you Rayna Hill, so much." I said.

Obviously a lie. I could never hate this wonderful girl. If anything, I just wanted to make her feel guilty for her constant teasing.

Yes, I can be evil myself. (evil smirk lol)

"Love you too Ryer. Come find me later we can hangout. You know you won't be able to stay mad at me for long." she said with a playful smirk forming on her lips.

She always had a reply for everything. Not surprised there though. She is quite the badass. I have to to give it to her.

"We'll see if I come." I gave her a glare.

"Your loss if you don't. I will be waiting either way." she said throwing a wink my way.

This girl was definitely from another world. Which meant that as much as I hate her catcalling me, I will definitely hang out with her later. I'm not letting her get away so easily.


About 5 hours later, yes you heard that right, five, I was finally done with my daily schedule. Had finished all practices, attended all meetings and spent the day with my girls. Which may I add is very exhausting. Three hours of long and very tiring shopping. They are very lucky that I love them. Otherwise I would have pulled the trigger of my gun, to myself.

By 19:30 I was all done and I decided to have a hot and long shower, before I carry on with my night.

God knows I really needed it.

After my shower, I changed into some blue jeans, a red crop top and my white sneakers. I grabbed my phone, headphones and headed to the bridge, to spend some quality time with my parents.

I know you might think it's crazy, but for me it's not. I always visited them whenever I had the urge to talk about something, or if I just missed them.

I reached the middle of the bridge and I sat down, letting my legs hang from the edge. Ever since I talked with Ryer that night, the leg hanging had become our thing.

I'm a cliché when it comes to certain things, but I can't help it.

It was night now, the sky was dark and the stars were giving off a beautiful illuminating light contrasting the darkness. It was quiet and peaceful, which was all I needed.

I knew that my parents were here.

That they were ready to listen to today's tea as they liked to call it.

"Hey Mother, Father. Long time no see. Sorry I haven't come earlier, but I was really busy with gang stuff. You know the drill. Anyways you have no idea how much I miss you. Everyday at some point during the day, I really wish I would be able to meet you mother and spend more time with you father. Guess fate had other plans for us. Just so you know, River misses you like crazy too. His life will never be the same without you. But, I made a promise to both of you, that I will take care of him no matter what. Till death may indeed do us part. Father, you always used to tell me that I was the stronger one out of the both of us, despite me being the youngest. I am strong, I really am, but that's because of you dad. You gave me hope and always supported me no matter what. I am very thankful for that, I am, but you should give River more credit. He is an amazing leader and also the best brother I have ever had. I honestly wouldn't know what I would do if I didn't have him by my side. Why did you both had to go? You have no idea how empty I feel. Yes, I have River, Taylor, the girls and now the boys but, it's not the same without you. How am I supposed to get married without you? Without you mother? Or without you father? Who will walk me down the aisle, or give my boyfriend the "be careful with my daughter or I will kill you" talk? As for you mother, you won't be present in my bachelorette party, nor the next day helping me get ready. All these thoughts are killing me slowly. I know that as my parents you love me so much and that you wouldn't want me thinking these things, but I don't think it's up to me anymore. I actually think it never was up to me. I'm sorry for making this so hard for you. You could have easily picked yourself mom. You could have always tried for another child in the future. Though, I thank you for granting me my life. I have met amazing people and it's all thanks to you. They will never take your place, but they are there for me, just like my perfect parents would. Thanks for the talk. I feel good. I will visit you again soon, I promise. Till next time mother and father. I love you and I miss you."

A/N: Hey readers, this was another long chapter and I'm sorry but it was just as important. I cried a lot while writing it, so I really hope you enjoyed it. If you want to understand the MC's feelings or engage with her thoughts, make sure you listen to Train Wreck by James Arthur and Hold On by Chord Overstreet while reading Rayna's pov.

Till next time supporters. Keep reading it means a lot and also stay safe.


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